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Scoot Show 4-10 11pm, Congressman Vance McAllister

Apr 11, 2014|

the Chairman of the LA GOP and Governor Bobby Jindal are calling for Congressman Vance McAllister to resign after he was caught making out with a married staffer who was not his wife. Do you think he should resign? Is it a black-eye for Louisiana, the Republican party or both?

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I tomorrow is day two of the French Quarter fast it's going to be a great weekend. Don't worry about finding a close placed apart can take the streetcar a canal street take the street currency Charles. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Free music concert. In America and its right here's -- 31 annual French Quarter fest an amazing event that has grown over the years talk to a -- earlier who called the show. And said that he works -- right across from the superdome. And he walked from the superdome to the French Quarter fest not once but twice. -- their during a lunch. And they want there again after work and doubled Iran was playing any senator ship was passing by it wouldn't there -- moments like that you just realize how. How fortunate you are 222. Living you balance. It really is a very majestic. Setting and you know ended when the ships pass by and you. And you realize -- we are you more you reminded to where you Guardia especially if you live in the suburbs and you don't always see. Downtown you don't always see the things that the people come from all around the country -- all around the world to see this is a very very unique city. And I know it sounds like cliche if you if you live here. But if you if you don't ever spent time downtown than you could live in any city in America. So one -- take advantage of being this close to New Orleans. And for those of you were listening outside of the city if you gonna be heading in this weekend day it's going to be another side of the great weekend for. The French Quarter -- and -- again this is something it's sort I think it's interesting at this started I remember being on the air when the French Quarter fest winners was first started. And the motivation was there had been so much a sidewalk and street construction. Downtown in the French Quarter event. A lot of people stop going downtown they stopped going to the court so the French Quarter fest was in invitation to get people to come back downtown. And here it is 31 years later and has developed into a massive. Event. And the first quarter fest is -- part of WWL and if we're part of the French Quarter fest which is considered by Chevron. On -- going to be -- Never shows here this weekend tomorrow Angela -- gonna do her show -- in the French Quarter finished one for. This will be injection square the sights of the world's largest jazz brunch. And Saturday on our sister station three WL a special edition of the food show with Tom Fitzmorris from noon to three. And then Sunday and albeit to rejection square from ten. Until 1239 opened this square opens up until all of eleven or 1130 but in any event I -- I love being there and I love being part of that. All of this is from the station that loves the French Quarter. And the first quarter fest WW real we've got all the information on our website at WW dot com here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. Steve until there is gonna replace David Letterman is that a good choice. 56% saying no and 44% say. Yes it is -- -- opinion by going to our web site WW well dot com. So vicious it is drawn some some controversy in a district -- he should be surprised because that's the way the world is today. What would bothers me most though is that the criticism that. Stephen cold -- is is she is. To liberals to replace David Letterman. So what if he slipped -- I thought the perception was that everybody on doing a late night shows everybody was already liberals. So. So what if -- liberal. I mean it really doesn't matter and yet there are those who were trying to. Make this seem like it's some kind of a dangerous thing for America. So Stephen go there. From the -- reporter comedy central's the replace David Letterman. Ultra conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh said CBS has declared war on the heartland of America. He went on to say no longer is comedy going to be a Covert assault on traditional American values conservatism. Now it's just wide out in the open. With this tire with this -- means is a redefinition of what is funny. A redefinition of what is comedy. They're blowing up the 1130 format 1030 our time they hired a partisan so called comedian. To run a combination. I thought there was always the perception that the late night talk show host were partisan. And lean left. You know what's interesting. Conservatives. Only hear the jokes. That are derogatory about conservatives. But yet if you really listen with an open mind -- might be more. He jokes about one political ideology than the other -- nobody's keeping specific score. But most comedians are our bipartisan. They just look for the for the best joke. Again it doesn't mean that they don't lean one direction or the other but if you really pay attention you can hear both sides represented when it comes to comedy. A few days ago Fox News bill Riley said this even cold beer is an ideological. Fanatic. And a deceiver. And he's leading. The destruction of America. I mean is that not just a little exaggerated that mean really seriously leading the destruction