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Apr 11, 2014|

Dave talks about getting married at a sewage treatment plant, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and a big, fun weekend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the hole -- -- goalies look at that the eleventh of April 2014. And more important than -- it's. She she IE captive really does give me great pleasure -- Hewitt viewers happy Iraq. Wildly. Yeah. Finally we made it to -- we all we welcome the lord and mated so bad in Pakistan. It is so much go on. You know it's funny that every year when we get to this point. We have the French Quarter on the strawberry festival this weekend we -- on the bonus on Sunday Eric canceling -- separate us from. -- we also we got the masses. Are you out and so many people wanna sit inside and -- against -- -- there. They are I think I'll probably do is save that for worry young. Late Sunday afternoon and you know that's obvious thing and slide after I've done all these other wonderful things on the dispute the sofa. And chill out and little pastors know Tiger Woods to make a late run this year -- sideline with his back issues. He will not be playing is not lying about it. They masters underwent a lot of development calling it the most undecided master's death in a generation where it is nobody used they act as the got to watch I don't know -- Watches I got to watch is apparently can be Steven Cole. Who will be taking over for David Letterman. They made that so official and so quickly and so early we have we got don't know when Letterman is going to retire we just that was going to be sometime and when he fifteen. Yeah any any left that very day yen and the 12015. Contract runs -- as soon -- we don't know but that also -- -- called error. Yes -- and they must have been working on this behind the -- It's well. He just analyze Moonves apparently had his mind made up early in the guys were on CBS. And knew we wanted one after German within a week of Letterman's announcement. Blocked it up all right made it happen. She I know as a lot of other folks who are still in those names were out there who some people were -- for one go late night Allen. Ellen yeah we were to start to really pick over the west of of possible favorites and Keenan saying yes. A couple of names that I had heard from a lot of looks but that decision is made contact aliens Steven Kolb will. Indeed be taking over a lot of people don't totally understand Steve uncle because. He plays a character on his show yeah just not do the show as himself he doesn't in the role. Of a wild talk show host. And so is him playing ham if you -- -- -- it and he's not going to be playing that same character. When you know -- so if you don't quite understand them well. Don't have time you're gonna get to know you'll get to -- -- over the years. Ago. And of the late night lineup -- changed on NBC it will be changing on CBS. And there you have lineups staying the same thank you David we'll keep you around at least until you come back in about twenty minutes more -- it is okay. Our -- -- I can't leave for the French order for us now -- and although Laura sorry more yeah ourselves already at the French Quarter or school so there's probably trampling goodies already do meteorologist Alexander transferred with the forecast coming up after the treatment. -- we'll take care of that. -- only get you back in -- bottom of the hour we will talk about what movies opening this weekend to take on Captain America. If you think anyone can total. -- packet of a challenge wealthy. David pulling back at the bottom you know offers and -- I'm Dave talent early edition of WW over his what do you do it this weekend so much going on so many options such perfect weather. What's on your weekend agenda text -- them -- them. Got a list of all the weekend activities going on posted to our website at WWL my company may help making some decisions. Sports as well Steve Gallo's got that fourth after the plus he loves big plans this weekend -- one -- next -- eighth -- it's everything is working this weekend yeah all the stuff going on someone's gotta be -- at someone's got to -- make in the music and sent the stages and serving up the food and cooking up the food and make and they. Festivals happen you know let's not forget all those people who make our fun -- in here and now these Louisiana. Some people do have to work through it so for those -- -- Who are working this weekend I apologize for rubbing it in your face for the rest of you. I wanna officially welcome you to the weekend and thank you for joining us on this Friday morning for the early edition of WW Alfredsson is on the weather park near perfect. Beautiful weather to finish out the week temperatures around 78 degrees this afternoon under partly cloudy skies just about perfect through the weekend as we head into French Quarter fest. Tonight temperatures will be dropping the 60s this evening to lows in the low sixties. That is somewhat cool for early tomorrow with some patchy fog possible. Tomorrow highs around eighty degrees under partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. And Sunday highs around 81. Just a slim 10% chance for a shower both dazed from the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra cramped. Clouds out there are sixty degrees calm winds at the airport in -- we have slide -- mostly cloudy and 54 degrees com went relative humidity right around 90% deacon definitely feel them -- In the air and gave -- the early edition of WWL for us as