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04-13 10:10 am - French Quarter Festival with Scoot

Apr 13, 2014|

WWL's Scoot talks with special guests about the French Quarter Festival live from Jackson Square

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning it's another beautiful day it has been great for French Quarter fest 2014. -- life in Jackson square Jackson square this press -- fastest and actually open up until 11 o'clock. But we're here to give you as much of a preview as we can't will be here with you until 1230 and -- following us it's LSU Arkansas. In baseball hero if you will but it's it's it's very windy but it's a beautiful beautiful day to keep that in mind and Italy with the Sunday. It's early in the season so you might not be thinking about it that's what you should. Make sure that you've got sun block or our hats are both especially you bringing countered kids pictures that you. Have them all taking care of but really it's great to -- -- according. Perhaps your on your way to church and you can join us -- after after church come on down it's a it's a great time to be at the French Quarter. This first quarter best 31 years ago. Started out as. An effort to get people to come back to the French Quarter. Because there were so much a sidewalk and street construction in the quarter that people were coming downtown they've they stayed away for the quarter. And so to invite people back. They put on a festival and here we are 31 years later and it is become the largest. Free music festival. In America. -- doctor John Friday afternoon the crowd on the river was massive I walked around yesterday it was it was crowded will be crowded again today but that's what it's all out. I will talk to a few different people. As we go through the show this morning and so we'll be getting -- like I guess that's brutal start firing up here shortly and we'll start to takes that it will do the best we -- to. Convey exactly how good it is but. If you. If you don't come down to the quarter -- this is a great time to come down and it's very much a family. If it. If you have stayed away from the French Quarter because you think it's too adult oriented. This is a time where you can really walk around -- quarter in its. It's just fun and there are a lot of families and if you live in the suburbs and you're so close to the city but you come to the city you -- should come down and enjoyed. What New Orleans has to offer which is more than the suburbs not to -- the suburbs but. The architecture. The cultures just the sense of everything that is New Orleans that is so old school there or what's that old world the world's. Is is right downtown so it's a great time to to downtown courtroom show bush or your kids what the French Quarter what you -- is all about. Our first guest is Michael to -- He is with the interview series the first quarter -- let him talk and and he's written a book on this site -- music it's a we'll talk about euros music Michael good morning and welcome to our show good morning -- good to see here in Jackson square. It's delightful if you -- if the windows and taken away it what does that that's what's one thing that you you sense. At French Quarter festivities. New Orleans music local musicians and what I what I walking in you know use you you walk into one stage area and you hear what type of music and that you -- that feeds in another state comes into. Comes in the year into your presence and you. Get a sense of another kind of heroes music. There were so many people wanted to find New Orleans music publicly defied. Oh man I wouldn't begin to define New Orleans music. Good music well you know duke going to rights there's two kinds of music good music and the other cards you know that's. I interviewed writer -- from Lafayette yesterday named as being on the hub city all stars because Lafayette is considered well it's kind of music. Swamp blues blues zydeco cajun swamp -- while kind of meets together. And I'd say the same Iran -- north of port city. We're all kinds of music comes -- comes through but so whether it was in the nineteenth century we of the opera capital of United States. To -- becoming the birthplace of jazz and now where you can hear everything from singers songwriters to rock and roll to. R&R and B to classical music to. Didn't I didn't know what it's it's all here and go to the second try to define it you realize definitions. Too narrow because so over the over the years Michael I've noticed that people are are are desperate to -- New Orleans music at New Orleans music doesn't get the attention it deserves. The truth is it's it's it's so diverse it's not like Nashville where there was a specific Nashville sound or the -- that came out of Seattle it was a Seattle sound. There it is the type of music that comes endurance is so diverse. New Orleans music is an umbrella for a lot of different Childress. In the second you talk to musicians say -- you play traditional jazz the person they're gonna do is break out yeah modern jazz you talked to cajun musician the first thing you do so you're kidding me this and they'll start playing blues song for you just proved wrong. So you know it's. You could try to define the music but you can't put any resistance -- about and really it's it's I guess that's very reflective the culture New Orleans. Right our food our our music you you can't. You can't define it in. It's a good significant ship to experience rather than try to defy its ever changing that's the definition of real to realize name means -- -- there that we're always changing always going. In the French Quarter of tacitly concede too that -- music we we are people and and we like music that it's kind of grounded in our past as well. He could hear a song when I go down your urban street parade I think of somebody like Danny barker rivers -- that's on here that you think back to -- -- -- -- and you think back on the apparently. So it's all kind of hear the same