WWL>Topics>>4-11-14 2:10pm Angela: from French Quarter Fest, Hour 2

4-11-14 2:10pm Angela: from French Quarter Fest, Hour 2

Apr 11, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch broadcast from the French Quarter Festival 2014 and talk with festival director Marci Schramm and Al Groos of the Royal Sonesta Hotel.

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And let me tell you we are meeting part of the world's largest jazz -- I had to put my computer -- I can make room for all this food. I mean the food is unbelievable we want to thank the modeling on that also -- brought over a possible yeah suspicious business on their. I said I was gonna put on weight to smell the food well hello on eating the god every picture is that earlier about Ali you know the music in the dancing keeps -- young and healthy until you hear all the salty that it delicious food -- but it is delicious balance a special time. I think that we should say right now. That anybody who eats anything during. French Quarter fest no calories. Not not so just get over -- walking up and that's what people were doing that is Larry it's like a promise not looking at people. As they're looking at other people there waiting for the next -- and bond of Gibson of course is that started to fifteen -- -- just a couple minutes but you know who we have here we have I'm gonna call her the mother of different weapons wow. -- -- -- It is truly bother. Going to birth somebody's very soon putt putt putt I don't think that world knows it I thought I could. Couldn't get a lot of aggressive playing tonight at 18 trooper you are -- I -- you want the channel 4 morning news at the crack of dawn. This is a very long day for you don't know very long weekend but it is worth everything you've done. Because it is perfection I can't compared to sports fanatic group links for my entire life and you pace yourself it's like the mayor of related team like the coach we just get through the powerful feeling weak you do it there's no rushing this thing it's planning and coordination it. Losing your mind that and it's fun it's not if people could see your face you're so calm out. Call -- -- -- and -- using that yeah just smile. I please tell everyone the only time you'll -- -- that is. It simply -- seriously injured or guys like that would be the only thing I mean otherwise. It's just a problem you just have to fix it -- it'll never go perfectly lines except that target the equipment up but you've got 21 stages. You've got. Over 150 musical performances. Actually over 200 friends. And a lot of music anyone ages of four days. I'm sorry I have at all sure so let me correct that number 407. 20270. Musical acts okay. -- -- -- -- cut when he went stages -- -- -- gaps yes every last time that everything on music that you would like and it's called local. It is an it what I love is you know people think of you want the traditional to answer -- because Louisiana's night though but. There's just so many genres that are amazing we've got blues and classical music stage -- -- stage which. Yeah has backed Allen -- them and yeah Nolan and some parts local favorite people. And and then we have -- -- gospel and I mean it just run again there's so much talent in this state yes and in this city. What makes me -- off -- week that we get over 800 applications there's so many teams have in the past. We just need to keep growing at -- well let me tell you I walked here from downtown. And I purposely wanted to see how you were set up by the aquarium. Oh my god it just goes on and on. If so organize them in that you check your bag whatever I'm glad. And then you just walk this phenomenon and one incredible food one incredible sound one incredible during. And then there's there's me since I was a lot of Arnold and the rate that is -- Marcy is it possible that you could. Renamed the French Quarter festival. You spoke French Quarter -- And at a price of that company will do it -- you know my checkbook because I think that would be good. So how many years you've been in this position that this happens this Saturday radiate around the opera and I love the opera this is a different kind of fine. Yeah really. Is it I think like we said earlier so calm and -- is is it difficult for you to relax I mean I know -- what I am kind of at a position like yours right you know hosting an event or some like that I find it difficult to relax I almost. You know seek out problems are like things to wipe you out integrate an -- wanna know what's right now and it was wrong and I guess you know about that the experience -- have you want it to be perfect yet so. You know in and people. Most people never receive the problem which is great so wonderful that their goal. So what in your tenure has been. Looking back up this year. You went oh my god haven't we survived that. We know I have to say. This festival. When Dutch morial founded this festival in 84. He was so -- to -- the second weekend in April because the weather. Traditionally is perfect and meet them that this weekend is just. We're so fortunate he does that really matter what he knew that would -- of the -- Last year for my first time that that you -- -- two days of rain and that really -- -- -- that because just brain. Sunny morning it blew it