well let me ask you about that. What do you think about governor Bobby Jindal and the Louisiana Republican Party. Calling advanced McAllister to resign after he was caught. In a passionate embrace and for lack of a better term making out with one of his staffers and video that was released this week. Jindal saying in time for him to step down Hillary -- Hillary ahead of the Republican Party in Louisiana thing Ian McAllister is. -- to resign the speaker of the house on Capitol Hill telling ouster say you got to do somebody get them this difficult decisions to make. As a conservative father of five is now said to be at home trying to patch things up with his wife and reconcile this situation after the video went. Viral rarely do you think that's appropriate several people asked well why didn't the governor asked David -- to resign after he admitted to. -- serious sin after he was caught on the phone records of the DC madam back in 2007. And Jindal not responding to questions about why he is asking for McAllister resign but it man did not call on better. To reside. -- 270 toll free 866889. Theory its revenue text me. An 87871. Person's experience as they're gonna -- now for watching migrating birds this weekend. It took enjoy that. Great weather for -- a presence as a threat and we get it Alex box stadium. And -- rude reality tiger to plant them -- a ball and help -- talk about that industry force everything else on in the world of sports. We -- happy Friday. A viewing -- to Steve Geller -- Steve cool we have made it yes congratulations from the university graduates go on surviving the work weekends. Plunging head first into the weekend. -- has been -- good morning everyone the LSU baseball teams currently riding a five game win streak. But things didn't look so hot for the tigers just two weeks ago they dropped four in a row coach Foreman -- stresses that in this game you have to be able to handle the highs with the -- It was or short term bump in the road. And we may have another -- -- -- who knows but you know you don't Jarret your season based on one way you judge it on fourteen weeks. -- she welcomes Arkansas to Alex box stadium this weekend for a big SEC -- showdown. Also on tap this weekend -- -- -- host the University of Arkansas Little Rock wall Tulane welcomes rights detergent stadium. Disasters were swept at home by Oklahoma City -- in the finale by the scored eight to this he's losing streak is now it said it. Bill Haas is the leader through one round of the masters us open with a four under par that puts him one stroke ahead of Adam Scott Bubba Watson and -- we -- to see him. Seven others are two strokes back in Phil Mickelson is eight shots off the pace you can see complete masters leaderboard by going to WW dot com. The pelicans have shut down Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon for the remainder of the season. Davis has been suffering from back spasms and is averaging 21 points ten rebounds and three blocks in his sophomore season. Gordon will -- arthroscopic surgery on his left knee next week. And Southeastern Louisiana University has named. Lateral replaced Jim Yarborough whose contract was terminated after 2013 2014 season. After nine years as the head coach today F -- on sports talk only four games remain in the pelican season what grade do you give coach Monty Williams in the team. And at 630 here LSU baseball take on Arkansas at seven you have a choice tiger baseball continues in the big 870. Were you the pelicans vs Oklahoma City a 1053. WWL left them I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sport. I -- three -- on Steve -- with you on your radio Alex box are Alec box or Alec box do you pronounce the name of the baseball stadium and on the LSU campus the only person I -- call it Alex box stadium is simple -- And everybody is apparently it's named. Four years Sammy home Alexander box Simeon -- CEO and Alexander box a former -- US. And apparently for years and years -- call Alex box this is the old one they built -- new one -- but. Sometime in the ninety's based on everything I've looked at on the Internet. They learned that men Alexander's. Nickname all of the -- -- Al his buddies called him and his friends called and Alec or Alec even though is full middle name is Alexander. So apparently that's when it started that this isn't what we should -- Alec boxer -- box I guess technically you could really be right either way. I guess you know the town of Alexandria and central Louisiana -- frequently called -- And I don't know -- that -- today gone up military you know what's going on ballot. In even though it's Alexander's. Home glad we got that. Not the -- at all. So I guess you're right either way but folks if anyone has really passionate about this text -- -- 878 avenue in the you know how you pronounce that. And why. The pelicans. Said an -- maybe Anthony Davis. Shouldn't play the -- he had a bad ankle use them back spasms he's really been banged up the last couple weeks they're not going to the playoffs and have only. Got a couple of games. Just four games remaining docents and damaging your greatest asset even further. So getting paid which -- some people argue is getting paid he should work and that's what money Williams actually -- on Tuesday hey we get paid to play basketball games but I guess they. And maybe the back the doctors looked out and said hey we need to get a little more rest here. And it's just the wise thing to do for the team and we'll see what happens they got a tough. Four games left and could end up. Going