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Apr 10, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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You know as Bobby is leaving the studio we're just talking about how if the weather had just been nicer can you imagine how many people would showed up for the opening day of French Quarter fest. -- it would have been really really crowded. I don't have your own place you -- the 31 annual French Quarter fest presented by Chevron it is the biggest free music festival in America. And it's started today and goes through Sunday and a doctor John returns for the first year since 1987. The French Quarter -- largest brand new states that big river stage of the French Quarter fest brings you everything that's New Orleans and if you're listening outside of the New Orleans area. And you can get here this weekend weather is going to be great it's a free show. And it's just so much fun to walk around this actually started. After they had done a lot of pavement on -- sidewalk and street repairs in the French Quarter and a lot of people were going to the quarter so to attract locals back to the quarter they sort of the French Quarter fast. That was 31 years ago still going strong chance foreign cajun zydeco. A brass -- gospel classical only local musicians on twenty different stages against free. Plus world class food from New Orleans finest restaurants. It's good family fun. And you can join us your WWL or three W -- the French Quarter fresh will be broadcasting from Jackson squares world's largest jazz brunch every day. On either WWL or three WL. On tomorrow it's gonna be Angela hill she's going to be -- in Jackson square. From one to four tomorrow afternoon and then Saturday and three WL special edition of the food show with Tom Fitzmorris from noon to three. And then Sunday afternoon -- actually Sunday morning -- morning into the afternoon. Albeit Jackson square for the world's largest chance brunch on Sunday from ten. Until 1230. We are your station in -- the French Quarter and the French Quarter fest WWL. Also coming up a little bit later in the show Tom Drummond from -- and as true we'll talk to sell about 940 he's gonna call the show. And we'll talk to Tom about the big Better Than Ezra opened benefit. Which is a Saturday nights and house of blues -- -- Better Than Ezra and and a few others and the -- and -- for foundation justice so much effort for different groups in new Orleans city you can support them. It's a really great thing to do and it just shows how old how into New Orleans a better treasury -- and how much they wanna give back to the city so we'll talk to Tom. Prevented this from about 940. It's time for tonight's top eight at eight hero of the topic things we'd like you know is we begin our show tonight. WWL. Number eight. To Brady is the induction ceremony for the rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland Ohio. Nirvana. Peter Gabriel Linda -- Cat Stevens -- notes. And kids will be inducted. Tonight. Kiss has decided not to be part of the event because the rock and roll hall of fame -- only in -- the four original members. And not members who have been with the band even longer than. To the original members. However I've heard that peace really is gonna play in part of the chance in I guess when you -- freely at some party invites you to play a year. Very happy to play so throughout -- surely we're gonna feature some of the music on the duck tees into the rock and roll hall of fame. Which is happening tonight in Cleveland. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Is among the top destinations according to trip advisor dot com a web site. New Orleans ranked ahead of Los Angeles. Seattle San Diego Washington DC and Orlando. But behind New York City Chicago -- Cisco and Las Vegas. And there are so many people in town today through Sunday for the annual French Quarter fest and again it looks as if the weekend is just gonna be great source of -- concern. You might wanna try take some time to escape out of work if you work downtown tomorrow or wherever you work in this area and try to skip out of work tomorrow. And their competitive -- quarter fast and come down over the weekend it really as a really is a great time to re acquaint yourself with the quarter -- for those of you who. Need an excuse to come downtown to the quarter this is really agree to great opportunity and once again WWL is proud to be part of number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. You're parents. And you take your children shopping with you at the grocery store. Somebody is watching your kids. And I don't mean. Well let's just say somebody's steering it and this is not something that you really expect. You know those mascots on the boxes of cereal. -- those mascots are making eye contact with your children. That's according to a new study. The direction of their -- The placement of the kids' cereal boxes on the store shelves. Are calculated so that the mascots on the boxes are making direct eye contact. With your children. Researchers at the Cornell food and brand lab study 86 arena box mascots. -- grocery stores in new York and Connecticut. And they found that this was this was a