WWL>Topics>>4-11-14 1:10pm Angela: from French Quarter Fest, Hour 1

4-11-14 1:10pm Angela: from French Quarter Fest, Hour 1

Apr 11, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch broadcast from French Quarter Fest 2014 and talk with jazz vocalist Banu Gibson and Betsie Gambel of the Hotel Monteleone.

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I feel like I've finally arrived at -- -- radio that I get an assignment like this three glorious hours on a perfect today. Sitting next to one of the most perfect guys I know home and Ian. Are in Hulk. They -- legend in his own time but I'm telling you if you have not been outside it's everything you want it to me and I really mean that it is the most beautiful. Whether. People are joyous. I'm -- gained five pounds to smelling the -- -- a couple of -- and about the third hour we are going to survive but we're gonna hold off because. We have some fabulous people to talk to you know we better get to them you know we do and let me tell you that we can start off or day. With someone as special and incredible is -- Gibson. Says at all on your service or else I mean that from the heart because we go back many many men we do we go back a long way when I first moved to town back in 1972. -- that I -- 72 I had that's okay that's -- -- I think that we we ran into each of you doing the gridiron show back at this time gosh it was in the seventies that's right now the end was not a speck on the horizon on that's all I needed a little earned his mother's side. -- her father's -- which would you livers that but probably mob mob has the Portland area. We're just glad they delivered through but let me just say to -- -- first of all you are truly a gift in this community. You represented us so beautifully around the world. And I I want people to know that it is around the world one minor little thing before we start talking about -- music. Several years ago I'm in a small town in Maine. I open the newspaper there's this very big and then it Gibson is going to be playing and so so I literally screen -- I submitted Gibson's going to be in -- people around looking at me what what does I think you don't understand. It's abandoned its. Talk to me about how many years you've done this wild. And the fastest. -- It has to go back. In to the eighties and maybe the seventies even where I sat in -- it has to be. Maybe back in the seventies when I'm missing -- Connie Jones that would sit in this band. And then I put my band together in 81 and I know we started doing such a different story then. Early on. And of course things have changed it's just got it the secrets out the world knows weaknesses -- house covered yeah yeah. It was just to put -- a local local local because it is for locals. But the rest of the -- invited that's it. Tell us. You describe your music. Now it's become like it hot chance it son. It's music from the heyday of American popular song sort of covers soup to nuts between the that 1920s to the 1940s. Dipping just that -- he bit into the fifties every once in awhile but it's. Covering a broad range of material from Louis Armstrong. To Billie Holiday and then all of that great Americans on the composers George Gershwin. Irving Berlin Harold Arlen -- it's part there's stuff. Love fats Waller and then of course all the great singers they came out of the twenties and thirties. This Smith Ethel Waters. Of course the Boswell sisters of New Orleans area. So there's there's just such a wealth of material -- it was. Surely heyday. Popular music when jazz was. The popular music analyst day. And let's -- that -- people forget that that was you know the racy music of the time it's your parents did when she was saying British athlete actor. You don't go to that George Gershwin contest. Look look crazy I hope that's right you know what I've seen her perform it's -- I think that's the word that comes out. You have so much energy. From Candace thank you -- the music that does it it's. If so infectious and it's a great so you know music is is food for the sole. And I think that they they talk about that if you go hear live music that you you come away from it it was really good like music. You are mentally and physically healthier. And actually makes you younger. So by coming out here everybody's gonna lead healthier and get younger at today's Alex it's that the physical. Response to to live music is actually apple pulled Lipton studies -- isn't that terrific you know. And let me just say she's going to be. In the in the Jackson square at the Chase Bank Capital One capital want to sorry Capital One at 215 so you still have time to get down here. Tickets back in time about what made you decide. Entertainment -- be my life and this is going to be the niche. I -- I think I always knew I started out as in dance school when I was a kid my mother had me in. In ballet at three and I always knew that music and entertainment is going to be my life didn't quite know exactly. In what form it was going to be I thought. By the time is of high school -- it would be back up singer. My first two professional jobs was a professional they answer so that I thought well I'll be dancing in my third job was singing and dancing. And that job was working for. A club the in Miami Beach that was. Affiliated with Jackie Gleason it was -- -- the bartenders and and -- lent his name to it is at the Hilton hotel. And it is doing a twenty street view and it was based on his Joseph the bartenders union so. -- the acts that book we dixieland bands and this group your father's mustache and so I was singing on linking to what he's material. And that's how that this -- came about for me and I also get exposed to -- dancing. There were lots of songs have been 1940s. And thirties that I didn't even know what. That type of music was but I heard it I was always attracted to a lot of this stuff from. Fred