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4-10 7:10pm Mike Detillier, NFL Draft Report

Apr 10, 2014|

Should the Saints stand pat at the 27th pick in the NFL Draft, or trade up for a specific player…or trade down for more picks? Bobby and Deke were joined by the draft expert, Mike Detillier.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anything is fair game about the NFL. Grant Mike thank you so much for the time and I remember you telling me this is going to be about the week is the book out yet. You're not equal out the notebook shipped out sweet we just trying to resolve my memo opponent wouldn't -- -- -- right right at you go out all the -- real doubt that makes me. The next week is the big week in my put Ozal. Who still wanna get a copy it on a -- right direction. Victory goat to Mike figured dot com also thankful we're not out. Now Mike you know we trying to do different scenarios with the draft and all that and I've seen anywhere. That -- -- Al could fall maybe are being drafted by the -- into the ninth pick. And looking and where Dallas is picking that being the Dallas Cowboys obviously. And ending number sixteen is that far fetched that I'm making a big splash in the entertainment value. Can you imagine Johnny -- Zell playing at a Dallas Cowboys I mean. Could Tony Romo he he could start for a number of teams I think he's somewhere if you look at 32 teams. And see everyone has a starter. I'm not saying top ten that he is around a deadly between ten and fifteen. That is that any possibilities. Talking about making a splash this mean what do they dollar Romo they haven't won anything. I mean they've been a 500 team or is that too -- -- No I think that there is interest there but. One big general manager all of it without it yet. That all the money he's been on normal -- if I'm correct. I think you know that the big part of -- is all the people to say. What I got to bring in on him himself because all the money out there don't pony. In it not working out you can't coexist with ballclub now financially you can't. He doesn't look back we need to look now what did you do our collective bargaining agreement in -- -- paying quarterbacks. Yeah it's not like Sam Bradford -- -- and but the -- but it. But. It would be to come up personality clashes there. What I what I think it seems to watch early form mean yeah wanted to. Because. You don't like -- talent in the situation year. That you got us more and written McCain legitimate big outs or the raider nation aren't you don't have a job. Well lit bit fortunate that the top one right out with back to back we're well -- -- -- what GAO's. -- being kind of the raider nation 00 and -- stand in 2006. That Dick -- Reggie Bush -- there's no reason Reggie Bush yep. It was a combo if I'm Reggie McKenzie and I'm gonna balance -- -- -- you know what any Watkins might be a really good football where. I'm not real sure I've got to got to keep getting the ball. -- van -- -- changes the complexion that you pretty quick -- and all but now you get. Made a skittish older and yet you people are that nation. A little bit of hope that you know -- can police football -- all all we'd blow all we will know one thing. Where was that the pain in the woman -- It will come it will mean in a big welcome. All of a sudden win the job Padilla he's he's. He comes aboard and -- -- and a couple at a much tougher conference. And you know -- I'm telling you. You know might might Allen actually does the only opinion on the you do research in this. And well I look at okay -- -- -- this and that everything okay look the one played him better than LSU. We do look in the history of Nick Saban what he's done defensively. As anybody over two games. Put of those kind of yards of what it is like -- thousand plus I mean come on. No -- and it. That I'd get that -- -- all I'm saying is not what about it -- -- carry on the football -- But. Watching it and sent. It in college football when he hit point. Last year we couldn't stop me if you had a chip I mean -- able to -- -- -- -- Look like you put up or else. In the ball game. So it won't show you a little bit of what he did that change and people technically India and that and kept -- got a lot of money. If part of that facility money demands out. Because. It changed the landscape that -- not so well look at Oakland's outlook -- Both those teams you may pick a guy who's not race to give it my best player in the draft. But wouldn't go to. He would give you a little. -- -- who adamantly that that franchise needs. And still. Have a lot of pressure. It's -- good thing with Houston as an idol who's been picking you know. -- get a lot in with friendship. Told Bob McNair. To let you know what I know you're digging climbing a little Mac -- a better player on the board but you know like. It in there and -- -- in the championship quarterback somewhere. Well friends go back to haunt them. Okay -- don't get impacted it. Yeah I felt that they'll work line but I'd recommend it -- it can become critical -- -- right. That was the only -- don't well put out there. If joining me and built in to be you know big time player and in the pool now. A situation where. You've got -- that we got in your own back you -- to -- I -- you get on the top then I think you get it up in Oakland or Minnesota. Wear gold and where it's gotten me do it I think -- and it's made me. Just comment stirred the pot a little bit easier to try to get you to believe me he's got an interest in and but deep down and thought he