out this season on a ten game losing streak with which which will be really unfortunate. Who cares what difference -- program. Well I don't think how many games you win or lose in the final ten of the season -- anything that happens next to some kind of positive momentum going it has some Democrats have really lasts all through the summer we ought to be remembered for a ten game losing excuse -- and remember this is. We -- whether there. Looking like a beautiful story to the weekend today will look for mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies starting -- just a tad cool in the fifties and low sixties but we'll end up around 78. With this afternoon. Evening temperatures will slide back into the sixties and tonight lows will be in the low sixties. For tomorrow starting off with a bit of patchy morning fall and then high around eighty degrees. Another great day a mixture of clouds and sunshine overhead and it 10% chance for a shower. -- story pretty much on Sunday highs around 81 and 10% chance for rain pretty Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist. Alexandra cramp bird. I come -- toys and CBS's David -- at WWL first news traffic weather together sports with Steve Geller and will jump around so get ready for that will open up the people file. He with -- the movies. Can any of these new movies -- cap on the top spot. -- attacks -- 87870. -- weekend plans French Quarter -- that -- -- you profit while 37 minutes after 5 AM this is the early edition of WWL offers in his offices April this is the eleventh this is 2014. -- Is finally TGI. Apps let me please welcome you to do I it and. -- -- And yet -- -- The whole year on the job for them but we jump of about 4 o'clock in the French Quarter and then some -- mediate 77 him and ask you what they're doing this weekend. And so -- accident says doctor John and Amanda Shaw. The same day why not just nice nice nice gas demand from people excited about -- first time back -- John in decades. Has been at the French Quarter festival and it's -- Free. Free on your job. People go under the strawberry festival that's always been the very -- on Alexandria -- and Alex box stadium. Four we've been discussing how to properly pronounce and Alex or Alec or Alex. -- -- you baseball -- amounts on the kid's soccer state cup championship in Lafayette Louisiana line not. People appointment process. Prices came down a little bit. And Arctic -- still these are real dynamic and -- -- and fifty cents down but I still feel if anyone invites me I feel like a very special. The longer they don't like oh really is likely given a -- breaks -- and that's exactly. Where you're not money. Now the cabinet is more norm. Crawfish available. In this kind of weather should. We should be growing to yeah. Yes no matter I don't know -- don't know movies this weekend but some people will decide. Being outdoors and doing a wonderful weather the -- him in my recommendation. I shared this with you few weeks ago I got a sneak preview of is draft. With Kevin Costner Jennifer gone garner. It's all about the general manager and NFL team and what happens on draft. And it says. For sports fans it's fantastic that the great romance story -- the whole thing. And I think that many people -- OK a little bit of something for everybody. And I think it's gonna cost as best movies field I'll be darned. That's my recommendation other choices of Rio to. The G rated animated follow up to the first Rio movie Bruno Mars. During a voice -- -- -- Jesse Eisenberg and Hathaway. -- the first on a pretty -- and I enjoyed it is this thing. And ocular. It's an. Or let's talk to your brother didn't do it was ago Stan -- that are -- court anyway that though that's going up against the current top five really just the top one of the data in America. To winters soldier which sent a Rackers. For an April opening last week and also in the top five -- -- divergent. -- not dead. Muppets most wanted. And the grand Budapest. Now an abscess that barring you know it is just unbelievable. -- that and then you know the real to him like. Might do okay argues you know Captain America or run for his money. I still got to captain today using captain. It's out go courtroom maybe draft day Andrea to get a nice piece of the possible -- -- -- like this president and its immediate them and either fishing and drinking -- this weekend. Role and that they have never a bad weekend for that wound Chris Miller Jonas coming up -- that the hour. On what Don and restarted by the strawberry festival Don talking about what's gone on with the French quarters echo -- returns yet. So much negative with document here on WWL. Moon god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecasts that are Hanson's miss meteorologist Laura but tells already gone -- French Quarter festival she just couldn't. Wait that's probably get the honor and pleasure of welcoming -- meteorologist Alexander cramp -- on this Friday morning had. It's Friday to you and yours -- -- keep happy Friday the well thank you I appreciate that it's a holiday every Friday here on the early edition well for us is we're glad you can -- celebrated with a fantastic forecast. It's really looking pretty good at this weekend so I I remember a lot of French Quarter -- being really nice you know at least and I can spring weather. During that weekend at me you know we could have that storms this spring storms. But a lot of times Italy with a respectable whether no exception for this week I'd there -- actually no rain in the forecast right well I did