calculated plan. Since the cereal since the cereal boxes are placed -- a certain level which is a shelf height of 23 inches on the average. And the adults cereals are part 48 inches. By looking down at an angle. Off nine point six degrees which is what the the characters the mascots on the cereal boxes are targeting kids. Looked down they looked down -- an angle of nine point six degrees. They were making direct eye contact with the children. And with the adults. With the adults. Cereals -- -- out there looking straight ahead so these eye contact is really something very calculated. This -- organization that did this study said the one thing that might be done. He is to use this kind of use this kind of a strategy. To convince children to make healthier choices and eat healthier and healthier food you know I don't think any thing looking. Looking at a kid from a say now frozen food box of Brussels sprouts is gonna really make the kitten into Brussels sprouts but I just you know I thought that was interesting. If there are a lot of different things used to. Get people to make marketing decisions. The mascots. On the cereal boxes are making eye contact. With your children. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. On the final day of the ceremony commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 President Obama said that president Lyndon Johnson. Made real the promises of the nation's founders when he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which was fifty years ago. And here we are fifty years later. And we're still battling with civil rights. And we're battling. -- -- the battle with civil rights and that is the argument the debate over the over gay rights. I am really convinced that. That this country's gonna look back on this. This controversy. Same sex marriage and and whether or not businesses can use their religious rights to to not serve people they think -- homosexual. I think we're gonna look back on this the same way we look back on the year segregation of blacks in public places like my god I can't believe we did that. How ridiculous was that the separation. Of whites and blacks. And and how ridiculous is this idea that you should discriminate against somebody. Because of something that you think they do in their bedroom which has absolutely no impact on you. And doesn't affect you. If you enjoyed Russia with a -- tonight about anything we talk about chart number is 26018. -- Tool free 8668890. Which seventy at a text number. Is -- 77. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. To Rand Paul Republican from Kentucky -- was quite often mentioned as you really leading and leading candidate for the Republican nomination in 2016. Said in an interview on Fox News. At every airline pilots should be -- He said this is the best. And most cost effective way. To prevent terrorism. Like the terrorist attacks. -- -- Every pilots should be aren't. You know I just don't see how that's a great idea -- be what would always stop the pilot from using his gun to commandeer the plane. -- to shoot the the -- what would what would what would stop the vehicle -- from shooting a pilot. I don't know I just I. This this idea that every body needs to be armed in any particular category I think it's just part of the hysteria. That surrounds the gun control debate in this country. Every pilot should not be artery what do for pilots not comfortable being being marked the idea that every pilot should be -- -- I think is ludicrous. -- again that there was an incident that happened back in in 2000 I guess I just don't see how -- guns in the cockpit would be a really good idea. US Airways pilot was ways which putting is gone away in the cockpit on a flight from from Denver to two to Charlotte, North Carolina. The gun went off for the pilot was trying to put it -- it left a hole in the cockpit wall and an exit poll in the plane's exterior right below the cockpit window. So. You know it's if somebody gets as far as. The cockpit. I mean the cockpit door opens I guess I can't figure out logistically. How it would be beneficial for pilots to have guts. We -- door opens do you automatically reach for your garden. Pleased to gun down. But the console and of the -- -- -- today sit under the seat is it or is it really on your hip. Already having a shoulder holster. Mean again I I think the ideas. Of arming pilots is. Is ridiculous but I mean this this you know this could be Rand Paul's attempt to. To reach out to. Those. Gun enthusiasts to believe that everybody should be armed and they are our gun rights and to see used to think that everybody should be armed and I I support the Second Amendment I support gun rights but I don't think everybody should be -- and number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The sixteen year old student stood in high school. The win on a stabbing Rampage at his high school in Pennsylvania. Was said to have had a blank look on his face. When he was standing students according to a witness. Alex arrival. Has been charged with four counts of attempted homicide. 