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4-11-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on oil fracking

Apr 11, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks to State Representative Tim Burns and St. Tammany City Councilman Jake Groby about oil fracking.

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And of course it is a Friday every Friday on the front addition to the think -- you got me -- -- filling in for Garland -- -- will be back with you on Monday got a great show lined up for you three hours of the interesting conversation and talk -- we invite you to participate. In a number of ways off course the telephone calls at 2601878. Toll free number 8668890878. We also have a text board that comes directly into the studio he's simply text this at 87878. But we ask you to text responsibly no texting and driving have a designated driver if you texting. Our designated -- -- driving. Well -- keep those phone lines open in the -- board for -- the -- three hours and not really invite you to participate in the show we're gonna wrap it up in the noon hour. With I guess and Jeremy dice is going to be talking with a from the liberty institute uses senior counsel. But this issue that that came up in Dearborn Michigan where he -- their public school. Handed out fliers to students promoting what they call an extravaganza. At the church. Basically in a kind relay race a toss no mention of religion no mention of any religious activities. There are some parents Muslim whose parents who were concerned. That this event are trying to convert they're used their upset that the school passed out these flyers. They see it. As a church vs state issue wounded in that. In our second hourly 11 o'clock hour you will depend on the 36% more efficient Louisiana. Well as a bill -- -- passed that would mobile happen and will no longer be the second cheapest gulf state deficient but the second highest. There's two sides to this story proponents say it's a small price to pay for getting better management to produce better fishing. The opponents say well we pay enough now and is there anything in his bill that will prevent the governor or anyone else from raiding the fund which has been done. In the past will be talking to David Cross on the director of Louisiana chapter of a CCA who is behind this in -- Promoting and advocating the increase in license V and also Randy Moss scene. Who was he assistant secretary of Louisiana department alive and fisheries to tell us if passed. What this money would be used for that's coming up in the 11 o'clock hour. This hour we -- -- thoughts towards saint Tammany parish. There are plans underway to seek a permit from department of natural resources. Which would allow a well to pass through an act or five system to extract oil and gas through a fracking project. On the landowner. The oil companies say it's a safe practices being used in over 2000 wells in northwest Louisiana without problems. Saint Tammany government officials are comic cautious. Another is a lot of residents to -- polls to this whole concept of fracking. We gonna discuss that find out from a state representative district 89 demanded built Tim Burns his thoughts on and also the saint Tammany. Our councilman who is in is district is is going to be in -- To kind of tell you where I am on this thing -- mean course a lot of you know I live in saint Tammany parish on my property I have two wells system's -- water. One is a shallow eighty foot well. But believe in and out of got actually the old Tommy hand pump on where you'd but the -- an underwritten pump the water comes on -- call them Armageddon well case Powell goes out. Things break down. I will always have a source of water. On that water heavy on the iron content probably good for you. Health wise but David Connelly stains and you can actually taste the -- -- it. The other well I have is more along the lines of 12100 feet deep. -- it's in a good Aqua fired beautiful good clean clear tasty water that comes out of it. This. Fracking project would call for a well to be driven about thirteen thousand feet from what I understand. Certainly it would pass through and assume and mind to act of fires and other amplifies that saint Tammany and many other parishes draw their water format or -- is kind of like an underwater river sealed in rock. And tomorrow and now is the way. All for me will have -- some more research but to my understanding. Fracking actually what the process causes days they pumped down a solution. In to a well. That creates cracks into the the rock and share the shale. And then when news drain that solution adamant. The oil and gas resources that a sport in net -- actually come into the well and then they can be extracted to the top. So obviously what this means you gonna have oil and gas in and in case sealed pipes. -- steel and concrete. Will be passing through these water. -- of course the risk is should something break down. You might hear -- to be saying he's got -- -- gas -- through a -- when he principal war Arafat's. That would be worse case now I don't know if there's been any cases of that and there's been a lot of opposition to fracking is a big debate that's been going on. Really all over the country about whether this is safe whether it's not. We gonna talk to -- to guest about that also we gonna talk about. Risk vs reward use a saint Tammany parish. Citizen. Are you concerned about this and mentally. And what is in it for the people of the parish we know what's in it for the company the oil company we know what's in it for the land on was applying for the permanent property. Obviously. Oil and gas some very valuable resource but will that. Ripple effect out into saint -- that I must get into our -- we have Jake -- saint Tammany parish councilman joining us and also. Tim Burns