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The Garden Show 4-10 7am, Gardening

Apr 12, 2014|

Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good -- and -- partnership this morning. Will be talking outlook on either and are part of law shall we shall not. -- art and structure -- actor right now our bench which can be looming people -- It that's cool trees and plants but we're looking -- Europe and plant those ones she's impacting blanched. Either now or the cool as a -- blooming now. I'll begin to say it and the question about it in those things going on that actor opulent for the next two -- you Peter you crush school. Gardening consultant. In that -- for the personal guard opened. It's you can call and then let you know -- you got bill at all and I'll be the answer those questions or not. He'll be out with the orders diagnosing a problem we're helping our plant -- a war. Just. Have a question almost -- increase. Militia group. Most Saturdays -- onto anything. Knowledgeable do you regard as calling and with all the many many things have been working interest in the you just get a feel for the adversity. Of Gartner interest for public or what they're growing. By lifting at some of the questions coming in -- Like everybody don't be -- That could help you -- anything you might have brought on street and go on line has stopped at Whittier court should be having bring art shows going on. The sprinkler which is in the going to be wind a little bit at this point a financials are controlling. Implant -- such polite because confined to the Financial Times. The -- outlined and other sources around the locations and I had a lot of fun to go that these plants that are sponsored. Or dump my master gardener program engineers who are going on and really -- Spring plans so if famous -- and -- and urged if you live in the huge -- and it doesn't feel were driving in four if you live in the energy area the average master Carter's spring playing field. It's an absolute monster ten. Amazing fortunate part. Over 250. Different kinds of plants over 7000 plant going to be crucial. It's not the actual point cute little sailboat and a huge. Sale. With all kinds of great -- And they raise money to help support beat. -- on the -- mr. pepper and other -- sure that that Burton. And so as we work. Program area also support a lot of their great projects that they do. I'll for the community and Orange -- -- project educational projects are they think the money that they raised and that's quite so -- as such will reduce. Other benefit regarding public -- in the aperture. This is taking place. I appeal social -- of the kindergartens. That burden. You -- to -- -- absolutely awful and turn -- hourly people like hospital and like they're not true not true martial art culture neutral I mean the entrance to. The out here like hour right here Altria rural life museum Burton. And just like in the residential construction to a moment ago it's opening near important to bring a -- which you are -- -- here lamps. I'm beginning. But shortly that you'll be so I can't -- -- ground. Article which built such a wonderful things can be -- scroll. I in front of the institutional if you want -- -- -- -- Lynch. You can go to WW dot. In Jeep plant failed dot com that's NG -- field thought well on computer took a look at it. I give you some idea bill calls on that but again that date from this morning -- -- -- call them out of Portland as -- -- And they -- today I'd like to be picture. Entry in the aperture now in the road -- or left out beat tractor MasterCard program. There is not -- up and feel from eight to two at the Scott should be sure that your. And I'll regional leadership let -- -- they have a lot to agree shall compliance. The -- lecture at the plant our election and promotional program called Louisiana support our program. Only had a really outstanding plant Fallujah and it sort of promote them I would do -- such a strong chancellor -- -- the pledge to open up. Many of them at once she's in building plant trauma were were promoted right now the great call -- -- your article in the times Picayune. Are you at all and no dot com or in the I'm speaking on Friday. You'd seen me featuring that wonderful Korea that's where harsh appreciated. A level out of those and -- -- -- -- -- -- From eight to two -- scout -- Turk. And that is in new roads. And also call on. I just don't child if you look at poor on the error society in Portland. This whole area including Israel. Under society and warned that -- in play until today. From the financial worry that thinking -- should talk to coach and general pershing that -- loyal to polian between control and for a concept for me to vote -- -- purging. They have other apology in -- trails lots of -- are fighting Amber's here to answer our questions you might have and a peaceful like a -- growing. Just -- of the year from the three. The herb society spring plants failed 48202. -- purging and that ultimately other recombinant so we're gonna take a quick break keeping regarding question. Greg got the call into question lined up to 6018. Seventy will be back with the court -- right action -- good morning -- -- joint economic partnership this morning Bianca. Shot calling regarding question being hit it into those four to six or 187. Or out to the local New Orleans calling area action at 889. 