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Sports Talk April 11th Hour 2 Segment 1

Apr 11, 2014|

Deke talks to callers that want to weigh in on the Pelicans season ..

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News talk in sports leader it's really -- 870 WW well I know WWL and have them at 1053. Sports talk to huddle up with the pros call 5042601874866889. Always seventy. And good evening a lot of our number 20 sports talk at 630 tonight will join LSU baseball taking on often soft. Because this into LA showed -- at -- -- Niemi made seven. Beat pelicans are at Oklahoma City to take on -- -- on 1053 FM with QB choices. 2601878668890. Creativity Kasey -- about being -- this. After the break. With full games left to play what grade would you give go to money Williams and the pelicans this -- he began to vote online at it because you go dot com. We will give you an update here it just a few moments is it takes it -- in your opinion. Who would you like to see who is junior ideal -- to replace Monte. Firstly if it comes to that I like Stan Van Gundy would be a nice fit. What is Damon going to -- And I and it is not appears they -- on all emergency broadcast system tough calls because. We would -- don't. If if their rally would have been Smart enough to get him off the beach. Miami would've wanted to final day a year and they will know what to the finals that you. And I sold them and I mean I think he's he's. I'm does not sold on the end of what is even. Again. What is even canary in -- DL thank you for calling Bibby did you know Larry a lot of golf and right. Are your opinion retreat because it's personal or I mean. They got the -- splitter got hurt OK I get the whole front offered. The general manager and the quote may also a very golf. And why the why do you say general manager yeah I'm me because the players go out -- -- how often. Everybody involved come back into where Montreal goals the way and played I mean. All of them played good when it was over here. Will back off what effect upon thought I mean I thought we did over here. You don't -- -- -- the first -- I don't make this week that if I'm number one pick going you know. Well I think -- I think he's improving there I think the biggest thing did that happen there is that you know being Eric Gordon Deal and that's the one that's a Max contract. And it's hanging in that hanging over their he would -- and has its handcuff him and he won't pay any book and he really do -- they can get some piece of the puzzle and I think they don't have. I mean I think if you if you just put pieces of the -- -- tape would you put the puzzle together. I think that they really got the majority of the pieces to -- of but -- -- ability to problem -- what are -- -- -- -- -- won't -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean I -- beat down and -- I don't think -- won't -- -- here. But that's what -- -- -- to dug up some benefit to have a chance but boy -- interim pretty. I know he had an update what they did is when -- when he was signed up offer sheet. The -- against -- did and they gave him a Max deal because that's destruction the NBA no team can pay you more than eighteen -- current that we brought Welker. So I don't I would like field anyway and it was frustrating at times because. Basically he went over it and say look I love it here and and all that I don't I don't know what if they're going to be -- in Phoenix but I know he's not he's not really back in our -- contract in New Orleans bureau. No number and that's all I can book quotes are ya gotta do good if we do they got very -- over. You're abandoning any ground. And and I hear you if he's a hall of fame coach he's he's won a college championship he's won a pro championship. I think where he is now that's what he needs to stay because he's the man front of pros -- -- BF but the thing is I get him out sometime we got to follow. What don't you don't need your -- feet -- meaning he'd he'd do nothing -- yeah well I mean I think immediately on little else because. -- where you -- not what I can you do fell. Into us typical I don't know hardly even let him through the -- for you won't make -- -- -- You both have been Colts peek over there I -- you -- -- Bob Papa and I'll probably -- all he's got some different grapefruit and he made -- -- to get right. You know the victory that they got -- all along pretty oh its opponent talk. Yep he's old dude yeah that's what I'm saying what deeply give all the usual drama can make it work. He's the assistant manager I mean it's something coach he should know -- -- -- what are still pretty -- Blair Blair but I don't know how to raise a young team even maybe young teams make it. And I got a may very. Well I think you meant -- I would. OK okay thank you very much there is a disgruntled with the front office and the -- and the coaching you know was so many injuries and so forth I don't think there's going to be any. -- thing and now a year from now. Who built this should be a playoff team a year from the you you don't know what's gonna happen in the -- don't know mean. The health wise and -- don't think there's anybody with of this team would have been as -- healthy this season as they were but they were. Even if they were healthy I don't know they 1618 games better than me on as a lot of games that's I think what it took almost a quarter of the season. Fifty games. Dallas is 48 they got forty wins did he spot right now don't have for the games and at the plate. So I don't know that's a that's a lot even if he had everybody healthy what you had to figure they would be better a long. It would be -- and experience process I think it's a coach it's still he's still learning to. I really do. I am and I mean you know you'll people have been in the situation we've been in the playoffs he gained more experience but -- that will be the case this year. But if you have. What do you the most improved play in the lead. And you have -- -- people could we'll figure is one of the top ten players coming. Any news -- one of the top emblazoned me I think right now. And you don't make it to the playoffs the following year in the event that's -- that's a disappointment that is it his home. Let's go to dale dale thank you for calling. -- -- They need to I can you look at what this is still on the North Shore and I did all these people that jump -- on coach mine I gotta tell you what I. I got enough for the guy and I think I think he's done -- heck it was Joba could go offensive got a great job. It's gonna pick -- -- -- the pieces in place and I think we've elected. There I we may or if we made a huge deal when you say you think he's done a great job -- work -- -- -- -- -- Heartbroken as the mistake and that's just if -- if I'm playing them -- decision column don't tell -- you interview would -- -- did you pleased with. I like to be limping back. I like Jrue Holiday are okay because if you are alike we haven't really helped me. Of course did you know d'antoni didn't you know I think getting. I'm not when you. If you are out there in the men's football or the majority and -- -- -- -- Crockett this dog got impressed with in this here. There was a couple of balls -- -- -- a completely different and they defeated the bop around the father -- give it another way that the. I won't know who supposedly -- whose phone is not in the volatile food FO. Well you know I got a I'm not a big off the river -- have a fairly young but I think yeah I'll upgrade my opponent and coaches now -- -- and -- -- yeah I got little baby honey baby. All then as they've got a lot of injury -- will be here. An area where I guess I'm I I hear you we we here we we hear -- -- they say there's not an excuse. We don't tell us that but we know we know they've had a lot of injuries. Waited outside that little Bob it was your would walk off quick look at the teams that repeat we young thing we. We've been the Clippers yeah we agree I would have -- and you go to -- you lose to -- -- -- and then that would. We hope I'll unmask you do beat players I. And there are out there. Got -- out here and they do IRL. Our idea unless they send Arizona fame won't -- -- another year -- team is yet and don't make the playoffs will you do do you do you call baggy yet announced they used to please everybody. No I got like you're out there and I felt the opposite -- well thank here are so -- -- saying it and a year from now he's he could be Tony wins better. I think we're about what once heard a weapon and get maybe it won't hurt them out there a lot what we have -- we got forfeit that there are a lot of regardless still couldn't get better. I'm also. Obviously that we got a good. They don't sound like you know you agree to a lot of people give another year I'll I'll I'll take that thank you for the call this is forced off on that VW.