would admit. That won't global -- guy. He -- don't want to put up the money he's back -- -- well you know that you look what happened and now. So that they're -- problems and an eagle involved with. I'm not a -- yet. And it might look at it now from a saints' perspective. And you brought his name. What your take on where you have him ranked him. And that being Sammy -- why did you see. A -- -- -- perfect scenario. Jimmy Graham with Sammy Watkins and and haven't those weapons for Drew Brees you know we look at that a young up and coming. Receiver. Now I've heard he's been ranked as far as work out just right below mega Tron. Calvin Johnson and AJ green now what your take on that. And then also realistically when you look at -- this -- to 27. A Champ Bailey could still left a young corner but it what wire receivers this save everything at least if the Saints stand pat. Like I'm looking I was reading different draft scenarios though Marcus league USC Kelvin Benjamin. The wide receiver from Florida State branding cooks. Why -- -- bargains they just a break that down if they wore two goal in the wrist wide receiver direction in number 27. What is your opinion and and what day any any scenario that the Saints can land like Sammy Watkins -- -- -- that you could two you know salary cap constraints and. Well this kid is that slim and none. And look look around me and what he's going to be -- top spot -- I. Where I would really think you could end up at Cleveland. I just think about that you've got Josh Gordon on one side. You got Sammy Watkins on the -- All of them playing quarterback propagate. And how you look back on that knee. Because don't -- in lighted up the hypocrisy in this draft class he's not ranked as -- as mega Tron. All these in the same range -- as Andre Johnson he came out of Miami. -- we all know he's only the -- Expected that notable player so every block is that it is going to be off the board in the top -- -- Usually you know it will be pick and change big gains so quickly. And I think -- that can be run on receivers. And I think Mike Evans is gonna get up in it so I'd keep my number -- guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The knowledge you Brandon cooks market -- ultimate goal but on the same spirit. I think all league -- bowl. I'll bet if you want or Eagles receivers and they're going to be all aboard so put -- to get one of those guys. Dude -- could probably move up in the -- want to do and so the next guy on the list and -- helping Benjamin. And that just my opinion not a pretty good about it either hit on this guy. And that he's got great size. He's delivered player he didn't change great in the red zone only problem when I watch him play he has he's not a great route runner. And almost lately with his route. -- my view that as a given Florida State right. He does not come models cut it and break small. And he had a workout scheduled with an NFL team didn't show up and he helped them too hard to top. To heart and blasted me. But I think about it. You need somebody to wake up the opposite -- what are you a hundred years stock at this point aren't already. There -- it was not a lot of Great Britain was not the hardest working guy on that football -- And so now it's coming out toward what they do is eight and denying it. Saying that maybe it would heal well obviously campaign field -- couldn't exactly. But did it that prints I don't pain there got -- -- Kelton. Now you sound like a piece of crap I mean there's like a one day if you don't show up when you know have their work ethic. I mean come on don't eat heavy damage of a primadonna honey and you it is not -- not like I you work it out you mean you -- this close to go to Tim needs a dollar come -- yeah. You've got to understand what it's about with a lot of these guys. It's an every year you hear about guys that just come -- local -- you know they'll know what we didn't even more than on the Duke. Oh yeah yeah without that -- it just how much they need you. One thing is that you. And it. Not think it is vital and it's. It got a lot of receivers it's gonna put should be principle it down to. That you wouldn't. Well. Could have -- -- would that be a cornerback car and outside linebacker Minnesota speak. -- He's a cornerback or linebacker there and on this floor in that scenario out here. Cover cornerback you can -- that -- -- yet about what he's there that cornerback could be the one who won their lives in and I wanted to change speeds. But linebacker. Once -- gave up a little back. And -- ball war. There may be a little bit of a drop -- I don't consider would be more of a linebacker did that actually got. All bottom line if he's not -- either read into it and applicable that would -- -- it was governor of the. Now the Seahawks yeah. Yet in the -- unit has got. His ability to rush the quarterback was gonna get him picked pretty. In my -- -- take them like eleven there's -- -- real thing Lola. And yeah. So what is that thing to watch in between player and keep in mind. -- lines shape either the outside linebacker probable our state it was a really good football player. All of gotten warmer because it and who can't run the field and I. So being even thinking about moving -- side I did -- on line -- The other linebacker. Vijay animal league from Alabama. Who has played him in there and also in the -- Watch what happens to -- -- -- -- -- my -- one of those guys. Will be bear witness thanks pick you might think linebacker is not high on the lives -- the sites. What