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Sports Talk April 11th Hr 1 Segment 2

Apr 11, 2014|

Deke grades the Pelicans season and talk about the possibilities of the next year being better with everyone healthy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Get in the game Monday news talk in sports leader the big 87 DW WL. And now WWL on FM and 1053. Sports talk sports -- 5042601870. Or 8668890. Late seventies. And welcome back to sports talk. And about it now would -- LSU sports network the Tigers take on Arkansas. Their three game series all three games can be heard here on WWR radio pelicans at Oklahoma City tonight -- -- for Joseph Joseph thank you for calling WW Rio. Yeah I don't see -- you know. Yeah I want to see if I think it appellate -- -- for this year and I think I'll go see. -- Now wells' stated their own problems that I must be with fifteen. I do well. -- -- -- Marty it would coaching okay. They're not not as clear running record keepers say I think there's substitution met -- fairway and Brothers. You're playing proper people in a legal -- street guys to really mean it. Well you can work and believe -- be your best -- you're not good at all in. Robert army are like Robert foot peak at guarding Warren. And also you lose it. You can't -- but like you can you do not and his partner quite go but the senate bill is not Rivers and I was. I'll go out -- all premiere because he's -- and he's gotten better what I mean we can all that group bought it right. Ed Carpenter thought -- looked sharp eye opener because he doesn't always gonna get a yeah it's been knee -- Morales we don't know we've got to get it. And who better. Would be impaired are we would. Marty has been Norwood all moral and just started playing more here more -- -- a -- dark begin of these. Being a troubling you and does the other one -- Miller and would you like -- -- develop premiere -- I like I I've always liked is that I got wanted to get when he was a thought about -- -- I was excited about there. Do you usually have -- in a good thing but would it really develop -- -- right yes I agree I agree probably dealt with before you are going there weren't. Roster they have big act like I don't feel when he -- this from what throughout the complete. We are healthy and back up third period at the top or -- Bob proctor. You know where they're good -- wouldn't say they have to do it because partner but the -- an appointment -- -- great but exactly good. If you go trick against eight week -- don't don't bring guys to Adrian. Horrible. Average -- consider. You know prove it you know Alou Michael -- plans to send his words no. Oh we're looking mommy. You can lonely and the academic outfield. The only idiot. -- -- -- -- Right. No you don't and you don't have to have a superstar you got a headache as well be in the right place the right time. You look Beagle get the majority appointed a big garbage points you know put backs offensive rebounds. Defensive boards. I think I think we got some serviceable guys that are like day. -- they want to think about that Eric Gordon here correct all right okay you know Derek Goran been okay. And it MBA. -- to go all the faith people or you're gonna are the big people you know what I think about it here. We all know Eric -- not a Max player he's not we're go fourteen -- -- of -- we know -- your book. With that I could fall period to help put you in Quebec Patrick you ask them to be really okay from the excellent three so. So far out of port in GB at the net to give him -- -- now. I don't like they had to do my part pretty had been doing what I know it not worked fourteen me -- it. At the same situation in Cleveland -- -- -- to the current -- barrier now we're working readout of the they're gonna have to -- you fourteen Lima. -- -- -- There's not look like what Eric Gordon won't -- Joseph though he's it's almost like his time has come and gone what he can become. He can become a star can become a superstar. I don't know we're gonna -- play right there -- -- -- -- are now -- -- -- and -- just finished. What I'm trying to explain music he wanted to beat a face of the Clippers well when they when he got traded him man that would that would -- ended that. He wanted to come here beat -- face he didn't know how long he was -- years so he's kind of like how did what I was so far. -- he goes to visit Phoenix a lot could be to face the Phoenix and that point that he may have could have been the face of Phoenix. What he signed to the Max here we read Andy Davis he'd never been a Patriot I mean he could be the best -- -- position. It is -- -- -- there which you've got to have people then a winner to sacrifice something whether it's personal gain whether it's. I don't plan B and -- applaud the Big Three even if I'm three -- to come -- whatever news. But he's always been a guy visiting LA media we company an immediate he's always wanted to be to face of the franchise in here and have a big difference I think. -- it -- well maybe go to Milwaukee might be. If they -- they acquired sort. You know we -- or. Like when he's like you -- 30 -- -- -- -- -- pop called baby don't you know I mean he'd pop pop pop pop pop pop pop and enough okay. -- like it is like you did you quibble with this problem is. He can only pick. Big -- in one week there are still people I would rather have my -- are Patrick Pena hit a mirror up the award. Being Eric Gordon fourteen -- I agreed and I'd like you wouldn't let imminent. You know -- story you know put into it maybe I don't eat that stuff we would give it'll help with all of the experience there thought it would. I'll like every sport now if you get into it felt like it great every Gordon. Think it's been you know if -- had that ground I think they'll be good. I think their hope what they can hope for -- an expiring contract if they could somehow I would think that would be a remarkable move by -- -- -- move forward. If they could somehow get an expiring contract -- I don't know if you guys if you've got a -- out of my office for almost five months. But you knew they you don't have a Smart move forward -- out but you got -- going off to hook you got somebody take on him and I'm just going out with. That's what you could hopeful big move forward you're not cost. If you need -- back he could be seven guys eight got a nice guy to beat a fifth guy who can't -- fought it out to me it. -- you've got -- you got options but this year you look at about five -- Michelle out it'd be a noose on his 532000. Person who's -- go to Donnie.