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4-11 6:45am Tommy, hurricane forecast

Apr 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL-TV's Chief Meteorologist Carl Arredondo about the forecast for hurricane season

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We say good morning -- Redondo -- on. And and noble lives in name on there and secondly you know. If if weather person and he -- Decides this step out on his wife from -- and care about that is -- we will tell -- the weather's going to be like. Along those lines about dot degree of low -- his hurricane. Com. Performance. -- predictions. Yeah well you know years Colorado State University has done quite well last year the forecast with soft as we all go -- and and for that matter most. People that meet these hurricane forecast now everyone was way off with this forecast so. They put out there yesterday they're looking for a below average season which saw him on the surface sounds great but again we know that it doesn't matter how many -- forecast until we got to take that one. To make it a bad year but they're expecting about nine -- storms for the coming season which is below the average of twelve. The area I think that they're looking at right now and this was we thought this was gonna happen to many many forecasters is that. We're supposed to get in -- mean you know this summer or early fall if we get -- el -- which could be a moderate one. Changes the patterns across the world el Nino to refresh everyone's memories be warmer than normal Pacific waters along the equator. And you may apple out of the water was there that what all that heat generated would be warmer than normal waters changes the jetstream pattern across the world -- it does for -- You know primarily is it brings a lot of strong upper level winds in the Atlantic basin and those strong -- Sheared apart systems trying to develop that would reduce the numbers that. That will be able to develop and hurricane season. You know -- -- sheering effect right. Don't do enough to know that. Yeah and that's the main thing that that helped when it comes to hurricane season because it dropped the chances for storms -- or the and to try to develop so. But they can look at. I heavily years and they do it every year they'd look at conditions going on right now. And they look back it's -- to see what happens when conditions were the same and that about five years that are similar in 19571960. Degree. 6597. And 2002. Only -- one of those years. The -- at some activity in 57 we may remember hurricane Audrey with a major hurricane that made landfall southwest Louisiana the earliest. A major hurricane that made landfall in the United States. 1963. With a pretty quiet year in the Gulf of Mexico that was more hurricanes they need to make landfall in Texas nothing really affected a Louisiana. Five we all remember Betsy that looked -- the year that was to a system in the Gulf of Mexico that year. 97 we have hurricane -- didn't move across lord black players. And they -- -- other systems in the gulf that year in 2002 we have hurricane -- and tropical storm Isidore that brought some flooding to Louisiana's delicate. Even though. You know the number is lower doesn't mean it's zero for the number of storms to develop that may affect us. You know you coverages quit at. El Nino and it's going to be a quieter hurricane season I'll try to bring up the rest of it but I know why you did because it only takes one. Right and as you know a lot of people may agreed that some of these these forecasts really don't mean this thing. And it's just giving us an idea that we may see a lot of activity that he's in the war. Not that much but that doesn't mean that our chances are zero the numbers are lower. You know he played yacht you know long enough to a bit more no storm -- your chances are higher -- -- didn't make landfall near or at a if these numbers lower for the number of activity what our chances are lower but not really zero. We don't have anymore time next time correlate in the discussion with you and indeed did this on here with meals ready about why the hurricane centers based in Colorado which would seem to be the the farthest possible point from where these hurricanes happen but no time for that will do it next -- have a great weekend -- our army --