include 10%. I see flights and operate your backside JFK have been a pop up showers -- that it wouldn't. You got it at a pretty -- you'll have southerly winds that'll be a little bit I'll have a little more moisture out there are still Casilla few sprinkles in some spots I really don't think team. So other than that temperatures right around eighty every day. Pretty much -- 78 and the weekend will eat. And the rain doesn't come until next week it might mean it went went to go back to work the rank him. Yeah exactly so Monday we have that higher -- chance at these showers and thunderstorms on and so what are you gonna do this week. There's so many choices French Quarter festival. Rob Barry festival Irish Italian is playing us rated so much more -- -- this human dimensions we've listed on our website that. If you got to work done. It works like at a -- Nicklaus -- but I think. -- the French Quarter that's for sure that that the literally ran out yeah. Has your back door you can walk out of the radius that the television station and the -- snaps from. Line and a French Quarter yeah I am excited about that the food that's ignored -- what are -- doing. I'm gonna try to do everything. That's really do a little bit of everything from his life doesn't stop -- festivals going. Now the kids still have things that have to be done there's still work that has -- around the house a much try to balance didn't get a little -- everything down. I really love to get. The gold. You know -- of strawberries this weekend. I hate it when I can't go to the strawberry festival because I'd love to get those -- Louisiana's drivers yet French Quarter -- knocking it out wanna go sampled the food booths on -- giants like desperate I can go get fruit vegetables and all kinds of stuff. Three -- again and on the street that will see him address to you you know what we're still weighing our options. Yet the great -- -- you saw that to go home as soon as he kept it to carry urge you to beautiful weekend for -- wedding is and so wants him married outdoors. You -- dream about it you know away and most young ladies do care about their perfect wedding they have an idea from the time they're little girls of where they wanna get married in what their wedding would look like if you -- those screens in your head about your perfect wedding. You know I don't ever that. Actually not -- not quite so lights yeah I'm not sure that many people had this one of. Getting married at the sewer. Treatment plants. Yeah damn this story comes to us from Washington State. Where. A sewage treatment plant near Seattle is advertising. It's availability as a wedding -- -- right water wastewater. Treatment senator. Says that as a catering kitchen AV equipment dance floor ample part gang and you even -- wedding outside of the sewage treatment plant. Is that what you've always dreamed it where -- raw -- from people toilets. Flows and they clean that up before it up in the water well like if I had it it would not all that great officials insist there's no motor. The entire process is is contained but where you would actually say I do is just steps away from where the flushed material is coming into the -- Is still is a -- I think that would be I'd you know know the end they've been offering it for rent for about seven months so far. One couple on the hook the sewage treatment plant. For it and fuels the -- prize here you -- 2000 dollars for eight hours that's pretty darn good compared to a lot of the wedding venues around here wow eight hour everybody heard an eight hour wedding -- Going you parts made. From dusk until dawn. At this its plan at its. Plan that would just keep that in mind we you know when when the time comes Rita walked down the dial. Keep in mind maybe just wanted to of the sewage treatment plant that alternative -- -- written. -- that's -- we thank you think the. Alexander grant from -- direct from the Eyewitness News forecast you know autumn and there. -- -- put the people. Who get married at the sewage treatment plant and you. People filed it and more power to him if they want to logistics minutes and -- that it does. On -- flat there's not a house now flat to me is just that one little you know thing in all -- to let out one entire Alec. The need a forklift to load. Mean in a forklift get all the sports in this weekend Steve knows that after this. We're talking about the calls or. Congressman Vance McAllister to resign nephew is caught kissing a married Stafford he also married father of five. Simon Says if a doctor a lawyer a gas station attendant or even a radio personality were caught in extramarital affair. Would we expect them to resign from their job. Is there a difference I resorts between a gas station attendant even radio personality doctor -- or congressman who's elected by the people. Lot of people wondering why the governor of the great state of Louisiana Bobby Jindal is calling for McAllister and he never called for David -- to resign when he admitted. It is in the after he was found to be on the phone list of the DC madam of the discussion continues and so far my favorite text of the morning. Talking about this sewerage treatment plant that is offering weddings. -- text -- at 8787. -- says sounds like I do do. -- -- You go you I would go about getting marriages who think Clinton. While as that it could be a wedding got to go to the toilet. If that that's real -- in Seattle let him get registered it was. -- get a good bartender at great speed and if they can't smell it. They must be a phenomenal facility