a representative from man to build gentlemen welcome aboard thank you for taken it to on the talk was about this this issue. Good Jake and -- Tim I'll leave it up -- -- guys that I had given adequate description of what fracking is or could you may be an elaborate a little more as I'm sure you've done. Quite a bit -- research or if you have not you plan to before week. You know proceed with whether you give it your blessing to for DN ought to approve this permanent. Well from Abu -- did pretty good description of the go fracking process. Basically they're going to be injecting the -- -- sand and chemicals under high pressure into the jail to break it apart. The -- would stay back acting as they separated between this year also that the oil and gas can flow -- the same days. The problem with the parking is that as they pump the oil and gas from the -- Along with the problems the dirty water so to speak to -- and in the first place. That quarter reports that considers a Hazmat and it had to be pumped into upon and then taken off site to -- That itself. Has a little bit of concern as well not just the well. And -- this would take place in your district give me a little better location of where this well would be drill. Approximately a half mile more provides world an apartment -- a mile east of highway 1088. Up the next quadrant right there it is zoning for the property right now entirely commercial too which. Opens up another question whether or not doesn't it would be adequate for well. I'd so miss the people not for me with a dead 1088 is that one of the newer exits of the division enormous amount of land that was -- there there's a school not far from there. How far. Would this area would this will impact them how big of an area draws water from the -- or far that despite would have to pass through. Well we got the power is known as the southern hills or -- apple are it provides water or 99% of all saint Tammany. Good chunk of all of tangible actually it goes all the way in Mississippi and parts Novo. Arkansas this is the main -- -- wanna say there are seven overlap Koppel are all on pins into one. Should this solemn. Should there be any mistake nobody wants one we certainly don't expect one. But it there where is the immediate area surrounding the well could probably have an issue with -- extraction. One has been an initial reaction from new constituents I have they really discovered are heard about it yet or is it still. People just finding out about it. Learned that in the meeting with missed appointment on March 28 on. And I believe outburst or maybe they're so before on what shall it be accurate so they all the facts. The 91 person in support it as you know most of it is just in itself as -- as one. -- -- -- All right -- let me bring in Tim Burns represent -- -- thanks for joining us 20 thing you can add at this point to what -- and I have been talking about diseases in your district in -- of the people who use that you serve. I don't know that's correct. Just like Jacob getting you know getting acquainted with. Two this week -- And that I issued a letter to the commission testicles -- commissioner conservation. That is -- you know war but it issued a letter to the commissioner. -- requesting an extension -- -- at least on the news station here. Which is the first step -- a drill permit that with The Beatles day so. Because of that what we're trying to get their hands around this I think Jamaica. You know explained it very very well. You -- -- geology and the impact on the community. And equity boom and trying the -- of the -- Mandela today with everything that I pay double it and just try to get information out to the community and in just gauged public opinion or. How can someone get on that list or may be access a site where you're information will be available today. We couldn't do it could start coordinated its -- and legislative web site. Gut that the web site that I it is is Tim -- -- come. -- Yes that's our legislative side and we're we're putting together the information. You know trying to get as many people as we care and in. Anybody want to go in and -- me an email or call me. You know coma legislative office. That's 98562. -- 4492. Be happy to get them all the information. But got a pretty good about it now what does that processes and you know now -- Everybody act intended to the from the commissioners so that people. Have an idea -- school this process. You'd like to take in the paper and a Inca. It's in the first well in in saint Tammany it's not in isolated area it's feeling heavily populated. He is school very close to -- subdivisions very close to it so it's not a net. Pick somewhere to even do. He owns and Dixon -- benign in Memphis and little parish draws a walk us promise we're. Good point report. And that's a baby doesn't make any difference but it just makes it that much more pressing community because that the fact that. People around. -- -- between the catastrophe vehicle could cause we would expect a big area which has. Dealing with it dated today being close to the way he's been close to -- weird is it going to -- remote area. About it gentlemen we're gonna take a break and we come back and wanna talk about the possible reward. For the parish to constituents for the risk of water contamination. And also solve what has been done as far -- research on other areas maybe if you plan on making business to some of these others to observe. What is going on orbit do you have any known problems that have happened with his practice of practice. Which document saint Tammany parish councilman Jake probing we also have actually represented from district 89 in -- ago. Tim burns and will be back to talk to you also right here on the big 87 WW. Now welcome back into the Friday edition of the think tagged on to view with you we have on