six and it blew the whole festival are so much wind and it literally had to rebuild the wolf that's a couple hours on my -- and that was interesting is the test for everybody and we did it it was great that people came out because. By noon that weather was beautiful -- integrated but it was. It was founded this this this and that's -- flooded the food vendors are you keep it on the wrong it was just loud we had all that you keep the streets stages of the weekend's the royal street thieves helped -- down the street and it was please -- -- exciting. In a bad way he and I but it is I -- isn't after the whole staff and the whole team in people's rallied. And we kept going -- publicly today. We will not canceled were the open and at -- And -- putting on and people came out the news oh you know it's so nice to there's stages were so. But the musicians came out it just in the grass different states in play. Admit that the experience that New Orleans area. Where -- -- -- actually says you know we're all this together and we have a couple 100000 people who want entertainment -- -- -- Entertainment. And they made it even more memorable if they have little -- around so much. Isn't that the spirit of the city it is and we're just this morning talking about Jazz Fest and how. Frequently they get so much rain but you know it was so fun about. What happened whole culture people who love that they've had an agreement on well -- collection that hold you hold your closet of that. And this is -- on that means things Mardi -- people come out. Whatever the -- All which you judge today just seeing the endless numbers of people -- flew it means they're walking and moving it. As is opposed to it preview issue. What they don't want to have always noticed that -- -- You have to break it to see what is derived cooked up up up up. What is it telling -- alert across three different scoops of ice cream only and it's -- That thank our local favorite queens and ice cream homemade ice and from. Acquaintance. And you have a have -- -- it -- to a stop in -- -- real cream cheese and leave -- I'm going to get fat and drunk. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha plus a doesn't it we gotta tell our 45 minutes before you go green and you know we are really gonna take a break so that and I can consume in this state with this we're gonna continue our top. With the leader of the French Quarter best mark -- activists. It is a glorious day alone can't say it enough you know if you're not get ready get off work -- haven't come stopped Mike Jackson square we would love to see you. But. I just softening that if you listen remember it's free to just one concert little mini concert and come back tomorrow spend the day. We are so happy to have -- shrimp who's the director of the French Quarter for us sitting here. And it just told me she got up that was here at 4 o'clock this morning. -- -- 4 o'clock this and the fact I saw her on channel four's morning news and I thought. -- we're going to be interviewing her about thefts because I want them now but even though the best closes at nine you're here to -- there. Yet the days are like intimately so that you know a lot of adrenaline and hold its -- And you're happy you're happier he does not happy -- everybody -- -- is that people are having a great time it's it's. -- like. These days they're happy. It it begs the question what it's all over. What do you do you have some time this kind of relax a little billion dollars you have to start planning for next year right away. We have come in August festivals that's all the horse -- got -- what I what I don't like. We're so behind us that things -- let me read it slows -- a lot and see you out nothing like that death for children. You know that we -- it yeah I love sentinel Christmas new world on these numbers that's right we -- through the prison for expert that's. Does each of those other festivals has its own total. -- different director or you don't know we have. We're well one nonprofit organ. And it's definitely it's part time and year round it will work three. -- -- three victory over allotment at a fund raising now there's a lot of you know comedy think that the -- time. You know. You know literally. This is like Monte dropped three. But in reality it cost a lot it and so you have great sponsors step up and wanna be part of it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're not any here bring -- their -- where over two million dollars parties it's forty minutes a lot of money in so. You know what we're paying for the police have seen it tasted it. And musicians SP so it's a lot of stuff that that cost money but the sponsors and number one -- for expert at the presented by Chevron. Capital One bank is very. Long time -- supporter. This year cheap capital moved to town beautiful an adopted this race after -- way it wants with -- In the room for a bigger stage which he stopped and and that you know beverages of the year is a lot of bills sell -- out here now in health bailout bills merchandise sales support affluent left that it's just that. The fees that it. And it made you know that's really that's how we did for. We're in what some of the cool merchandise gate like we have great show you this at the giants playing today and a