would you pick and -- The contract that gave it all -- past junior -- that contract is coming up next year. And getting a young stud isn't. Why don't you hit contract. You gave up that run tomorrow and you're that into guy anyway when it. He picked one out right he's not a quarterback all wide receiver but he's the best on the board and -- from now. He -- nor is it inside. Or out. Those two guys -- people watch and the other. Is that quarterback position while I'll pull from Virginia there. I think he's a very underrated cover cornerback you're in the -- it's certainly got to think will be picked in that -- to see you. What -- was a little bit bigger corner. Technically very. Are you break down well in the comfort are big gains on the ball. Got control football team with you know what is Robert out and play so does this game very well -- -- one. You play that Virginia Tech played -- one more goals Cogent write being. I mean -- practices Ortiz so you understand what hard work is all about. I'm -- believe. That despite the that I would you look at this football team offensively. They -- it got a blow to topple cup just look at that and -- that -- you know every and the central market hurt. They -- a guy that can get back straight you all the line of scrimmage it's a thought that game. What what college is it like in nuclear threat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Respect the fact that I have that type player so from our standpoint. You've got to respect -- a guy can run right action -- got to believe that statement back. It's part of the bank -- that didn't happen last year I think I can deal. Is going to be a big time football player of the game but that means more this why not picking -- more -- right. What this team -- that got -- -- it down field. And really late. And what it is Sean Payton has like to be pushing. You look at receivers that he has selective. It is the end bigger market teams like the Eagles wide receiver. I think in round -- is we're very. Big receiver with some speed comes into play -- obligated name because already added that -- gotten picked up that late in round two. Not picking on reasonable guess. Oh I don't know what being intelligent. Yeah double bonus we get yet he had I don't think either it's Ellison. Back to back years and he talks that he catches the football so. When I look at their award I would look to get my hands on -- all more we are -- I don't think any that you'll be there. What got me a spot here where. You know what then that term best player on the board -- it -- not put immediately hit day. But when you pick up linebackers you pick up the morning with all all you think about the contract -- people Butler and Gillette. Why back of it well you -- -- that. Michael -- gone on a with the draft it's coming up. Let everybody know how they can get that you may indeed draft report. Can go on to a might mitigate dot com also think record dot com in no have a ball out next week. Mike now when you look at things that you have a broken down thus far. About the NFL draft. We talk about that did the quality of the draft without about the depth of the draft and will also hit on some on some state players. Over the course of time and one young man to get the day -- figure you know people raised. The defense to tackle out of knows that and the way he's he's a guy that you know. In these thoughts he gets them to get some noise but not like the gas some some Ellis who. And as just an Ellison on Louisiana Louisiana Tech many people and hungry now pretty -- have Mike may be a second round third round pick. Yet because I've got to go on and no way to -- they're brown. I mean he could all of -- what that you know you need to be slugger in the middle of the game. You that you wanted. Really looked up. Forget the run and what I like about his ability to get all of blah are you use on their hands real well the ball in the upper body. And what this man. How well we did one lap. So you don't museum a couple of -- I don't know it. That's -- this is not going to be a great passer that that is what it is his ability to -- either of those block inside. But don't linebacker blow to the ball carrier. He did well. He's -- guy that can push it and thought it pretty well they're underrated football player when he went pretty quick line game. Sort of -- does not -- book about what technique but last year at certain -- -- although it was dead he's been relatively. But he -- god. You right did not get out of any. And you know what he LaMont know -- Kyle Williams became our ability I've got that nobody else would get called it. They can play. And now Mike -- -- -- on the local flavor. And you would know this in the history the buy you region. And professional football players. To me I had an honor I can't recall on the one. But Greg Robinson from Thibodeau. All of us at tackle for Marvin the Los I've seen him is gone like number six. Almost a majority of top five I mean is there any -- as there ever been a player higher. I think Greg Robinson as far as expectations are ways to be drafted. Not from the people who get it real -- the -- -- right -- focal point bill but on the spot you know. And -- I'm still looking at the bit odd bod you know not talking about -- to -- -- of those in 97. He didn't -- up our draft. Linemen on this stage do you ever -- Now everybody that was about it well and yeah we had a -- but not. You know not you -- that I had not been well. But what if you get up. And got them. But in -- didn't you