Astaire -- -- probably movies yeah I didn't know what that music was that -- it I like it I just this is so and again it's exactly which document joy yes. I'm happy and you know not growing up the Great Depression I have no idea that all that music from the 1930s. Had to be very positive because everything else -- darkness. And that's what what brought everybody up and gave -- -- to to go on I was just attracted to the positive energy and a fun songs -- the incredible. There's a lot of speed king with a lot of that using. Well anytime you see you perform people are tapping their feet they wanna dance to they want. There's just something freeing about death it's it it's that kind of music. And it's also very melodic and think that a lot of music has gotten away from. Being melodic gifts. All rhythm based and -- I think that what's great about the music that came out of the great American songbook in the twenties and thirties Broadway movies is they are. A perfect combination of both of them and morality. Better to. Perfectly combined to give you both sides of sometimes when you've just forgetting something with the feet. It's it it moves you viscerally. But. Sometimes the heart isn't there infidelities. To to bring your heart into it so that's my -- All that great American songbook classic jazz -- -- and the wonderful words yes yes well with great lyricists. Like that now there's a few people that are out there. Doing it actually did a show -- Newman's music over it's not harbor hero well as a Frenchman. With Debbie Davis and and -- McDermott of that pride and I think reading humans kind of one of those great American song -- writers whose -- classic. -- that's in that sort of John. Melodies and rhythm. Great song -- comes of that old tradition of this stuff so there's people out there doing it but it certainly. Not as. Prolific it's used in TV and I have -- roughing up out of there's something for everybody but you have found a wonderful -- it's I have yes it is almost minimizes on the -- it's it's. Profound sometimes she went really isn't it's it's become classic and what's what's great is possibly. When it. Allstate resurfacing it might that nostalgic but now all of that material -- become. The classic song book for America and those songs are now. You can't go we're not hearing Frank Sinatra or sting some classic American son the son of an elevator in -- Hershey store. Some place where it's it's now become part of our. -- musical memories. Also. We were listening to we had chance on him does that answer yes and which she brought to the jets this I was fascinated by it some simply years ago. But the bottom line is it's that kind of music. Right people are now wanting to dance to yes and ironically this -- intensive help bring back. This thirty swing style. Because that's what you have to dance to do so if you get a swing dance you in that's when it's hip hop you're signed if -- -- -- the this looks like steaks and got just got a million dollar idea I. Everyone stay with this happened and he's gonna tell -- -- million dollar idea. Up over going to be back with the end of Gibson ever gonna talk about her travels around the world right after this. Are we thrilled to be here are we thrilled to be here -- we're thrilled to be here yes we are Angela -- I'm excited somebody at -- from the hotel monthly on they've just brought us this platter full time sandwiches well I think you know when we when we take -- -- -- -- provider in the region very breath as they say absolutely -- modeled on -- we have doubles also very very appreciative that on -- Our very special guest who will be on stage at 215 here at Jackson square up performing her incredible performance and you really do that match. And I want to talk about how you've taken it really all over the world. Yes I've been really fortunate that's been I wanna but the band together in 81. We worked -- dirt street full time -- we were there for about two years before an agent approached me. And that we started doing performing arts centers and festivals and just you know going out on the road. Which was a lot of fun and then eventually. You know people from -- started dancing come on over and we did. Jazz festivals over the -- and some. -- which was wonderful I think one of my favorites. Jobs over there was we -- the class load jazz festival and we got to perform with the Norwegian radio symphony orchestra. So we had two gigs though one was playing with the jazz during the week and then we finished out there are weak with performing with them for this enormous concert. In one of their enormous -- it's just so much a spectacular street also performed in Japan yes. Twice. Think twice or three times over the years. The last I was with my own group. And the previous two times it went over with the world's greatest chance. And that that was so much fun that's the the big boys now and they were a lot of the remnants of the world's the issue has been from the original guys that. A company that -- cast on and then subsequent. Is it should come in afterwards. And so it was quite an honor to be asked is there a particular. It. Center festival internationally you remember that really stands out that you loved her or is it all kind of just yet just -- king he's still don't know they're all very special in different and I think the audiences in Japan for the outdoor festivals where -- fun because that really looked yes and they get it and they. They everybody in Europe and overseas knows much more about. American chants that Americans -- about Americans yeah it surprised me say they'll go back and tell you that. Williamstown recorded -- -- -- this day in Rome is on positions they've they've got it all around. Tell you via the numbers on the LP -- what the but they've got it all so it's fascinating you sort of have to. -- which talking about what you go overseas that. Do you