21 counts of aggravated assault. He's been described as a very shy person and here we go again a shy person I didn't talk to many people seem to be a quiet person. Describe to me when I was in high school. I mean that describes me and east Jefferson. So what's not be afraid if kids in the classroom were shot. Because just because you're shy doesn't mean that this is what you're gonna ultimately do. Now. This is a great opportunity to. Expose how ridiculous. The gun rights debate news. Whenever there's a shooting at a school. One side says we need more. Gun control laws we need to get guns out of the hands of the wrong people so we need stricter gun control laws. The other side says well if everybody resort in the schools and we could stop this from happening. Or at least cut down on the the number of injuries or or -- that's what happens with the argument when there's a school shooting. Well now there's a school staff. So if there's logic in the debate about guns then why don't we talk about. Stricter -- control laws. I mean think about it. We teach kids to use a knife when they're really young. There are not think about the knives that are available in restaurants. Everywhere. Think about the knives available in your home you've got some really sharp long knives right there in your home. And if you have kids. Why why couldn't they grab those nice and commit a horrible crime. And then I guess the other side of the argument in this case of understanding the school. Would be that if everybody just had a knife. It would have been better fewer people would have been injured if everybody would have had a knife. So really I think exposes the ridiculous nature of the argument when there's a school shooting. We need stricter gun control laws in and get a side of the argument is we just need more teachers. Who aren't. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Today Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal told representative -- McAllister Republican from Louisiana. To resign. This is the congressman who was caught in surveillance video he's married making out with a congressional staffer. Apparently she has now resigned her husband claims that he is now ruin their marriage. However. I don't see how you can blame the congressman because she was a willing participant. I saw the video and it did look like she was resisting anything. So the temptation to like blame the congressman for this. I think is wrong -- you have to blame your wife as well and if you if you -- a situation like that whether your husband or your wife if if they cheat you can't just blame the person they cheat with even if it was their idea you have to blame them equally for for being involved it. Governor Bobby Jindal went on to say that their congressman McAllister behavior is an embarrassment. And he should resign. He says he wants privacy to work on his issues with the Stanley. The best way to get privacy and to work on putting your family back together is to resign from congress. And the Louisiana I chairman for the Louisiana GOP says its -- McAllister is an embarrassment to the to the party. And should resign. Do you agree with that should should McAllister resign. Okay he he did something wrong he's married he made -- with somebody. Should he -- these these politicians who are calling for him to resign. I'm gonna be really surprised. If one -- this doesn't come back to -- Because Sylvia talk show -- like myself for example. Who will point out well if you say that if you said that about McAllister then and what about this now and they'll be some situation it will come up. Where Bobby Jindal or the chairman of the Louisiana GOP. Might. Not recommend that somebody else resigned but the recommended that two McAllister resign look. What the guy did was wrong but I don't think he should be forced to resign. Time people do make mistakes. If you wanna join our -- -- with comments about any of the stuff we're talking about our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. -- which seventy. Tech's number 677. It's early Texan has come in -- -- as -- to resign now I don't think so again the hypocrisy already begins. Here's a -- the reason screwed how many minutes was he standing. If it would have been a go -- how many dead concert I realize that guns are different. But -- the logic. Is if there's a shooting everybody needs to deal marked. There why not use the same logic is they want liberation of had a knife I'm trying to sarcastically. To point out how ridiculous the argument is that everybody should be art. And again I'm gonna go back to -- a comment from Rand Paul now that every airline pilot 100% of airline pilots. Should be -- A to join -- short nights are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. A -- number is 87870. And finally tonight. Number one yeah. Topping tanks. Even cold -- cold -- report on Comedy Central will replace David Letterman as host of the late show on CBS. Is this a good decision. The -- blog tonight is titled criticism of col -- replacing Letterman. Is ridiculous. And that's on our website at WW real dot com you can read it and share it also give us your comments if you like. I can't imagine that anybody would disagree with me but there's always a possibility that somebody will. Ultra conservative. Talk show host Rush Limbaugh said and CBS has declared war. On the heartland of America. Rush