way you look at you right now -- the river behind me. I got cemetery ahead of me I got a jazz trumpeter at a church over there to my left -- it's just it's it's around you and you come down here and you feel like you're part of history. I've -- it we -- live from the world's largest jazz brunch at Jackson square and we're gonna come back and continue with our guest Michael -- disarray and he's with the series let them talk it's the it's the interview series they would tell you about that so you can enjoy it next time we could find that a lot of popular music also. -- -- -- -- -- Talk to Michael about that. When we come back with more life from jazz that bright flight from the jazz brunch. At French Quarter fest but -- a -- well it's a beautiful Palm Sunday yes you're headed to church of course the reading at a faster means -- mass is gonna be a little bit longer right. To get up and -- 8 o'clock but it's well worth it as far as I'm concerned government so after you do that -- united church took down to join us for the French Quarter festival. We -- -- like the Jackson square at the world's largest jazz which were talking to author Michael as a -- And Michael has written a book about -- echo. I know what it sounds like -- when I hear it how would you define as a genre. This I think -- committed the music developed by the French speaking French and English speaking black -- that's southwest Louisiana country. Out of Lafayette area in the prairies are Communists. -- this law tells the oracle little town most of them. The good number of them not on any amount. It's accordion based. With Syria percussion music of -- or rub board. It started off very. The first great real aquarium -- an amount that they are when. Black guy. Played with a great cajun fiddler white guy Dennis McGee in the early recordings amazing integrated air resistance to coordinate -- specifics -- -- different ways. That's sort of a foundation and in the real news just musicians started at -- -- influences like -- -- section. While cajun music started -- little bit of or country influence through -- you know more or fiddle although you do get. Warns an occasion vanity get a fiddle the real band as well. So it's a few musicians that put to NCA. Who threw -- Davis. Every year we mr. Putin back in the day he was around for awhile. What we are here Clifton died at through mid 1980. This -- -- the music and and write a song effects at a cost of miles away your paper my shoes these great songs about poverty. Zaragoza possibly mean there knows all this there's no salt in the snap beans in -- don't have to meet but it does that mean the season. That is based on top of it turned into a stance on return through the hard times this joyous celebration to sort of we introduce them. And Michael what I -- look at rock music I see that you know there's there's there's rock and then there are young generations that come along and do their own version of -- DC that -- -- -- Absolutely yes effect he sees them rapidly if pop influences and after that it goes the last 1015 years -- right. It's on our way. Number of folks have come on it started to vote -- was -- -- guy who was around played a lot of tumbling answers possible it was a beautiful beautiful night there with him when you thought that the old Rock the Vote about the -- in the -- He would bring those guys that he really introduced -- of music to New Orleans every every -- -- we didn't lose to those are these guys who goes out with a guy who. At this big wide. Taste in music you -- gears. Figuratively -- you heard all kinds of stuff Reagan rapid -- he's the top of war rock songs and music as well. If somehow kept at the dance group after it. Saying in France also and kept side puts out a traditional. Even when you might have been covering wrap up. No there will be those who were part of the establishment who will -- vote no that's -- that -- -- but it's it's a natural. It's it's it's a natural evolution of music what -- young generation heads. What the with the influences or that generation. And when I talked to the old guys are all guys that definitely you know if you're not going to Waltz anytime tonight you're not -- those you know get off that stage. There's always a little bit of a battle using a friendly battle between generations. Through receive the music maybe Portugal too far -- back. Proceed to a bit again over the back of justice that -- -- the work that's which failed would work right -- it was a fuel bit. You have been and then pulled -- back -- -- bit there's always kind of testing the boundaries that would -- do. For those music aficionados who might wanna be part of this interview series let's talk a little bit about that that the US mint -- it. Eight it's not they're kind of place that you just walk by you have to get after making a destination. Yeah that's the stuff that that god be writing about music for the very first time was hearing musicians on stage in -- casual setting talking about the music and the stories behind their songs. We're always enjoyed the music that I never really got a sense of the stories behind it and these these stages are informal setting it's like city. In -- living room with -- -- so strumming her guitar talking about the music room and on the council that she listed yet she's she's going to be talking to Fred Kasten does that. We knew that the US. It's kind of the best kept secret the French Quarter festival that's all have been going on for I think three years now it's up on the third floor of the minutes. Beautiful theater air conditioned. I get to talk to -- Romero and a perspective on yesterday today -- and let. To the house though Eric Lindell. Got a great great lineup out there all day long broadcast in the when -- what are great. Conversational -- in the city of New Orleans going to be interviewing them all all all throughout today do they perform at all or absolutely you have to yeah that's that's the great thing when I'm up -- interviewing. I've always kind of looking -- I could see the people -- audience. You see writer Merrill their -- retarded laugh it's like OK they don't hear me asking more questions the stick to a song. So it's kind of like get their -- and should it be excellent series as storytellers absolutely it's sort of like storytellers a little bit of MTV unplugged extend. And it's very -- people can ask for a song you've been asked the question of of these folks and the conversation. Goes very surprising ways -- those that list. And I just you kind of see where there -- conversations please you know this one common denominator about music whether it's classical. Slight echo. Country. Jazz rock. There are stories that. Inspires you music. -- status -- the last time they're that it has opened it. House of blues for the better as the foundation a couple of their songs like king of New Orleans and lifetime just a couple of songs have really great stories behind him when he took what stories it just reminds me that. It that's the that's the one thing that totally transcends -- Jarvis is that there are stories behind the music has inspired by real life. Right when -- I think of myself as someone who I -- grew up right throughout the midwest. Was lucky enough to find my way down here and I learned about Louisiana are you out -- like John Mellencamp. The oh god open all the country aren't Somalia here's the -- -- -- exact at a table you know they kind of gave them the couple poking your system that. -- -- it is not a lot of young kids at a rapid -- optimal I was gonna ask about that. So I thought my way down here for obvious reasons and I became a loser Ian -- Because of hearing stories by. Real fiddler had great fun to go or or -- Danny -- there -- -- to really introduce me to this place and outreach in beautiful -- -- and that's why. I love series like the -- talks theories is that it produces the news story tellers. The new people and I think really tell you what. Why we're here. What why why are we sitting you know there's. The thought the place you could be right right what why -- -- sitting here in this really because of those stories that music that that track facilities affected me that city. In fact -- And that's another good reason to come down to the French Quarter fest if you. If you love music if you like. Different kinds of music and it doesn't matter what kind amuse you like it's that exposure itself to different kinds of music because there are those common denominator of all these. It's so very Rory nearly is opening up the left the talks series today 1130. Last time I -- he was that -- rounds and that's what they've atomic Dermot. Playing in new soundtrack to Buster Keaton movies. Lot of people are trying new stuff and new old stuff all over the city here and and different sort of -- the great chance to get teaspoons. But most -- maybe you don't go out here all the music -- -- -- or other other lame excuses like that there. Here you can go check out a song -- -- it. And the general and you'd never know. What your kids are gonna be influenced by and they might not show I know we're excited being influenced by something but. You know you could have kids is -- that you're racing that might actually. Grow up to the musicians. You might expose them to something -- French Quarter fest that will inspire them later in life. The -- about a half hour my -- -- going to be playing clarinet about three blocks away with the -- was Jamison heritage school but it's first time. Playing in the states like this oh my goodness on the -- the -- series thanks for being with -- absolute faith -- go down the US -- third floor who have to talk with a lot of fun and you don't think there's any chance of any -- -- come announcer. If there is I will be the first to tell you about the first to write about it but I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right we ally for the French gore fest is the world's largest jazz brunch in Jackson square. I've -- on this beautiful on Sunday morning. Went evidently well here's the VW real news update with -- means it's a beautiful Palm Sunday it's breezy it's going to be warm today I guess it'll be warm enough for for many who have been complaining about what we haven't had enough warm weather. The crawfish are plentiful and got the -- the -- is crawfish on sale at the Ross is a supermarket in the French Quarter on don't Wear street. And also back at that the US -- area you could get just a big platter of crawfish and they are delicious. We're live from Jackson square and the world's largest jazz -- -- -- -- -- WL and our. Our next guest is very in -- -- heat. Is the of the poster artist for the French Quarter -- first of all welcome to our show thank you haven't. Had to be honored to be the artists elected to do that poster absolutely -- haven't -- to go through the process of becoming the artist. Well basically it's competitive selection brought these sketches here yea yea yea I was contacted and asked to submit sketches. Claudia and and it is funny a -- -- and -- in my daughter was being born. Around the same time so that was what I was most concerned with at that time and I had. Totally forgotten that the -- -- -- they can submit -- force and that is something you know. That reminds me of French Quarter was -- connected to so turns out you know I have a history campaigning. Local musicians and doctor -- someone I always want to pay. And from there it was just like -- submitted this gets him. It was received really well initially -- -- a couple of adjustments. And from there is just basically history that it once elected the first of all I applaud. For making your daughter priority at -- -- in your mind -- a lot of people are -- By the way your daughter is being -- we're able I'm working on the poster site I applaud you for making. True priority. The the poster is really it's it's it's a basic -- it reminds me if Jazz Fest poster kind of quality because it really