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Scoot Show 4-10 10pm, Congressman Vance McAllister

Apr 10, 2014|

the Chairman of the LA GOP and Governor Bobby Jindal are calling for Congressman Vance McAllister to resign after he was caught making out with a married staffer who was not his wife. Do you think he should resign? Is it a black-eye for Louisiana, the Republican party or both?

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Welcome back to our show this Thursday night tonight is the induction ceremony for the rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland Ohio Nirvana Peter Gabriel -- stand Cat Stevens Hall & -- and kiss. Will be among those who are inducted somewhat of a controversy although this is not totally new to the rock and roll hall of fame. Kiss is not going to be part of the event because the rock and roll hall of fame is only conducting the four original members of years. And Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Works said because there are members who would do with a band longer than. Peter Chris and he's freely. And they think it's unfair to only named the original four members or conduct only the original four. Into the rock and roll hall of fame although I did hear today. An -- freely is going to be part of the rock and roll -- jam tonight it will be featuring some of the music from some of the inductees. Throughout the show tonight New Orleans is among the top destinations according to the web site travel advisor dot com. New Orleans ranked ahead of Los Angeles San Diego Seattle Washington DC and Orlando. But behind New York City Chicago. -- Cisco and Las Vegas. And there are certainly a lot of people in town right now to weekend for the French Quarter -- it is the largest free music festival. In the country and it is going on this weekend and WWL is that once again proud to be part of this it's the 31 annual French Quarter finished percent of -- Chevron. And the first quarter fest was actually invented because they were so much construction. On the streets in the sidewalks of the French Quarter -- 31 years ago. That when it was finally completed in order to invite people to come back to the quarter they started this festival. And nobody knew with a time that it would grow into this major event that it is. It started today and the weather was great and the weather's going to be great all weekend so. You know get out and enjoy it I will once again remind you to find a legal place to park. Because she will get a ticket. You might get towed if you don't park in illegal spot and it's simply not worth it. You could always park on canal street you can always park on saint Charles and take the streetcar and you can park just all the way out in and walked into the city it's it's really not. It's not that far. To war from Judy at the site of pointers in the French Quarter is is really not that far there so many people in this area just. Seem to be so adverse to to a two walking and it's gonna be really great this weekend if you are going to be out this weekend though especially if you have kids. And -- score fest is a great great family event to. And make sure you have sunblock. And and hats because the sun will be powerful but this is the largest free music festival with America. -- goes on through Sunday and this year it's special because doctor John returns for the first time since 1987. And the French Quarter fest launches a new states the big red the big red -- for stated -- the big river stage. And the first -- test brings you everything that is fun about living in New Orleans everything that is some local to this area. Jazz. Funk cajun zydeco. Brass -- gospel classical all local musicians. And more than twenty stages and again it's free plus world class food from New Orleans finest restaurants. I think Dallas Wallace. The last couple of years. Has had the the very confident and we see if I say this right it's a fried shrimp bacon lettuce tomatoes Sam app pool boy. Fried shrimp bacon lettuce tomato. So it's fried shrimp. Then there's Payton. And they they -- border on the shrimp. And listen to French -- I mean it's. It's among the that -- the killer things and I'm -- yen is been there again -- of the list goes of hard rock is that of the list goes on and on there just so many great people. And Devin have you -- overly proud to be part of this you can join us with our broadcast live from Jackson square part of the world's largest jazz brunch every day. Either -- WWL. Or three WL now tomorrow Angela -- gonna have our show live from Jackson square from one to four. And and Saturday and three WL our sister station a special edition of the food show with Tom Fitzmorris from noon to three. And then I'll -- Jackson square Sunday from ten to 1230 it's off from the station it was the French Quarter and the French Quarter fest. WW well and we got all the information on our website at WWL dot com until it we're talking about the selection of Stephen cold there. Not to replace David Letterman and a couple of people who have been vocal league critical Stephen -- there a