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The Garden Show 4-12 7am, Gardening

Apr 12, 2014|

Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and thanks for joining but the effect or on the Garden Show we're talking gardening and make sure you get the information you need. To make your plants -- that you want them to Q could call them according questions I'll be happy appeal that record on. Well whatever plant -- in the first -- occurred getting out on the elbow all kind of struggled on the -- going on around here Elena actually things. Number regular patients are in the -- and -- situation -- programs sponsored by the -- a quick partners program and it felt wonderful option need to get a good. Educational and great speakers and and good change programs. As well one falsely shall I shall offer shale well and Israel the year ago who support the wonderful projects. The corporate partners program and joining me now -- With people are quick part of program to tell all about the second charity program go on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you oddly beautiful day for today like -- and that -- -- -- so lucky that spring has sprung up so much color you are in it. He becomes. And we got our our subject today -- -- legal collapsed and political matters that Noland -- working with that wonderful community over on broad street to bring. There we fresh program back to that area -- especially at all to people who haven't had them available and long time. Great of people whom are -- -- guarding intra all the skills and become. More successful. And good information from people who really know what they're talking about it really you know I want to -- him. There are quick market -- community art programs and we're eleven happened around street on the corner client out right now. One block outside. Let you part comes in. And we got a lot of people here to help with rapidly master gardener I you all about -- we have a plan that we. But that our department people in the past in the department park parkway are our partners. And I thought about electric archer. You're your your -- desert and it's solid grip you object to get plants are finally quiet children corporate this time of the of planting by. Talk about our potential a lot of good people that there that are knowledgeable. So that from Huffington and today that the people are partners shall be at 1130. Roan street at eleven particular book on the street I'd be educational program on kitchen working if you -- learn more virtual guarding him and rewarding career should be will be 10 o'clock. And then they'll print social call him. Thank you can't predict that the opportunity -- -- -- have a good one today. Our idea and some more things that are going on how the child -- this -- tomorrow I'll also ignored me and Jerry in the war and old garden rose society. Is going to have -- -- -- -- -- going on I don't try to play patiently tried shopping center it will be in the open court in the first quarter of veterans boulevard. And cult label -- pixel not talk about tomorrow morning that on Sunday. Campbell at all so awkward chocolate roses one out and a wonderful old corporal have been brought into court and church actually. Proven -- where it had been -- -- -- by the members of the society from the rose collections so these arose that the -- no more want to try it -- most beautiful how resilient. A whole court rules as we implement rich wonderful fragrances and if you -- talker so people we don't want to talk about what becomes an Oak Park rose as a wonderful opportunity for either the play at church and Albert. -- -- gonna have a big structure that you mart rose to a popular a local rose what the Bible all cultures regard abridging -- I haven't -- match tomorrow from uncle who. Serbia I'll try chopping shutter and the court -- closest Tibetans and calls -- a wonderful opportunity either. Let's get the phones I'm anxiously gardening questions -- That anybody calling and a or anybody -- morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- I used to fertilize oleander -- anything. And you are put do a year or straight in on the branches there are down on the Arctic at Bagram -- when you are usually money when it's actually were applying it to -- Are you cannot be aware of the potential for most of the mental and what their groups and so we focused on applying for watched the -- Because that's what the roots -- and that's part of the plant that primarily to sort of middle entrance at a plant me on the only averaging averaging minerals from the sport all ready I mean minerals that are absorbing. And a little fertilizer is -- and -- supply. All the -- pledged he'd be healthy and quote vigorously as so it's it's our most important school. We encourage kids to grow big mystery and at their full potential and listen I'm here or like -- -- industry construction to begin to grow you'd -- and that is -- -- like those nutrients the most. So think about it in general purpose formalize your local -- garden center. These are all going to be bringing our type of material -- scatter around -- he'll leave interest real political correction a -- how much to apply -- the power plant or more body area all of those -- corrections sergeant -- in -- are killing at all like a lot of people do. -- gonna put out and not a good bit jittery about too much next to burn -- -- or the plant. If you do that shall always re correction Obama are larger and always -- off all the label directions. All leaders do not need any special congress or eligibility anything labeled a general purpose are -- will be chopped off. -- -- -- You sure knows what do you just. That green girl all year branches. In. Order. A lot of interest in the opposite to cut them back just because they had -- and vigilant branches are prepared. So wait until -- -- -- and and a new growth -- -- part they helped and so we partly at the doesn't spiral. You can trim them at all because -- Old that can be shared in the future plans get rid of them -- situation -- those and shall so. We don't follow alone at this point not prudential plans Fatah. Okay and the you can -- buddy thanks for the car. But I've talked stake -- -- more the show coming up or other after the morning and -- partnership and as you just heard. I'm going to be here -- actually -- That can -- water street and I applaud. And from two up from twelve until two if you want bring your garden questions to bring ample with -- on sale and Egypt. I don't behavioral and water that. Is that approach he thanked Claude from -- to this afternoon a good time to come here and say hello. Do you let you know caller your whole calling from comedy. Hey good morning all -- euphoria. -- -- I've bought them out and nobody you'd go plan was on the bottom that low -- -- below certain hours blow in literature. -- -- A banner year or other not not nonetheless. I've never had success with -- -- a variety. Apple is to seek patent cross the pollen that you. And -- -- It just kind of break up the ball and have that one year old. College -- I mean how many years they've been in the ground I think he's (%expletive) but I missed it. About eight years. Yeah there'll be producing. And the other types that we that we -- -- there's just -- -- primer on Portugal. -- doors that you. Patient pollinate each other and again. Oh -- of retreat -- -- years to -- -- -- -- three years beyond that. Yeah so much for one and setting -- -- you are at this point there -- annually in the ball like Coca. The talk for hours and social circle we have been and that is. The effect of -- a full of the tree -- -- -- sometimes. But she's still getting from that article at the time. Via Korea and India and hatred absolutely gorgeous Trie my that is all all -- wish an explanation for your. -- really cute isn't she -- like Coca hours they're blooming this time they're old enough. I -- -- -- the reports which are important like each other wars and meeting and on Arctic support life. Chasing him and ethical course. A check yet and I'm up and questionable call each other. And so on bullish for -- at all. -- and you know sooner or later they. He can't force them at a -- That people -- -- future. This year. -- It and beyond. All too much tree. You play into the -- -- you can -- varieties and -- all but not at this point. -- -- and it's your condition. Or -- your question. Is to be patient people that true or some. But thank -- A hard ball which that is their. -- audio -- about two -- calling from Gator good morning. The day. Here at the permit plants would fly hour. Not long after that that Sam would bar on. Flowers and follow law -- get those are forward looking aborted by the networks. -- it's can the -- -- Well -- -- blooming right now. Well they're very operative in the ground because the the first. Well we'll let you put him in the ground. And the hotter it is when I start to bloom less or she can make true for you because it or you get on well once our allies and I'm not I'm will sustain in the Serbian. Cropping up in the late. Many -- -- -- -- in -- that the present a good time to get in there and I think if you if you remember too hot to -- -- -- all at all. That's why it's pretty the first cluster often falls off because Atlanta is too young so you can the first cluster -- our fault. That's OK but if you -- -- -- flowers all of them are falling all clustered forms every hole all all in every cluster. Through late. People into the middle part of may when the temperatures are good. Didn't -- you're -- -- your -- conditions patriot or -- too much liked and I'm not all the while or shall -- in the cluster of tomato. Austral summer or fall to -- -- in the people and get a want to get -- -- -- the ball well but not sure well. But we have a window of opportunity for an associate a big crop. In late April and our commitment -- and then we harvest those tomatoes late -- and tune late in -- or big harvest period. And then until you know. Good thank you -- -- this year open does that for you Lewis you are ready let's talk now. Two and calling from intrigue and great game and an. -- Eight. -- -- Year to your community. You are good in the short hairs aren't. In. Order. In -- A lot of real person as an effort. Are you can get her to pull -- -- -- periodically letting it grow out all over the place and pulling -- -- -- get rid of it and then letting your model of the place in political interest in your world and get rid of it. We ought to advocated by at. This currently growing at an area that can be done by either side or physically we look ineffectual Obama sure. It is much as possible once you have done your -- -- to ground zero and you keep. He -- that area every few days looking for. The first beginning of you start again and the moment she should give it up on the ground he can explain what -- iPhone maker like appear. At all spelled -- in a great job and and out. Alt control we declines. And it talks about the different techniques we used to different herbicides used. But above and beyond everything culture when it comes to -- Is that is persistent. What effort over the long term to get control that that that really of terrible line. Because it looks like -- but. Urged the bag were. Not true. But you know that's not true. -- -- the next day into something. You know to -- and to walk. Back -- -- now so he continued to do something for. You've got to be persistent with this -- will not be controlled by special occasional effort you've got to do it teach you have to be more stubborn. That monument street -- -- people are dealing. Would be terrible we'd be on -- claw arcade Iran cubicles called a particular line I really really put in the effort and -- -- -- -- line is if you can expect. At least in an email. How can you that you don't control and we. There's one quick OK and up instant -- -- can all your last question or generally. People that you. -- the good news. Or call that stage and will ship coming. In Georgia all normal around here and there on the world under a certain period of -- Master -- spring plans he'll visit a massive really important trail that you don't wanna -- school on today. Kicked off at 8 o'clock this morning. That -- communicable to play it like it has actually for the kids. So bring you adult with you that something should that to do you have experts is that there health clinic real time goes by problems