front albeit with a 27 years that he's a poster boys -- beautiful beautiful poster. Painting by very -- robbery. -- yet to artists. And that posted that the future -- he's here. Towards merchandise really cool its workers gold really. People of equities at. Baseball that's by chairs yes I just heard they sold out that -- get to argue. All of a lot out there that we've done little to -- it brings that out yeah keep up I don't know that it's oh my god please -- yeah that is terrific. And also that the very cool hats like that you were wearing the 10 yeah -- -- special festival in Orion inventories yes. -- at my special interview. The merchandise in the -- immediate lots of you when -- nonprofit you've got a great volunteer committees on -- board. It's wonderful it doesn't fit too well what it would have my head -- -- but I'd make it work as my special festival. They'll which arrived at the power of volunteers the power of people it is that we have. Festival has over 2000 volunteers and those are people who come from all of the communities. It's allowed these employees -- -- Chevron and Capital One. For hundreds hundreds of employees who are local. People that don't -- that's including. Some people involved here thirty years at the wrong management group residents. Lots of teams like from airports and airlines agree that people. It's -- to what did they do. Up there looking at your benefits this year and topics in the waters the work merchandise that is. There is information. They're kind of our -- and he. The face of the absolutely. Misery now -- analysts say how incredibly organized and I feel like I've really walked. Not some of the site thinks that along that riverfront. All the way through here in Jackson's -- it is just slightly organized. I'll watch somebody picking things up I thought this is like too good to be true I think you know you just on a beautiful beautiful job. And I know you've had analysts on energy but this is this is -- this now because you have a big party want everyone if you said. To have the wrong thing tomorrow judgment you -- never that perfect it's a little more things -- -- -- is there Saturday. And I thought it would this incredible. Amazing theory huge area with -- Activities. It states that music program for children grade and then a second here it hit the area over the beautiful -- -- group retreat house audience. In order if you've never been in this courtyard. It's so -- of citrus trees that. In checkered history and Korea itself freedom. It's great Satan in the house of -- grandma -- -- that's very advancing Lutheran upper. -- was on our show earlier this week talking about all the wonderful things happening. And things that I did not know such as. At La petite they're having a free film festival yeah obviously just their right here yes that is a terrific thing I'm coach Nolan. And later in in on the show here we're going to be talking to. A couple of the curators at the historic collection. People don't realize that this is just the beautiful stages in music it's all of these -- showing. They're great -- Tennessee where everything -- specimens found -- love the this fear in the best of from the way it was founded it states throughout these years later where we embrace the community in that one criterion we have his. That if you're an official statement that we have to -- the public. And so we have these ones are wonderfully. Historic -- collection. And it just for one night and they bought out in your wealth. And it has launched a lot of about -- that yeah those who are well. It's that exhibit on the right for festival that that we featured as a great treat you like you're down here so. That's officially sent -- affluent and of course the you know McDonough school it or not yet living breathing it -- clear -- school here it got a little -- -- Atlanta school. The pirates Alley that jury and particularly -- -- each year is going on -- -- the on cultural interest. Throughout the order they're all for everything -- public. -- view of -- got to be. You know and I think it's very important to mention at this point because hopefully people are driving either to work from work. And are debating. It's easy to get here because you have this new shuttle system which is great you can park along. OK okay that's all those parking lots and O'Keefe and the shuttle just keeps going make it easy on yourself don't try to fight trying to get in. And it people who don't work at ten and that they winners -- O'Keefe is mistreated as the result of the talent or few theaters though. If you're coming from anywhere. Get off -- -- and take the heat which frequently street right now you know all of -- ordered ten dollar parking -- take you right there. Dropping off and bring it back at the end yeah because it is you know back can be frustrating -- not a one is that it's -- It's so it's easy enough steel out and it is not pleased at its very own Mike got the police presence in preventative I've actually asked every single -- I've seen. Is this the dream assignment. And they all say yes -- we all the time that I love -- at the festival every play well I think hundred crew are so wonderful with such. Wonderfully civilized. Respectful people who come to the past that there's just many incidental