have to do some teaching in -- well I just started to yes I have 5 years ago I am the executive director of the New Orleans -- as camp. I've been complaining for ever about how we need to pass on New Orleans she hasn't. We need to keep this going and finally I guess the little voice -- my hits it shut up stop complaining and do something about it doing so I did it's a weeklong. Jazz workshop for adults. There's things for kids in town but it was nothing for adults and that we get people to come in from all over the world. And we have faculty here in New -- -- in some faculty from. One got New York 11 got DC and female basically from California. In. People study and learn how to play early chances -- spurs played new ones can we do was second line they get to play preservation hall. It's just a wonderful week and it's really taken off. It's this years she eighteenth fourteenth. And we're almost sold out but we still have some. -- the people who live. Always fantasize all wasn't the jazz get through it you know with your parents say you have to be yet to be a doctor you can't be music and it. Forced them -- axes to do that it. And now they get to follow their passion and victory and one. One guy. Came up I guess is that the eight year and he came -- it looked tears running space suit you opened -- place in my heart I didn't know existed. Oh my gosh I was. OK I guess we'll keep doing yeah you know yeah I guess I know what I'm doing this bill which you're doing you're doing it from the heart because you so. Appreciate. This type of music -- -- right we need to share it we do and we've been lucky we've we've been out since the -- Huey that. Able to offer scholarships. -- local high school and college students so if they you know we find kids that have an interest in wanting to pass on -- chance. And we offered -- scholarship that come all week and they play with the rest of the campers and it's a wonderful. -- jumble of people let me tell you it's it's soup to nuts. That's really what we we had younger kids from like we get one kid who was like fourteen. There was like a little prodigy in his Penske -- that we can't. Take anybody underage that his -- parts. -- Bartlett straight. And and so that was a lot of fun. Our our youngest that it was fourteen in our oldest was 88. And T is now in our 88 year old has now moved into his nineties and is still showing up the plane. -- -- yeah listing of the dream. Indeed never too late never too -- never tell when they're just going to continue on and I am I am it's. It's it's a reason to get up in the morning and it's it's a reason to share. The good things like with other people. It's you know why I I I talked to Charles -- once that he. Put little blurb about what I said in -- of his books. And I said I'm so happy that I've done something in my life. That does hurt other people but only makes them. And there's lots of occupation so I don't think you can say that about if you do something with your life that makes other people. To people -- For people who are want more information is their website were to make of it yeah. If he's available on the Internet at WWW New Orleans. Schramm TR EDs. Chance came back east isn't traditional. That's right Fred jazz dot com -- So if you're sitting out there and you thought you know. I did I liked being an accountant and I'm really and it didn't look. This is your moment right right we don't take -- beginners you have to be able to play something that we have had people that. Had to remember which and they'll point to blow win so I can't even -- the and eighty years ago when it was there right right that's it well. Funded its and you were very special own very special to us as -- -- You are you have our hearts I'll tell you like -- -- Talk to all the time for years and years on TV I'll have. You sometimes he even answered back under its descent but I'm there apple -- radio heaven sakes I'm so happy picture on that if you know it is so great at. -- years some place in my heart that -- always there's not so I have you can hear all the time thank you very much -- we're gonna be listening to you totally happy man right here Japanese access pleasantly. So nice to be 220 yes thank you and you may see him swing dancing out loud I don't -- echoed around the little that you I. Thank you so much that it's the great on you Gibson. We're gonna take another break go to the newsroom but we're gonna carry on Chinese culture here at the festival. This is what I call living. In every meaning of the word I'm looking out here I am looking at people. Chomping down on beautiful food drinking glorious drinks. Just walking around people watching and let's get to hang out with me for three hours three hours like water -- that this. -- work if you want what did I do right in my view what what do these tiny cheeseburgers there's right triple borders crawfish balls chicken wings are kind of vegetable -- You know -- we have to think the mom Leon we -- -- 'cause they they are the ones thank you so much but you know help the perfect Segway is. Because our next guest is Betsy gamble. -- -- publicly on yeah. So -- well that's a gamble has gamble communications and is really truly one of the premier public relations people in this in the south a mine -- -- world -- itself. Always hear what we need her. And just sort of on tap with everything that's going on which are going to be talking about really the modeling on -- I loved the connection. Up that it is the hotel -- the official hotel of the French Quarter past. It isn't the hotel month Leon. We considered the gateway to the French Quarter you know it's just a lot of -- and now it's writing it's excellent and the thing that makes it magic that it is that. Music is one of the corners to end of the hotel. The hotels now 128 years -- And the political history it has just premiered on the the that's musicians. In