087. And he has talked to jail column from Metairie first -- -- good morning. Good morning Dan are you broken -- banks sort of euphoria well last year unnoticed. In my front yard where -- have signal. A lot of -- we commit. So went to a local nursery. And they were they -- told my problem they recommended a product called kills all. And they signal that will be fun to put -- you put on -- and MGM and Bartlett in the public will hear from your experience. So before you put the law and actually at Topeka before you approach to the corner tree. But what forty input on your and you read error for Google word of the label -- you make sure that it was a product that you were culpable is thing. It shouldn't apparently is that. And it would do exactly what they told you it would do and you all shipments of failure is watching you judgment about it. To bring. He didn't -- label you want to take so it worked for something. Kapalua quote quick and she out of an exit and then graphic and story you really have to shut down I think taught him how can people. I think I read -- -- Apple likes regal look at nurturing completely and fully before you purchase it. And then read the -- it before you apply it and people -- -- before you apply it every time in the future social until. And when you put kills all your -- without that you sent out. I learned a lesson. It might turn my. But my three dog brown. And it did kill some of the dollar we'd maybe most of it but. Over the wintertime the dollar we came back. With a vengeance. It and and so -- the same dog. To some extent and the same dog looks like it's getting greener and now. But what I did after that was I applied today the bonus asks. From -- And about two weeks ago and I don't see that it did anything to the dollar would -- -- -- do that again. Or should not try something else. All right so here's an -- including coach Jim -- active ingredient in real ball is like frustrate. And glad it is not a collector and a -- selective herbicides is designed to kill order or -- actually. Holy use and purpose law on using selective herbicides. These -- herbicides that are designed to -- the -- but we need to desirable plant alone and the history something normal law on the -- by the troubled -- -- but not sure that corrections along the way that polite -- say that you applied was and that's why -- -- and that being being damaged OK with being allowed the dollar -- -- -- started coming back at the convention -- -- According to social action or trials and we are we will we expect the tribal or the eyeball -- that we shall we can it -- and information on what works best record these trials. The herbicide -- HER eight. -- -- -- -- But the most effective part of controlling all the weeks. Idol related call me old month to social should I am just unjust called -- who are you to -- is -- back in January and February or -- and I did and it is call. So you can call me popular winter when the dollar we was really starting to grow that your own -- don't play around with this lavish Shapiro moral. It was -- actually been everywhere from Albert what it's about sixty ultimately get days like double talk during the -- -- console in January into February -- -- week is starting to grow. That's a target -- a couple aren't a -- using outlook that we didn't seem that you put out has. Actually seen it. But the actress and put out what we need to not as effective doesn't work as well. This wouldn't use a slide along by children will also match and -- college -- trials and you'd better controller actually been putting. Actually out by shelf yeah couldn't actually being out. You know we NG product into Indian opposed going to war take counsel -- will meet applicable court as -- -- -- -- financial changing party government. Application that -- that you put another application packaging down but with the republic of fertilizer urgency to orbiter there we -- you know application. But you can't put -- application of the -- achieved what. And that's the action and we support your local nursery or garden center and -- had -- look for bigger brand of actually seen any tree or any GI and -- daycare and then create political action news separately corrections. I'm and the battle collectively not back about a week without affecting the -- Augustine that's actually generally it's about to petition the packaging perceives and so that you put it now want -- -- an application -- year. Your leaders such a one eye and say I just kept happy -- what are that you should she yelled or in shaker. At least obvious champion in the course -- this summer. All we blazed down the peasant girl effect