accident -- Now it's going to be a huge success this could be no rain they'll be no repeat of last year. And I think what's very important Marcie you're gonna have the perfect date and on -- and yes it is no I mean that you're you're you're trooper. You know we always labor you yes but it and you could tell that it is so I hope that you get a little sleep tonight next. And actually I'm -- Thank you for all you do them and we'll check back with you at another time and just hopefully it's nothing but -- you success thank you mark -- The director. You will take under the break we're gonna go to the newsroom now and find out what's happening in the real world. Well once again we are thrilled to seriously thrilled to be out here at the French Quarter for -- you know my beloved. -- I mean what would my date -- without it would be so dole in everyone's just pack up their things go home and I don't you know what it is he he's our food tester. He's all knowing about all these musicians and he's testing alcohol I've tested the cocktail couple times this is the third cocktail I've tested and it's still really good and he's function of what I -- -- a beautiful thing. What makes -- something beautiful though is it's all about relationships and I have always at that and this -- our next guest Al gross who was the president and GM of the royals and asked to talk about the relationship. Of the Wilson asked -- to this festival from day one. Well. Angela Purcell welcome. Can't thank you for welcoming me it took it to see you and -- have plenty of food Friday so. It's important that -- let's go to fast and I without. But yes we've been involved at the hotels and evolved since the creation of in 1984 and and my ancestors in the hotel you know helped create it. -- along with a lot of other deserving people and those so we've been involved since since the very beginning we we've always had to food -- here originally with that desire. And bikinis and I'm the game you know that brings flashes of great memories yes beautiful place it was a well loved restaurant and it's time. And that's -- out. You know we've we've we've done and things yes things that restaurant -- and now we have restaurant revolution which hopefuls -- tomorrow and so and so they're out here and we have desires well. And in quite frankly the region and one of the things that we serving in desire was serving we haven't -- dish with pasta which is. Buffalo triple what we're doing the regional -- putting that we've hit 31 years ago with the original. That's in this -- staple that we had here for for that many players that say -- -- Gaza yes. Why mess with something that works it works itself like crazy every year we've had the same recipe and -- that time. And and and that's featured in in the desire restaurant and and of course investor revolution much more progressive you know upscale feeling we have very exciting place the short -- debris pulled away. With truffle Cole's law can't and it and I am hearing that social media is just. Buzzing about this particular -- up everything that included there is talking about it in the what you repeat that yes he can't he it's a short rib that debris hopefully. With truffle -- There and try idol to find it at that I tribal fighters and I believe you managed to do it Allah made me hungry didn't. -- I happen as -- tiny sandwiches and ice cream and who knows what will no doubt go implement the things it has this hollow leg so it just continues to. Yeah the bills and that is -- make Obama look combination. -- close launch of the coastline and it's it's getting quite the buzz you know there's I get I get all the social media stuff from my people in this in my they toppled coleslaw is trying that it fits that it it's. Right. And today skipping ice cream go to the trouble with the -- but you love where you work and and I understand that. You bet that many jobs in New Orleans in the hotel world. But your early days were there so I get my early days or at the Ralston of the so when I came back -- GMA years ago that nobody needed to show me around and it need a map. So you just had that feeling of this at home. Yes and well -- -- -- home yet this is there a fabulous city. I guess that in all influence through many many years and and you know fought the Katrina wars and and and you know we don't wanna get into that today. But we we emerged from it as a stronger better city and and I'm just proud to see what's going on in the city today from. From both a locals point of view. Quality of life. Certainly investment in the city and -- and of course the in my business that took the hospitality business growing by leaps and constantly. And it's incredible we had to up Kelly -- on with me and all of this recently who of course were losing -- she is such. A gift in and she was sort of the face I think in the early days after Katrina. To say to people we are alive and were coming back and by golly can't come back right. To secede from her perspective as a picture was from -- post-Katrina. She started back at the hotel after the storm alert that they are stuck well I was at the shaft has announced -- which is now that they are and what he'll DH Holmes building yes during the storm. And I moved on to the rules and that's that in this April