they have from Baghdad this -- room. Phenomenal sports this week and he got the masters he had -- baseball you got much more to tells all about with -- happy Friday to Steve Geller. Yes indeed happy Friday everyone a four game losing -- to and the month of march may have rattled LSU baseball fans but not the team. The tigers are currently right now a five game win streak and -- pulmonary says he's always believed in this ballclub. Felt like we had a good team in league history an anchor -- a little bit of burnt -- Schedule and some tough breaks last week and -- a long -- there's no question about it but I feel like you know we've come out of that he played well. Arkansas comes to Baton Rouge for a big SEC west rivalry this weekend. Well -- efforts only win this season remains from opening day as disease dropped their seventh game in a row by scored eight to two to Oklahoma City. Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon will not soon to begin the season for the pelicans both are dealing with injuries. Davis has back spasms while Gordon will -- arthroscopic surgery next week on his left -- Bill Haas carries a one shot lead in the second round of the masters the first majors he's ever led. Costs opened with a four under par that puts them one stroke ahead of Louis -- to -- and former champs Adam Scott and Bubba Watson seven others are two strokes back. You can go to WWL dot com for a complete leaderboard. New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has undergone surgery. To relieve some lingering discomfort in the ankle he sprained in the regular season finale against the Redskins the two time Super Bowl MVP has been rehabbing the ankle for more than three months but it's still bothering him Manning expects to be able to run in six weeks. And Lance Armstrong has given sworn testimony. -- several people he says knew about his performance enhancing drug use insisting he didn't pay anyone for any organization to keep his doping a secret. Today at four on sports talk only four games left in the pelican season what grade do you give cup coach Monty Williams and the team. And at 630 here LSU baseball take on Arkansas at seven you have a choice tiger baseball continues on 87 the AM where you're the pelicans vs Oklahoma City. 1053 WWL. Graham. Which early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller just thanks to keep them. And its editors of the treatment plan offer catering yes they did. And have a big kitchen right there at all and if so they should operate the Pu platter. Who. -- a great weekend a sport it's LSU baseball. A lot of people have been packing about -- -- baseball they lost a three game series and then they lost one midweek game. And that they've been winning all season long and they won last weekend's series they won their midweek game this week. But still a lot of questions for coach moment there he said it's fourteen weeks of the season come on we had one bad week and -- thing is I think a lot of people are still used to the old style of gorilla ball that -- used to play would Jack Campbell about the part but it's just not that way anymore McCain bats and I changed the bats it's harder to do that they made intentionally. Made it -- to do that and so. They go on her -- yet you look at the tigers pitching staff and they continued to diamond dominate our Nolan has a point 47 ERA right now which is unbelievable. It's a what you what's on your top of your sports agenda this weekend I mean I know you wanted to French Quarter festival strawberry festival may be Irish -- lenient sprayed bit. From a sports perspective. And you should go see draft day keep telling him that I know it's that's that we analysts' mean the -- for planning a date night review some mini golf in a movie many golf OK and moving obviously draft day I think she'll like -- Yes that's that's -- with a one on the way to get some masters some knowledge of baseball deathly LSU baseball and I'll probably tune in a lake. See the leaderboard for the masses and then Sunday really sit down and watch finale. Thank you doctor about fifteen minutes sports have a great weekend -- little kids. On Iraq all night party of today. Yes among those inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame I'll tell you who else just got in coming up after this along with your weekend forecast. On WWL. Peter Gabriel's in your eyes one of my favorite artists of all time actually. It would Genesis then moved -- he's among those now inducted into the rock and roll Paula thank him. If there on hold your boom boxes up over your head in the around. So. Anyway they did the rocker hall of fame induction kiss Nirvana. Bruce Springsteen's E Street and amongst those hall notes. Peter Gabriel. Cat Stevens and Linda Ronstadt -- into the rock and roll hall thing you know what amazes me every years when I hear the list of inductees into the hall of fame is that. These folks are already in the hall of things that really there and adding yet but if they put everybody in -- then there'd be no one left to put it right. So anyway obviously very emotional. That'll be televised coming up. Nirvana I think. Obviously the most emotional. Being inducted into the all of that. Lady and gentlemen I hope you have a fantastic. Weekend. If you don't get outside and find something enjoyable to do you have no one to blame but yourself the weather perfect -- near eighty each day. Today tomorrow plenty of sunshine and Sunday just -- 10% chance to play. Happy Friday.

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