does it does make it it captures that doctor John. -- want to do something that was -- -- -- that got to -- at slapped with some elements of his assignment you know my trip got into union as well. And just you know the half moon in the background. That really came about because obviously Crescent City but also on my favorite doctor John sciences such -- night. Some confusion on the moon night. And 1987 he was back it was just. It packed had a lot of I don't know who was at work Friday afternoon because it was so crowded there was nobody left and -- in offices. So where will this take -- or so I mean this is a this is great spring or. It in the it is I have no clue where rotated out all of that was it can't -- now it can only go up for me you know and just being fortunate enough to sit in front guys like yourself in have been using it gives people a little bit of insight into why am in my personality. That helps out a lot as well because you know as an artist. You have to understand it be going your artwork you always. It has to be strong but in addition people also by means you listen to it in your personality and you'll. And that's that's true of war and those people generally. Let's on the people just because the personality had a chance to sit down and one on one talks element on the ice to cool that somebody want him beard. You know so. That's that's never been lost all my dad told me a long time goes on just be careful social relationships because -- definitely taking so just don't -- that got everybody's like saying he's such him. Yeah there and it's it's been true throughout my career -- to try to make showed them. Did enjoy myself and everybody have a -- time you call when you first noticed you have the -- it absolutely. I've been draws that was two years old -- that I was -- before that actually it might spell my name around him letters and things. And my mom and I'm sad that these days it's my mom had to let -- so it was orange light bright orange and it was static on in the house and I would keep that in some remarkably that all point and built on itself. A man it just is so buttery smooth and -- -- had -- -- year old Mohammed behind it one data clean and she saw there's like -- which. So I am the oldest of the NC was asking my oldest -- -- because -- -- this is. Which one -- that this was running a visit and met my brother Byron was flight home I I didn't do that's where I didn't do it -- I'm sick you know like I did it at it. And my mom didn't believe so she said okay we need you did it then go ahead I'm deeply penetrate. From the enough. So this time off expert that was drawn a lot of natural stuff like you birds and things of that nature around so it's time to -- yet addressed barreled. -- a worm out of the ground. And mom mom could not believe -- quite got it. You really did do this this is crazy go get the belt. If you -- But adding get a weapon at that age is just the -- a bit you know and I we're gonna get to your conversation with the a poster artist -- this year's. -- gore fest it's a great picture doctor John and again it reminds me of it when I first looked at it reminded me of that classic professional -- here. A poster from yes -- years ago we live at the French Quarter fastest 31 -- French -- -- And very in the -- -- is where this -- we're coming right back with more -- its roots lie from the world's largest jazz brunch. Jackson square but every WL 65 restaurants over twenty stages you go from one cent to another -- -- she walked by the the food -- and you go from one sound to another sound issue walk from one stage area. Two and at the stage area along the riverfront and throughout the quarter there or stages back at the US -- here in Jackson square. I'm -- we ally for the world's largest jazz brunch at the French Quarter -- Here in Jackson squared which land here. Producer on location or just it looked over the -- it. You know where else can you get at a church but on Sunday and go right out and get it factory and it certainly is -- they're bringing in the supplies to the Booth right next to listen to factories will be flowing it. You could find just about anything you need when you come here we're talking to the poster artist are very long -- When I think of artists who are successful -- they have a style like musicians the style changes but there's still that basic. That basics -- I think about. From. Years ago Peter Max who inspired -- submarine. Type or did he steal a lot -- artist today that locally by -- Osborne has been very successful in his stuff how would you describe your style. Now. I don't know now because I've really had to do that but. More colors you know -- from these tentacles -- Big colors makes me feel a certain way it's reason why you western coast because you feel better and look good in the you know it's a great day outside obviously you know it's gonna make -- -- more. But for me I would probably see it colors you know maybe a little bit of impressionist it at times do you think color means the same thing to. Everybody. No no I -- that every assistant did it take you you have added to head right. But what somebody might interpret here you're there artwork differently what's up -- time that you know. Went off as an artist all you do was put it out there can never like. Have people put into boxes forest -- even worse because people bring their own personal experiences. To the work so its case in point the Jazz Fest a couple years ago. -- it sets most of effect pointing. And I had no regional pain out there there was a woman that walked up to the game. Like I'm watching this is crime it was definitely an hold an arm. And -- got other people walking by me and it's nice -- -- and I -- you know keep movement but this one woman was fixated on crime and she still gets like five minutes. So finally she got close enough access -- UK man she's like. You know my father. Played with him. And spoke so highly of him. And I have pictures of them at