of America. Limbaugh and O'Reilly are among those denouncing cold -- replacing Letterman. And -- It's it's almost -- sister their just. They're giving him so much power that I I don't understand why everybody is an outrage that these these comments. Now I realize it called bear might take care shots it conservative. Ideology in the conservative right but this so wide to be if you watch the show me he's take shots at a lot of different people. But the criticism from Limbaugh and Riley is particularly ironic. Because both of these men have benefited from the freedom to express that they are right wing political views. And Rush Limbaugh is the first to admit that he show is entertainment. First. That's not from me debts from Russian self. And he said that on on different occasions. Rush Limbaugh is condemnation of Stephen Kobe replacing Letterman. I think is another example of Rush Limbaugh reflecting the attitude of his audience. And he is illogical prediction. It's even colder air represents. The re definition of comedy. It is an attack on the heartland of America I think this is designed to create hysteria among his flock. It's a ridiculous prediction. And yet that is exactly what is faithful follow offers believe. Therefore that's what they wanna hear from their leader. We will Reilly's opinion -- Steven Gold there leading the destruction of America is laughable. It it's as if he really doesn't understand the real problems in America. And I often talk and write about hysteria in America. And how many media personalities. Use the unique technique of instilling fear in people. To promote the idea that they are the only ones the only ones that can be trusted to alert the audience. As to the ideological threats. They're coming to our country. Mean there should be more people in the media talking about the fear tactics used by the media to feed the audience. And the audience -- need to wake up and realize that that's what's happening to them that's what their doing to you. The audience to -- you were -- the audience in general. Both Limbaugh and -- Reilly's suit in -- condemnation of this -- called Bayer and their dire predictions. Of what this means to American society would be funny. If we didn't represent America's tendency to accept idiotic observations as credible. And believable. Steven -- there was selected to replace David Letterman because he reflects a younger audience. And CBS. May have felt the need to skew to a younger audience following NBC's decision to replace Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon. Who has a younger repeal. Stephen cold air was not chosen. To change America. Or to spread liberal views. Stephen -- there was chosen because he represents the views of the coveted audience. That the network is hoping to attract. And that's exactly what Limbaugh and -- do they represent the views. Of their audience. Steve -- bears finally. And shame on any American who can't laugh. Even when the humor takes a shot at -- own social and political ideology. Mean this reaction to Stephen go -- replacing David Letterman and the year duties to real liberal these therefore dangerous and part of part of all a liberal trend that is gonna destroy America. I mean this further proves that far too many Americans take everything way too seriously. It's a TV show. Takes seriously. Real problems. Real issues. Not political leanings of a late night talk show host. -- considered a comedian. The baby boomers -- was -- -- which I am. A hostile witness. Quite often describe myself as that. The baby boomers talisman is I think struggling with this reality that younger voters and younger viewers. -- support issues that they disagree with flight legalizing marijuana same sex marriage the right to choose. They're forgetting to inspired changes in mass media. And maybe it's the fear of losing power the power to influence everything. It's leading to the sense of hysteria and fear on the part of those who are afraid. The -- opinions are not respected by everybody. You know we talked about this on the show recently the the idea that -- tip President Obama was a socialist. They went when President Obama was first elected he's a socialist. Well. That to scare people enough. So then the -- was up to he's a Communist. And yet people who spew out this idea that Obama's a Communist. Obviously don't really understand communism this is tough defense of President Obama on my part. This is defensive of a logic. It's its defense of of -- is a talk show -- trying to trying to promote rational logical thinking rather than hysteria. What is much more frightening. Than the ridiculous criticism in fear expressed by Limbaugh -- O'Reilly. Is the reality that many Americans will buy into it and spread the -- themselves. Without even thinking they will spread the fear that comes from their leader. And nobody should believe everything their -- sense. Talk shows. Entertainment the media in general. They reflect the desired audience and again Stephen cold there was not chosen to change America. He was chosen because. America is changing. And he's reflecting that change. What scares the limos in the -- of America. Is the idea that cold -- comedy ideology may be becoming more mass appeal. And more acceptable. It's an audience that tells the media what it -- Not the other way around. The -- blood tonight is titled criticism of cold -- replacing Letterman ridiculous. You might disagree. And you can give is your opinion you can read that in -- and others it's on our