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4-11 8:15am Tommy, high prom costs

Apr 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to Nat Sillin, the Head of US Financial Education for Visa, about the average cost of prom

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So we're talking not proms mending. And has some it has gotten completely and totally out of hand and different groups of people -- different money and they divided up amongst the kids. And themselves into larger extent. We thought to be a distinctive to ask about parenting and how do you draw the line and how did your parents struggle line. Between given you those once in lifetime memories right you only have one chance to go to a junior prom in your life for the most part. Or a senior prom or media. A family trip what have -- does he think you know one before you know it kids be on acknowledge in a may have some money but it won't have the memories -- -- and joins us right now that. Head of the US -- head of US financial education. For a -- good morning net. Good tell me what you do with financial education. So -- beat him and for peace a wide. Range of programs focusing on teaching the basic budgeting NC. I'm not not market -- products are talking about products -- It did stick to a budget. And learn the basics of being able to manager personal -- we have curriculum. On educational games that are free will that you consumer spending surveys like this on prom -- as you want a much -- chief -- meet under the pillow and and the folks. Spend on fourth of July in and around the holidays it is it is that -- raise awareness for. And Cree it create an opportunity to talk about how to how to spend responsibly. About what happened and what happened at a at a problem or. Or will be able to beat something under the pillow for your kids when -- pertinent topic debate in doing. I'll tell you this would Tooth -- better start low. Not that the area is not real magazine the kids and a car we're talking about help that team Terri may need. That app at that little we can think -- and other data but it. It debt that another interest in discussing how much to search leader of the -- in the weather that marched to. Because it is very started in my house very high at money and then. He's very realized how many teeth there war and held it to protect very bad point. Tell me before we get to prom specifically. How do you address that and what do you advise people to do because. I think it's happened all of this where the kids are you know maybe get to the point where they're not -- really care about Disney World anymore and you can't really afford the trip -- say you know what. -- put on a credit card wary about that later you got the memories for you and memories of the kid. Maybe prod me you know -- only as I was saying before you came on growing and have one chance at prompt. Maybe buying him a car maybe college how do you balance so it is. -- -- -- And most important thing particular for -- used to the open dial with your chin you know a lot of certain individuals. Don't feel comfortable talking about having the money talk with student rhetoric talks. -- -- -- About other things -- -- to talk about it because they have. So. The first step and good -- Nolan for victory. And every thing that their -- -- proper decisions that it was it made it certainly could have an open dialogue kitchen table with your winters. -- -- -- About money it is a person in the important step and then. I think that thing it's not illegal you know taking it one step for the crime you can read -- -- human. And look at you know what are you are our -- where can we cut back and start small and simple and build there. In one day here they get there but you just try to. Take a step in the right direction you you'll get their short terms -- I think that you best advice. About your personal finances -- and where is power in an intrepid pilot actually went -- It is having children growing. -- becoming a young adult. And in the future and their right. Tell me about prom spending and what did you study find. And you've got so. Actually you know I think I'm spending it spiraled out of control years we've been doing the serving warriors in the short circuit looked at how much average couples and the problem. Every year except. We've yet before the result came out whether -- gonna go up much stronger than ever bigger picture it's for far too much all of the other expenses that. Household with looking looking at our -- were up after the work for strapped. On paso this year are standing -- her attitude and they're happy to say that it's down about 14%. So usual average daily in the spend 970. Dollars from. In the in the south which which include the -- -- channel but who left in the actor in the region 926. Hours. One. That it that the great question that -- -- -- circuit enters the total. Also on ticket to call your ego or let. Caught. Transportation call -- under their picture taken. Of all the expenses that that would related problem at a very quickly. Com and and and so that's what that these numbers are greater. You know back in the day and a it was where you you indulge Mueller but -- where you -- Net but you know here it would seem like high school kids get their tuxedo and the from what was no limo and and we we have so many great restaurants here in new law -- it be in ninety go -- you know and people would go to. And differs. Maybe solo for the first time with a date or group to go to some of the great restaurants we have here. And I see so many kids -- you know limo problem suit on. Taxi be on that there's human crap he's which is my catch jail term for chain restaurants -- -- as to -- away money on mind. -- If it is crazy seeing that trend in. In. You know battle already stated that Israel had a problem going up more important part poor that you wanna keep up with the art. You know and and so. Teens feel greater greater pressure anomaly that picture on the more expensive. Items that go with it and in a more extensive experience but they feel more pressure app they're probably elaborate way -- You know with the Pulitzer that the administration. Yeah I -- an example of have a very elaborate do what some would call a ridiculous way to ask somebody to a prom. I've heard stories of the day talking about from that. That it that a student has had rented one of those planes -- the -- drag the banner behind it almost like the wedding you know we eat huge here. In wedding proposal at at -- -- to a truck and so those -- -- playing with a dragging any one of those that you keep each operate it. In a year and it completely. In -- I mean you know things been like that or renting you know I heard another story. Someone -- -- -- You know getting the singer common and knock it or saying you know not -- saying it'll pop -- to there. I'll answer a lot of us are more registered -- welcome -- threaten its partners equally troubling. Net we're out of time I appreciate you spend in a couple of minutes with us here nets -- head of the US financial education for v.s and let's say it was a lot cheaper and that they'd be technique guy used messages Robin Munis and baggage. That's very -- like that you don't need to created. -- more or I or I act that you can help but it and stick to the book it's called planet. -- you and pocket PIP. From and it's treaty or sort regulator the senate budget and -- stick to that budget and it -- are these are do that with fifteen unit agreed to a week I come.

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