went on to say no longer is comedy going to be a Covert assault on traditional American values conservatism. Now it's just. Wide out now she is still wide out in the open. What this tiger means is a redefinition. Of what he's funny a redefinition of what his comedy. They're blowing up the 1134 matter part time it would be 1030. They've hired a partisan so called comedian. To run the company should. And a few days ago Fox News bill Riley said it's even cold there is an ideological is an ideological fanatic. And a deceiver. And that Stephen cold there. Is leading the destruction of America. I so loved. Writing about this tonight. On our website you're gonna talk about it on the show again you might totally disagree with me. But I think criticism. Stephen Colbert or because of what is perceived to the he's liberal. Political ideology. Is absolutely insane. And to suggest that he's leading the destruction of America. I mean. Sure we take anybody who says something like that seriously. This is this coach or he wouldn't join us tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number. Is -- 77. It's a Thursday night a beautiful beautiful night some of you maybe your car is set heading home from French Quarter -- it will be another great day for French Quarter fest tomorrow. An Angel will be there tomorrow afternoon from one to four. Liked Jackson square the world's largest chance for much. We'll be right back as the -- show continues on WWL. Tonight is the induction ceremony for the rock and roll hall of fame. And Peter Gabriel -- was always one of the most interesting videos. Ever done on MTV. This looks like -- Peter Gabriel will be inducted into the rock and roll policy tonight. The favorite -- -- story about the song when I was at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. 830 way too early to tell its story again. I'm -- like you've witnessed tonight was the first day of French Quarter festival beautiful day it's gonna be another great day tomorrow and the weekend is going to be phenomenal angelenos. Can do her show live from Jackson square here and the -- sun will be shining on the beautiful Angela hill tomorrow afternoon from one to -- -- Jackson square. Here's our W view a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Do you think Stephen cold there is a good choice to replace David Letterman. 47%. Say no 53%. Say yes. A little bit attract that -- throughout our show it will be interesting to see -- to changes since we go through the show tonight. It's one of the things that we're talking about in the -- blog tonight is titled. Criticism of cold -- replacing Letterman. Ridiculous. Rush Limbaugh O'Reilly. Have been highly critical of -- Stephen -- -- Rush Limbaugh said it CBS has just declared war on the heartland of America. And -- Stephen cold air is going to redefine. Comedy. And it will no longer be a Covert assault on traditional American values. Comedy is an assault on everything in -- And I cannot belief. That prominent people. Say such mindless things. And I guess the scariest part is they might actually believe it or may be the scariest part is that they're talking to their audience. Which believes it. And they want to believe it. People people respond based on not after thinking about something that people respond based on there. They're instinctive. Preconceived ideas about something or or somebody. I thought the criticism. Has always been that Letterman and Leno and all those late night talk show host -- liberal. OK so if you think Stephen Colbert are liberal and replaces them -- what's the difference. Again this is just part of this temptation to feed hysteria and fear into people. Oh my god Stephen Colbert -- gonna replace David Letterman what does this mean for American society that's the conversation it's already starting it. If you wanna join us for your commentary -- -- even -- is is dangerous. Or do you think he's a good choice to replace sort of our number is 2601. A seventy toll free 8668890. -- seventy. At a tax ember is a 77. Russell talking about it's a congressman various McAllister. -- now governor Bobby Jindal says that he should resign because he is an embarrassment. And the leader of the chairman of these Louisiana Republican Party says he's an embarrassment to the party and he should resign this is the guy who got caught. Making out with a congressional staffer should he resign now I think it is super critical for anybody. To run on family values. And -- not live up to those those values. And that's obviously what this person fail to do. But I don't think he should resign operatives sent to -- he has an opportunity to prove that he can. That he can change I'm I'm forgiving of what he did when I'm less forgiving god is people who brag about their relationship with with Christ. And they're they're Christian family values. And and don't really -- by they simply use it is cheap talk for the purpose of getting elected. Timmy you're gonna talk the talk you gotta walk the walk. Out from uptown Brian your discussion -- -- And it's time now had a report that -- Why is -- wanted to make a comment about that colder place and our home. I think it's time that the good thing. Now he can make an appeal to more people sponsors