couple of days ago. Bill Riley says that he is now leading the destruction of America. Really deal. And Rush Limbaugh said that he's. He is going to redefined comedy and comedy will no longer be. On. He will no longer be a cold for assault on traditional American values but now it's all out in the open. And so. Once again Rush Limbaugh is. Predicting doom and gloom and did predicting something that is just simply not gonna happen the downfall of America is not gonna result from Steven -- bear. Are replacing David Letterman on the -- blog tonight is title criticism of col -- replacing Letterman is ridiculous that's my opinion you might agree it. -- this year with -- others you might totally disagree and wanna share with others so they can disagree. It's on our website at WWL dot com it's also on our FaceBook page and part of the conversation at WWL radio. Here's comments. Demand. Reads a cold beer is incredibly funny people will warm up to him. Assault on American values are you kidding. Nobody actually said that right because it's asinine. And then here's a comment from Matt responding to that you know the wind bag noticed Rush Limbaugh actually said he would consider the source. And then here's a comment from John commenting on that Russia's. Just it's still. What's the called blood hurts a short lived. All is still trying to be critical of rush for his late night TV show. And that bond. And arrested never late ninety I don't know whether he says resentful or. Whether this is just part of -- in -- -- Russia. And and people like rush. Tried to instill fear. In Americans. It's it's a tactic. It's a tactic used by politicians it's a tactic used by some talk show -- instill fear. And create hysteria. And then you are seen as the person who will alert everybody if there's something defeat year. So it's designed to build an audience rather than address a real threat. Mean the idea that. A late night talk show host is a threat to American values is an insult to every American. And insulted the intelligence of every American. If you wanna join us for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number is it's every seven you'll get to a more of these comments on our FaceBook page at WWL radio. I'm Greg welcome to the -- your right. They grant nick couldn't agree on. On -- roll call will wind let me gosh well I don't know I mean what are his ability as you're saying well a lot of people do and he's gonna do but it -- should you wouldn't win but it. When it comes down to. Saying that CBS has declared war on the heartland of America -- right that not just a little bit over dramatic and ridiculous. Should be. A preacher. -- telling you about -- -- Journalist. Who worked with. -- recently there was option or I mean or. They can -- they're there. -- Completely socially but journalists so alliger. Now I think well personal image of photos are about to -- I read their recently that. The I think it's called the Q factor where -- they test the like ability of on air personalities aren't on TV. In front of audiences and Scott Kelly was said the most likable person on TV. Don't trust. -- -- -- -- -- I agree but then. Again you talk about the French Quarter let's get down there and I'm on the way way back but I'd. Across the street super -- They're twice that. Lunch. Went back to work that went back. And and it's no big -- -- managed to walk from the super cold sports. And that's it's just. A beautiful you'd. Be better. Don't know about trying to get all of that. I. Mean it's it's a great thing. Greg there'll -- lot of people in this this area here this city in particular that's just seemed to be adverse to to to walking and. I don't get it and riding bikes -- yeah. Like you know -- is there. You know with -- walking and others we need to get. Well I think you bring up a really good point I mean it's in -- and don't think about how long the walking is just think about enjoying. Being in New Orleans in and walking and then of course once you hit the French Quarter you around just such great. Such greats. Visual parents -- I mean all of this beat me. Whatever was -- such a lot yeah. A big ship captain down the and Europe there are just champion and it was. You know it's almost like a setting for a movie when you do see a band like dad and in your -- on the river and then their -- A ship going up or or down the river it's it's it's a -- moment. You know one of the first quarter at swatch and -- PO PO. On the river front with a bit him on patch that. It gives you chills. -- you -- to be more celebrate that broke. The French Quarter. You know it would actually be fine no matter where you live. It two to drive to the west bank and get on the Algiers ferry and come across that way. Sure all of it's still around at night a book about in our time right I know used to go into line. Midnight or two I'm used to you know that's -- -- -- controversy -- the yeah yeah about it and that's back. Greg -- enjoyed it and thanks for a picture tell all right. Thanks for listing and now have a safe drive on the cause. Walk from the superdome to French Quarter