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04-13 11:10am - French Quarter Festival with Scoot

Apr 13, 2014|

WWL's Scoot talks with special guests about the French Quarter Festival live in Jackson Square.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning it's a beautiful Palm Sunday -- breezy and you'll hear that with our live microphones out here on people walking around 31. Annual French Quarter fest is now open for business that music is about to get under way along the river when Jackson's hair and all right. Again incidents breezy but that's gonna help make it to seem very very comfortable picture you've got -- it has with the especially with kids because it is going to be a sunny all -- today. This stuff French Quarter -- started 31 years ago after there was a lot of construction in the French Quarter with sidewalks and streets. And a lot of people just it -- wanna bother coming downtown because it was so inconvenient. So the French Quarter was part court test was invented to bring people down to new worlds and here it is 31 years later. And it's bigger and better than ever and it's the largest free music festival in the country. A great shots as witness he's the entertainment manager -- what job you have yeah I think you and -- -- a great job. Think you appreciated but so fun to tell us a little bit about the highlights today what you would like to direct people to go receivers. Well let me. Start habits and we've got when he -- stages today we kind of RAMP up starting on Thursday we open. Sort of soft with five stages and -- -- to eleven. Friday and then by the weekend were running 21 stages. And those that and yet there's an access he had yet I I love that I love the sounds of the sites. The smells different colors on -- it's wonderful I mean we -- you know we're in living neighborhood you know one of the -- most historic neighborhoods in the country's we're. You know we have a lot of a lot of that character that goes along with it steams its terrain. Buggy drivers everything else. So you you've got everything from classical music great game. You know. Pretty much something for everyone if -- -- -- A lot of traditional jazz on on paper on Bourbon Street -- three traditional jazz stages. We here at in Jackson square this is our first. First stage that they had from the beginning you mentioned. That festival started in 84. That's -- now actually spearheaded the beginning of the festivals. Like says. Promote. That the locals coming down at the French Quarter. Same here as the world's fair. Team enters -- James Sanders is kicking it off today here in Jackson square so we're excited about that he always puts on a dynamite show. And there are some other great acts here creating machine you make the right Jones. Some big stands closing it out. We have a new stage of the river called the big river stage I'm not gonna -- everything is is just too much did take up all the time. But I've recommend any that he became go online. After you have or gain. Look at our schedule there or get a copy of the schedule. We have a new stage right up against the back -- the ferry landing of the big river stage and we -- John Cleary there that New Orleans suspects which is. You know a great -- with Reggie Scanlon. His new band and people want us closing that out. There's stuff going on at the US -- two stages including our new location for our brass band. Jam stage. And esplanade at this stage stage there's. Traditional jazz stage of the French market with dance lessons yeah -- I spent some time together yesterday. He had yet that's -- that's a fun team -- did you did you -- in Vietnam ended I had but it's fun to watch anyway yet I've got that you have to beat myself. It's definitely fun I find scene and it you know it brings you -- You know they'll lively -- of the music -- It's it's impossible to. Define New Orleans -- -- And -- one shell out so differs and the French Quarter festival local musicians of all different types of music. This pretty much. The -- do what -- well. I'd like to think so I mean. It's it's amazing how challenging it is to represent everybody. And all the different kinds of music even though it when he -- pages -- -- so there's so many. You -- different. Various sub genres. Of music and so many performers around town that even that is like over 275. Performances. And still we're. We -- all of you know. Twice as many over twice as many people apply and and there are people each year that we are thinking we need to get. We need to get them next year you know there's always somebody else. It's just a great environment I can't I can't imagine that we wouldn't be able to. But on something this size in another city that was all local music and I think. That is the defining factor that's had it differentiates us from. Some of the other festivals just we really are all local with our music and glad to say the quality. Is there and you know. We all of our music in New Orleans I think it's a great point you couldn't do this that you couldn't have this much music with just local musicians in every city. Yeah I don't think so I mean and other great musicians out there but I just think. New worlds of courses is unique in the way that it has several sub genres. Like he said. You can't just define New Orleans music I mean you could say things like it think it created. That has various influences -- got your traditional chads yet your brass -- music you've got that that New Orleans fund. Going. And you have some other kinds of music represented -- like the classical music there is you know. But tradition