as well as well over 250 different kinds of financial percent 1000 challenged -- illegal war urged Israel at that point to PL that you actually deployment are important. Artistic -- the plane took off iTunes and -- our -- in the hospital you'll -- the -- -- to Burton. That should comply until on the date from a neutral -- Are we agree financial Andy he helped bring -- programs around the match culinary Baton -- and the -- the Botanic Garden near and for all -- -- on such yet regarding questioned pulp be about calling him. Check it out call from this city Jeff. The morning. What your show listen. In the in my house that I JA had. Some on court. And I -- Kenya prepared genius thing you know it's fertilize. And file grows but it should yellow and one by one -- of -- died at one period. Little something else chair and lord I would replay appear on court -- a local our look around the great -- that are. About to change sides. He mile intricate -- -- well community she she this year as a nice -- community that has about the same form and same shape as an on court Ghraib belong in the hall. And couple of hours going on and that's a real reliable for the low rolling out a war on a beautiful couple alleged double B is all kind of a popular but 1 central -- -- and -- for whatever reason it. But church I'm just cultural mantra going back from that area. Bargain as a problematic in the war in here because of hike each small -- -- YouTube about seven point two point eight not a major issue look on the should -- -- -- in Orleans but some pressure -- -- like Cardenas. -- your problems regarding -- to armed struggle and again. If you try it fertilizing -- iron and tried putting -- -- should require a potential to require important around the -- -- dropped the -- -- You've given it a fire truck it greenback again and that nothing has worked her real name attached to decide to move on natural as well and take out the -- looking good. -- -- You know defy that it will be -- that the -- fertilizer -- let that general time released so that trying higher iron. PM the problem it is it is a PH of console. The accord is in the army. So you can. Actually -- higher iron I'd give it and it needs are and also. The financial. Muscle in the park and forget or being oh draw blood sugar -- in the hole. And then again in the sporting Robin crucial issue special regarding. The fleas and -- told we doing this time of the year. At the end. Grange as always -- ranges should still be much -- -- in your string color and that indicating an ancient relationship problems. According ultimately my trip fortunately it looks older or as. You regional. And you need to be you know on here. A picnic. Okay thank you so much for the call party actual opted -- calling from Orange warning. In morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Picture made it a vegetable and our -- in particular into it -- I'm trying to be elected this year -- it. -- on the -- don't feed on -- anything Welsh. Okay. But there are killers out there so topic that you folks in your area. All confidently say on the vegetables and hours. Prepare maybe it was like. But we think products until you -- does -- -- color image. Can step in early Jeanette the law which occurred that -- watching carefully. And you can control the military. If your. Partner. Toxic insecticide to do the job choose ADT insecticides. Are complaint and actually occurring. A bacterium called socialist -- -- -- I -- that -- Caterpillars and anything else and partly currently will insecticide easily be as simple you can problem. ADT insecticides is such an actual -- treat others as well I re fortunate expecting them residual. Anger out of control and the numbers -- -- is probably available so stop your local or treat and buy -- from Heathrow and there. A label on vegetables as well ornamental and it will also a good job of controlling traffic -- Be observant constituent watched pretty early on which certainly looks like at that point and then -- -- well in Jakarta for step and stepped in quickly and -- -- controls caterpillars and you can keep her vegetable garden flowers and that as well. Oh. -- Shouldn't act. -- -- We're actually -- -- straight years boring just probably. Host the police here are okay. It. Wouldn't explain. To them. All right so we straightened out but but be active now how much damage or hurt you at cherry. In Pensacola and -- the next couple got a little while and calling -- -- morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah outlet this year soldier -- in Kabul was your question oh where it was great. -- -- -- so mob ball and so and so we keep that still more questions are used to about privileged go. Being outside -- -- no results are firm I anticipated. Important. Why is it the fertilizer is still good. Leanne -- so opposite you know particularly as Google we control follow up -- an application and just a week killer. You can follow that could reopen their shrink in a blog we killer and apply that label correction. Apparent shark in question appointment that yes. Been fortunate but I can't hurt -- I would advice. -- cracked the coach of the planet so they don't know quite a stroll you yet or larger tomatoes but made an -- has done. And it also. Doctoring tomatoes and also peace soccer tomatoes and they can be injured or tired at all the mistakes that we trying them on. And -- -- -- will also lowers the number of tomatoes which you get. Much larger tomatoes and the it has fewer tomatoes that put effort into -- -- put more effort into those -- and bit bit larger tomatoes so if you're looking for lower tomatoes and tomatoes limiting number of today that the plant makes all accomplished. So little so so. I don't want crunch you've got and you've got to go back to -- -- were looking. And it was recommending that and see what they recommend for the different kind of tomatoes that we. Who administer indeed term tomatoes they make that impact it may be four or five feet determined to commit you to pop album they're all that we normally it would -- impact. So I can check the recommendation. As something only does she -- the recommendation. If you read it -- and get to be tells the person -- into. Like right. Thank you appreciate call. Are they going to take a break and be back for the partnership ran after that it morning we're talking -- your on the Garden Show in the next hour that's eager. Calling from Slidell. Peter good morning thanks much calling again. -- -- So questions code -- will be act giving. -- we did. -- and a garden. A -- court and. And now and initially -- it was added that we fabric on the bottom and -- it still eat it with just -- -- And and later on Indy summit two on the web and -- was an accommodation in accordance oil and. Are so loyal. Hoping it is -- real salute. Does this so. -- that was needlessly alarming new situation and something else there's certainly. That the definition -- guard Russell and shall is shall ambiguous. You can order talks salt one cup in pop shall look company. -- -- fairly different things so the idea that this is one type of thing that we call -- sort of one thing we call art missile. And -- -- shame all over the nation so that when you get all that commercial political or social and been -- starship. Simply is not the case orchestra -- -- upon the good sort of the war will -- vegetables are. I Jewish -- you want there can be quiet in the matter is. When it looked a little you know matter I'll show you some slowly and surely an action Sanders still peace plan. Would not work well as a blend in with the organic matter. And then I'll put -- -- of the biggest problem we have put some muscle mixes. They had to have time quick hit -- mellow out not normally mean it is. Organic matter in the exit may not be as well decompose as you might like and to be I don't original plans to the those mixes. He decomposition of the organic matter of the storm rapidly going on but like organisms doing it decomposition and higher -- much and to some degree. And that makes the plant sugar growing in the council. -- -- pitched until it may be another darker green is we want them to be and that can be compensated for what fertilizer. So it can't -- you're not having any problems. Don't worry about it or -- something on the Internet that you should have -- -- to them that question do this perfectly fine. But -- can do that having some problems again with these different mix oil that we bring him or Martin's most common issue that's actually giving I don't by the Mike organisms. Decaying organic matter. And the solution there is should formalize what -- -- containing purple. OK okay and at that one more question. My back York -- -- From unsecured debt in its site. So that in the -- And now I want it to -- government should not hold back it was and that's kind of even it out. An element to -- like seventy. Brett Ito went and a good short next few weeks have been a lot heavier rain. Outward that it might have been washed away. But now announced honesty like and some grass -- cooling. From the sand and warning it was too late but we -- plan any. -- and it's early Peter. -- from a long -- selection of you know if you look awful on so it's chilly still working down in the forties at this point so it's a little early. Complaint does have a you want control -- we that are coming up are scratching them up a little bit of life straight. That would be round that kills all. Grass and weed killer I just make sure that when you rate the interest problem -- we -- in that area. A man again when you play the streets we're gonna go to usher Indy car and that's a disadvantage at trying to go on from seeds is that what you planned to -- may be in -- We can still a big ring just quickly kidnapping and man. And you may draw effort inexperienced he's putting up -- -- along come Google watcher watchable you to weigh in the world -- I wish that we definitely well we do -- planting. If you can possibly swing strongly recommend you late -- try a shot at a much more reliable way of getting a lot of established even though there's more expensive I am more laboring and just in this formal reply. But if you -- it and see them next month okay thank you so much for the call Peter. Our folks -- take a quick break and be back report card -- right after this morning your Garden Show and -- What -- action and she didn't get a chance to call in the day -- -- still holding the program and -- -- getting old -- right now. Don't forget I am happy to answer your emails just sent me an email. Attached pictures if you like a look at those questions during the week. Feel free to email me any time it's what we email. It to do an Internet search for being and he'll award and -- LSU and order. Click on the links to come up celebrating my -- and my L rejection webpage and you can email me from there or copy the -- dressed down and email using your email program are we avoid calling -- good morning -- and sure the call it euphoria. Good morning and I have a normal. Laura Bush -- go to paradise. And I have a serious problem. Took killed all of the -- If you need to -- -- awfully a plant themselves are still alive they're they're almost always gonna survive the -- as. But it's high time we -- done as you know ball long time ago but it's high time to get there right now and awful the -- police and at least get around the lead may -- brown but the least diminished will be green. But take the lead still -- as well completely that the -- like. Growing part of the plant behind. And it should be an important for you over the summer. Well I'll about they read that thing that he missed them to -- brain. Yeah once you once once you cut the blatant -- that can actually only. Two of the main body of the plant. Of course brown and at least 40 team it'll take off at the same time at least behind national shortage stock each. Look like structure that those players produce and it'll be spinning up new growth and you'll have beautiful plant -- Okay thank you very much Gerri appreciate how are you take care now and folks and ever call -- Your questions make the program has always has registered. You can email me. Immediately. After computed well. I'll I'll be up -- -- people and injuring guarding questions abducted by -- water correction shrink ought Celtic career achievement shattered by.

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