know not know well what could be altered once you got this moment in addition of -- But it tackle. Andrew Whitworth. It has been a terrific football player -- -- -- -- out there and what can we you -- -- -- see people walking back. All -- I don't mind. -- You've -- the ones you want to talk about guys in the top spot -- arm of congress you know. How did he television being with him deep tackle. What you want me what I'll do it world. It great now we go and it didn't get into shot and play basketball. You can't let -- that -- -- wait. What we're a year ago inning he would be paying probably won't happen but he's not. And all that to hold him big. Big -- people and he's really come on lap then they'll all that -- on -- -- We'll adopt them as well not make that little. Awkward Greg Robinson followed -- wouldn't what that was probably by which you. But yeah Colin bonds. Income that LSU. We'll let him play tackle will get what the same spot we. So well Auburn would -- on. Games that you need in order to -- it. And I'd expect him to get back -- October the best offensive minded in his -- now. -- Greg well a lot of it but I wouldn't wouldn't all of it did when I was away. I think yeah but football player it would you coming out of Alabama great beat -- To a one block or you don't work out with an important game because we put it all. You know not technically sound you achievement -- and it went about it -- has built now all the work that well. That one advantage that. What. Happens between now happening to. On the one and with a little more and watched. People. Would -- it was made into Roland. It was great. Now my gut -- -- thing Alan Faneca littlest thing in pivotal Eric and the cynic in our. Well yeah that's sodomy and look how dominant he was and the tragedy with a with a lines yeah. Eric and I mean I I've I'm definitely a defensive linemen in this era. -- equally both ways he welcomed me out and it football than it was an all the way it was the. And yet but comfortably but one that tall are Eric -- you know on the shorter but more often blog but. But still not the level Greg Robinson. Yet Greg Robinson from athletic standpoint that nothing he can't do and what it would -- incredible. Yeah. You know what it well and it didn't help thought -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And every time -- get in trouble at all it won't pitch during the opening spot I'm not all that now. Now might look -- You know I wanted to -- opinion on this and how many players that you give like first round grades and the reason while Max in this. Because they're different things I've read Megan is one of the deepest drafts ever and that if you look at it as scenario. Okay of the Saints wore a good or trade down and the question I have is could they may be get the same player they would select at number 27. May be having the same grade maybe later. It's let's say ten or fifteen spots later the that it if if you have a certain players targeted in obvious he would take him a 27 Valencia have. Two or three guys. That is not much different -- 27. Analysts say 1011 or twelve and a second round is that a possibility. -- what it will not grade out at first round pick people. I hit it great report the next fifteen all -- -- like a touch of one another. So that means -- want to when he was four you don't get that point where he ended well when he that birdie on. If at all confident that our soldiers -- That's why I think the -- he's late round one. If that opportunity came didn't know why probably get a kick out wouldn't that because they're so talent rich. But I would want it pick. About how a bit of that well -- -- world -- but it didn't the on that it was apparent well so I would love that we couldn't -- -- been -- -- the Marlins that the you're the commissioner shouldn't he but said -- -- They -- make about that is a good football team did it not been. That's one important. Night. The best chance it would need to get a Super Bowl. And so on schedule. Outline. Second round -- It would do. So I think about why. Don't. Pay them on. You don't you don't. Know what one would like I bet that if you get them. Should put out. Wouldn't it. I would look to do with the problems one in the -- score. Because -- bought one and. Yeah the same mindset. So -- -- put them out -- it but white -- did not mean are you now who hit it for a quarterback. It would dare call. It simple -- will be available -- And that could slide up a little bit of corn. -- -- -- team that they're not wrong that you did. Explore all but. No I agree with I -- -- but I'm going to walk people don't -- -- well. People in the company who -- But I think a lot in the ones. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From what they are good it -- go to one spot on them a lot of great law. While it looked like that it would position. Might not decades. The difference the way it is you just look what. Did I want what I was -- and I think doesn't look -- them eating out. You don't look -- -- I would hit it a little bit. But yeah. Yet Emmys a lot of says that Mike speaking of extra picks when you look at. The St. Louis Rams the number two pick. And then number thirteen pig today stay stay pat and utilize those Pixar do you think that's a possibility and have some leverage in you see some movement there. Well -- You have to find out what happens at the one spot. -- -- old clone. Game what I mean is there. Mean you know what. A little slack my -- so if you want a little. You've got to pump in me did I think