fest. Not once but twice today. I mean -- I do know people who. You gonna walk. -- walk. Walk everyday. And I guess I'm really first learned to walk on from here soul walking was not something that idea tonight by lived in the suburbs and it was not something that we -- used to doing we've rode our bikes as kids and we took the car everywhere else. When a move to other cities in lived in downtown areas. I learned that you could -- places and there's there's there's a real independent stealing. The comes from from walking somewhere knowing that you just got the -- on your own. Without a -- Car without without anything. So don't don't be afraid to walk just you know we're comfortable shoes to -- god bless especially in a weekend night. God bless the women. We're wearing those -- god bless the women are wearing -- shoes they'd just looks so comfortable. And yet. They do it for us. They do it to a vote could for costs. So I guess in some ways. We'll. If you what did you pressure it would comment about any were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And I text number 87870. Also the chairman of the Louisiana. GOP and also governor Bobby Jindal have both said the Republican congressman advancement Alastair. Should resign because he is an embarrassment. This is the congressman who was caught making out with a Stafford surveillance video and it was released to the public. Do you think he should resign. It detects a few moments ago warning to know -- -- missing Bobby Jindal saying that. David bidder should resign. Because of the incident that he was involved -- that's why I think it's really dangerous for -- -- and on of people like the chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party to stated this -- means McAllister should resign. Because that sets a precedent for the understated some audio should resign over what might be considered minor incident. The guy shouldn't have done it but I don't think he should be forced to resign. Being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame tonight in Cleveland. Holland notes I believe the most popular singing duo in the history. Of music and they were just huge chance -- a couple of years ago. This is the Scopes show and we'll be right Akron WL it was forty years ago this month that Kurt Cobain committed suicide. And tonight's Nirvana is being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. And sits on I'm on the year I don't know what happened but I'd heard that. The the other members of Nevada we're not -- we're -- -- up -- -- which -- that was news was kind of strange. They really seem to have distanced themselves from the hole Kurt Cobain. Nirvana and image which. Amazes me because that was just such a phenomenal. Phenomenal group that had such incredible impact on music in the in the early nineties with the old -- We'll continue to features of the music on in DC into the rock and roll hall of fame showed tonight and tomorrow morning with Tommy Tucker we'll talk about Republicans. I'm starting to talk about getting -- McAllister to resign from congress should he resign over the make a video. With a married staffer. That's where -- -- -- talking and also be talking about the bigger but is it better. French Quarter fast it is bigger and what food would be easy do you want -- -- you also talked about Stephen Kobe replacing David Letterman. As a host the late show on CBS Tommy Tucker wake -- -- feel good tomorrow morning and weekday mornings from six to ten. He had a VW well I'm -- and ledger witnessed tonight here's a quick update on our -- you'll pretty -- painful. You think Steve -- there is a good choice to replace David Letterman 60% saying no. 40% say yes. The issue opinion by going to WWL dot com. On our FaceBook page there's. Picture. -- -- -- took be with Rick Springfield yesterday and Octavia books. Rick was doing a reading of his new novel magnificent vibrations. Which is a novel. If it's. Side flying thing day today is -- -- It's kind of like scifi meets fifty shades of -- to some degree of mean there's some eroticism in the book in with Rick missed when the reading yesterday. In his very classy bookstores and uptown New Orleans I think some people we have in just a little bit surprised. Like you know I mean we're all adults and he was signing with the -- the book is going to be released made the sixth. He was signing with the grants of artwork that he did witches is in the book and those who pre bought the book got the signs of progress from Richmond it was good to see him again. And you know I can't help but look at this picture and think it. You know we're two guys that became very popular in the eighties and yet we're both still doing what we love to do today. It's our FaceBook page WW. Here's a text from not an expert comment from -- FaceBook Rick Springfield has really age I don't think the guy looks great. He's in great shape. Like guys standing next to me. Look like a little. Mean I know I'm not that big but Rick Springfield makes me look even smaller than I am and then it's a comment not sure about that shirt scoot along