totally cancel it through the service -- and appeal. -- -- I think act act released the people who can't attack from say an additional. American all that so Smart some it believe it. Ryan I've hired Graham a pleasure to under -- show here's -- text everybody watches Fallon -- now everybody's watching Jimmy Fallon. Not everybody but a lot of people are. I think that in the long run Steve -- -- will beat Jimmy Fallon. Because of his politically based wit. It nothing against Jimmy Fallon very -- to god I've and I'm predicting America could be wrong but are predicting it's even -- will win on the ratings war. I here's a text about terror rush criticized seeing a cold air perhaps rush is just barking back col Baer took first blood years ago. Well I it's -- I mean if you if you want to criticize. Criticize but this idea. That rush is doing a show and and and by the way. Rush Limbaugh has admitted many times. Did he show is first. Entertainment. It is politics and everything else second best rush's own admission to show is entertainment. So I respect you for recognizing that. But from the standpoint of a show that. Is perceived not -- comedy show not on Comedy Central but there are people who take Russia seriously. From that pulpit. Rush's talking about how Steven -- there is bad and dangerous for American society. And I think that the nature of that criticism the content and criticisms absolutely Chris I Don you're on the -- show into the WL. I go to the majority shows thanks. -- that they're the only way to actually be -- did. In a priority or danger still for Erica have a technical -- well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- giving Bill Maher is even more dangerous than Steven called there. Oh very desperately topics they -- where we are a little -- true. Pay ya gotta take it if or actually pop art -- -- they're they're. Went on I think it's admirable that you're independent thinker and you can agree with Russia you can agree with anybody but. You know I think is there's something really dangerous. People who agree with everything whether it's Republicans agreeing with everything about the party or Democrats agreeing with everything about their party or. Rush Limbaugh listeners agreeing with everything crisis. And -- a lot of people were afraid to say they disagree with something. Our groups are in trouble walking contradiction. I have done -- and we all. What they were clear. You know we're currently. In the presidential. Election is our years. And you just -- -- change you change your your vote but you haven't changed your registration. There are. And and -- -- -- at the principal. Well the reason why -- joint Democratic Party here that -- -- Alberto. Apparently. The Democrats. Don't that it for a short while ago. Said the group. There are done when the Republican Party. Over the last few years has just gotten so heavily involved in social issues in religion. They have actually distracted from the most admirable parts of the -- of the Republican Party conservative ideology which is small government. Which is less taxes Stosur the admirable qualities that have somehow not come to the forefront and all this other stuff today is all mixed up and down. In about public are Democrat I believe they're -- protection. -- a good server if it worker I believe -- smaller. -- -- -- -- there has grown our intro opening -- bitter public. It doesn't matter how you registered is as long as you vote in the way that you think you should vote done a really logical to show -- thanks for listening. Here's a -- that reason I think felons shouldn't have shouldn't have replaced. Well I like Leno a lot better and I think cold -- will do better than Letterman. Well. Various a younger generation that is. Is making their voice and their opinions heard -- talk about this set throughout the show tonight. And our blog tonight which is trending on our website at WW elder icon is titled criticism of cold -- replacing Letterman ridiculous. You had read it. Give us your comments if you like and -- and others. I'm still we'll be right back your comments on WWL. It snapped. Until it is the induction ceremony in the rock and roll fame and among those being inducted tonight is cats Jesus. And I asked John where Paris studio producer to come out of the race for the Cat Stevens song I didn't know what -- -- -- Because of our relationship with my dad this is a song that has consistently over the years. -- problem. Tony is just it's like I mean I guess it's kind of a good thing but it is just because of my area close touching relationship. With my dad it's not very hard to listen to this off. I'm script like -- -- on this Thursday night very very pleasant outside French Quarter fest got underway today continues tomorrow to the weekend and at the winter is apparently just going to be phenomenal. Stephen cold air is gonna replace David Letterman and already there is criticism. Here's our -- -- pretty jaguar opinion polls do you think Stephen cold there is a good choice to replace David Letterman. 