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Sports Talk April 11th Hour 2 Segment 4

Apr 11, 2014|

Deke preview the LSU Baseball game tonight versus Arkansas, and continues the Pelicans conversation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'd love on V news talk and sports leader the big 87 DW WL and now -- WWL on FM at 1053. Sports talk sports talk 50426018748668890. Wait seven welcome everybody. Have a friend for a festival and and he'll show was just. Just the sounds of not announcing. You can do here the food background could you. If you never bit -- French -- first -- folks it's unbelievable I know some people. When I think of French Quarter they think of certain things is the family atmosphere I mean you could make a chance on the street there's music. Barbershop quartet small bands I mean it's this it's stuff everywhere. And got the -- -- right now and owner of of so this is a great time I want to enjoy Tampa tomorrow is tomorrow especially edition of the food show from noon to three innings Sunday -- From ten until 1230 Jackson square. At the largest. Jazz brunch the world largest Jazz Rockets coming out and -- them. Operated jaguar paid info -- full games left to play what grade would you give coach Monty Williams and a New Orleans pelicans. 0% say a thank god for the that. 15% say being and I would I could see you know if you if you make it a case for being. I've been seeing -- Davis and you don't and he entries so for a really came Phoebe. See okay 39%. 33% say B 13%. Safe yet so you could care -- vote. Online at WWL dot com always have to do had to be WL dot com. The pelicans finished a season when -- handed Davis and know Eric Gordon against against -- a story. Duke's latest ball -- blog criticism of Steven Coleman replacing Letterman. He says it's ridiculous. Boy you know info CBS. To be replacing David Letterman. They now plan around -- they found a cold -- due to a five year deal. They must think he's going to be the real deal five years who would like death. We have confidence because -- of the masters golf tournament the latest news results and player profiles and the leaderboard it's all on line at WWL. Dot com you know throughout the football season on there tonight we did a view from Vegas and hit them back at me. And not that they're all sorts of places that I go and try to city. Like one of the best slices of anything you get in his -- food. Dessert whatever it is -- as a whole its season terra nova. Caminiti is just Santos but all trust. As one of the best slices of bites people -- around here. Smaller terror and no small but famous they keep it tight to keep it -- -- -- entertainment and I could see myself doing that one I really did like to -- business. I really would like to get into that here one day but that's good stuff though that is good stuff and then I go to at. And I have never been to a and I mean they -- day. I mean what I mean did he everything you get -- only use them I've never -- evening how hard he's always been hot services good. That is pass some -- that the -- in in Florida the what's that walk over there they called him in San destined. It's the area when he got to budget if restaurant's big Louisiana influence a lot of New Orleans people moved over there they started restaurants and businesses. And the war probably it's something that the main. There was horses there postal mail I felt like even then many Milan lately. And I said man almost up and knocked over the -- kinkle Rome -- -- -- his nickname -- that hateful. But they all part of our broadcaster of football season. Good stuff so welcome to -- all of this week it is a beautiful week in enjoyed the was going to be perfect. Get out and have a great time will be covering franks or offense we've been covered all week long we'll continue coverage tomorrow from noon to three with Tom -- Morris. And also scoot on Sunday. On the station in love -- quota inference -- -- festival that VW.