well. And here's content from many on FaceBook he should get glass is like Rick is where. Well I mean I like -- glasses I love my glasses. Also we'll get to abort your comments on our FaceBook page about the -- blog tonight criticism honesty and -- there replacing David Letterman. Is. Ridiculous. To join Russia with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text number is 87870. Also get to a more of year a text messages coming -- in just a moment from Arkansas Wayne year on the -- showed good evening. Good evening news as well pro Shah that can only pick up that he did you don't want the sun comes. You show. -- -- -- -- My comment on senator. And a congressman. Our congressman Charlie lieutenant. -- -- -- does -- the -- -- you know bootable adult remote what do you know. Hillary you feel sorry for what he'd -- a big call. Yeah out a lot of people do believe that would he have been sorry if he didn't get caught in May -- people should think about what they do before they get caught so they don't have to worry about getting caught. Edit really well. Aren't -- I appreciate you listening and markets are you -- beautiful state. Very much but it's still able. All right it's that's good -- I'm glad to call it takes -- tonight in Arkansas. You know what I I heard the the husband of the married congressional staffer then advanced McAllister which make it out with. When I heard him say. That. Congressman McAllister has ruined their marriage. I almost got the impression I mean I'd read everything that he said. But I got the impression that he was blaming the congressman. And sometimes there's a tendency to blame the other person win. The person closest to do is equally to blowing. If you caught you were spouse or your partner boy for -- -- with somebody else. Would you blame the other person or would you equally blame them for for being involved. We're talking about two people who. Consented to doing something and I think they're both equally to blame. -- -- at one point Hillary was critical of Monica Lewinsky almost suggesting that well it was her fault you know she she did this to deal. No Hillary. Bill agreed to do this this was part bill. Just because somebody tempts you. With something. Doesn't mean it's their fault if you say yes. If you go along with it are -- equally responsible or do you think the person who. Who creates the temptation. The person who presents himself is that the person who is more guilty. Than the other person. And is the man automatically more guilty. Than the woman. To join -- might -- your thoughts are numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Steroids every. -- interstate 77. A little while ago we were talking to Tom Drummond -- better administrative they've got to Better Than Ezra opened benefiting the Better Than -- foundation. It's casino night at house of blues foundation moment and it's a concert house of blues. I believe he could still get tickets for the concert by going to a house of blues. Or the better than as a foundation website you can find out tell all that information on line. -- -- of ministers is always great they've got some new music out we've been using. The song that has been released crazy lucky years apart from music on our show for about a week or so now when it when it was released. And I think it's really good stuff that fits a lot of the music it's popular today but better than history is. Is it helping a school out in it in -- growth and the un school. And this is just a really. Great organization the -- for foundation and they find. They find. Policies and they find places and and in people. In organizations that really need help. And they actually provide that help form and by being part of the event Saturday night at house of blues you're helping them to help others and to help and after school program. In for school and a neighborhood like holly grove is a very very worthwhile thing for. Of the young kids who who live in that neighborhood. I hear is attacks to that read so I'm willing to volunteer photography services for the foundation if they need someone Saturday night. I'm sure they have they taken care of but if you wanna send me an email I will pass the information on to the better than mr. foundation. And my email address is scoot that every W zone dot com. I hear is attacks in recent crazy thing majority of the people I talked to. I think that the congressman should resign. Our Republican. Just goes to show you how uptight and non forgiving. They are. Here's continuation detects about Steven called there called bear can't replace Letterman a vehicle barriers phony. And we'll do a fine job but as far as replacing Letterman I don't see it they're completely different personalities. So can't compare the two. If you like Letterman nobody. I think it's and I think it's wrong to say replace. Because nobody replaces somebody. Basically. Take the spot and provide their personality. If -- You know if if if you leave some -- if somebody leaves you in a relationship. They're not replacing. Because you're you. And you can't ever be replaced. If they want