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Scoot Show 4-10 9pm, Better than Ezra Tom Drummond

Apr 10, 2014|

Join Scoot as he talks to Tom Drummond of Better than Ezra as they talk about new things that are going on with the band. Also, tonight on the SCOOT show: Senator Rand Paul said in an interview that every pilot should be armed! Is that the best way to keep air travel safe from terrorists? Stephen Colbert of “The Colbert Report” has been announced as the replacement for David Letterman as host of “The Late Show.” Is this a good or bad choice?

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It was just an incredible day of the weather's going to be sensational again tomorrow -- remind you that Angela hill. It's gonna be doing her show live on Debbie WL tomorrow from one to four and Jackson square -- there every day either and every WL or three WL our sister station. For the world's largest. Jazz brunch. It's a Jackson square an Angel will be there tomorrow from one to four then on Saturday and three WL a special addition of the food show with Tom Fitzmorris from noon to three. And then Sunday I'll be Jackson square from ten to 1230 all of this from the station that loves the French Quarter and loves French Quarter fest. WWL. Is an update on our -- you'll pretty general opinion poll something we're talking about tonight do you think Stephen col Baer is a good choice to replace David Letterman. Now 55% say no. And 45% say yes division opinion -- going to our web site W bugle to -- cause I just noticed on our FaceBook page at WL radio. They -- just posted the picture. Rick Springfield that I yesterday at the Octavia books a book signing book book say actually the book comes out. A Rick Springfield -- new novel kind of a scifi. Erotic novel. -- magnificent vibrations. Take that in any way you like. It is going to be released on May the sixth but he was signing. A lithograph it's of hard work that he drew from the book. -- That will allow people to what they get this I think at this yesterday. And then they're gonna get the book when it comes out to -- to six footers I guess it was a book signing of sorts and there was some good to see Rick again and I appreciate and called show. On the other night but. The the FaceBook page says says two guys. A from the eighties who are still doing what they love today and -- I concede that in -- certainly see that myself -- So people know it's from the eighties -- both of us are doing what we love to do today we're talking about to Stephen Kobe replacing David Letterman. A Rush Limbaugh and bill Riley had been very critical Stephen -- there and there are people who are concerned it's even colder air is too liberal to replace David Letterman. Seems to me that there's always been an oppression that David Letterman in the late night talk show host. Have been liberal. So what difference does it make. This -- blog is titled criticism of -- are replacing Letterman is ridiculous and that's on our website at WW real dot com. It's also on our FaceBook patient if you wanna join that conversation go to WWL radio and I'm gonna reach some of those comments here just a -- also get back to abort your text here. From Harvey -- you're on the -- show on WWL. -- -- -- -- That's for heat and cold tea. I think we got to -- -- shot because. You remember when. And -- they were good I think you'll be okay. Put himself. I think you'll be good I think he's a funny guy and once again I bring out in the blog this is something else that we only to remember we should be able to laugh. And I even when people make fun of our own ideology or. As satiric -- mock our own social and political beliefs. Rightly should be able we should be able to laugh at them I can laugh at myself and I hope everybody in this country can laugh at themselves -- when people take shots it. The stereotypes within the group they belong to. Break that a couple of comedians did to the account and -- -- yet. NATO on the on the bit the outlook of one thing -- I haven't heard yet what would call the state. Now a big game and to read that need to have a special election probably next more. Go to one chapter six mark because that election coming up in the them. So what they call the state more money that you would -- -- they just wouldn't be bad all right actually just letting certain opposite smoke. He I don't know the answer a question I mean obviously it would cost money to have a special election but I I think you do what is the right thing to do regardless of the expanse. If you really should be forced to resign. -- should be forced to -- I don't think he should be forced to resign. What he did was not right but I don't think that is. -- -- that would demand that he pretty preside although governor Jindal today and also the chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party says it is congressman -- McAllister is an embarrassment and should resign. Where are great your thing it could -- didn't do anything illegal. That's why adult he should resign. I -- glad you called a net thanks for listening if you wanna join us with your comment tonight about