of the leader in the summer some girls are always expect a -- -- their best all -- -- -- relentless comment that is in the cool trees and but we will be awarded next year either in the fall start the ball we growing well or any time during the wintry January -- -- or early march. Get pictures that make two applications about two weeks apart on them -- good job of helping control the ball. Okay now it will in all shook out some of that -- lead. I never ever since rape anybody that -- I can't predict how you can. -- -- I can promise you four. Okay all right thank you thank you -- Good question I would privilege that you all things conventions -- -- conduct aerial calling from trump card aerial. The morning I had a quick question I am married and mainland gardening I've never had a garden -- And I went to get creole tomatoes. And I'm not what I. Really looked real committed and three of them are one of them ended up being an heirloom tomato I guess it was in the long area. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes and -- -- Other trivial committed -- but -- -- -- remove the her child put the wrong kind of tomato. What happened. Another step and energy out you have. Happy technically accurate or Sri look at social intended but by somebody -- the tracks around this missile able. I -- a creole or considers hopeful that interest and now and the kind of technical creole Hannity. -- salt on from what are this year limit and as you can either way aerial. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- focus question. -- -- Darrell Condit here and there labor tomato -- a group of tomatoes that are in many varieties there are orange. Tomatoes -- air into it is read here in -- to the Arctic -- and -- the meetings are smaller than it is so there's -- compare them on a kind of -- out. Which is that when they start producing you'll see Indian nice medium sized -- but that would notional amount -- church organs. -- about the calculated security problems that he be sure call back yet popular. Already bacterial. Ideology we got -- apology to the morning. Mining and would get bought home and don't let them don't have from Frederick. Trade on it. Come would be. Read them has sprouted up on it probably it was kind of sound and then it sprouted up. What cannot put on that but what cannot put on it too -- deck and grow anymore or. Just cut to flush with the trunk. I look -- and that's you do that and you put on. These -- -- what the trunk and they keep out terribly bad about certain suckers that they can. -- a -- somebody -- that this one shouldn't shoppers. -- commitment to a constantly. But but keep an eye out national soccer illegal here in the future. Reached out or didn't work at all or what you need to cheer when -- should -- children should coming out of the trunk. Reached an abrupt halt near done what -- but at that point you actually use walkers or even a small. To really take a big truck packed the -- if you need to or as important as politically in district that actually try and you'll be fine art. -- right out. Okay I'm actually you can't. It was -- and just break your so called on to your second question. In the patent is brick all we got I -- in -- -- but was caught on good morning and got off it and expert to cartridges that. Are being -- I flew into the news break our culture and punch the ball alignment. At the market has a lot -- that they broke back to Belgium -- -- -- not. Patricia -- -- so the low part trump is not -- is horrible stretch of street got a -- Or limit or or or break approach it is the root stock which is never intended to be allowed to grow into anything that's up from below the grass gene that is what part of the -- -- -- -- and should be removed the moment you see -- somewhat hypocrisy deal with that. It's awkward laughter elect this year -- couple Paul and what -- an extra question mark -- Several don't have a coding. It looks like underneath black. And -- enhanced like Hurley. On that grown on the stand. Pretty well black. Coding is quite possibly the -- A signal Patricia is a result of sucking insect infestation. Are -- flies certainly. Black flies toward -- checked into extra on the -- -- inaudible and after you finish bloom thing. I get a couple credentialed oracle for oral spray your round spray or a whole season's oil. ROL. Article full well and spray even through the summer despite high temperatures and so. Those are good first infection -- -- on the -- -- speaking. Electoral -- city mall which is going to be on the straight side. That wouldn't be a bad idea a kind of a greenish gray rusty -- natural growing on the branches on the wrong. Walter little pup tent like organisms -- like -- it's a lot of concern popular site racial we will live on the outside the apart. They get the water they need to rein in the make their own food to 5% -- -- and they -- taking anything away from countries -- -- -- or something. That I'll -- -- so we can ignore it goes. And I thank you so much anytime -- Thanks so crank it -- -- our our. Election we're calling from -- a very important. How I didn't -- -- equipment and premier. One thing I have never met and change. Particularly at clients and grow well and show me just I have a follow -- cachet and. Old Mary I have answered in the the year because of all people should be and of course (%expletive) covered chaebol truck -- -- -- plenty for hours you want -- much -- -- should make our heart -- over the summer. All right so look is a wonderful opportunity to highlight. The Louisiana its plant in world. Promoting right now on one or India or wish and fly over. If you try to speaking you'll see my column yesterday -- like you know on the dot com. I'm it's a wonderful wonderful bedding and comfortable. Yet colors out and Burgundy a -- yellow. -- -- A -- -- for plane bounces are -- so long. I appreciate you other sources include a big -- should come and raid in pink or. Are really nice NG years -- contract in the on the comes and written in -- And it's being. Robust growing on it a try and shady areas I would also lady calling. What -- full full chart also covered a wide variety of hours. And then and patience. And impatience impatient straw. -- ensure -- -- -- and so patients also come. It's a tremendous. Colors so who will call it ought to do with leadership did Mary -- -- stick -- those gracious or unfortunate but it. Take a look at those cool picture yeah I think it would -- like. To -- Now. -- actually which on our own. There are questions that people actually. Had an eagle on the most important. Good morning I'm taking my call I'd like no way. I'm appear -- the best time to hand in hand and -- your yard. Interpublic and putting the world -- like -- correct. You want to -- time in the -- integral to the bill. Problem is as good as possible. So wait until the -- on that in theory approach. Everything is normal slow getting part of this year that long cold winter and it has been -- cool. We can -- -- program beginning about people were saying at trial normal -- and about once a week and an active growth. But now that the late although that this year -- -- wait until you can yen note that your long as we grow your -- Every week and that's growing like -- -- -- began his order to get this -- out and so wait until early may to mid may but -- -- now about the actual number -- they -- true. About two inches and bill. So we're putting out two engines -- web he can be pretty competent pitcher -- world will agree here well those low for air Israel might need to feel a little bit deeper. Have to crash as it turned -- about a month or six weeks. A global action. And trouble with those areas replaced along. How can. -- buy you illegally and opening of the all. Already folks we're gonna take a quick break if you parting question. Greg got the call in the -- question lined up and radio tuned XO warning seventy is -- a call. -- they deal with the obituary sugar. I will be back -- the art show this morning we began this hour or implant he'll pull out here in the day. -- match at Obama today at the and -- part of Burton. I'll try -- after our financial destruction or certain -- The our society is still going on today at that -- you know regional pushing from behind a tree. If your your library you know much -- -- -- for barker. You can -- regarding books should be friends of the journalism public library. A bit -- going on this weekend and -- tomorrow. Today it is all my options until 8 o'clock and that's more important caught. And tomorrow from the central on the clock. And that's taking place at the pocket trying sugar -- idea that we stole -- at the lake so again today and tomorrow from noon to five. -- -- much trying to that are wrong we are all part for the current temperature and public library. It looks really got lots -- important books should -- That -- option to buy them quite -- price all right shuttle coming up right now and can't stop our it will show good morning. -- -- -- All right last Sunday we get them migraine and I'm -- -- -- -- And I'm gonna -- my tree root into. And at about twelve to fifteen feet tall we had one great. And it still operate in Kenya they say it certainly at the -- an American -- out stay down and and it's still not. On that you know it's still leaning on and do you think he can be saved and. -- it's a little -- that this was a fairly young entry that you planted just the past few years. Right. English got that without proper. Fortunately entries that we are aware of to seven years and planting. -- war three straightening and they've been blown over by the and so yes it is something he can handle social order. -- -- and put some good strong futures stakes that tree strikes. Are around that tree around to hold that in my age I -- something that you don't think you can handle your only true that big threat. Out in the Soviet trees are simple popular and -- went out Gillick. All of it and I think that's a good I think that's good additional here trees so young and