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Apr 14, 2014|

Dave talks about sno-balls, cell phone restrictions, and top movies

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the third -- no. 1414. Can you believe I have fourteenth as basal 2014. For. 14114. From one. It's Monday -- now welcome to another RO how to do it here now man what a glorious week it was great. One of the greatest weekend ever remember really -- just because the weather. Was spraying mean. -- went to a bodies yesterday. We set -- back porch for two hours before our wives -- the -- one. Adjusted net win realized that time. And then a guy came outside with and five hours later we looked at 730. Writes it off. At the last five hours coaches that was that night -- few days you can sit out. And for ever and destined joy it was equal degree -- there was that buries the -- Am so that was beautiful wave and weekend. And I had a few people went over the recorder and ocean here just a few after millions applause he. And at the French Quarter and the perfect. Mark -- -- but the strawberry festival are -- -- -- it's and and you desperate it was like. I got -- I. Saturday. On Saturday morning says the notice Noble's. I mean much in its Norris snowballed. I have my first crawfish of this series and haven't gotten all my goodness I have not had a single bullet I couldn't believe -- calendar year. It hasn't happened. And these were fairly good signs. That you are all on the whole no heart at all and the prize. And 399. Resentment boiled down apps in places that -- and yell at the recent price. Is that at getting in the reasonable ad stood there. I don't they were ever gonna see the day's news. I don't know 99 cents specials and you know and -- those are garden yet and it's been years since team in the -- live. Our young -- 39. About the lowest paid the last several years I've. But 299 -- but not too bad a couple players -- -- specials. On mild standby at the snowball stand. Dreams sickle waited condensed and my son. At the same thing. Friend of his game witness cat between cities and picked up two robbers. So. I'm still looking for something that. Two while -- are -- at the at the snow balls. But until then it's it's streams of coal or creams tickled him here at the same thing different name and places with condensed milk party. You gotta have the condensed -- folks syntex made 87870. And try to tell me what. Since I've had my first snow ball of the seizing and what's your favorite in what should I try and have you had one yet. -- -- No I'm an -- yeah it's almost in the area. Everybody seems to have won out on I know a couple nearby in that neighborhood snow yet and probably within the next week yours or with -- aren't. I don't know. Slide right in there another one of those. Local treats I mean I can't explain why it just fifths. And so good after you haven't -- It's well there you go awful things that but -- at a news conference. -- Yeah that's if guys make all the federal agents. It crashed nice things to do with the snow cone know. You guys read you're right. Thank you David talked about. Fifteen minutes more news here and Debbie WL AM FM and a town and about that -- Green jackets in three years Steve you know -- at the masters one knows he baseball. And in. Everything else going on in the world sports -- to forecast for the work week -- cold front if he feels about that. After this. Wedding cake with -- no actor at condensed. Now called a pink lady. Pink squirrel. -- here. It does some of the suggestions people are texting me at 87874. Snowball flavors they love. Trying to knock me out of my dreams to -- with condensed milk it just for me it's the perfect snowball but I'm willing to try new things. When I'm not willing to do is welcome severe weather there is some nasty nasty stuff. On the I twenty cord or now up in northern Louisiana and Mississippi is any of that coming here let's head on over to the Eyewitness News forecast. For your Monday expecting temperatures gain up to about 81 and look for -- 70% chance for showers and storms this afternoon. A few could be on the heavy side it's -- -- on a cold front in the event. Then tonight temperatures dropping down to 49 once the -- wraps up and it's going to stay cool tomorrow 61 for a high with clearing skies. And Wednesday mostly sunny and a high of 66. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Clark -- Tell guys so unless you're going to school or work in Jackson Mississippi or Monroe Louisiana you shouldn't have any problems with severe weather this morning but coming home this afternoon in -- heard that. A 70% chance of rain and some of it. Could be nasty right now we have clear skies at the Lakefront airport it's 71 a few clouds at the airport in -- 72. Cloudy and 71 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell that south wind. Up to sixteen miles per house. Sports time now -- WW well Bubba. Just trying to say is that -- Watson. Makes you immediately FICO scores going as well yes I don't know them. And I think about a political and -- but Bubba Watson. Twice in three years congratulations to him I think in the green jacket and LSU tigers did pretty well on the diamond Steve Geller is that guy you just heard -- all of that and more in sports. At five point. Good morning and happy Monday Bubba -- the masters champion for the second time in three years finishing three shots ahead of Jordan speed and Jonas Blix. Watson turned a two shot deficit into a two shot lead with birdies on the eighth and ninth holes he says he gets emotional after every win. It's a dream to be on the PGA tour it's a dream to win and winning any tournament. Is a big deal. When green jacket is a bigger deal so yeah I'm gonna cry -- is why me why Bubba Watson from Baghdad Florida. LSU baseball could not recover from a rocky first inning in which Arkansas wants a Grand Slam. As the razorbacks a voided a -- series sweep winning the finale ten to four tigers coach pulmonary after the game. Tough way to spend Sunday that's for sure but -- also know it's very tough to sweeps series in this league. Especially against good teams like Arkansas and they run a pitcher out there with equality or Mike -- Sunday. LA she was now 279. And one overall and 86 of one in the SEC. In other scores from the diamond you will -- yet took down Arkansas Little Rock 63. The raging cajun swept their series to improve to 34 and four. -- went win with this weekend falling eleven to seven to rice and his efforts lost 43 on the road to Oklahoma City. And police arrested San Francisco 49ers linebacker all the Smith that Los Angeles international import after he indicated that he was in possession of a ball. Smith was not and was charged with a false bomb report which is punishable by up to one year in jail he's posted 20000 dollars bail. Today a four on sports talk -- NC double athlete NCAA athletes be paid or should they be guaranteed scholarships even if they get injured. At seven you have a choice talked LSU baseball on the big 87 the AM on the pulmonary show or you can catch the pelicans vs Kevin to rein in the Oklahoma City Thunder. I'm 1053 WWL let them. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. Five point two Ditka and Ron -- with -- on your radio reality -- into -- at 3 am not too shabby -- am Bob pretty pleased that definitely the only concern now really for LSU they have to find. That third starter on the weekend it really struggling. And the third -- Sunday game right now because they just don't have that reliable army have Aaron Nolan he got Jared tocchet. Right exactly so -- you just have to find that Sunday item. And hopefully they can find one of the middle relievers are one of the closures and chipped in that role and get it done because so far everybody I've tried. -- has been there weakest of the yet that the bats have seen you know that come alive who bit their put up 34 runs a game which is good enough for the top the tigers pitching staff. So -- just beat somebody more reliable on Sunday that third starter. I thought it was gonna be Cody Glenn but this is another lefty that's just been struggling for the tigers -- you can -- It was fantastic had and started out going to Jazz Fest for a little corporate border fence for a little didn't last very long because it was too crowded. Went to canal street for the movies right there so it -- drafting which is a good time. All -- -- getting your draft day review we get you back here -- -- five minutes of the more towards because I loved it. And have been waiting for someone especially sports guys notice -- and now you have stolen -- by mentally if you back in here it was worth we'll talk about your review of draft day. And more about the masters and bubble Herat Steve Geller is back with all of that coming up in less than half an hour here on WW well and that that and that counts. Some attacks today 7870 -- -- LSU half great half lemon snowball very prevalent who those combine those -- bubble gum and coconut cream young. And somebody else says if anyone knows ready get up -- flavors snowball. Please let me now. -- flavored. And you might just have to order just the same guys to bring your own -- -- -- -- who's gonna often act. I've played six. Good morning I'm James -- clearly edition of WWL first news some and I'll thank estimated 78. Great snowball rules five exclamation points. McCain some analysis first on board of the irritated. But I love it I didn't get a sunburn in this weekend but it did get my first snowball line. Dreams to Kohler creams to go with condensed milk different name different places which -- favorites snowball -- some suggestions I suggest you. Get to work this morning freeing clear -- get ready for the rain this afternoon. For your Monday clouds will be increasing eventually leading to some scattered showers and