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4-10 6:35pm Bobby and Deke, Pelicans injuries

Apr 10, 2014|

"While the season is less than a week away from being over for the Pelicans, Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon’s year’s are officially done as of today. The team announced that both players will miss the final four games of a season in which we’ve seen Jrue Holiday, Ryan Anderson & Jason Smith all suffer season ending injuries." Bobby and Deke get an inside scoop from Michael McNamara, Editor of BourbonStreetShots.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael MacNamara all things New Orleans pelicans editor at -- street shots dot com. John does now the day and Davis and Eric Gordon should now for the remainder of the season and Michael Savage on the TOP was that. It's hard to look at here but. You know that unless the Andrew -- -- strikes. Again next year did this time the pelicans. How will all be dealing with as many Andrews is they have this year and let their their ballclub it's much healthy year from now and then not in the post season. Didn't you had to look it really okay where way is this franchise a year from now to do it right now I think -- be somewhat you know. I don't -- How fans it will be and I don't know who could come in here. 88 and coach a team could be some you know could it be better play you how many more wins I don't know -- -- translate Duke but anybody who was coaching here each year. In you factor in the injuries which QB dealing with the entry. Well what they were from the doctor and approach something like that it really. No coach could coached -- give uplifting to the club that injuries they had. And what I keep you know trying to remind people is. That 20062007. With a lot like that some people think that magical 20072008. Season. But in other that the Hornets have all the same players the year before page it was geared towards him and hear what's injured Chris Paul obviously. But they just kept getting injured in the tennis that you're 36 and 46. They came back the next you're pretty much the same players -- that one little piece here or there and boom they took off and and one. 56 games the following year or so. I mean there is a presidential -- that the Portland trailblazers. Had pretty much the same team last year were injured throughout the year and did the -- and not a twelve game losing streak and bam the other fifty would change the mixture just because -- so so. You know there's not much needs to be done you just have to. Have to have the look with the injured. Now Michael are going forward you'd expert on this and have fans -- me in. They go can we realistically. Get rid of -- Garner are we hang tough are what are you did you think. He needs to be in the mix is who they'd you know fans tell me it Tyreke Evans and love him how they attacked the basket as a starter. And Milliken how they look at -- the whole roster. But I don't I don't see nobody ever talked to anyone that's on that Eric guard bandwagon. Yeah I mean I -- Tyreke Evans and zero they were out of this season without hope that Eric Gordon would eventually be moved but. It just gets harder and harder the more he gets injured. He's -- in the surgery. This week and you know it it's just another one solicitor actually about other doubts about it that. Surgeries on both knees and you know that that contract is just. Hang in like a club over the -- I mean there's some small chance you know a big market team like the Knicks might want to make a splash and maybe. You can get an expiring contract. From more the Bulls he's really good friends with Derrick Rose which -- -- -- -- brother. Trying to champion tougher for the Bulls to get another scorer may be -- nobody Beijing some of their but. It's going to be really party's gonna probably have to come back so -- I'll be in the precinct in the beginning of the season and may be by earliest December January. Of the next basketball season may be between will be able to move them out. Now Michael might be a home -- this went back we got to promotional thing from the pelicans aware of promoting. Campaign Anthony Davis NBA's most. Improved player showing -- his numbers. I mean it is there even a contest are who would challenge him maybe three that NBA most improved player for the thirteenth fourteenth season. Yeah I think the only way each team might lose it is is not receive such an ambiguous so award that. The more writers like you they don't really understand what they're voting for they spoke to be voting for the young guys who. Made him the next step they spoke to be voting for the guy who. Seemingly came out of nowhere you know it's hard to give a number one overall pick most improved player award. Like. Did Gerald Green that we just saw came out of nowhere and have an excuse so it looked -- in part because you know what writers have total notable or would that -- Michael what what what what disease teams stand to do this offseason in the form of -- ran -- what would handle what what does that what are some feasible things that they could do haven't you talk about the -- I mean if you're if you're pelicans fan. Who wouldn't take an expiring Amare Stoudemire contract in here. You don't need to ship off air guard and am I mean that if you could make that happen that would be a decent mobile what does that thing that a