in the Rio you know doctor John Alan -- -- the -- Live Barack -- can you -- me. -- prima and now of course lean the end affiliated now with with the hotels loved what she appears regularly yet. -- at the hotels with a great to have her -- you know to capture that history. You don't I did a -- our -- and leave them and I was so impressed. Not only as a talent but as a person she has a real connection to this area. -- -- front here than they moved away but it was like the calling to come back. And so it was sort of and then fly by the seat like Hanssen is hopefully argument to be. And the next thing you know she took care so far out she I mean that's a major she is terrific and she had not just following. Yes there were always excited when she appears that the parent you know -- And you have new talent like Robin bar. No one has just made much of fabulously name for herself recently. And she's actually claim that the evening at at the parents know. And great look like the conflict cannot Luther aunt and he's here but the the weekend as well as the parent -- the we'd love to showcase that talent. And also even. Create this nod toward the great that that path you know like that. That'd -- in the -- like the Louis Prima. If it's just naked that the connections between the hotels. And the music of the city. Interestingly. The Dixie Dixie line and who are celebrating their fortieth anniversary while this year and they play nightly on -- team that NAFTA I think get. Played this afternoon. Then or. -- at a club add to the hotel month. And a lot of people don't know that title and says that kind of neat moon we'd really like to monster. That you've that. Talent and relationship that it is it's a real real institution. I didn't realize it's a 120 years and -- I -- was opening the -- -- it yourself right -- and the restoration of the personal bar and restaurant like I'm like Philadelphia and homegrown thank goodness you every. My folks coming to town and we're going to carousel -- allotted I mean -- that is a huge cocktail fanatic so there's money for him a lot there but that just that novelty of this than ours is so cool it looked so gorgeous and -- You feel so means. It's interesting that the hotel rooms feel like it's eleven exit part and you probably celebrities -- you guys are right I probably sit next week. Yeah that duke of -- what is. -- -- -- letter today he's mayor. Well yes that two years ago the hotel underwent a major renovation. Of course though many of the hotels and the water have experienced renovation after Katrina. No we really went at it. Big time om buds at the meeting rooms and suites and so forth that it. Have been refurbished that the acutely the publicly -- That the cares how far has probably tripled in size. Whereas right off the lot he used to be. The care of nobody. I was -- by the way is celebrating its victim the fifty or 65 yeah some of bidding six iron into an incredible somebody ought to come up with the statistics about how many of them and that detect and on that you could figure out there. -- -- -- -- -- How can guide me trying to get to us that we. Number -- it said now is a back bar over toward if your effort with hot room real lives yet that's out that now -- got this nation's area with the front. -- -- bar and then the back bar and end it. Flows nicely into that new restaurant which is called revealed. Beautiful restaurant green I hadn't been well built well enough. -- creole and now we it's fantastic so it's it's run by that Jeff is Joseph Menard. And he has a wonderful history of culinary experience. But it's the farm to table you know fresh ingredients in the in Tennessee way sort of -- fusion between. Mediterranean island re all in all New Orleans style support though. With some of the fated hours today fighting there isn't from these are far I actually are dying though there from the -- -- gets him. But she can or what got them at the Harris now Bob Barr in the afternoon flight from port eight if he just -- -- little on -- snack on rather than pretzels are. You have crackers or chips. You -- ought to report highlights of the the soak up all those French 75 and that's right. So bright that that is why we have crawfish decades without -- a lot. And we have oyster and shrimp and any hope boy -- And we have beside me -- that. Slider right. I'm gonna go right and then we have. Reopens and a -- you've been the court -- -- absolutely. We are spoiled I. Living. Costs speed the Canadian right everybody else is haven't walked around all the different boosting -- food there this year we -- hear her table we want to thank him during I don't want every. Want to stay with this we're gonna take a quick break but we'll be back with -- that's a gamble talking about the history of a wonderful wonderful hotel. That is the official hotel of the French Quarter -- rather be right back. Well it's really not scoop but hey I'm honored to be called that this is Angela and Ian and we are out here at Jackson square. With an absolute delight but to gamble who many many in the community know is just to support her public relations woman. But very very deeply involved in this community and those so much about so much. Today she's talking about the -- -- hotel. I'm learning something every day. Today I learned that a 128 years old but it is the official hotel of the French Quarter past. And we were just talking about the incredible history of that hotel what Ian is doing because he secretly I think is a man -- -- Is working up. How many times the carousel Wal-Mart has gone around in the 128 year notes that the -- Sixty highs 65 years they have already missing two months. The bar has rotated in its history 4732000. Times by my calculation. It's -- -- go after does not -- -- you know I got it after I know I'm telling -- -- I'm. This is a beautiful thing -- and they put that. On this date. It was say