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Sports Talk April 11th Hour 1 Segment 4

Apr 11, 2014|

Deke talks about the Pelicans basketball season, and takes calls from people that want Monty fired from coaching

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Get your head in the game. It's the news talking sports leader. This is the big 87 DW WL and now WWL on FM at 1053. Sports talks foresaw a 504260187. -- 66889. Only seventy. And welcome back operated dad bought me a poll at WW dot com full games left to play what grade would you give Monty. Monty Williams and the New Orleans pelicans vote online at WW dot com is going to be in the thank you for calling -- WL BN. They're already a right there at all and that's how that's -- period. Mark marker thirteen overall your speaker -- politically through injury but hum. Mom Margaret from audience. -- then it's up sped up okay bill I. The -- all the you know where it. You know our -- pop up into that who who if you watch both of this -- you know -- third it was your game that there's a problem or etiquette not. But you know this mean -- don't towards each and yeah we are hoping we can you know all of football where our SP expect -- You know all. I guess -- -- also all the -- -- objective though that have put together the team. But you know you have. You've got this mindset pitcher because the coach B -- you know right off the porch what are some of the belief in each of all. You go back to -- that this this should make our sport why else you know. All we've got -- -- -- about her about how -- -- what you want totally I mean. I guess -- -- sluggish -- all are very that we might be able to pull a miracle at the and a point almost what you knew we were out of out of it's why did you develop in your go to player. You know your upper halves you know I have have to start over lunch here you know how -- we need them both softer than any part of this team. You know but yet you start thinking it's sort -- doesn't. Get a -- He had not announced on him and this is on this really aggravated fans that I think they have a legitimate beef there. And -- expressed interest from Hollywood felt you know or Robert I thought that the bar which is what the special players we have. Very underrated you all. What Henry George played poorly played and all of our local business we needed it -- the UCLA putting them -- -- hurt. You know at all. -- -- prelude to quit -- you know when you're prepared. To go or if we lose this that's always are all here you know. Then you heard correctly we shall we came away or are but how would skirt around the world both -- Perry doesn't. With the workings of the draft just what he'd gain control. Stone we think we have one of the best as far -- -- -- -- -- -- How that I'd be happy with the I think we'd -- improved. But but pop Warner beat is that we're seen and now you know while much between now and February I come out on the are you doing sorts. I torture let me say -- to you being in and I I can understand the model is you know grown together and and I think that's the logic and appreciate -- Carl is they all. Maybe a club together one point but I mean honestly as a basketball guy. You know -- all -- -- as a might as a basketball analyst if the pelicans when the playoffs. This year. Who would money have an edge against coaching. And I don't know if he would. So maybe maybe this L what will grow together you know maybe like broke going to be like some of the teams like -- it was first got there and go to Orlando -- -- bumps and bruises and he's learned became a champion coach. Maybe -- the full mile long term then look at it that way I hope videos but. Again it's hard to -- -- a crystal ball -- -- thinking about thought this team would have this many interest. But if you're a year from now and you don't have these decimating injuries like you did initiate it in on the playoffs. It changes have to be make changes should be good. This is sports talk on their BW it.