website at WW real dot com. It is also part of our FaceBook conversation and it's WWL. Radio. Here is text every scoots just admit you're a Democrat already LO well. Well I'm not a member registered independent. And there are things that did I believe in -- are far from liberal and far from being a Democrat. So I mean if you feel the need it if you feel the need to label me I can't stop that. But I also cannot. Not beyond -- I mean I've got to be honest about about who would what I am. And nine registered independent and yet most of my life I have been registered Republicans. That didn't mean I always voted one way or the other but -- dinner register -- and insist I've moved a lot I had been a position to where. I had to change -- might registration drive I've had due to to re register to vote. In in different cities and I've lived it. That is if you lived in the same place stroller time you don't ever have to change your registration but I -- I've I've changed over the over the years. Again and I I can't help what people think. I think I'm -- I think -- more protective of of logic. And common sense. That I am the rhetoric of one side or or the other and you can be a radical moderate like myself and not really feel like you belong to to either party. Here's a text the reason Obama is for globalization. And I need to start put America first. And I believe there was criticism of George W. Bush we're trying to don't I George W. Bush. H walker bush. For trying to create. The new world order. There was talk of -- Now. If you want to criticize Obama for globalization you have to criticize almost everybody for that because we are part of a global economy. And it's done. It's really -- again. I just find it so interesting that people are so. Quick to pick in choose. A few little things. To support their opinion. Rather than actually. Think themselves. Here's a text. If you think. You ain't liberals while. Maybe you look for ratings also. If you think you're not liberal. I don't really interest stand it if you -- -- your comment tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's seventy. And a text number -- 877. Here's a Texan -- politicians are a far bigger threat to America. Than anyone. Talk show host. Totally agree. The hysteria. About Stephen cold air from some on the right is absolutely. Laughable. And yet what is frightening about it it's a lot of Americans. By you into this idea. That he is humor will somehow be a threat to American society. You've got to be -- This is the -- show. And we'll be back Clinton VW well -- -- coming up in just have a few minutes I'm gonna tell you about. A type of person. There is making eye contact. With your kids when you go to the grocery store. And you may not be aware of it. And if your parent. You should be aware this. Coming up in a few minutes I screwed and -- of -- graduate this on this set Thursday night. Senator Rand Paul Republican from Kentucky who is quite often mentioned as a top Republican. A contender for 2016. Said in an interview on Fox News that every airline pilot should be -- That's the best way in most cost efficient way to make air travel safe. From terrorists. Really. Guns in the cockpit. There are people who do have this idea is that regardless of the situation. Everybody needs to be -- to watch out for those people who art art. What would stop. -- a captain Laura a co pilot. From common during the the plane. With these coworker with a gun and I just don't see how that can possibly be considered the answer. I'll also be a sixteen year old high school student -- who went on a standing Rampage at his high school in Pennsylvania. According to one witness had a blank look on his face he's been described as a very very shy person. Let's not be suspicious of shy people I was very very shy. And then -- could still be shy in situations in my life but I was very shy. In high school on. I pretty much stayed to myself didn't have a lot of friends like I fit this profile so it's really unfair to label people. But somehow suspicious just because they're they're shy but it is interesting that so many of these people are a very shy of the people who go on to commit terrific yaks. -- it took at least next missed the people on welfare should not be allowed to vote 'cause they will naturally vote democratic. As democratic. Politicians. Want poor people to state for so they will get the vote. I think there's a lot of truth in it however. It's so wrong. To say that people on welfare should not be allowed to vote. Because there are veterans. On welfare. There are good good Americans who have contributed greatly to this country. Who were on welfare. It is a shame that they were so many people who do take advantage of this system. It is a shame that there are people who are talked. To take advantage of the system. They're people who look at welfare as a career. Not as something that is supposed to help somebody who needs help. But you really can't take the right to vote away from those who aren't welfare because that would disqualify a lot of people who deserve the right to vote. Here's a text that read so you were about as liberal as they come. You know and yet I support the Second Amendment -- supports. Gun rights. I support smaller government. Lower taxes. Personal responsibility which means the government should get out of our lives and that includes same sex marriage. But as soon as I support same sex marriage. There people who perceive that as being very liberal. Even though in my opinion