the line with this gig -- saint Tammany parish councilman also state representative from district 89 on the North -- team burns and we're talking about a fracking debate for saint Tammany parish landowner it would hold event. Also on -- to him only tract of land. That -- all will be asking along with Alice oil and gas company that they would -- and he issued a permit from the department of natural resources to create -- drilling and production unit which would penetrate. Thirteen thousand feet deep passing through at least one act will fire. A major aquifer that supplies and only 99% of saint Tammany parish and water but many others. Could be some risk involved with a there's a lot of opposition and controversy about house -- ranking is. It's not brand new it's been done and many other places in the in Louisiana in northwest Louisiana has been pretty extensive. Over 2000 wells. I don't wanna talk about the risk in reward aspect of it. First of all objected has -- been plans revealed as far as what would you accompany this Venus is not just going to be. Small pipes to economic ground obviously -- got to have you know holding tanks -- -- trucks -- come in truck out pipes to fight but someplace. What would be the adjunct. Elements involved with production unit like this. All of the a crash course and moaning about that acquire -- surveys that I understand they're gonna bring animal drawing board said -- of course there will be supplied -- -- -- some on side. A home. It does well is similar to others they're gonna have to dig a retention pond on the property to restore the war not and other issues you know. I think -- -- and deep reservations about the project on several issues dog. Many citizens no -- do for a living public water treatment been doing now for over thirty years but you can probably guess first and foremost of data protection on the -- Drilling into the hopper is not a problem we -- -- to that event it's a -- it will be partially for the bottom are often known as impervious player that concerns. Yeah of course and in the case importantly you know decay of our department of the world which a lot of -- And mortar record or -- -- -- -- if something were to go wrong we -- no real alternate source to draw from. You know but originally it was a successful how many more might we expect to be -- Also you know in a deflected. Equipment equal amounts of their own portal which means it meant to -- there and supply it. -- and everything average over the last ten days. Each where you'll -- Wii console -- you know more gallons of fresh water just admit to make decorum fact that they inject into the well. The you know. You know. It should be some increased testing of the ground water immediately around the well to make sure that. -- know each -- Hinske to ground. Protection -- what happens and who is responsible for ultimate reckoning on the ground -- a local park apartment which is far different. It -- of course be first responders and you know it's gonna ask them back from monies to respond to this and not normally have a at a transportation. The fire on the -- -- I -- recourse state roads and if anything can happen to them and have an epic performance all of our department's. You know protection ever -- structure. On as usual for Atlanta out of a construction site is going to be increased drainage issues and you know -- looking -- the pictures that we probably have to maintain. Of course the only concern you know it might have said before she was zone the project area is they seem to. Nothing in our agency to even comes close to allow drilling otherwise I understand it based on conversations with the counselor turning. This state pretty much trumps local -- when it comes of this were battling -- And of course. -- I think they're -- want it does normally get. Okay Jake -- have to take a break if the news it continues stay with us also to the rest of this -- Sure okay very good because -- -- wanna get more into the reward for eleven fact I've got one about text about the very good point. These uses have been any discussion of royalties war. The citizens of saint Tammany parish we know it'll benefit -- oil and gas LLC. We know will benefit the landowners but what benefit for the risk is there for the people of saint Tammany parish will be right back with talking. With state representative Tim Burns in saint Tammany parish councilman Jake -- those of you on hold -- there will get two calls in and also -- text that he 7870. Right now is time for news news. It was over there are standing by with the news will be right. And we're talking about fracking in saint Tammany parish oil and gas so landowners have been in discussion at all companies that would like to drill thirteen thousand feet down through water -- fires to extract oil and gas. We're talking with Tim Burns state represented in that area commander bill also -- Roby who was saint Tammany parish councilman who. -- Jake I don't think we can have a better choice -- someone get involved in this given your background to the analysts in water quality for a number of years and you understand waste water treatment as a a big part of this -- wanna talk about the rewards of this certainly we understand you -- company would love to do -- the property on the stand. To make a profit off of this what is in it for saint Tammany to risk their water as far as no matter how small launched at risk might be. Is -- going to be a ripple effect and an industry that grows is -- gonna generate tax income for the parish in for the local community in. You know. Well what will be the benefits in order for people put their -- Long ago where. I am sure. Suppose it would have to -- several factors. So that would. You know it'd -- data was certainly in discussions would be it would be you know. Parish level you know who would you edit