any of -- stuff we're talking about. Our numbers 2601872. All free 8668890. X seventy or text number is 877. Here is a -- -- a cold beer too liberal at least Leno offended both sides. I would be surprised if Stephen Kobe -- doesn't. Doesn't. Have fun with both sides -- job I'm on at night and I I don't get a chance to watch you show. But I think he's a brilliant. Brilliant guy and I think he is in my opinion the perfect choice to replace David Letterman. And I think he's gonna bring a lot of attention to the late show on CBS. Maybe CBS to some degree felt like they needed to make this move because NBC. That it replaced Jay Leno with a Jimmy Fallon and it's -- targeting. A slightly younger audience and maybe that's something else that's a little bit unsettling for the baby boomer -- published it. The idea that there there's a younger generation. That. Doesn't agree with everything the establishment agrees with the and the establishment is starting to see younger generation. On manifest its opinions and it's mentality and attitude. In mass media but -- for Rush Limbaugh and bill Riley to have said what they said about Stephen Colbert era I think is just absurd. And yet there are people who will take. Take what they say is gospel. To join our show tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text numbers -- 77 I I I really think that the people like Limbaugh. Just take themselves way way too seriously this idea that CBS is declaring war on the heartland of America. Because they're hiring Steve -- -- to replace. David Letterman. Is just an inning. Statement. That read the blog in you can share with others it's on our website give us your comments if you like -- -- -- W dot com and again it's also part of the conversation. On our FaceBook page at WWL radio and who we will. It's aboard this FaceBook comments in just a minute I'd done your on the scoop show and every WL. -- -- -- Make it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm. Into. Her personal. Helping people like. You call. 00. Well. -- -- -- Long want. Him back. Well a younger generations do have shorter attention spanned Anthony's establishment even though -- have a rather short attention spans so I think. Longevity is something that you can't always count on. But as you know -- and comedy is very subjective -- it's it's it is subjective view would somebody thinks there's something funny somebody thinks the same thing is is not funny that's. The nature of comedy Steve -- there will have to transition. Into. This major network position you know -- you could have more of more of a cult following Comedy Central but he will have to transition. -- if he's going to be successful replacing David letter and I'm assuming that he's going to be Smart enough to do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They'll. All. Get. Here by. And here. On -- At the. Don you may be right it again it did maybe because of the short attention span and it gets shorter shorter with every generation going to -- we showed thanks for listening. If you wanna join us with your thoughts in your comments tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text numbers 877 years or every W a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Do you think Stephen col -- is a good choice to replace David Letterman. I'd give us your opinion that every if you don't like come. And we're also talking about governor Bobby Jindal and the Louisiana chairman for the Louisiana GOP saying that congressman -- McAllister a Republican is an embarrassment. And should resign after he got caught making out with a congressional staffer. You agree that he should resign. We'll get back to more of your comments tonight is induction ceremony for the rock and roll hall of fame and among those being inducted. -- -- And there's some controversy because guess is apparently not gonna perform because it's the hall of fame is only going to -- the original four members. And not people who would be with a -- longer than Peter Prius. And extremely. This is this good show live from New Orleans on Thursday night and we'll be right back if you. Mexico -- to one of the nation's legendary blues clubs the 100 men deviate hall on the Mississippi blues trail in Bay Saint Louis. Saturday April 12 it's the homemade jams blues band. Tickets -- just 22 dollars the show starts at eight for details on this and other upcoming shows including the band of gold featuring Charles -- -- for early on May tenth. Visit 100 men hauled out of work. And -- check out all the festivals events and activities in Hancock county visit MS West Coast outdoors. That's MS West Coast down or. There's always something to celebrate on Mississippi's West Coast and Hancock county. The sixteen year old high school students -- -- -- high school in Pennsylvania Winona stabbing Rampage at his high school together today. According to a witness had a blank look on his face -- he's been described as are really shy person client didn't really relate to other people. You know it describes exactly what I was like an east Jefferson that doesn't make you somebody who is prone to this