of classical music and opera in new -- and that's represented here and then as the show -- Archery and -- we've gotten a yes. Thank you right exactly that we also you have some cajun and zydeco. You know from southwest Louisiana so. What awaits a local -- we do have one stage that is southwest Louisiana which of course is a whole other -- world. I feel it and it's it's local and an but it's a whole world and on the development -- cajun and zydeco bands. Hybrid bands that are mixing it. But this year we have. We actually in addition to when he went music stages we have a film festival with all local films that's going on in the but he. -- Which is right right around the corner from where we're -- Sounds like I don't know if anybody can hear that but James -- is picking it up right now and it sounds very lively. Greg just having witnessed an entertainment manager -- -- 31 annual French border fence like agreement is subject to -- thank you for having -- -- either. Haven't right -- and people continue to -- it. Jackson square and along the river and just through the streets of the French born. Let's go to we're live from the French -- -- the world's largest chance Reggie Jackson square and we'll be right back -- -- -- and we are -- front Jackson square I I -- lone -- walking from Booth -- -- because you can -- building of Romo all the food that is considered. Great New Orleans food it's -- differs in the same way that the music is that the person you want from one stage at the music fades out in the new. Circuit here -- the stage company to remind you this the great diversity which is all celebrated here's part of our culture for sport that's. -- for the world's largest jazz brunch in Jackson square. I'm skewed and -- -- WL he's here every year tally won't trade yet. Oh thank you walk come from the world's largest jazz front and it's a gorgeous day out in front -- I'm looking around multifamily SE children. Grandparents. You know the mom and dad and kids in the strollers it's it's a fabulous day thereby so friendly not a mean bone -- smiling faces. I see people eating and just this. Just have a good time the music like you said it's so diverse yesterday we had down. If this -- sisters we had charming Neville. Com we head. Big band -- are adamant we -- her name but -- this went on all day long and I have Booth I'm so fortunate. Straight and has -- moved Jordan across the stage and that's a lot of the dancing but every year. But down. Let's go to quirky take twenty dollars and need it and want to go out to Australia and can't you can't this is not to funnel cake festival votes -- -- -- not -- and Jamont it is no corn dogs here. He edited the beautiful Palm Sunday so you know all went down to August Dominic church bells rang and people Russian. It's so funny I'd never seen all people move at faster in my life at that they got there folding chairs and -- -- there at the gate ready and Susanna. All from the church bell and there. It's like a horse race no way to -- going to pick your favorite spot and they start raising an eating and in Jordan music they -- like teenagers at a Miley Cyrus got a -- -- can't open up. We'll let you know. Com this year deference foot -- -- has free shuttle -- you were about parking if you go to FQF I got or. You it will find out about shuttle services free shuttle service and have the times I think it ends will earn it tonight. But I don't recall but if you've gone Smartphone or Europe personal computer and look it up. It -- and never discount -- -- and ultimately. Tell me you're one of the great personalities on your what did you bring you see all my Brothers and I we're gonna get out here are we doing now bobbled the lobster sauce. That's non profits -- stir fry it up black being ginger garlic crushed pepper. And serve over right -- and we can -- fried rice out in -- Digital Domain applicants and make -- and now we've got through and at all auto all the time. -- it's so funny I got some regulars and a quarter is that he's a restaurant down here and and yes and want to come and I want them at some of the support country boy as I'm not meant for city life skills so let down and I have a -- this story this one little lady. I could have it within twenty feet and you'll come in from the side -- -- her little. Up RK a low note Tupperware. Thing on the side -- and -- -- which you want to fill it up or put them back. And I -- -- back to -- those five out of the net and off she goes and you know it's edgy yeah he's been doing this for years then and now. Yes just you know we have the same thing I know what you want to rate but cut it. When I -- on. When I lived on the cellar shall we don't live on the North Shore couple times I would come see you quite often you know that or -- even before I moved to the North -- -- in. It's such a great reputation that people made it destination people on the South -- which -- all right because we just to go to tree yen while. On the weekend -- semi business come from from the South Shore. And that's not attractive but credit card -- date they simian thing in. And so most of all of that was from Jefferson Parish and you know -- gun on veterans highway at about -- Chinese restaurant. They have to pass by him and drive to possibly become -- I tell my. Staff and I think. And my approach is that we count that you know. These people could stopping those Chinese restaurant but it -- modeling here that's sort of picture to get. It serve friendly service and and the best part of -- we get a -- like my oldest president pieces you know. I could take opener huge -- cook it and