only the parent should get severance taxes. That's the only thing that I would you know I don't know with the amount would be here. Did that but dealt with debt that would be -- BP board -- the state of course gets to put up. That's sort of work. Jake do you have any information on all the benefits of that they would try to sell this to the Paris and they just saying we wanna do it and you know we take our money and -- -- on the promise these we gotta do and severance taxes and gone. And yet these -- actions and course. Depends on -- successful when you know. It is it is a calculation probably become a -- That of course that money goes into the general on the -- -- -- -- and on tax which anything like that so. It would be an infusion. Whatever the mountaineers into the general on. I can say one thing that's been very fair working council district she is early and out of work -- I have no problem with. We talked on this issue she's in in the same position we -- scrambled and get audiences because. You know she's going to be called and have questions just as well. The com -- other -- did you know. Theoretically there will be some economic development the company will of course come in with their workers and for the those workers with here you know depending on what -- and checks and although there may be long or short term development there. The -- Issue is that we've yet to question Cleveland public about on somebody -- and about rookies. As I have read the equitable part of -- date I want there about sixty land owners within an immediate area. That erratically have been notified as well -- on. And because it is one of erratically and it went well on the ground it's a moral one of their property world there are entitled to something. I don't begin to understand that aspect of -- need to. But there there are listed in the original document -- bubble but the state. So someone. Would. In fact benefit from another in those two particular Lendl as any other landowners that they you realize that some of this oil and gas would be coming from underneath their profit because it's moving. Horizontally it's not just coming straight down from underneath the the property owners property it's also pulling it in from the Jason. Property owners to. I also got another Texan with a very interesting point. And I know we're just kind of getting in this and stunning all aspects of it but what is there any discussion about setting up a trust from some of the income. In order for an accident or environmental issues that show up some way to address that financial. You beat me -- I'm going to suggest that to the Paris -- as we get further along to the council leadership I would think. It would only be sensible to have some of that money aside should we have to bolster the home budget for the part apartment which this. The depending on how the property is -- of course whether or not the and then on taxes or increase I would assume they are right now. I believe it's considered Timberland and it pays very little taxes which as you know fare far. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Without question that it belongs actually gonna have to go -- that I will help the local you know local fire department of first responders and all but. I would think that as a safety margins setting some of the money if I would make very good sounds. Another question nominal from the legal aspect national precedent is a huge part of law if there's permit is granted to this to these landowners. What is -- a prevent me from going forward with an -- company behind me saying I'd like to -- department -- -- property to and -- -- and that in and -- on Evan wells all over the -- to -- limits on how many of these -- who can apply for mark. Minimum tracts of land what is in place to regulate. Just everybody wanting to get in office. I -- That's the question we just -- -- just know he would take it through congress on the basic one yes it is based properly apart. I am at camp -- a little bit over the web under the state guidelines I don't believe any web can be drove within 600 feet of the that I don't realize that particular area. -- So you know what -- meet -- as well as somebody wants to put an effort there. And they come to an agreement with our company and you know that applied to the state just like the appointment Ellis has. And you. Teddy. Yeah I mean your opening in the open door obviously. It. So shocking that it just happened so quick to eat up Glendale where. Flooding automatic pay somebody to drill the -- street so it. We definitely would president adults. Mean obviously it would it could be illegal residents do you -- 11 packaged. Exactly exactly and you. Like you've created. Open the door prickly touched I I agree. We've got to take a break here we come back we have Wayne calling in from Covington he says that he works in the fracking industry and he wants to explain a little further about the process will be glad to take his information. Also if you've got questions or comments if you formed an opinion. Two things -- Alaska you cast your vote on unscientific. Ready opinion -- at WW all dot com right now. 57%. Or in favor of fracking 43%. Are opposed cast that vote and also if you want to make a comment to your state representative. Or to saint Tammany parish councilman please call -- a text this will be right back. This is the Friday edition of the think tank on WW. Welcome back to the think tank we are discussing fracking are coming to saint Tammany parish. Is the risk of all water. Contamination worth the reward of skimming oil and gas production in saint Tammany parish were talking with. State representative from Vanderbilt Tim Burns also saint Tammany parish councilman whose district is would be in the if in fact the DNR proves the permit. For the pole -- -- family and also for a