kind of stuff but there are people who were very closely of who. Do seem to have some issues. But if it was in knife -- group was in ninth would have been a gun. Would we have conversation now about what we need to do to make the schools safer. While -- -- we have the same conversation when it's a -- why is the hysteria always just surrounding. A gun also sent to Rand Paul Republican from Kentucky -- always mentioned as a front runner right now for the Republican nomination 2016. I said an interview with Fox News that every airline pilot 100%. Of the airline pilots. Should be art. And I guess he's suggesting that that might prevent it's something like. Whatever happened to Malaysia airlines flight 370. Might have prevented that from happening. Those are a couple of things it will -- to the conversation tonight here's an update on our -- -- to a pretty general opinion poll do you think Stephen cold there is a good choice to replace David Letterman. A majority 56% saying no and 44% say yes. Give your opinion -- going to WWL dot com from old Jefferson Edward your own description of good evening. Yes armed. How often go -- is gonna do much better than Letterman either. You don't think he's gonna do much better. No because I was only like Letterman and Leno. And happened -- -- done -- better than Fallon. Now did you did you like him in the very beginning the remember how you had to adjust to Leno replacing Carson did you pass to adjust to David Letterman. Coming up for the first time I mean now that day they were very familiar to you somebody new is gonna be unfamiliar. But it one point they were unfamiliar to you. Yeah. It happened and to adjust to them. At first. And we're going to call the show thanks for listing. I think sometimes what we take for granted it. -- television. Radio was even more intimate. The television is also very intimate -- Especially with the late night shows you're in fighting these these people into your -- room. There right there in your bedroom with you at a time when your. Getting ready to go to sleep so you want something comfortable something familiar. You know it's it's it's kind of like when you go to -- -- -- hotel room in a different city. And you watching the evening news. Why you're getting right to go to sleep and there's different people giving you the news. People that you're not comfortable with people you're not familiar with. I think sometimes we forget that we invite these people into our homes and when -- somebody knew it's gonna take somewhat of an adjustment. Now Jimmy Fallon probably less of an adjustment and Stephen -- very. Steven -- is -- probably change some of what he does I can't imagine him being. As. Politically. -- if you will or as. Radically satirical. As he is on the Kobe a report on Comedy Central. I would see him and changing somewhat and I I I think you might learn some things about Stephen colder. That you didn't know. And you're gonna be surprised because is he may not fit the stereotypical image. Did you have in the stereotypical image that many are trying to give view of -- Stephen -- And conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh said CBS has declared war on the heartland of America. Saying that no longer is comedy going to be a Covert assault on traditional American values. Conservatism. Now it's going to be wide out in the open what this -- means is a redefinition of what is funny. A redefinition of what his comedy. They're blowing up the 1130 format are part time it's in thirty they hired a partisan so called comedian. Iran accommodation. And I just think that is a ridiculous. Overreaction to the higher Steven -- bear the ideas it. That he is going to. Somehow assault traditional American values in a way that's really that different than comedy does in general. Comedy attacks. Values which is what makes it it comedy. It's not a political statement as much as city news. Comedy. For the West Bank Gary -- to be WL. Com. That you may agree point earlier intimated that slot for the generation. Because that thing in Atlantic all you can almost tell what they're always. Then the people don't like cold air on Jimmy Allen. All are and old crap out and they like what spent on television for years but I look beyond. Having -- -- cold air is stake in the -- Ottoman art -- or. But -- -- called Erica did you like it show on Comedy Central. And -- at -- -- too liberal in a kind of crazy like a watch on how to act at the moment though more conservative. They'll have -- pretty. Our all our you know Whitney -- here report an appendectomy and then you know make fun. But it will blow a conservative I don't -- on them. Being -- the fair ball. Well you know -- and most good comedians are our bipartisan offenders you know they just they go for the best joke. And it it might be because of their perception and it might be the kinds of their political ideology it might also just be because of of what -- each party dies maybe it's easier to make fun of Republicans than Democrats. I don't find that to be the case but maybe some people find it easier to make fun of Republicans. But if you're