we've got for you got to that two spot now. I think he's -- you know a lot of noise as normal about that but I don't think the -- they cut to I think he didn't know what hit. -- and they've got the one that got hit home. Follow. Up with them but not quality design. I think that it all. He and his that you know what I would little -- -- that we didn't. It would probably. Didn't want. We didn't want it would be repeated them. So I think that the way our student of the right spot. It certainly how -- -- and he typically. You don't pay model and we need to -- it was. But I would have been did not do it. And I also wonder about what we're. Did you look at the way around it like -- It is -- important on the -- the problem. My god now look at down the streets it was interesting to understandably Wall Street Journal I would -- breaking down to Chris Johnson. When he was released. A five backs the most in the last 01516. Years was taking in the 2000 draft the most since the it was three. In one round that was five of the first round but Mike you know not often now -- team's draft there -- him back in the first round of -- Yeah and it didn't work out when this year you know. I think you may not one. Maybe maybe you expect that scripted it in mountain the black Q was your body and -- won the Cincinnati Dayton late. We all thought would probably be the top back. He got that but later but Green Day. I think I can just go apoplectic when you're you're pretty good model on running back apology that -- -- -- -- could keep up. They can bear that depending on how did the double and you look at golf the college football landscape is there one running back today -- hand. Possibility that you'll like him. You would say you know what you need your style more up and in the first round pick on you know and -- thought -- helped me. -- he would need to have a home field but not. But a lot of the wanna call belt out I -- that it is running back by committee not to get wanna -- -- way to look at it dissect -- -- -- the -- would. Yeah and Mike got so let's say you look at KP air atop their new look at Chris Ivory curry Robinson. As -- -- come on look at those diamonds in the rough. -- -- did that yes. To me quote you kind of know -- -- -- -- -- -- before -- get back a little bit later. In the draft. That could hit the field on me but. I didn't need -- you know where I'll pick one running back this year that he made. You know one pop who went to -- round two but -- the level -- about three. Again the outcome would be. Because I think it. If the situation happened that all in all that -- and that's what does. Certainly this one it would be -- -- and we'll talk about it out of the issue couple. It's not a big -- when you're popular but you got. That -- over the course it didn't happen to him when he was increase more in what happened. -- there's like two strikes. Yeah so. You got a good word or you don't with that it's not up front burner issue anymore but in the back on the part that you didn't get. -- what you get October of last year and I thought. Came back you any doubt that great job because you can bet that there well but because of issues that question there. I think we'll look at certain -- We can go into the cable hit it. Went well between the tackles and catch the football a comedy big bullies. That could very very big ones. Against really good defense is and yet be. Are -- completely gotten around the green. Anything can keep it clean so to speak. Do you think guys that could. I've been beat pretty big impact play so well it popped out I'll help call -- good -- is that. All about what he did well in games. His numbers. And -- -- out almost I mean it would bet you. Would act upon contact. It took me it means that the Devils. Here. But his -- should do -- the depiction of the cold it is not thought about it anymore but -- there has. You know what you hope she'll go you'll get it looked like -- -- natural war we definitely want. -- -- -- Yeah of the go ahead. But I think that. We we brought up you get it correct that. It -- I'd -- -- that position because you know why it's become what he can -- game. Now might figure that pitch and catch game. All of us. You know the draft books and draft analysis that you put together Terry bridge Bridgewater. -- -- Lugo. You look at his work out. I mean before everything was well against start it would it was just getting started to say -- should say deadly top ten pick. Where do you think he lands I mean I'm not impressed -- him. I mean I'm not saying that NFL quarterback the disease could be a franchise. I don't see that. Know he's but they're great quarterback me and I've got Johnson and bill. John again they'll be public world just by air. I get into the -- that -- guy and I think he fall. All out of that means. I think he did when he picked -- round one. You know it is being put -- -- as a result. Would you pick up they've got an older quarterback in course in -- You've got the -- albeit with Michael's war I'd like it Jill you've got a really good defense. Kenny Britt won't carry that he did -- -- In the one fact that we have a lot of work on this center and also while it. Might you know many good pick -- don't. Because -- don't know what it was quite -- at this stage you don't. And that I can change. NFL analyst Mike Didier Michael -- next week. I'd been so much to big jail and Jim hands I would back tomorrow from four to 6 PM I'm Deke Bellavia as always John by the cage came -- Bobby a -- -- really solved the night people.