home captured so well so tastefully done. So when you see that kind of a reaction that people. Have to you work that's really the main reason why do you know it's about connecting with people on a different level because we all -- might. A favorite created personal -- asylum of some nature you know if it's. A musician dancer we have. But you know we are attracted to them because through the arts he -- the power of human potential he may have someone that's like you know. Like a teaching myself how to play guitar right now and by no means a Miami kid but I can do enough to fool people to think that I am decent. But if I could play guitar player like Eric Clapton -- Emanuel George Benson Norman brown. These guys that I would put myself in the issues and that's what people do when they see something you really appreciate it greatly some famous artist which you think. Wow along with big animals money -- at -- a lot of that's a good question I've always been a huge fan of -- real tan that just something about his work -- always stuck with just a week captured. Certain moments. And you can do portraits yes. That's a lot of responsibility if its a known person like yeah absolutely exceptional because people have an image of figure -- somebody do. Meaning of -- -- -- they don't know what you're -- anything about this person and I guess I can relate to this because one. Or ritual we support that I it is it was written which draw it and you done by Ron -- rolling stones' Mick Jagger and and during his show I was -- just drawn to this picture because it captured the essence of the -- And I think you've captured that we will doctor John we're here and -- -- with -- poster absolutely appreciate it thanks so much. Because its responsibilities as people have this image of course you have the responsibility to convey that. It is it -- you know most most are starting mountain run away from hands and faces and how. Always -- -- deal I'll of one like shout we've had them going straight for. Because. That tells on you really quick like where where your ability so to speak. And it cuts down on the people trying to reproduce -- you do it also defines you because see if I know doctor John and you're gonna show me doctor John the what you see doctor John if it's totally different from the way -- -- doctor John that I'm -- -- -- -- absolutely it that's still the right that's why it's important. An imperative for our all -- to do theories that you can give -- -- speech that you. He chickened out and learning about you know I'm I'm content to do everything whatever it is I mean to a student. Because you have to know the back story you know but it got something of substance. Which said that he was walking around earlier while setting this up is that -- -- earlier needs to be the to the artwork passivity -- to reject his -- some of might have a few issues. -- -- -- -- -- wearing blue today you said color means a lot the lines and New York is that so the result of that date that this is it will be boring -- it was raining felt. That still would probably win some bright -- I'm just the colorful individual. And act I get that and laws -- my dad buyer you know my bed the comedian it stand up in the diet and hosted events and not gotten a little bit that in some work is colorful you know I was influenced heavily Obama oldest brother by -- because to do with cuts. And that is -- -- arts. Very -- raw I've really enjoyed our conversation and good luck for your part in people should pick up the poster it's it's an excellent those drugs doctor John. Not only is it from French border fest but it's but certainly musical local like on. Well and the original is for sale and if I enjoyed our conversation thank you very much right now. Let's go to -- from the world's largest jazz brunch in the French Quarter Jackson square hang on on this beautiful Palm Sunday will be right back and -- WL. And the bells of saint. Lewis to -- rules are ringing in the background. -- gates are open the final day of French Quarter fest 2014. Is underway in real life Jackson square the site of the world's largest chance -- ledger witness. I if you are getting out of church of you heading into church this is a great place to be. This morning and this afternoon and it just opened up the doors and everybody's up for Texas where that of course are so many things going on on the river silly things are going on along. Just every street and in the French Quarter it's a great time to -- In the French Quarter at the weather is going to be phenomenal today a little on the warm side victory you've got your sun block your hats especially with the kids. But also on this nice breeze that we have especially if you're on the river that greens just makes it very comfortable. Yesterday I was -- -- some pictures I was walking around. And one of the things that really struck me Richard Jackson square. Feet the art of making creeps. There's no modern technology to write and you really -- it would be great if not -- -- but also for your kids if you. If you expose them to some of the art of our culture and there's an art to making creeps and I just this like this old. Old wouldn't. Utensils things that they used to spread the creep over this. Hot iron. Whatever it is and and you could -- of -- that's a great thing about food here you can watch him make some of the food but. I tweeted out that picture and then also I was at this is something that makes all of us to secure. -- treated at a picture. Via the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard with one in the -- when they're little votes. Right off the right off that that the river went it went -- for what offense is taking place so the water perimeter. A French Quarter festival is being secured by the Coast Guard we'd like to thank him for that. I LSU and Arkansas at baseball at 1230 but we'll take you up until 1230 -- from the 31 annual French Quarter fest. Jackson square -- -- it will be right back on WW well.