it is the ultimate conservative position because. It gives power to the individual. And it asks for government to get out your life. Which is exactly what conservative ideology stands for so -- I'm just I I find. I find the conservative criticism of same sex marriage to be extremely. Hypocritical and yet nobody really seems to talk about that aspect of -- Here is sent text and it reads okay labeling you is wrong. But he at least admit. You who lean and defend the left more. Maybe I do I don't I don't sit down and decide okay let's see I'd better figure out ways to bash the right. It's just that I -- when I. I see things and in and talk about a -- quite often. Quite often there's stuff to be critical of the right for the stuff to be critical of the left Ford -- -- mention. If I were ace if I were a staunch Republican if I were a staunch. Democrat I would tell you. If you listen to the show and a regular basis what part of -- do you think wants to try to hide what I really am. I'm very honest. Very open with Michael height and -- by police and I think you have to do that to be good talk show host. So I'd say exactly what I believe but it's not always right. It's not always left. It depends on depends on the issue and it really if if more Americans look themselves honestly in the mirror. They would have to admit. That they're not all right we're all left. That they they're somehow. Really more part of the radical middle. Because they have opinions. But the opinions are not always congruent with the ideology. And the myopic. Political perspective of a specific. Party. Mean that's really that's really New York but I really don't care if people like a liberal. I don't care if if people think that I'd lean to the left. I'm just -- I -- and we are all the result. Of what life has taught us. And what we've seen in our life and the product of what I've gone through in in my life over the years pure product of what you've gone through. And I I would hope that you don't blindly follow. And ideology. You don't blindly follow conservatives are blindly follow liberals that you. That you open up your heart in your mind. To. -- common sense. And when I hear things like Bobby Jindal saying that. Congressman Vance and McAllister should resign. And I say I I disagree with that. That's not bashing -- republic mean here I am saying yeah I don't I don't agree with Bobby Jindal. A -- bashing a Republican because it away and supporting a Republican. Again not that -- I worry about what people think the interesting thing about this positioning a talk show host. Is. Is quite obvious. That Americans. Want everybody to beat conveniently labeled. They -- know exactly who you more. Because if if they have to try to figure it out. Or if they're not sure. That causes them to actually have to think. If you take a look at things that go warning your own life. You might notice this of yourself as well. We -- conveniently. Label everybody. And yet. Realistically. It's not easy to label. Every -- Because everybody's just not so. So one -- If you manager and I should right with your comment to our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Text number is 877. Here's a Texan -- extreme right wingers to label anyone who doesn't agree with them 100%. A liberal. Extreme left wingers label anyone who doesn't agree with them 100%. A -- it. There's a lot of truth that. Which is why both the extreme right in the extreme left. Are wrong and quite often hypocritical. And I think it's actually wrong and sets up. He sets up hypocrisy. For the chairman of the Republican Party in Louisiana and for our governor Bobby Jindal. To say that congressman -- McAllister because he got caught making out with a congressional staffer is an embarrassment. To the party and should resign. That sets a precedent for either one of these people. To have to say that again in the future if somebody else does something similar and what do puts a real high powered Republican. They'll see they won't say it if it's that I would predict. Then if it's somebody who is very powerful and influential and meaningful to the party. That they wouldn't be as critical. But they can take a shot at a freshman congressman. Even a Republican freshmen congress. And I think they're trying to prove that there there. Honestly assessing their own party because he's a Republican and they seized an embarrassment to the party and and and should resign. Now. What the congressman did. Is wrong. However I don't think that was an offense that should lead to his resignation again that's my opinion. Bobby Jindal said that congressman McAllister behavior is an embarrassment and he should resign. He went on to say that he wants privacy to work on these issues with his family. The best way to get privacy. And work on putting his family back together is to resign. From congress. And Roger Hillary who -- chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party. Says stated he's an embarrassment and he should resign from congress. He said mister McAllister extreme hypocrisy. Is an example of why ordinary people are fed up with politics I agree with that. He goes on to say that a breach of trust. Of this magnitude. Can only be rectified. By an immediate resignation. However -- the doses office says that at this point he has no. Plans to resign however I think cities of refreshment a freshman congressman there's a strong possibility that the pressure is. Is gonna build and I think unfairly so. Because -- was somebody more powerful. In