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4-13-14 12:10pm Scoot at French Quarter Fest

Apr 13, 2014|

Scoot broadcasts live from the French Quarter Fest and talks with dance instructor Chance Bushman.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What a great place to be on the beautiful Sunday at the. People are walking around there they're eating they're doing all the things that we do it. Festival like this. It's the 31 annual French border -- that I I love the talk about the origins of this I remember being on the -- And different forecasts started as a way to get locals to come back to the French Quarter because of Wall Street sidewalk construction vehicles on the front court. 31 years ago. And so to try to get people to come back downtown we -- these streets in the -- -- don't come back to the French Quarter so they sort of the French Quarter best. And here it is 31 years later it is the biggest. Free music festival anywhere. Chance bush minutes with -- it jitter bugs. He joins us live wouldn't it be to do well there is no chance good I have actually -- to deviate yet and it got two year. -- your swing lessons you or really really good this guy. Dance what we're doing that dance like. You know. Because like he's like it's so -- like anything it's just repetition. I mean I started after I went to college. Guardian and they'll start the -- and I was horrible. But ultimately if you just have a little bit of patience and dedication you can do anything you put your. You know I've talked about. Deviated hear your questions radio shows it was night well and talking about it I've just a bit of days dad. The younger generation console. Into this music and with the younger generation we. People that might be just right by some as being -- here tattoos. Piercings but. That the young that the retro clothes that they where when like when I see those young people at a place like EPA. Sunday afternoon and I see the band up there play. And it's not like forties big band swing it's more like early early swing and I I just I I see the just the the obvious of the room and that's stuff that have been going on the emergency room when when this was popular vote is light years. What else. A lot of the reading that I've done since this New Orleans was one -- saving. Rob him dance hall and it still lives you know people didn't street's. Big -- it. That -- houses they can't because the music is prevalent. It's every now you're teaching. And for -- yet you know where's that. If classes at the French market traditional jazz stage and at the cajun zydeco stage and -- Drucker and very -- burns. A couple of folks that have been here a long time these teams -- profitable. -- decided and I don't there's days. They've they're teaching cajun jitterbug -- -- between dance at the cage side at this stage. And I'm teaching traditional jazz Charleston swing. Over at the traditional jazz. -- I was talking -- Marcy the director of French -- that she was. Adamant about having traditional jazz dance as one of the lessons are a couple of lessons because. You know they they were at the dance steps created directly out of the music they came from this place. You know so to keep those alive and to let people know that it never hurt them. Things like fall off the loggers Susie Q apple jacks and all that stuff nobody's ever heard. If they've -- you know so if somebody if has never done this before and I I had never done I have I went to a couple of your classes. Sunday afternoon it deviated I was really more -- a spectator and it was a participant but I did participate in a change you know points. I know because I really went over and I want to talk about that just that the system that the phenomenon sleep if it is the moment. But -- if somebody has never done this before. Should they be afraid to try this. You know you'd like isn't just repetition. Any of that the term muscle memory lives. You know you do anything long enough that becomes part of your muscle and it's like riding a bike or walking you don't think about walking to do. People say you know I. If you could -- dance that's true but then they they realize that it's hard because they don't remember learning to walk. Falling down and all the pain and struggle that went with learning to walk and there will always -- new people there's a human -- embarrassed -- -- -- -- and you know and you can pick up the -- in. Fifteen it's as entry about it everybody in the room gets it's a basic step yet as. There's a well actually swing inside of the genre of swing the village and there are lots of basic steps. And the more basic steps you compile. -- the more you vocabulary. I want to also say -- You Horry rates. Teacher and you -- doing a great job. Communicating. And and and showing people how to do it and not only by your demonstration by your words as well so -- that's I think that's just simple pragmatism. It's like thinking of the simplest easiest way to explain something. And that's like. You know that is what it is just pragmatic. The phenomenon of swing dancing don't really fascinates me because we we think about generations that are. Or are isolated because of social media and we don't touch we don't talk the way we once did it we're not close like -- once worked for me this is going on for several for several generations. But when I see. Young people. Who are. Swing dancing. And I mean young people who. You would think that it would be into it and get it looked like he would be into something totally different which they're they're not everybody detectives -- not everybody's young they're older people there as well. But I think I think about. What it means in a world that is so -- we have. With media and social media and technology that separates us that people coming together and they're touching and is likely enjoy it. And it actually. It shows you how to really meant was yeah it's not actually just -- -- Yes actual process of connection. And in order to do it's like kind of like if you think about contact him wrong or something water like that that's self help some people would relate to. Other thing that really struck me about your your -- sources was people who go away and so people know more fit than others but. Here it is in a bar. But it wasn't about picking somebody else and you know I I'd go to a go to clubs where people -- dancing it's like the this is you know -- estimated -- part of the