Republican if you're conservative -- -- to look at this as an assault on American. Tradition or American values its comedy and I would hope that everybody can laugh -- even jokes that are made about their specific beliefs. Why this year optical error origin you make fun of -- and Ali. How on -- that there are humor too when you put it in very late. And Limbaugh. Lamar and O'Reilly there I mean bigger on it now operating under I think at the puppet that is social. Isn't that is isn't it interesting that that there is this idea that they don't really believe everything they say. And they're they're just doing it to get attention I mean maybe that's the way to go. And yet I think well you know it -- there and it payments and it it people riled up and a great deep pain and yet even buy into it and it. Afraid and ready to let them every day. See that in -- that's that's the key Gary it's instilling fear. And if you only if you instill fear in the audience if you if you make them afraid. You give the impression that you are the only one who is going to alert them when they're something to be afraid out. And they're making you concerned about things that I don't think you should be concerned about but if they if they make you paranoid or -- they make you fear or something. -- you're gonna look at them as the one and the only one who is going to alert them when there's something to be afraid of and that's what builds an audience but. Yeah the audience should be Smart enough to realize that that's what they're doing and I it's. Again I -- it's just that this idea and Bill O'Reilly said that Stephen Kobe or is leading the destruction of America. Which seems to me that he lacks any understanding whatsoever. Of what our real problem -- Now up at a and I -- yeah it to regenerate and and you get the that the change. Helping to turn out political thing and on the popular and the direction there at the second generation of people that again. Are going to be older more people or ability. Gary I direct conversation ritualistic if you wanna join us type your comment about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890870. And a text number is 878 Stephanie my email address is -- at WWL. Dot com. I think it is interesting to point out this this generational gap. But what I find. So. Wrong. About what my generation the establishment does. Is. OK I guess it's natural. To. To be against things that may be a younger generation likes and -- you don't like it because it's different because it doesn't represent you. But the idea of instilling fear in people that Stephen -- here is dangerous. He's somehow linked to the destruction of America. Whether -- Stephen cold beer or any comedian for that matter. This idea that we -- you've got to get people riled up by making them afraid. And I think even more frightening than saying reckless things on the -- Is the audience. That is so gullible. It is so willing to believe. What they want to believe. Rather than sitting back and going okay well I mean is there really anything to fear with Steven -- there. I joked. I don't get the fear. But yet I understand that if you if you alert people. If you. If you instill fear in people. Then they will bond with you looking to you as their leader to alert them when ever there's something to fear. And there is so much irrational fear and hysteria. In America. And much of it is just perpetrated by. Radio talk show hosted. Media people at and again I I think its audience members we should be Smart enough to. To realize that that's what they're doing. If you wanna join Russia with a comic to -- -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Late seventy Texas 8787 he will get back to all of these topics we're talking about a little bit later. A top -- -- better than answers that call us here in just a few minutes the better than -- -- foundation does so much for many organizations in New Orleans in -- shows that better ministry is. Invested in New Orleans and and Louisiana. And they do a lot for groups and I really admired him for that it's good -- great foundation. They've got special benefit its casino night at house of blues including a concert with Better Than Ezra and they've got some new music out. That's going to be Saturday nights and house of blues -- talked some about that. When we come back this is the -- show on every WL. Better Than -- has a new CD. Coming out this summer and this is the first. Single and has been released -- crazy like. Entry it's a few minutes and management -- the opposite of them it's the wonders of the world until. -- vanish from. The better than as a foundation has the Better Than Ezra opened benefit this Saturday night the house of blues it's a casino tonight. Tom Drummond -- candidates who joins us live on the school choice deputy real time good evening. Period and it could tell a love the new music great. More competent. And so when it when I know Kevin is -- working on the finishing touches of for the new CD when you expected to be released. I'm opening an accident today. That it. It's a deal this summer we don't have state you know chapter