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4-11 9:10am Tommy, Colbert to replace Letterman

Apr 11, 2014|

Tommy talks to Neil Genzlinger, a TV critic for the New York Times, about the decision to have Stephen Colbert replace David Letterman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is trying to talk about this -- and laying in the times TV critic. -- let. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it broken up here in the way the way have to read it on -- -- canceling New York Times TV critic. So are good thanks for joining us again Neil and I apologize deeply about -- -- tell me about tell me about the selection of Stephen told there. I it sure happened. -- that I they would stirring except a little longer to get some more publicity and buzz about it. But it makes you wonder if this little thing ready to go before Letterman made his announcement. But it's certainly an interesting choice and one that I think a lot of people will -- Misconstrue and a lot of ways cold there courses on a Comedy Central now -- eight. -- comic persona. And a lot of people don't realize that he's actually very serious Smart guy. And he will instantly become. The -- I think late night television he will he will be more mature than. And I Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel over. Any of the others. The only -- people secretly. I that there's that segment that but also bringing -- creativity that thing it's just not going to be the kind of. That torture and for the youth market that the others burning I think it's going to be a bit more. Sophisticated. When it comes to. Com. Did -- in the cold -- and -- persona. Is because we've on -- -- and every may even release seen Stephen -- there we've seen the cold air S character that he's plan. And there's no doubt right on that he's an extra poignancy in extremely intelligent guy but -- -- question is. Does he is that now how do you go from being yourself to be in the persona UN plane. I he has said he is not gonna bring the character with him. Didn't sit in the show. Which is. I I would like to see. How that character might have turned up in jail in some -- but. Yeah yeah I think that maybe things like I've been doing that that Pittsburgh almost a decade now and if you acknowledge that it's it's a persona that the character it's not him. You think in terms of like a Broadway actor there's no Broadway actor who's gonna wanna play the same park for ten straight years four nights a week. And so he's got to begin maybe a little tired of the debt. That because that I think there's a lot more Steven called there and and just make him. -- -- -- Politicians and so so on like he does on the -- yeah. But interface which sometimes. I loved they made it very popular view. Right. About the the courage of that I'd love the. Fact that. Politicians. That that people were willing to go on match knowing it would be. Treated that way. That occasionally he would do it again to didn't get the concept and let's sort of sort of caught off guard and most of them. People who would go on his show. We're doing so willingly because state decade you know they want to publicly. Politicians. Want publicity -- anything mentally kind of publicity cases and enjoyed that. The little sparring match with even cold air and it gives them a little. Treaty -- sort of and so it I enjoyed it down. It will be interesting to see if he allocates the -- The list of late night television which I think he will and I hope he will I I hope he broadened that -- a little bit -- a lot of late night TV you get celebrity. Yeah. You know and on the plug -- TV show and they called there has the ability he wants to bring. Other people into that mix other professions and that makes he can bring. You know he he little interview on his current -- Italy might have an off their one night in sports figure another night and a think tank person the next night so. -- -- -- official perhaps. We're I -- the cabinet official perhaps you never know. The -- that that would be nice to see happen because. You know that that -- endless stream of celebrities to drop through these talk shows that kind of kind of up vacuous. This thing I was wondering -- you know if you do and those things. In interviews as a persona nudge nudge wink wink is Stephen cold there and then if you really become -- does that. Then become arrogant is get the changes style of it's coming from a real person. The head -- certainly be his challenge is to two. Make that distinction pretty quickly. And selling to people that that felt himself rather in the character and make himself. Interesting -- the character has been over the years. And that's going to be and had a difficult job. Especially against the competition he's going to be. It does not going to be pretty well entrenched by the time he takes over that show. So what would CBS consider a win for this election case you mentioned he's more mature. I don't know if there's any word that your opinion that he's gonna -- a tried I guess the level of the discourse on the show and I just wonder how they define it as a win if they're not gonna go