the party. They may not be so quick to call for her resignation. They may forgive the discretion. They may not Jacob. A big deal about it get what he did was wrong but I don't think he should be forced to resign because of that. Here's -- WW a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight do you think Stephen cold beer is a good choice to replace David Letterman. -- your opinion by going to our web site to BWL dot com there's always something fresh in order website including this new world City Council today changing the residency rules for new. A first offender a first at first responders. Like police officers and EMS workers and firefighters. Is this -- Or not. Before you had to live in New Orleans if you were gonna be a police officer firefighter or any MS workers. Now they're they're changing the domicile rule and you can live outside of this city and still. Be part of the police the fire department or EMS workers however other city workers. -- I know still have to live in the city. Now is that giving preferential treatment to some is that being unfair to others it's a very interesting to -- it's not gonna go away any time soon. And I'm still not sure. That your better person. Just because. You live in the city. Mean I understand in theory I understand on paper if you work for the city you live in the city. But the idea that somebody can't do an excellent job for the city. And live outside of the city. I think suggests that unless you live in New Orleans you don't really love New Orleans and you can't do is good job in your job. And I tactic that's I think it's in erroneous assumption annually that is so on our website at WW go to accomplish -- get the latest with a -- stuff. And any information you need it really is a great source every night I use our website quite off -- number of preparing for the show. And that are constantly updated information so there's always something fresh and new and it's a great source of getting up to date on all the information you need. It's WWL. Dot com and if you haven't become a friend of our FaceBook page yet today it's WWL radio become a friend we -- constantly updating you on. News breaking news and also a lot of fun stuff going on. And every night to the -- bloggers on -- and it becomes part of the conversation on the to a few of those comments. From our FaceBook page -- just a few minutes here's text how come we only hear about the congressman. What about the lady what's her name. You know I don't I will find out what we'll take a break you're just a moment and I'll find out her name I forget her name. It's kind of -- -- the tip of my time but I if I forget her name and I'll be happy to. I'll be edited to say her name and her husband and his name I think his first name is Heath. And again no last name slips my mind. -- he said that. -- congressman McAllister. Has ruined their marriage. And they're getting a divorce. And TV that suggests. That he wasn't equally our fault. That the congressman was more at fault and she wants. And a lot of people have a tendency to blame. One -- when it comes to an in discretion blame one person over the other person. Now. If I attempt do you. And you agree. And I'm more guilty than you. Or you equally as guilty if you agree. If you attempt to me. If you go out of your way to attempt me in two. A situation that I should not be. And I go along with it. Shouldn't I be equally. Responsible. Even though you took the initiative to attempt to me. I think I should be police. Responsible. Here's a text about -- -- Letterman didn't watch Letterman and won't watch. The new -- And thanks for. Talking about rush. If you return a shortcoming tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. A text number. It's 87870. If you wanna join me on Twitter it's -- scoot. WL. And we'll be back -- it was the induction ceremony for the rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland Ohio. Nirvana. Peter Gabriel went to run stat Cat Stevens Holland notes and kiss. Among those who were in abducted here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll do you think Steven -- there's a good choice to replace David Letterman. It's been rather close all night 53% say no and 47%. Say yes give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. I here's a Texas had done this peacock well what's your name yeah I just looked -- up all on line. We've -- it to break Melissa peacock is the congressional staffer that made out -- Congressmen. Advanced McAllister. We talked about this on the show the other night the big problem that I have news is when people. Use god in Jesus. They use their Christian values to get elected. And did they don't live by those Christian values. And I wrote a blog about this that is still on the -- page or website about how it it's it's hard for politicians to stop. Using god as an endorsement. For their campaign. It's a suggestion that your better and more moral. Than your the your opponent. And that doesn't always proved to be the case. -- been far too many people who have ruined. Using Christian family values in and yet. So many people responded that always a Christian I'll vote for him. You have to. You have to do it not just not just say it. But Melissa peacock is the woman her husband he's keep -- peacock. I talked to CNN and he said I'm just freaking devastated by the whole deal. I love my wife so much. I cannot believe this. I cannot freaking believe it I feel like I'm going to wake up here in a minute and this is all going to be