make it. Beneath the table look good smell good taste it that -- bite into it still welfare issues that we buy quality greens and that's what. You know what trillion is known for that we use. Up top -- -- Sanofi but they'll literally that it's the creativity went the first thing that I noticed about Reagan was the combination of local with. With with your with only apple did that again it's the it's the crawfish with the -- -- us all -- you know when we try to and corporate outing in -- ingredients like done. Well at first restaurant served alligator commercially. That's we have time at halo story we had -- -- the clean air who had done it was done a little not shelled turtle is that a bad jobs. And then now back in Sony said it Salmonella and they'd -- zone that captured. Billy being that he knew they did. Lost livelihoods elites just alligator and he went out and now -- some negates. And now started racing alligator was -- So you know -- -- you know what it was because back -- it was on the borderline endangered species list facilities say it was a customize. There and -- too -- an amateur which -- sister cities and he's become anything they want. For some alligator meat -- which can do with this work up some shots -- -- I act and Celadon points I would. -- stepped up and I made we make -- One with a fresh mushroom mr. for I would oysters soft bulletin to plotting course pepper and with top that would toasted almonds. And now so what's the some of the locals say hey try this -- Seles -- -- it was threatened to that long -- it just try it. It is not not tell what passes by you -- to see it. He did get it. Yes that it would -- in this man that's good that's good downloaded that's alligator real alligator is back in a lot of restaurants serving. Chicken breasts and -- it alligator. And when it trotted and that's greatness yet it's. -- of those stores now how it got so they finally com. Actually alligator who -- who raised alligator farm. Hope alligator population come up -- in a while. It also violent a little so when it it could be two years so they've really they've release that there are 30% back in a while. So that bought the population -- this one ticket that size your survival -- is much higher so is it still. You know win win situation -- alarm o'clock harvest eggs on the while being a man. Had Jim -- with two years to release very sent back you know while so. So that's really a lot of the alligator population now with the Afghan be on television series -- swamp people in different non. Local reality shows. It's taken off actually it really hurt me because if he -- -- prices wholesale prices -- it's almost double now. But so it's always a pleasure I'll always it's great to see you in -- and I just wanna invite all your listeners out that it still -- time today. Come -- at Jackson square is Baptist isn't nice breeze going on. The weather's great again if you were about parking go to FQ. Have not yet. If you have I got Al Gore and look up and you that's free shuttle service that aware about that c'mon now folks it's gorgeous come say hi this is. And enjoyed the world's largest gas right upright -- -- about it I'm glad. That -- area good to see you -- I will be right back with more live from Jackson square execute on WW Ella here is done -- where they WWL news updates. And during that day's break guy just had a chance to taste some of the crawfish lobster sauce and rice from trade again. One of the many many -- here -- Jackson's where's the world's largest jazz brunch with 31 annual French Quarter -- There there's so much diversity with the food there's so much diversity with music in the perfect backdrop he has. I'm looking it an old oak tree. There's a magnolia tree. All this in Jackson square palm trees. A couple of trees the seriousness of what shall we here with pink flowers is the diversity of the the the Foley should -- the plants here it is reflective of the diversity that we had in our culture. And will choose the board president for the French Quarter -- welcome to our show good morning. -- last year we were my humorous side because it's stored in the morning but it turned out to be -- if -- -- to be great and I mean today is just gorgeous it's incredible. Get an early start get out here -- Right now I think I walked or Friday I walked around doctor John and I have never actually -- -- -- that route. It was packed and people he put on an incredible show I mean people just love it. Lofted. We're super excited I mean he had like the festival since 1980s that and so. We're just we're thrilled to have him back. And and actually we saw I would hit the Dixie cups yesterday and that happens and. They're celebrating their fiftieth anniversary and we were have really really happy that all local musicians. Local restaurants I think 6065. Restaurants yes 65 restaurants to -- Wednesday to the music. And it's all throughout this it was heartening for I sent out a tweet yesterday the crowded but one of the stages that Jackson square. And with that picture right tweeted out if there's intelligent life in the universe -- here. Absolutely. I mean you. How -- you can't that's up especially with incredible weather we've had -- at a blending and branding campaign I mean you need to grant the family grant Graham perhaps your husband your wife your significant other and get out here because it is one or if they don't wanna -- -- moment you can exactly. What is the thing that makes you most proud of -- office. On -- what makes me proud is that I I feel like we are contributing. Something just incredible to this community