homo sapiens mating ritual. -- know it's like I want you know after we dance what you know I don't want it to end here. But people just they they just it's it's respectful they just wanted -- they're just really did dance with somebody in this of this thing about. Dancing with -- as many people educated. Yeah definitely and actually that's the way to get good. Is dancing with the -- which you can because you learn many different ways of connecting and everybody does slightly different. But he has different body tied a different understanding that music. Different feel it leave them. And so everybody really got it. And what you get some of the basic steps down that you're kind of -- -- -- to do whatever feels good review whatever they have done in your life after that and the more basics like -- said you know the more basics you accumulate like you have a little -- it's Charleston. It's about -- It was -- you. You know tips and tricks and one that you can really mix it up in the dance becomes more about it. -- communication between humans apart or conversation between your part there's so much. The kind of music that you could do these kinds advances to in New Orleans and a lot of people don't feel like -- divisions that. I -- that's a dedicated my life to. Just getting people dancing to. -- The further away from its audiences. Musicians get I think the further away from the roots of the music. It sounds. Well you participate with the music you interpreted. That's right and then they can't help it. But be influenced by the movement. That this. That's that's what I love about it's it's the interaction. The musician -- -- -- sports like for instance if the musician is watching you play and you're dancing off beat. He can't watch you he or she can't watch. Because it'll hold them off of abuse that is just that an example of how dancing can influence music. Now I've had musicians like Ben Olsen who's playing right now the traditional jazz stage isn't that great trumpeter. And I got him talk about the fact that when he sees that -- that's really Biden on his music games playing if Nixon is playing field lighter. That's his explain -- life and that's another way that that dance influences music. Really I think there's there's only one thing called traditional jets. And it is -- music. That's it you know like you can't say traditional jazz dance and traditional jazz music because. The roots of what traditional jazz news. Clapping stomping singing. What is that is that dancing that music and then at its root it's well. Which yes I enjoyed spending time this chance which would we have villages deploy and at what time today at different markets today there's actually -- -- going on right now with one of my teachers I was I would it. About it but here equivalent registered and I hope people come see you all right. It is I have I appreciate it excellent chance. Let's -- we -- from Jackson square the world's largest jazz -- its French Quarter fest 2014 it will be right back but if you well. Welcome back live to Jackson's where were about to wrap up our broadcast here French Quarter past that that by Chevron if you well it's very proud. Part in this year. Last year this time broadcasting. Inside. Not far from here because it's stored in the morning but it turned out to be a nice afternoon. Well this is starting out to be nice afternoon and it has been just a great run for Thursday. Through today if -- yes it -- of course there is concern. This is his properties I have seen. French Quarter fest but there's still room there's still. There's still room for you if you're not down here yet and -- your or your weight down I would once again suggesting you find the -- police department. It yet it's not that much. Or difficult the fight equally pleased to report. There are. Young people here there are families here there are. Mature people here do this all different types of just such a it such a great display of the humanity it is that's part of our culture. The people that you see are as diverse as the food -- -- -- is that music and I just I've -- walking around that we'll be part of this. It is truly New Orleans it is truly. Something that is just such a great reflection of who we are as a city. At some point it's good to get you know we we we listen to the news that we watched the news and especially if you don't. Take advantage of the things down town that really are. New Orleans then you only hear about the bad things about this it only hear about. -- you only hear about the difficulties. But when you celebrate things like this you also were replying himself the great things about your wars things that we do have to Wofford that it puts it all in. In perspective so you don't just have this when view of the city. Now French Quarter -- is going on all along the riverfront and again I just I love being on the water right well being of the riverfront especially when there's. A ship that comes by it's just very majestic picturesque place to be. And then there's the music. And then there's Jackson square which is filled with clues and music there's food and music on the riverfront and that there are. There are -- that there are different smaller stages throughout the French Quarter. So you you get a just. We need to -- taste of what this area it is. It is a crowd in terms of music and food in and really -- people. And it's just and it's it's fun to -- I you know I can't help but notice something about strollers today. Drove it today or like bowling condominiums. And remember what must have been going up. A little stroller but at some of these things like -- like they've got that the baby could live in this thing for a month. It got that diapers and they've got all the step of food they've got everything to go with it looks like -- -- live -- -- Britain and some of them actually looked like it would resupply. Reentry back into the Earth's atmosphere so now of the atmosphere. But again if you look at -- so there'd be this afternoon we had thought about coming down. Up at the French Quarter for -- few people -- thank Helen's antennae are executive producer this. Also pushed lately our location producer Marc Bernardin who expected studio Dave potter -- studio earlier. And -- to me as if it's up to date with the news. LSU won last night and LSU and Arkansas coming up next if we gave at 1230 times good closing out here which quarterback like projects quarter.