we're doing. I'll I'll just -- -- OK I thank you so much that yeah. All right shall thank you for the call appreciate that but -- -- out to Mike calling from last year like good morning. Aren't you ought to -- a player in replay it in her. -- take off probably better plan. -- Well they're split okay accounting. Yeah it has said that under the during the -- I'm Mike has done during the -- time. -- -- -- -- People trying to make a whole bunch of things like you're twenty. And you a lot of -- on your hands yours. Then it's important to you. To take some content that there is just on the Internet and social Internet and research on rooting blueberry country and to give all information from Bloomberg cutting. -- your traditional pieces I'm like that's something a lot of people appreciate. When I think about reading the -- at fort -- -- its spirit and a couple of three engine down and medium actually you're successful you're with a three inch tall. -- -- Now imagine how long after -- blueberry plants. You know those might be willing to -- trying to direct produce more picture combines an archery -- again. I'm sure that -- -- -- year's. Award due to people. Cutting -- project and -- go forward and it. But can appreciate that you're in an actual plan parliament and after the current number of years. Before it toward my side's gonna start to produce four children if you need. And show them maybe for a while it's economical. Route twenty cuttings and the years to wait until those practical enough to blow for -- -- true -- again it's orchid tree -- I think he needed water or blueberries and you're anxious to start producing -- -- as possible. By far and away much better angle -- tries productive plant to commercially and -- -- in the game and actually drawn cutting. -- -- -- It actually itself from all means individual liberty plant. And got through with its -- power. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right. Already thank you for the call. -- folks stay tuned for more -- that these passages -- morning anchor George Bush and -- What the social network -- gardening pilot took the promotional good morning -- -- request. On. Our planet maturity. Not that long ago. On the ball -- little balls are around the tree and portly -- or what to expect -- -- Chuck you're fearful. A few weeks off the mulch. You can spray just for a long that we don't get carried away with the judge on the we'd be very careful not giving the -- on the anti money or a piece of cardboard. That you can hold between the trunk and warriors in the weeks -- spray like Jose Jose probably sold roundup kill tall grass and weed killer there -- audio brand to block it out there. I'm anxious quite enough to -- the Pulitzer that we -- and that will help control the lead and keep it there and actually clean. Around treatment you're meter keeps global wheat and competing with the tree. I think actual ports before it happened animal were in there are string so to be careful out accurately with the public she'll try. And storage is not split the alleged to be fine. Well here are. -- and -- call up Jim calling from New Orleans agent in morning. The more that it that it seemed like the but that treatment program. That's an -- at this point jail but still some cool. The doctors -- as long lingering spring going on but you get it on the ground before the real -- -- them and that's kind of around the -- -- at this point other principal wonderful high quality should -- right now. You don't like that that's a great time right now. Okay but you're all right Jim thanks for the call IT are -- from the -- your opinion in Korea and I don't rugged. And I have -- people and I am trying to -- to -- RP program would you recommend that you use without children. That shouldn't be court. Launch email because there are some options open to but it's better explained and trail. You can see all your options and and out. All that it could repeat programs so odd like it is Indian email great. She can't control popular -- by the get the feeling that popular restaurant will be program in there shouldn't -- -- -- in Malaysia and along the different options that we have chemicals that we can use chemical that we shouldn't. I had at all -- -- curt could be short ginger appears to have Bayer which you can refer to an annual all star -- Qwikster and immediately some -- ultimately you know what you -- It can do it in the search for being ill. LSU -- you know orchard billion deal. I'll click on the link that comes -- remembering my tail which election web page still seem like email registry and the email me directly from the web from my web page or you can write that down and write that into your email program. With Kirk. -- me an email at least in the years to pull people rent control. And often that you get any questions you can the only back who can deal with. All right well thank you -- certainly -- -- -- cold and they're ill or conventional staging.

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