I mean we. We we have an incredible board that works really hard and tactics that it takes about 2000 volunteers -- -- festival on. And it really is about the culture and music and the food of this incredible city and so we're very proud to play -- world and bringing us. And the world. What I think that French Quarter -- does very successfully as it does reflect. Our culture which use so -- differs from the food to the music and it's good that people walking around and it's it's really it's it's. It's an annual mere reflection of who we are you really as a means you can find any any anything from you know the old old line classic -- restaurants and buying galloped laws you can find -- you can find the -- restaurants like. There's so much going on -- and at the other and expect them. You can find probably connection gets old -- you can get chicken -- -- greens are. You can dried tree between east with it which is actually knew were hot dog restaurant in the cities so. -- there really is. Oh just so much diversity of food there is definitely something for every one to try and it's gonna you know every -- like to be satisfied. And then the snow balls which has got to be a real treat people from other parts of the country. We built and it's it's no clothes right and believe me it's just not that the shaped eyes as he has done the same thing that's not compared -- Africa. So that's that that stack the reason. Local -- really. What whatever you want -- looking at -- over here playing it. Parents and I see a lot of people. -- -- -- -- And then they let everybody passed them line which is kinda cool I tend to walk around it just wander around one place to another but some people just find their spot and they stay at that spot. Yeah I think everybody has their way of doing the festival and -- great some people like to camp out some people like team you know it just you know wander from in to handle it from canal street all the way down note US -- all the way to -- -- street because there's music everywhere here just food everywhere and it's. But yet you find your way to do it just you know come out and enjoy it. It also invites good exercise. Because yesterday I walked from my apartment to the river. And then the audience and then back up. Back back home right and saw a lot and actually I've been getting my work out there that could have. Phone blocking for end to end and it's like I mean it it's. You know I give every one of the locals it's an opportunity to the source to your own -- it comes out this beautiful historic -- neighborhood and just walk around -- you know see if businesses -- -- restaurants and just people lines you know it's just it's one of and there are a lot of people who make plans to come here for this event. Ultimately we see lots of visitors visitors from England -- from Japan from Germany from all over the world even all around US. -- myself wonderful photo yesterday it was two people -- -- -- -- at the traditional JFK to different market and she was from Alaska and -- Yet she was -- and keep us from Orlando makes the Tibetans started that you think -- what about the movement of that. What you do such a phenomenal job and I know this would continue for many years is because of the work that you worked so it feels like being. We're gonna continue live on this beautiful on Sunday. Still mourning but almost into the afternoon. Just comes down itself specifically stated that someone else. If you don't spend time in the quarter if you -- spent time celebrating. The culture that you -- part of because you -- in this area. This is a great opportunity to creator issue. Read -- yourself and your family your kids to things that are just so. Traditionally and that is yours I've -- for the world's largest jazz project French Quarter fest 2014 we'll be right back on you well when your job. It's to go out and talk to people about the French Quarter fast. Quit your job is to just be out on a beautiful Palm Sunday morning. Into the afternoon like this. And with the breeze coming off the river and partly cloudy skies with that's your job. You know your vertically place in your life that I don't really consider this work -- screwed and we live from Jackson square French Quarter best. 2014. The 31 annual French Quarter -- It's a celebration of food to. Music and culture you know all of those things are so diverse. You can't just label New Orleans food in one way your New Orleans music in one way or art culture. Because of the way it's it's very indicative of the late this this city was built it would support city. And it was it was discovered by all kinds of different people and that bad and diversity carries on today and it's really a great time. I know that there are a lot of people who don't come down to count it -- spent time in the French Quarter. You know it's one thing you might not be. Convenient in terms of working would you want to warn people do not mean there are tens of thousands of people who -- please departs that you can't find Netflix to -- But might illegally or you don't wanna come back to your card. And have a ticket you don't want to get back to you are and fight it out there because you've got -- but there are places to park. And this is a free festival. And and hotly shift Tommy from -- -- earlier talked about how. For twenty bucks you could eat at some of the finest restaurants -- get samples of the of the finest restaurants. Skeleton closet -- -- yet. You're -- as it very famous for there. There crawfish. Goat cheese crate. That's one of the real famous things here that they've got they've that