a bad nightmare. And he said that he was not a win here. What is wife. It was doing it was a passionate kiss. Happened last December just recently. Released to the media. And he peacock said he didn't know that this was going on until she called him a couple of hours before the news break. The news broke he said she wrecked my though he wrecked my life. We're headed for divorce. And have a six year old son. And have been married for six years. He goes on to say it was just to kiss. That's only wise but it embarrass me and my family this guy has turned my life upside down. Again what about your wife. He wasn't. Just him. She made the decision. To kiss him. So she is -- again I've I've I find this at Tennessee. There is seems to be a general tendency to wanna blame the man. More than a woman. And -- quite often see this in situations like this and yet. It doesn't matter who initiates it both people -- fully responsible. If something inappropriate. Patents and the idea that laws so -- -- more responsible I think that's. I think that's the way of not accepting a personal responsibility. And here's a text -- people who have problems with addictions. Have to learn self honesty they do not see themselves as others do that's what's the twelve step programs are for. Here's a text about. People defining people and it's a thing and I'm. I'm very aware of this sooner -- a regular basis on their show. Just think the the labeling of people the judgment of people and people were so quick to to judge others if somebody looks a certain way. That's with New York. And it's really not fair. This text reads I would like to see all labels gone like black white Democrat Republican. Instead we should be striving. To be the bit to do the best for humankind. I couldn't agree more with them. And we should sometimes remember that even before we're Americans. We're human beings. Secondly we're Americans. And then. You're Democrat Republican whatever you divide yourself into whatever group you. I consider yourself to be apart of the it is so off -- It seems like people are quick to define themselves as part of their group first their sub group first. And then think of themselves. As an American second in his country is and we are -- -- Divided along political lines in and that includes. And a social issues I'm from -- gave Steven here on the -- -- every of you well. Hey Susan so I can't -- apartment -- -- show. But it caught Taylor and -- view you know. Question in such running their Christian values go -- just suggests. That -- -- in the mine you'd like that it got in tortured and I'm just not familiar with anybody that you grant. Her office maybe alcohol. But there. God shall be yours but the vote for. But I think Singapore Albanians are not specifically but I think that's the I didn't say that they say that specifically I'm saying that by talking about their Christian values that's what they want people to believe and I think that's I think that's a mistake. Well it -- but I don't know that guy much at all you know and actually well politic I don't know much about the -- and obviously he failed and what I would suggest is that. That folks have been incorrect interpretation somebody running Christian guys they would suggest. If you look at Christian values it is if you never seen it. And that would be incorrect I mean I think adding if Christians and this year they would say you. Christian forgiven -- not perfect. And so. But -- probably somebody -- line I mean -- if somebody -- on their values of -- -- grew up in the city or they grow you know whatever made them with the market. People who were Christian identify themselves as Christian and the following the Bible but we all that we -- we're not perfect so I don't know what this guy at the national media Sheryl Crow and but in general. If you consider yourself a Christian. Art and some department satellite you wouldn't say I'm a Christian or memorizing and -- at least endorse. What the Bible might expect out and -- I don't know that that -- try to let our poll. -- I -- I've got to get to a break but just it just keep listening now responded that on the other side of the break will be right back into the WL -- very quickly let me wrap up the show here I had to respond to the last -- -- record of on the line longer within. I -- bloggers -- the days since it's on the -- page on our website at W dot com title politicians please stop running on Christian values. And it really explains the idea that they are being too many Christians who have blown it. A two but he Christians have made on. Saying that your moral Christian person. Just cheap talk. Many argue that Newt Gingrich who is they stood for Christian values in these in his campaigns in his rhetoric. A -- -- live doesn't really leave that life so you can read the blog and there's a better explanation there. Very quickly -- I need to tell you about who's make an eye contact your kids. It's the mascots on the cereal boxes. They figured out. The average place where the cereal boxes are for -- serial. And then they figured out the average height of kids and -- serial. Makers manufacturers. Have those characters all looking down. Whereas the the mascots on adults cereal are looking straight ahead so they're designed. To try to look your kids in the night. In order to influence -- Want to thank the band chicken on the bone for listing on their way -- for playing at the treasure chest casino tonight -- -- John -- studio producer. Have a great night's. -- New Orleans.