somebody else they'll get somebody else -- may have moved on to somebody else but they didn't really replace you as so Stephen -- there's not really replacing. David Letterman he's taking that spot and he'll bring his personality and what he does to to -- -- And I would I would think it's Steve people -- is going to. Tone things down somewhat. I think -- will eliminate some of the more edgy year. Satirical things that might be considered to have malicious although it's just installed it's all humor it's all comedy. And that's rubs -- it's so astounded today that that rush and and and bill Riley from Fox News says such derogatory things about about Stephen cold there like -- luckiest part of the destruction of America. I was stunned by that that's why I was really interested in running a blog about it so. I hope you read it in charities to WWL dot com from Terry -- Kelly here on the Scotia be needing. I I. -- -- all in an op art but I'd rather get in the -- you. No. And it's is it. You know Kelly and so -- is it is it hypocritical to say this guy should resign but not date honor. I think outing got -- -- a ballot that came out -- -- -- want -- bad when I I have a different. Kelly what's your response to the the husband of the married woman who made out with the congressman who it made it seem as if it was the congressman's fault and they're headed for divorce and it's all his. He ruined their marriage. Are they aren't responsible. Targeted travel without a word then. Interacting and our equipment. And I hit it on it -- but it is it. Telling -- likes listening to WWL a ninety. If you and join us with failure comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. And our text number it is State's 78 salary -- talking with the -- from an earlier date they don't have a name for the new album yet. That is a -- -- it it's that Kevin is is finishing up right now it's supposed to be finished today. And they're managers telling him you need to come up with the title by tomorrow. -- they've -- all it at me think about it you're -- unit name and an album. It is -- for ever be given this name. And in May be the last bit and I mean I'm not being critical this is how the process works and I guess we think that. It's and I get sometimes there is an album name in the beginning in and sometimes they do -- come up with point. But Tom brought up a good point about. Night you know really doesn't matter what the album hit with a meeting of the the album name is Sid really amounts to the song song on the album. But and improved talking about it album names and here's. A text that reads album names what do what Led Zeppelin four. And how did they ever come up -- that would. And it was a really unique unique name here's a comment abouts Jimmy Fallon and Stephen cold there I'm 52. I think Jimmy Fallon is great better than Leno can't stand cold there. I think he does. Jokes about politics too much. I don't think he's dangerous. Just. Just off putting. I think key in replacing Letterman. He'll have to appeal to a broader audience. Than he does now I would agree with that. But he would have to broaden his appeal ruled it doesn't mean he's still not going to be Stephen colder because he will be -- opener. But he will have to broaden his appeal. When your Comedy Central you you develop an audience on a network like that that's really. Totally different from going on one of the major networks whether that's right or wrong that is the reality of it but there are some. There are some things about Steven -- bear. They don't come out very often. And he has a side of him that I think I. A lot of people are gonna find very endearing. Even though they might not expect that if you wanna join our show tonight's hard numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's -- A text numbers 877. John -- -- -- producer just -- appear in my. Computer monitor the album should be titled doesn't matter what the name is you know that's really interesting. If it was a really. Some really cool album titles. That I remember from the past and what it comes to mind I've just never forgot this because it's so true. The Doobie Brothers came out an album titled. What once were places. Are now habits. I -- we'll be right back under WL should the congressman who got caught making out with they married. Congressional staffer be forced to resign. Bobby Jindal thinks or governor also the chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party thinks that he's an embarrassment and he should resign. I don't think he should resign and do what he did may not -- been right and I don't think he should be forced to resign or or pressured to resign. And if you if you the governor and if you're the head of the Louisiana GOP. You're calling for this -- to resign. You better be prepared to call for other resignations if somebody else does something wrong. And I'm getting a number of text about -- -- her. Now when David dinner did in the past. It's wrong. It's over. You can choose to forgive him or not. As far as I know it's not continuing and I think that's really and then -- an