storms this afternoon -- 70% chance and some of them will likely be on the strong to severe side. And they may continue through the late night hours wrapping up after about midnight or so it then turns much colder and breezy 49 for a low tonight. And -- windy tomorrow -- skies clear highs only around 61. And Wednesday still a bit cool mostly sunny and a high of 66. From the Eyewitness News forecast sinner I'm meteorologist Clark. Tell all the rain and severe weather now is way up by night. One team -- here yet but as you heard -- some of it will be heading this way this afternoon to be ready for that right now we have clouds at the airport in Canada south wind at sixteen miles an hour. It's 72 degrees there cloudy and 71. At the National Weather Service office and slide now line days knowing -- the early edition. WW well -- news thanks for joining us on this Monday morning as hard as it is to get out of bed and get back to work. And a lot of folks listen early in the morning are headed to the gym because there were I'm talking about snowball. On meet -- you're going to be healthy I'm talking about a moment sugary goodness that I swerved down and it. Tonight you live long enough to find not write some attacks today 7810 and he says the snowball standing country club in Berwick Louisiana serves that goal flavored snowball. My granddaughters favorite. Under the present at Texas and one in no way you can find a pickle flavored snowball. There you go out some announced as they do get play nice with their snowball and -- -- their own Mike's hard black cherry lemonade on it. To the Al comic this ice. Melt faster than never had a snowball with helpful. We'll share more of your suggestions coming in an 87870. Via text message coming up activities Iran Debbie WL. -- this Monday morning let's get through it together. 37 minutes after 5 AM -- -- early edition of WWL first news on this the fourteenth. Of April 2014. Is a Monday a lot of fours and won the -- Strange in a line them glorious glorious week -- this morning fantastic our younger. Gone -- -- -- want -- and it's it's in all hell's breaking news severe storms. That kind of fun stuff from Monroe did Jackson. Some of that Megan -- definite line and over and talk to Laura about that some more coming up just a few minutes people have been texting. With their favorites snowball -- Chocolate with evaporated milk. I'd chocolate condensed. Was crushed pineapple coup. Cantaloupe in -- Campbell -- hunkering down red velvet stuff with ice cream on top. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know supported Texas earlier asking as many -- all the pickle flavored ones we found one per. But it doesn't -- angle flavored snowball and domino says I don't care for snowballs but the call flavored snowball sounds good enough for me to try might be worthless. I don't. The salty thing go on yeah and announces juicy guys in the rose and muscle. And -- well. There. -- so many choices what's going to do. Picket remotely over the weekend where you say it was going to be number one of the box -- well I Captain America the captain would survive another week here and rise. It was close. But camp brought another 41 million dollars. And is approaching half a billion worldwide already wasn't like we thought Rio gave it run Rio was right on its. I'd reopen a close second ago and then I Equus and -- Our third and force for the week a lot of -- on the auction house. I enjoyed it yeah you did. And so we're -- it's the tree view him here. In just about fifteen minutes and beat him and to wish we could name that weekend. It -- and you now that -- perfect I mean there's still few days I would sit outside for. Five now something about that there were no mosquitoes. Know no eat the greens I helped you out is perfect and -- you have a favorite snowball I've witnessed on nine you know rights. I do the traditional ones -- -- simple -- real simple. Alex robbery in the what's why can't figure the damn name of this drug -- at cherry examples as another person. I'd have to have a condensed milk and cellular much about the condensed -- verses of -- -- I do the condensed. Yeah most of our markets -- people -- -- dvds are rated. Ball. A few with the differences while one would be never tried can have -- back nine and I've never tried this thing with the ice cream. You aren't and reverence that stuff -- no yeah. I don't care -- -- my kids my son really likes it. The present a lot of great but I don't I don't like the combination of the consistency. Of the and you know like nation and on -- -- but it the you know the ice with the ice cream I don't. -- -- -- -- that pickle you know we got it back here you know try to tackle he'll try to -- limits -- I doubt it but it sounds interest anybody else does say that if you pour alcohol snowball. It does not melt it does not more quickly. Than a -- at all real but -- him because of the colony Ticketmaster