the attack -- said. Also the birds that local still balls. And it's just it's it's such a wonderful. Things that we have to admit we do. And being from here but having lived in other cities that -- coming back and seeing this I've realized. Exactly how unique we are and yet there's diversity everywhere but there's not the rich diversity that we have. Here in New Orleans coming up that at 1230 it's going to be LSU and Arkansas we'll have that before you here on WW -- issue one last night. And it's gonna be another beautiful afternoon so. If as I mentioned earlier if you if you spent time in the suburbs. That you don't spend time. Downtown. This is a great opportunity to -- if you've got families you never know -- -- the architecture. As far as the food as far as that music is concerned. You never know what's gonna influence your children. You never know what's gonna influence them that it might have something to do with what they do later in life and that. Points of the twins will -- them and then you know I think about. My son and bringing in downtown when he was young and I think about my parents bring all of us downtown when we were when we were kids and I'm sure that affected. RT student in recorded music and know a lot of different things so. Expose. Yourself and your family to the things that are just so truly New Orleans and it's all on display here along the river. -- Jackson square. And really throughout the quarter Herbert street to charter to caters. Royal street today it's it's it's everywhere -- the French Quarter the US bit this whole area at the French marketed in the US mint. So this money to see if you wanna just get a big tub of crawfish and browsers it's got delicious prohibition there they've got to -- on sale at the US again. It also -- is hesitant -- distort our royal street I forget which the cross street he has. But we will continue live from the world's largest jazz -- light on this beautiful Palm Sunday. For the French Quarter of best Jackson square I've -- on -- WL. The sun is shining there's a great breeze off the river it's a beautiful Palm Sunday you might be getting it church right now the for you -- the listening on your way in the French Quarter this you will not be disappointed. There's so many different types of people people watching as credible I tend to. I tend to to roam around -- for states to stage in Booth to Booth but some people just find that one spot on their favorite stage. And they just sit there or maybe that night and directly by a state they're just. In this one spot in its its families. And it's friends getting together and that's there that's their home base for for the entire day and they let people walk by them. So what you walk around or you'll let the people walk by you you're you're still gonna see just. Just great it's it's great people watching say the least. And the food is phenomenal you could take so many different things I I don't know whether they're doing it this year not put last year. And a year before I think it was skeleton was that that the fried shrimp. Bacon lettuce tomato sandwich. And that should have actually been illegal it was just so good but their -- things and just you could find whatever you know I have a little like to eat while left this morning. When I got here just got to run the food I just -- was obvious really. -- -- crawfish yet lobster sauce with price for free -- it. So many different restaurants -- what are the unique things about steroids we often talk about -- cities prone to flooding. And it's never more obvious. And when you're in Jackson square. Sitting like I am warriors -- -- Jackson square. And I ship. Goes by in the river. And you can't help but notice that you're looking up to the ship. The ship is higher than where you warn that rivers higher than. It seems like where we are in -- Jackson square so it's kind of an obvious sign that. OK maybe we're a little prone to flooding but you know everything that we've gone through any storms as this city has seen the French Quarter still here. And we are still here. And the French Quarter vest as I've said today is such a great celebration of food music and culture all of those things searches such it differs aspect. Of of of who we are coming up after the news that well. We're gonna talk to a guy who teaches. Swing dancing. He's part of -- let you applaud any teach swing dancing and we'll talk about that and that's that's also part of French Quarter past. We were talking earlier to. Guy who wrote a book about political Michael. Has -- And he was just talking about did the diversity of music and I think you really -- the fine. Anything specific when you -- New Orleans music signal UK and even even within. A cajun music and -- echoing -- there's only so groups from. From those groups. But -- border -- is proud to have local musicians. And their local restaurants 65 a bit into what it would stages are active today. And there's this wall divert park along the river. With the big stage a couple of stages there and it it's always it's always so comforting to be on the river there. It's about to witness a ship going by Edgar was the music is just nothing that really gets much more. Much more vocal and it just. Not picturesque than that and then there's Jackson square. And then they're all these stages along the streets of the French Quarter and it's a place -- locals it's a place where people have come from out of town. To just -- in our culture. We'll be right back we'll be right back after the news it's the French Quarter fest 2014 -- -- like from Jackson square on every WL.