fan Campbell. Yeah I mean it bit ignored it and low in the first domino because like it's birdies but one thing you gotta get rid of ordered flexibility again but. Yet Carlos Boozer would be another you know expiring contract. The Bulls would wanna get rid of -- if they want Gordon but outside of that you know just small little moves -- got. Peter Jackson may be trading him to get you back into the draft her pitches so backed up. Big man that really are gonna have about five million dollars to spend that they're gonna have to make the choice of either getting a small forward. To put next true and and try to -- on the weighing up war. Senator to -- And and David being probably it's really gonna have to be -- at the other even though they would love to ideally he'll. So both so. You have guys like PJ Tucker sponsor -- Trevor reason as a free agent would be did try to bring back would actually fit with the scheme really well also. Just a small move like that and really the group is gonna have to be internal and and with the students finally stand out. Now Michael was speaking of health announced that question -- that -- goal the next Zurich and we look at Ryan Anderson and his injury. When you investigate and look is he going to be a whole Ryan Anderson or is that 5050 deal what would you expect now from him. And as far as you know be able to come back and play the level that we know he can as far as his outside shot and just his game. Yeah I mean unfortunately. There or so -- fortunately it went so far that are herniated disk -- -- -- also. I actually have a lot of familiarity with it's done a lot of research and really it's it's the most common. It's about -- next surgery that -- surgeons do. It's something that. You could easily bounced back 234 months that it is the same surgery that Peyton Manning had a actually -- surgeries he was fine and throwing the football six weeks later it was another setback but he. That was separate that that the agent missed that whole season so. You know it is fairly common the only problem with it is that. It causes other -- around the net trying to become generated completely -- a little bit more responsibilities so. 810 years from now we'll probably have to have another such a surgery. You know if the surgery was done well and and it takes. It should be some that you should be back by August at the latest so we really shouldn't see any effects next year. Now Michael what is your take right now where we're at rotation in an opportunity with the center position going forward. Break -- down and and do you think maybe alongside Anthony Davis they've gone far in the future we need a kind of that enforcer. That would also a column in -- almost kind of like protect him. Yeah I mean it's just indeed close part of the reason and to me because of that in the expert. That money into the saying that that -- it's still growing so there's still a chance he could be a legitimate. Seven footer we saw -- about about 1215 rounds. Last offseason I mean the guy just turned 41. And he's right at about the same place that Dwight Howard was built why is. At that agent and he's a little more than point Howard -- thing to -- four years from now it is not much earlier I think he's he's a common -- -- so. Did you get a -- for a year or two or do you just let people escrow until their goal at big. The guy like with he could hope for 1012 minutes that the Davis plays mostly their next year. Michael MacNamara Michael -- and I know what's available on the site. Peck on the verbal cheap shots at the latest news on the Eric Gordon and some other this huge follows on Twitter at urban street chats about love -- from everybody. Michael on the Western Conference you know right now Phoenix is at 47 and 31 a healthy pelicans team. I'll only fifteen games better. -- You look at the fact that means Phoenix beat. That horrible four times this year I mean you have to figure that of New Orleans was hoping they would have beaten some of those Western Conference teams do but maybe. They wouldn't they would only have to win 4546. To get in but. Knowing that being. You know it would have taken a little bit more trying to gel I think they would -- good cheap now probably over 500. But I still don't think they would have been a playoff team but I think -- would've been. One of those games that when people are saying look at the record after should be -- first war blockbuster. In the league. And Michael you tell about a newcomer -- to. How bad is Milwaukee Philadelphia in college games they -- they still got three games ahead of Milwaukee in Milwaukee it was the eighth seed last year. In the inning we were trying to instill confidence of air -- you have Boca -- laws like 2425. Games in a row and you steal. You know -- -- -- have a -- for look at the and that team man no one has won I don't want him worst teams in the league history. Again yeah and I -- this year -- to win fourteen out of 82 games as parent. And yet they were they were trying to win and they went into policies and at some new players he has been better and scary deal. To try to in true they're they're scoring punch and we're actually even worse so they found a new way to be terrible try to win. -- they'd be they -- Michael -- and he's an editor at urban street shots dot com Michael thank you so much of the time we appreciate. Have a great week and I'm.