53%. Say no. 47% say yes give issue opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. And that's the poll that we will be tracking through on our show tonight. -- talking about a governor Bobby Jindal and the chairman of the Louisiana GOP say that congressman -- McAllister he Republican. Is an embarrassment. And should resign following the consider warriors caught making out with the congressional staffer. By video surveillance cameras. Do you think he should resign if you and join our show tonight with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 877. I got a budget text to get to we'll start that in just a moment right now let's go to Metairie and share a year on WWL. Hey can. I have -- -- -- congressman and about the conduct I wouldn't say that I really agree with that assessment she gave up the Republican Party. That was just a real good brief way of summoned him it's. -- it's you know it's really it's a shame and you know I've mentioned this on the air. -- in recent years. I have registered as an independent and and I have been forced to re register because I I moved so much what iPod left New Orleans and went to all around the country every time I moved I would register to vote so. -- many people don't ever faced. The necessity to register to to vote. So I have registered. Most of my life as a Republican in recent years an independent the only time that I didn't was in the in the in win -- turned eighteen. And because of the democratic primary and the weakness at the Republican Party in Louisiana. My dad said registered Democrat even though my dad was a staunch Republican. Registered Democrat because. The the primary the democratic primary is basically the election for who's going to be governor. And if you're not registered Democrat you can't vote in the democratic primary in the state so he had me he recommended that I registered Democrat but. Other than that I've registered Republican all my life. Except in the in recent years in independent now. This didn't always determine how I wish was voting -- you registered hasn't determined how you Phil but I think there's so many issues that distract from. The true qualities of the Republican Party that. I don't understand why the party doesn't get it. You didn't -- at the big question why don't they get it but I'm dependent also. And it could just a couple of other things sure about that congressman. I don't think -- -- single person in congress who doesn't have some campus than in discretionary. Skeletons in the closet if the truth were known by Eric I don't feel like maybe it should be left up to his constituents and the next election comes around. Let them deal with me you know he's he doesn't -- to be very appealing but I'm just thankful for them to -- I and -- I think this sets up the dangerous precedent for people like a Bobby Jindal. And the the leader of big GOP here in the state of Louisiana cassettes of the dangerous precedent to call for the resignation of anybody does something wrong. Yeah that's a very good point I agree with that. About the comic but just wanna thank you I don't know enough about that to be able to make a judgment that I didn't know that limo. Think -- makes fun of just about everybody which was well liked about him. But if don't -- and brush and then the other person was the only way we -- you -- -- how they feel let. There's no big deal about what they think that you know that I -- world. Well it's the assumption that you know who Steven -- various and he he actually would. Actually had a character or he would mock -- Riley. You know but coming comedies it. Exactly sure I've got to get to break I really enjoyed our conversation thanks for listening to -- WL at night. By the way if there is a sports on WW on nights and you don't hear us here. -- well will be back on the station just as a very strong commitment to sports in the area so sometimes a sports preempt our show but we -- Always going to be here. I'm -- and we'll be right back but to -- WL. Better than as a foundation as a big benefit concert house of blues is Saturday and Tom Drummond from -- and Ezra is -- that a caller sure night about 940. Angela talked to him about that also they're new music -- Kevin is finishing up the last. The last parts of the new CD it's going to be released this summer but they've already got a new song. A crazy lucky that has been released and we've been playing and occasionally on our show at night. Here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight Steve makes even cold there is a good choice to replace David Letterman. 58%. Say no. And 42% say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we're running out of time this hour so if you -- on -- stay with this will get to -- your calls coming up in the next hour. We're talking about Stephen -- replacing it Letterman and the scoop blog tonight is about criticism of cold -- replacing Letterman is ridiculous. Here is attacks that -- so I personally believe that Jimmy Fallon is foliage and Stephen cold there. The reason why. Is I believe Jimmy Fallon has a fun loving non malicious sense of humor whereas Stephen told there. Is a lot like Conan O'Brien and they both have a very satirical militias and devious sense of humor. Here is another comment to if you like -- -- you'll watch if not you won't. And opinions. Opinions are gonna change in both directions -- -- your -- Borger -- coming up next on every WL.