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4-11 6:15am Tommy, makeout-gate

Apr 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to LSU political science professor Kirby Goidel about the Vance McAllister scandal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Everybody Dell joins us right now on this -- McAllister situation and I cholera situation -- and look I'm not taking up from Lance McAlister at all. I think what he did was wrong and especially when you put it against the backdrop of him running. Campaign based on Christian values. But are pretty jaguar opinion poll was asking you somewhat tongue in cheek should advance McAllister resign over make out -- A 100% of you were saying yes as it stands right now and the governor will get to that a minute Kirby going Dell joins as a professor of political science and LA issue. And an author of a new book good morning curbing. -- thanks for taking the time Telus before we get into this about that new book. Okay the new book is America's failing experiment an independent who it is examining why the people are part of the problem -- American democracy and why we don't fix our problems -- the American people join in and take responsibility for for the problems. And don't -- politicians what's going on in -- in America not as though. Washington. That is not a door elected officials just emerged. We elected them they're they're they're represent us and actually represented it pretty well on the Mets were in our fall. Florida's problems worrying about who's making out with -- month. The security in series and I ask you. No I mean I think absolutely wanna -- issues I think about press attention to party didn't think about the amount kind court focused on this. And think about the problem that we tried not I agree with your assessment I'm not defending McCallister on that count but. This is the type of thing that didn't disappear out of the room while we're what we're dealing with. Budget issues -- didn't healthcare issues were given substantive issues that are really important work and attention to them as we're. Because we're focused on that listen this is by the way. This is a great store -- is this is an amazing story in the central. Adding intrigue having having sex. Adding -- that angle. And so I'm I'm not diminishing. The story itself but. We have real problems and and this is the type of thing that that it. We can worry more about -- like you go by the way the -- -- and that he needed him. Amazon.com Barnes & Noble on mine -- So. I guess you know I don't know where you separate they hypocrisy of this from. The politics and maybe go -- the same when I mean does this really is this really newsworthy first off because you. A guy making now with a girl and some people can make whatever assumptions they want but at this point that's called. The only evidence we have is that he. I'd like to ask anybody there on that trying to sound like Jesus or anything but. Those of you that it never engaged in an inappropriate make out and that's all it was raise your hand. -- steal a lot of hands out there so I mean you should he be judged that he doesn't have Christian values and time but the political part of this now because. It made a mistake and made out with somebody that -- Foreman and I don't know that this is. This rises to the level of an element wanted to bring old stuff well David bitter or even toe tapping Larry Craig and and the governor had a couple of different opinions on that his press conference was a couple of hours when he was announcing for governor. After David gators press conference about what had gone wrong that painful press conference where he had to watch Wendy bitter stand on side. And -- anything about it but. He did say that Larry Craig who. Was found guilty of trying to hook up with a man and a bathroom and airport. He said he needed to resigns on how he would pick and choose who's doing the wrong thing morally here. I I don't think it is it's certainly not about morals and otherwise -- -- -- statement coming from various different people out about the eight year. This is clearly. Strategic issue I mean -- start with the question of other video ended up. Out in the public domain and why it's there it was released for political purposes I'm not you know I'm not defending McAllister but. We know he's being pushed out and he's being pushed out because you never. Part of either Republican. Establishment in the content and he's said some things that urged that it take on the Republican. Status quo. That's not gonna talk about when we come back Kirby the strategic re involved in all of this because I don't think for a second this is about him making out with. When that girl in and there have been Republican it is engaged in words behavior and we're not forced out and other Republicans are supposed to be that the family values at least sets. How they position themselves Democrats of course have had some equal trouble late. Are a lot more liberal I guess when it comes of these kind of things and you know he would Anthony -- deal and I guess it wanted to way to put it but to understand and -- talk about all it won't come back we'll also hear from speaker of the house John Boehner six when he -- now though let's. I expect all members to be held -- ethical stance. -- is no different. John Boehner somewhat red faced. While more orange really over the incident with -- McCallister at 627. And Tommy Tucker and have a WL Todd and professor -- going to -- I shouldn't drag you know my goal with -- I mention hiker. Marty hello but demand is weird color it's an amber registered Republican and just Andy's. He's a strange color. So again instant text here about President Clinton Tom had an indiscretions did he get pushed down while they get impeached low lying about it but. In loses office Bill Clinton and Monica and another one says he stayed is present but. What's interesting here is it's not the Democrats that are pushing him out at is fellow Republicans. Yeah I think that was the big issues we talk about the strategic consideration Rican people survivor survivor about. Strategy how valuable they are typical party at the time. It's harder to survive and I don't know whether -- -- -- -- not at this point and equal like he made quite which which forces Republican and call their bluff on a number of things. But. That is harder to survive when your own parties calling your resignation and at the other part you expect Democrats call for a resign you expect Republican call for Democrat -- It's harder when your own party -- after yet having said that. Yet they're not in any position -- side stayed at the side of the run and so on against him. And Rodney Alexander's hit -- But that other situations exactly Clinton for the Republican Party really be thinking about. And the last reported that I think is important he might when he's CDs public calls for someone to resign that the particle. Work. -- -- You know you -- first call me. The person and say hey but he -- -- not -- work unique that you need to step aside if that doesn't work then you go to the press. And -- make a call for the resignation because news you need to put pressure on them they're not I -- -- What you want. Zucker Bruges running out of time and knowing you are so what do advancement Dallas or do you. To get on the wrong side of the party initially didn't have something to do with not coming up through the minor leagues and through the did traditional way in a -- dynasty people perhaps put him over the top and -- After did he say something and you against a mainstream as you said earlier was -- and finally. Is it the governor jumping on this is an example to get his own man or woman and. Yeah I think I -- a lot of that it is their place in the in the dispersed that he. He was able to run in the party establishment but -- party establishment and dedicated employees. He has gone to Washington and that things like you know we should accept Medicaid expansion which would go to an opposition to a lot of -- -- its record book and -- especially governor. -- suspended him there he's been willing to. -- and do things that aren't part of you orthodoxy on the on the Republican side so so he's not. Someone that seems like anyone they will at the party would be able to control these. He's a very independent person. And I because of the question of will we ever get away from a two party system and I would say the answer is no songs people insider willing to sacrifice their own for their own party. Then and so so the other part of that is is in Washington you know giving the pressure well he may have less influence. As as a representative. In -- I just curious how the people in his district feel about this is ultimately I guess it's always comes down to -- that survey polls about them. I haven't seen any polling it is it's up there haven't been introduced yet. That the real question and and I think probably the thing that would make decision for him -- given that it felt like he doesn't want to resign. He can run for reelection were broke and can't keep him from running for reelection and he went wouldn't. So so that's that -- it's not the ultimate. Deciding fortune in this thanks. Republicans like movies the way. But if he's state they they are real you know I think mrs. a real challenge if they decide typical -- because. They're gonna elevate the issue and in 080 what's going on there. Here we appreciate each time I really do is always a give a great weekend and into the book again. It's America's failing experiment -- of people have become a problem hiding get it at Amazon and all the regular places have a good weekend derby you'd become.

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