beaded Timberland owners as well as -- oil and gas LLC. Is Jake -- beat. Gentlemen I know -- crime on a fact finding mission of -- out as many things in facts about fracking is weekend we have a caller on line waned from Covington. That would like to explain the process low for the Wayne thank you for calling -- could get a little bit about your background in the fracking industry. I think it first thought I didn't tell you call that was I didn't represented fracking industry. A retired problem I have my drills side manager retired from Beijing US salt content after all in the US and overseas. So your experience is more in drilling -- necessarily -- No time tracking and supported drilling production. And fracking at -- or -- it drilling once we drilled wells. We complete the well then you -- well then it will come more -- that's all supported drilling now. Okay so what is -- you -- tells. OK god first -- forming aquifers let me explain to you wanted before they before they trail. They have been submitted permit to halt of natural resource. In that the coal and natural resources. Australia that debt but the golfer and they also going to show you what -- -- insist that. That's in that case and that's gonna go through that war and should be the surface case. The circuit case and should extend to and a low. The war 41 at that caved in Roland Petit and amended. And the cement option -- well above that offer that case so the outlook for will be. Isolated by by -- and -- -- Wannstedt casing that. And you're guilty production well what the production bulge drilled in the law. Another string of casing run and cemented again it's different -- casing and I don't know for the I don't know any of the drilling program since. The cement almost like to come up about our offer it and electric string indicated in -- strength of some -- But you have to look that drilling program to. No plan at all of the information that's submitted the -- Natural resources. -- of all the bombing at a time before the permit species. Okay once once the well casing cement and off single accomplishments today. And you and you -- -- ignorant to think and production equipment. -- -- that they need these generally object tracking. The fracking everybody had these concerns about fracking. But that that -- power that you need to practice formation. Is dissipated quite wrap it quite rapidly. And I don't really concerned about or four. Don't -- -- -- all concerned about as one would be well control in and the reason for that is. If it really -- popped -- independent way Iraq. It can be a very high pressure. I don't worry about the fracking or about well don't you just make sure you have the right equipment owner -- The people properly trained and that thirty you have the correct casing. And you get the correct casing -- done we do it all the time. If you trapped between Baton Rouge and Lafayette. -- -- but he's well on flat road. You well have been there for years that's on people's land those people get their -- water from that same thing everybody the issue is -- -- They have inspectors with the state of Louisiana who who checked -- well -- accomplished clearly. These inspectors with the state goal while. And make sure that the work is done according to the fault is that in in regulation. That pot of natural resource of people companies -- just not out for him vacuum is being monitored all the time. -- -- natural peaceful. And it percent to settle standards that they have to -- so that there's nothing new. That's been done it's just been dominate different location. So. That's a -- -- have -- say about that everybody seems to be concerned about this -- Hasn't been all over the US. Well let me let me remind you -- all drilling has been done all over the world and -- very stringent regulations and in criteria for allowing them to drill and to extract oil and gas. Let me mention to you. Deep water horizon day things can go wrong even under the -- best circumstances. We've got to take a break -- -- come back -- one rapid uptake groping and Tim Burns. To get us to tell what they will be doing here going forward. And Tony trying to research this and get that information to saint Tammany constituents who ultimately I guess we'll have a say so in whether these permits a -- will be right back to listen to the think tank. One WW. I'm getting an awful lot of texts are recommending. For the audience to look -- -- gas land and gas land to some documentaries. That are running -- you'll find out more about fracking. Gentlemen that Tim burns and -- Kobe thanks for coming on we just about out of time and then I'd love to get you both back on again when maybe you have -- a definite opinion. On whether there should be a goal or no go after some more fact finding in public hearings I held. When would be the next thing that that may develop on this Jake what is -- hearing scheduled -- decision to come up on the permit process. All the hearing ugliness that war armed men and may. I'm unsure probably one of the things to do -- -- yeah. But it down mean down. He may thirteenth street and secluded -- could get a lot -- equipment email for those people reach out to me it's. Jerry the G will be. As TPG. OV dot RG. One of the things that I have a council trying to do is that bomb. Well of course curious problem in the high 81 and again especially to your turn to guide -- and what rules and regulations the status. So we can make sure that we. Of course don't get accused and inhibiting this from a business standpoint. But at the same time we need to know -- -- -- options are sure we have any question to put on something. Arrogant gentlemen thank you both for coming on look forward to the next visit. Stay right and left Tim Burns in saint Tammany parish councilman Jake Roby. I -- back -- gonna talk about raising your fishing license.