it again -- unknown 1000004 million -- 100073030. Out at 32 fans at -- -- Of the 2000 it's alive not to throw Betsy but we're gonna assume that it is the original. Carousel and they've just kind of cleaned up parts. And if it's gone through wonderful renovation that we talked about the new renovation. The addition. Expensive pocket the cash flow which has been amazing in did you can't ever walked into Caron felt far. Without feeling like you are a shrewd New Orleans in whether it's not -- -- -- You you just feel at home they are you feel light. You're in the plays where the movers and shakers are and everybody hates you name it it's just an amazing place. When you talk about people coming to -- -- you mentioned this earlier. Let me get the carousel bar and you know we talked about it being the gateway to the French -- every body knows where it up and lately I've looked -- thing that's so Smart though it's a very Smart thing it ended -- could talk. I mean somebody feel like alcohol thoughtful wow well you know but -- -- -- musical history. They can't the hotel has a fabulous literary history. And people like Tennessee and AM right Eudora Welty. Have. Written there and there's a wonderful documentary called the purple hats and -- without Eudora Welty writing at the carousel but our. And you can just picture her. Yes sitting there with you know and then. That -- fountain pen and -- had I mean and they all this all in fashion sense yes yeah. Would have to be great to -- in public put Tennessee Williams was drinking. Well something glorious now. Well if Welty was streak -- facts that are maybe I said earlier French 75 but I don't know just like Tennessee -- probably got -- And then we have our. Cocktail cup the -- cabaret which I brought it. Brought a little later this is right I'll I -- ice -- I don't pass it to us like I'm glad you -- some guys to vote for myself because of that. Out of a surprise so this is are these are guys from what I which you know what's it what kind of spirited. Well that's when we get to take tests later on in the area go to -- you're gonna hide out at a vital. -- with the food you brought his glory days profits and you know just does modeling on has made -- a standout here. That my early on -- because with the official hotel we won't we're coming could be there. After the fact -- I know we want people to come in afterwards we had music Friday and Saturday night Robin bar and plays tonight Tom from pot to eighths and jubilation and all of you will play in this and I think they did that -- come back. They actually played for then we did a tribute to the Eagles a few weeks ago. Yeah I mean that -- -- rain with that the anger and their jubilation is playing from nine to one and then tomorrow night. Fabulous -- that -- -- is plane from nine to one that's another institution what he joins us right to. No we invite everybody you can to DiCasmirro Barton was into the music enjoyed it carry cocktails that joint bar by the eat at the Paris and eat at creole. And make at night but note this could be the popping off for a for French Quarter bad for everybody and I know it isn't you know it. You don't have to -- the great deal but all my tenure in New Orleans that fascinate. By the house on top of them now and I know that as the owner's home it just. It just is a one day I would like to be a -- just be able to look down the view they have -- to see a perfect house on top of the building. I thought to myself how smartest idea and actually you're not a landing your fascination with now with that I dear friend Eric -- Has always want it to go up there and I can explain. Eric every year have to keep trying to keep tried tacky tie but we have to respect that that the private -- that you're now. And Eric I -- the -- coming right there now I don't think so. Tried to get it for options then finally raised or is it every way possible but if it is the private and a which I've talked to general managers who live on site at various hotels and there's a great upside living in -- hotel and sometimes it's the down side. The answer is live on top of the hotel and make that separation from but it's still part of and the month only on family is so involved with the home town and I think that's what makes the possession when you could have imprint of -- found. Lee in an institution such as this that it made it. What it is today it's one of the historic hotels of America. It got every award you can imagine it -- from People's Choice Awards industrywide. If it's just magnificent but I think there you go up this. They contend wedding though. A weekend here it just it because well it is romantic and something else they do every year they host. The classic -- awards. Which means so much to the people in the classical -- all the way across the board and they make they make them feel special. And detailed look at cocktail is a strong affiliation with antenna men and detailed with a cocktail Wear official -- the hotels there. And so many wonderful things that they opened their doors to the chamber to young leadership council. He tried to it and deal of -- -- in the community in the hotel. Well you always instill a sense of broad and that is that the -- thank you very much and thank you for bringing gifts I can now he's gonna take a little success up -- -- -- is to make sure. I think that's delicious I have no idea what's in it but I vote that correctly identified that as a delicious. Even brought the twist with that for -- -- I always thought eleven. Thank you and thank you modeling on hotel for being the official hotel of the French Quarter -- stay with this will be right Nancy thank -- Victor. Well we are back at the beautiful French Quarter -- it is glorious I'm so thrilled. That as many people as we're seeing today and you know it's going to be more that tomorrow not too -- come out. Now let's go to the newsroom.