that. Tentatively. Late June early July the title CD. We don't feel. -- yellow -- re going to or. A lot of different. Ideas and they're not someone's. Not a district court yeah so where. Tomorrow on them outlook yet figured out so wherever it wants market. Secrecy that it comes down to that you know I mean a lot a lot of people don't realize that it did does come down to this moment like you're at a deadline and now you have did. You have to named a CD that is good for ever beat the name of this CD and associated the name's gonna be associated with every song that comes -- Yet you want to make sense with a group of songs each you know you have you know you don't want to be flippant about it and to think. It is really all that important I don't know you know really comes down -- the wrong -- He's like entitled it was that you know linked to a strict accord with people that. Tom groups do go to a lot of trouble to -- to find meeting and to to name CD's that I I -- derided it doesn't matter what was behind. The name deluxe. Better Than -- CD album it doesn't matter what was behind the name it's it's still walks to those who love the songs off. Yeah you know. Kind of ironic because we made that problem. Maybe the first thousand copies artwork and losing in the first you know -- petitions for more hours. And you know almost doubled them and the. There it's it's a -- I remember when that was just first becoming popular in the in the mid nineties and I remember being on the air here in New Orleans on B 97 and I was using that for opera music and just praising it and eventually I've been caught on big and it's been fun running in dealing. A couple of different cities so around the country where I've -- on the -- I I like crazy lucky I in the is there a way to describe the did the music in general on this new CD. You know that's an inner. Went back to blunt amendment truly about. In. You control production techniques and our -- But people on our. More -- doesn't really so. He's been a long time and gatherings songs together and not to mention. Should about two years. Silva Purcell welcome and we workable in and I -- also. From the problem. Navy's mobile to Alaska we are intractable. And so it feel like a brilliant performance as opposed to Gordon and -- my trumka is now you know. What triggered the part. What we -- -- so. -- he's -- makes it different. The legal work -- especially now the city's season. On to govern a lot -- schedule and you know moment. Without power. And then also -- such an operative producers with the next key element and he's awesome. And produce some problems and so together -- -- -- them it's going to be an. What I think about some of the bands that I think are defining. This this decade of music and I think about. I'm American authors. Best deal. Do 1975. Imagine dragons I be crazy lucky and I think this sound fits in with what is becoming the music it's gonna define this decade. Yeah it's you know here and all those parents of those strong strong. And then you know for us. It's written songs that are classically -- -- -- religious have a little bit of an updated field to. I like it can Krejci lucky it's something that I like about a lot of the music itself today. It's out -- just it's like happy and you know I I've noticed over the years recently. Younger generations adopting eighties music and -- an -- tonight will be another crowded night you want my jacks in the quarter for a little night every week. And so younger generations it too young to have been born when I mean they were even born when the song for popular thing all the lyrics it and they dance to all these eighties here it's. So now I started to notice new bands coming out to. -- -- cinema club in bands like that. They're music sounds very much like some of the bands from the -- Yeah country and in fact when you hear some familiar song album on the -- you'll probably. -- lecture. And you know I guess. I love these music you know it was good -- act upon you know -- yeah I would say definitely it's natural -- -- urged. You're probably just a kid when I was on the airplane these songs his hits. -- -- Obama. Tell let's talk about the better than as -- foundation and Better Than -- opened a benefit to Saturday night to -- united house of -- and you guys are going to be part of the concert. We are on you know this. The twelfth annual as a group and then. We feel lucky it's better year it's really fun. Afternoon and evening -- molecular that you -- done. Golf we've -- calling this year. We're bringing like that table blackjack. -- Caught up into the foundation. How -- And to those VIP party got stuffed on and then obviously following that is our concert. Source option as part of Hillary didn't call. Should be did not and that they can and children. And we do believe that he's great huge loans and he's he's really funny -- anchor former on the concede he has actually chosen. Or followed older as the song -- he -- to perform. So there's going to be an entirely new socialist so I think which. A little nervous about that in a. Are you gonna do any stuff off the new CD in addition to crazy -- I think -- probably rule. Haven't detailed personal gently what you you don't even know yet I mean it's almost Saturday in the -- guys are so relaxed he could just get together OK you know lets do it. -- It will probably -- -- -- another song called and complained to a lot but there are a couple others. Tom -- administrative. It just has a great history of house of blues in heavily for the other night Kevin told us that she sold out the house of blues more than. Canadians are banned and that was the first place I saw you guys and -- senior again and other others policy including this anger here. And there's just something special about two Better Than -- to house of blues and it'll be a special my Saturday night. Absolutely I mean that's hard to believe that we have more sought by the you know I guess for. Hometown advantage for Marion well compared to credit union. Always trials in song. I tell me if people want tickets and others to visit VIP parties in the foundation -- We -- not look at. What are you. Can. And then what about for the concert. In the concert in regard to the BTE foundation. -- or website or think he could also just get it through and also boosting him master. -- -- Tom thanks -- spend time with us this evening and -- see -- Saturday night. -- -- -- drama from better than -- -- they've got a new CD coming out this summer the new single is titled crazy lucky it's great we have been using it is Barbara music on the -- -- And a better than as the foundation has the -- annual -- -- has opened benefit it's a casino night and house of blues this Saturday night's. A concert follows the VIP party in the foundation -- so find out about tickets house of blues or Better Than Ezra foundation web site. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back on David if you will serve -- public parties bringing his out their tour to New Orleans on Thursday -- June the nineteenth at the smoothie king senator here in New Orleans. And WW dodger tickets that's right you could beat the box office and win tickets before they go on sale. We got two ways for -- win here to be to be well on the air and on FaceBook Tommy -- gonna giveaway appear Paul McCartney tickets tomorrow morning between six and ten. Listen for hate Jews. And we -- the caller on our contest line -- don't give out the number you win a pair of tickets or. Simply likeness on FaceBook. And we'll pick an on line winner Sunday night at midnight and Tom we will announce the winner this coming Monday morning in the 8 o'clock hour. Public -- concerts here's how the year tour. Coming to New Orleans Thursday June 19 in the -- king center for the station that loves rock and roll royalty WWL. I'd -- dramas from better than as a wanna be too to mention that. The better -- -- open benefit disks C united for the benefit his foundation is gonna benefit and afterschool program directly benefit and after school program. -- -- soon. The school held a growth and you know once again I think that just says a lot about these guys in the better than as a foundation they do a lot for New Orleans and they try to find areas. It really did really need help. And so this is an after school program. From the soon end in holly grove which is -- very very worthwhile thing. And again if you wanna check -- two tickets go to house of blues or go to the better than as a foundation. Website. Here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight do you think Steven cold -- a good choice to replace David Letterman. 56%. Say no and 44%. Say yes. It is your opinion like going to WW real dot com and there's always new stuff on our web sites there is now. A change in the residency rules for first responders police officers firefighters and EMS workers. They don't have to live in the city anymore that is a change. And the City Council Monday that changed today and we got that information Rafael bush is. Is gonna. Get back to 2100. Denote the 21000 dollar fine from here on -- wide receiver. Percy Harvard. From Seattle Christie Garrett is got that story and again we've got a lot more web site at WW built on top the Escobar tonight is something you were talking about. And that is that the criticism of cold -- replacing. David Letterman it's ridiculous. In my opinion. You may totally disagree with me but that bloggers on our web site. Interview if you don't dot com it's also a trending on our FaceBook page at WWL radio it's part of the conversation. And here is. A comment from our FaceBook page this comes from body I've called there. Maybe even better than Letterman. Here's a comment from Floyd don't care much for Letterman cold -- even less. And here is a comment from Brian does it matter Walking Dead. Is it on for another seven months. I'm like cold there though you can join a conversation by going to our FaceBook page WWL radio -- Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly from Fox News have been among those very critical of a Stephen cold air. And we'll tell you about that criticism and will continue that conversation coming up in the next hour -- Cisco show life renewals on Thursday nights but every WL.