after that younger demographic and I'm now is is it about maybe being able to sell more. Affluent audience. It's certainly they would love that and I think it's also win if they'd just get people talking about. This show again. Letterman sort of turned into the reliable. But the -- predictable. Guy which it's not the same about him because he was so. Innovative when he first started people forget that that a lot of what we see now only not help my late night television Israeli. Extrapolating on what David Letterman did he first came on the air and continue to do for all those years that he. In that process he's sort of became the district. He became the kind of the -- one wants -- certainly went flat -- disappeared. And I think they would be happy if just if called there restored some of the bonds that Letterman and early on. Which he can do I think -- C exe. You know come up with new ways to present that format and doesn't just immediately laps into the monologue. Slash. Celebrity interview. A look at Affleck and not to not to single those two out but I think that's what you're time which -- any of canceling New York Times TV critic about the selection. But Stephen told there and it has there been word. Leaked out among the -- in the industry about people perhaps -- were approached and turned it down did you. Earlier alluded to the thing that maybe they knew it was gold -- time before Letterman announced his. Is a lead in the -- a year. I haven't seen -- much about. You know doubt that behind the scenes. Stopped and makes me think there wasn't wasn't much. Behind the scenes used from the beginning. I I think they they had said that their target and got their target right off the bat. I don't think you know Craig Ferguson I don't think whatever. Seriously in the picture too wacky for that that earlier time slot. And some of the other names that you know it's shootaround or. Interest in water cooler talk but I I bet they were never really. Number one on the list. Well it is a lady here that that runs there are plays and name's Diane -- she's. Brilliant. Don't get on her bedside just kidding but. Com she was she was suggested Tina fame when I heard that you know that some audio and almost either stay up late to watch your certainly DVR the show cannot go a second watch it the next day -- How do you think. -- would have played out given Tina -- creativity. Level of ability as a performer. Like ability and then be in a woman against the guys on late night TV. That that would have been interesting to see and probably would've worked a little better than that Chelsea handler was something that was talked around the -- He'd say it would have been nice. Night. Experiment at the patent if a woman can. Till that time slot and announces that anyone else maybe Ellen DeGeneres -- few years back. Not so much now. I don't know if there's anyone but Tina Fey who could bring in the kind of name recognition and the you know the audience comfort level at that time slot to at least give the woman had a chance -- that that was of course the big disappointment that. Announcement is that it can't another middle aged white guy. That. Bet that sent the news and capture. Network like CBS since the one to take the risk gone. On some other demographic there. If if they organic victory asking if they might have been a great good choice for that that. And right for the New York Times for how long. Almost twenty years so you tenure in New York so I'm gonna ask you view of an enemy you. It was an analyst moon uses Verizon's president CBOs. Yeah yeah. I'm gonna put you in his chair who would you have eight. I would have. A parent and you know fire what do if there's a better choice out there than -- the one he made. It's from the it perspective of the big guy will probably be pretty good. At the job AT&T. Selection. Got a little. You know got. We're open semis and and caused a little bit about which -- it says it's probably the main thing there after. Right now I think he made it pretty good choice segment made it a little. -- that -- trial the suspense because. You know that that didn't people who have been talking about the full summer if you let them do so. Hard pressed to think of the better. Somebody who has a better chance of success in the jobs and Steven cold there. Before I let you go real quick on that they have a year now to put the show together in terms of process. Where you start with that we get the area from now -- so let's have a meeting and decide would we want the shuttle look like. Admitted that it starts before that it'll start with the wind who he can assemble or re writing and production staff whether he brings is Comedy Central people. With him or. Start from scratch but beyond that. I hope where they start is. What can we do to this late night format to. Reenergize to debate it is there another way to do -- late night show band. Ten minute monologue. To get that may be a bit and playing a song at the end widgets and. That's -- as Atlanta -- I appreciate your time early till we get to talk to you again. Left it.

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