fool's day of 2006. So we was right after the storm while still didn't really haven't customers. But with our customers were what what they were people that -- here for the recovery contract runs that contractors and insurance people and things like that so did that keep the hotel full -- or. I don't know it was it was wonderful it was -- business that's kind of kept this government. And then -- we are. Today. We've grown leaps and bounds or you full this weekend. Oh yes and and in fact I'm happy to say that I don't that we full but. Almost all the hotels that I would experts it if you find the room you you have to really -- -- so it's it's it's. It's great so it's great for the economy and and in at the weather helps a little bit of weather helps a lot that I far -- advance to people look out for this weekend. Offer us what -- we're in the heart of the French cortisone you know we -- six months in advance. Do you have locals -- just wanna spend the weekend in Korea generally open holes and and in regional you know. It's it's it's -- -- you know we have a lot of regional folks that come in them. A good example that's for the saints. We prior to the storm. We we. -- we are out that up beautiful French Quarter -- I can't say enough. Truly about how magnificent that day is it's everything that the best organizers and the public wants beautiful weather terrific food. Lot of liquor and some of the best music. That literally this community creates I think that's what's important is local and remember everybody it's very. How lucky for us to have Al gross it was the president and general manager the -- enough to hear. Sitting with this and you were telling us before we were so rudely interrupted file that noise. Technical knowledge rather. About. The that your hotel now gets a lot of area people -- Offered through a lot of different events. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that was there -- 80% of the hotel no question about it and you had the 49ers and then at the -- -- Planet and gentlemen. Now it is Dominic I think when you walk through the building -- -- and these are people that. That come every time every time that the home game coming from Mississippi that. They're coming from Alabama that coming from or that we and it coming from Texas and the saints fans. That wanna be here in him and support the city and they and they keep coming back it's it's it's it really have huge change. Islam and it's really sees black people are they route. Of course and a beverage revenues are much better good yeah that's correct route or better rate has been supporting an audience that the direct. You know one of the great things you did post-Katrina is Irvin mayfield. -- a wonderful human being he happens to be a great. Musician but he isn't wonderful announcement and for him to have his own place there. Is such a great idea. And so no longer -- -- -- what I hear jazz will for heaven's sake. It's -- writing up my -- you know right -- you bring up at that point because I was answering I was trying to answer that question myself and it was an on answerable question plus. For the type of -- we have a lot of nice clubs around the city at the upscale MySpace you. Downtown French we really have something like that. So. -- the -- -- admit -- and I work at the same club. That never met them and them he was on an elliptical I want -- -- that -- I don't know which is scheduled like what you into these days and a lot about you. You know the roles in this accident a little bit that. You're -- that I have a beautiful room and let it be something special with. You're just to let me get my card. And within a couple of days. Showed up for a simple as easily -- that. He spent a couple of weeks of the hotel in and at different times researching. Give -- -- call and said. Let's talk that we can do here. And that's really how it started out and then we've we've started developing the concept and came up with. And Irvin was great because he -- he really wanted to make. You realize that jazz in some circles that the perception. Of being very formal and being very -- kind of sit there and that's not G. That's a little bit you know -- and so we hence the name the jazz Playhouse which would have that kind of -- that kind of -- -- compliance obviously I'm here and have fun chances of very approachable it's very down to earth. And that is the concept -- just you know it was fantastic and what was done in an hour it's been doing for several years that -- in seven nights that we could jazz. And and we have you know this this for French Quarter vessels which we have nine hours of programming. We're official French Quarter festival stage either -- -- jets plan. With that in all the roads sewers and we have music. From about 2 o'clock in the afternoon at 2 o'clock in the morning Friday Saturday Sunday she -- and you know tonight we have wolf you know. Well to Washington called the wolf -- have Washington then Washington is that fantastic guitarist. Tomorrow what's turbans playing at your stage with the with the jets without review which a lot of people -- play in the White House and and then what he does kind of fun he's he's doing he's closing up Jackson square and any second mining people. To the jazz Playhouse. And then afterwards