important aspect of that. But. And a number of people wanna know why. Why it was David that are not told to resign. Is that because maybe he's a little more powerful than this freshman congressman Chris McAlister. Once totally hypocritical to. To target somebody who's not as powerful because they're expendable. And David -- will deal a prime gubernatorial candidate. So maybe he's too powerful to criticize. Which really just brings out the farce. The politics can be I George here and every avenue elegant evening. -- yeah. I stand up comedy your goal is predominately a bachelor party comedian that you will your work -- where. But I also give -- 22. Talent and picture a picture are your -- for culture and all of that and the national party that respect I've. Changed being -- coal. -- -- Sushi choke saying. Can be. Pretty is better but they should be here. He just. Amazed at the gate but the comedy. -- your. Perspective -- bring. And I think he will be. Actually accepted chill because what you do political -- also like that that race. Is knowledge in the back it. I just speak speak about these fuel in that position right now -- -- At this like Jon Stewart. -- like sports that are like in order to watched. Blind in 2000. -- -- low -- you can -- it in the right. -- -- -- but I figured out by the speed record could be. And that. Blitzer but -- element. Major they've. Bought. I think he will I mean I have been a Letterman fan and I respect Letterman and I'd like to Letterman more than likes of Leno but I think Stephen told there will. Do better in the ratings in Letterman and I also predicted to Steve -- -- will beat. Jimmy Fallon I had such criticism of Jimmy Fallon I deceived this is where. This is where comedy maybe going Georgia I'm glad. Nicole is showing thanks for sharing your thoughts witness for the parent perspective of a standup comedian. I think it is interesting that. That CBS is selecting somebody with the image of doing political satire. Political joke to be David Letterman would you political jokes Leno would do political jokes Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel they'll do political jokes. But to to have somebody who is. On. Who is. Their specialty your image is doing political jokes. Even though he'll get on in and do other things I think that's an interesting choice. But when I when I think about. The -- changing. Landscape. Of a mass audience. That is going to start to dictate. What's network television does. I think this is is the right move and I think their. Leaders so much politics. In all of the talk that we do. That political jokes are are funny. And I would hope that that even if Steven -- bear or anybody for that banner. Chelsea Joker does something satirical about your ideology or what you believe him. I would hope that she wouldn't be so tight that you would be offended by it. It is she wouldn't think that oh my god what do they see what's happening to America. Look all comedy. Is offensive to somebody. That's what makes a company. The set that you think is funny somebody else thinks is is offensive. But I would hope that even if you were specific. Political beliefs are attacked. That you wouldn't take that seriously. And you would just laugh at it and view it as comedy. Now. I I hear stuff about things that I believe that people make fun of it I laugh because. It's funny. This is this -- Thursday nights like from New Orleans. And we'll be back. More reaction to Stephen Colbert are being selected as the choice to replace David Letterman a lot of people think that he is far too liberal and this is not a good move and typical of the liberal media. And people like Rush Limbaugh are deeply concerned. About the future of American society. I'll talk more about that that's our Debbie and you'll project opinion poll do you think Stephen -- -- a good choice to replace David Letterman. Right now 54% say no not a good choice and 46%. Say yes he has. Give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com here's a text. That reads of my favorite is Jimmy Kimmel here is a text that read so I saw a cold there interviewed by Oprah at his home. He's a humble Smart man. He's nothing like DC morning show. And he basically plays -- character. On his current show I think he will surprise. Many if they let him. -- -- even go there will surprise a lot of people I personally think this is a very good choice. Remember it for for those who are used to Letterman. This is going to be somebody somebody different this is going to be a stranger. In your bedroom if you watch Letterman going to sleep at night this is going to be a stranger in your house or in your bedroom if you're if you're going to sleep. And initially you you're not gonna be used to it but when David Letterman first started. He was a stranger to you. When Jay Leno first artists like oh my god Jay Leno I mean -- to Johnny Carson night. Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien and I don't like this I like the old people there so the same process is going on. This is Disco show were coming right back -- more after the news on WWL.