in the spring launch of people in there it was when he says that to -- bring an -- people in their right and it jumped out of my. The -- this talent but he added it thought it. No worries that I look at Florida what else -- really says it will make it work will make it that's right don't make it work Graham and then that then they're doing a performance that more intimate performance obviously at the at the jazz Playhouse. And again and that is free to him as brilliant. I keep thinking we're going to fight -- of after that look like that. That's what the idea that everything is free is a very important element of this well it's the biggest free festival in the world and and and everybody that's connected -- is dedicated to. Keep it that way and we can do with responses you know we were doing it right and we doing it we're doing it successfully -- and continue that I should mention that this is television and radio that Al has on it volunteer. T -- It -- your -- but people here I'm sure -- work for the not behind the blue -- catcher when I get to our board members and so now I do so like I resigned from the board doing other things now but I'm still connected with the faithful and so I still do my volunteers. -- Every year on Friday from eleven history and that the crew of quality. And he's going to -- and I give them all kinds of suggestions that was the for Jackson square and give them all the information and it's it's it's not a bad -- those 75 degrees and sunny and I'm not in my office. That's a look at that up and I had to have a good time difference 1000 that's a pretty sharp -- is that what it does that have to end here that's when the evolution of the. Look back on this list of all the different merchandise they have yet charm bracelet BP robbers. When you change your book we're at the tiny harmonica. Little harmonica all the great shirts though and again I thought it was a very interesting that the official festival chair has sold out for things yeah. Arce told us that earlier they're all gone you know what that says to -- people really do love this weather. And they're gonna park themselves and their consent to -- and it is such a great people watching things. And as it went but I love about it is is it really that's the one that what you're looking at festival believable as the one event that showcases the French Quarter this wonderful neighborhood. Yes and and -- you get people that it may -- Wouldn't normally do that to walk through and see you know what the Burkhardt it's only three. Not just served its purpose street as well where's your but absolutely but it -- all areas of difference you know at this thing and it is so many different things to see this children's activities. So for it -- -- so for me it you know. And there's a lot of locals that some of them instantly from the French Quarter on. I'll give companionship -- -- very approachable -- on the that much traffic that it that it now and we are -- re sizing that they have the free shuttle now. Correctly park on keep liking -- -- -- downtown it's so easy. Is on our flight that -- there's a park yes there's parking all along keep -- -- biased toward the whole thing. And it's that wonderful -- also all you locals out there if you know if you haven't thought about coming down here. -- competitive so much fun. You'll see things that you -- these things before you. You have a great time in. So we thank those locals who have supported us let's get some more down here and and of course. -- these wonderful visitors that come every year yes we -- love these folks what a beautiful showcase and visitors -- my -- come down come down there anyway eldredge who were wonderful. Thank you for stopping fine. Continue your. Up quality control that that they're they're trying to. And that and good good good for Irvin mayfield and good good good for the two great restaurant yeah thank you thank you very -- got a great time ninety -- -- Stay with us we'll be right back. Let me tell you one more time please please think about coming out this week and you will not regret it. It's glorious and if you're sitting in your office and planning your weekend. We hear that it's just a perfect weekend for this I wanna thank. The fabulous food that has arrived at this table so all my gosh from the -- Leon hotel we've beaten to fill one up. Then from hate tells -- Corey thank you David and bill. What he delivered with the works of art. These are little -- okay. I know it is not a king cake it is thinking Kate. Read political machine is and then you knew you guy are narrow it. Chocolate he claims slap -- on the other get out of town and it up in July I don't worrying. No -- whatever you're going Ali because I can use the extra calories on and on -- I'll probably be OK in my life that I'm partnering up with this wonderful you know. If -- so that it can eat anything and I look at the clear and balloon but that's not a funny a quit laughing you declare I swear I'm gonna be all over that the UK what it was that it is king cake can -- what Bradley chief who all right I want everyone we've got -- -- -- rate we have another whole hour we're going to have the people from the historic election. You know why because they're part of French Quarter of -- so stay with us through.