does matter. -- Thank you David document twenty minutes or -- here on WWL AM diamond dot com and it big cruise ship on in this morning the most. Passengers ever missing cruise ship docking in New Orleans -- audience sixty acres to start seven acres after that. Miller also joins us coming up that Veoh and more on -- all in the back here makeup. On the interstate should there be a law against that. Oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's good -- saying. Meteorologist Laura but to. I am fantastic treatment about that decree ship I like man you know my -- -- upset about is I never went hikers on the one that was just here and Amazon is actually on it right now. Now when he left on the eleven day cruise from New Orleans to the Caribbean as well do you go for it in a goes everywhere every -- yeah I Jamaica. The list goes on and on how pretty cool be out of this because the way it worked out it leaves -- comes back you up port Canaveral. And then come back here because I won -- -- Their kind of -- switching up their units that they did swapping chickens yet -- up the course so they had to do eleven days to make the timing worked yes I haven't heard from since he laughed because -- that's one of the joys of cruising Italian as you heard it all all gulf he'd turn it off Saturday now round at a wanna pay crazy feet right international rates or. -- -- -- -- And I hope he's having a -- time series. They're not having a fantastic time up a long night 20s this morning. Now we have and that's especially right Jackson Mississippi Meridian, Mississippi so essential Mississippi areas and strong storms and heavy rain and flooding around Jackson early this morning. And I guess the question and here dances is that stuff coming your dad unfortunately that's going to be a threat for us later today the more it looks quiet for a dry start for a good portion of -- today. But by later this afternoon especially closer to maybe around 4567. PM some strong storms will be moving on and -- we have a heavy rain threat to there's a flash flood watch that out at that for the south source think Tammany parish and the Mississippi Gulf Coast through 11 o'clock tonight. OK guys that we get to work and school just fine the morning and as we're going to workers school in Monroe Louisiana right Jackson -- -- that bad it's good to have an hourlong commute the crazy long commute but other than that we get to work and school okay. Launch we've prime make it through -- I you know there may be a couple of sprinkles some extent around lunchtime it's really going to be later this patently after -- through the evening that the strong storms -- the event. Some of us may even get home before the -- to late yeah you know it's going to be it's gonna come to depend on how quickly they form. I would -- keep an eye on things -- -- to pack up and get right at home from work at 567 o'clock it's really around the time that he'll start developing. I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort tornado watch or severe thunderstorm watch issued. Along with -- flash flood watch because we could also see some strong gusty winds hail isolated tornadoes later today. So could get nasty -- time as people head home from work and stay that way through 11 o'clock tonight. And then after that we -- feel on the cool front. -- like gosh the winds are gonna pick up later tonight it's gonna gusty overnight tonight and tomorrow and bring in much colder air tomorrow. Heist today employs about 81 highs tomorrow going 61. House of a twenty degree drop in -- highs so for high wind today -- the lows tomorrow we're gonna just. Laugh on yeah we're talking about 49 tonight okay but -- apple the jackets back out for tomorrow and the winds will be here tomorrow so -- made to feel tomorrow erroneous -- -- yes I would say for sure it's going to play out after tomorrow we will we will refer back -- -- at this time tomorrow to make sherbet. Just of people known now as they make their plans and yet to 61 for high and Tuesday and then what about the rest. Where do we do warm up a little bit 66 Wednesday and then toward the holiday weekend -- back in the seventies mid to upper seventies. And it bring to it starts to move back in May be for Thursday and Friday as well such as you can kind of head to the weekend. OK so if you gonna hunt Easter eggs it will be in the seventies and maybe the rain began here buys them the help and so ultimately. Ride this meteorologist for a book to know live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast a retirement snowball because I had my efforts noble. The season and again. Already nobody had to start it up. Favorite -- some kind of tart flavor like lemonade lemon lime or something like that -- monotonous I guess we you like this week and the -- yeah it's also put the you know this sugar water so we don't do this for hours out. It's our shot on I don't I don't know that our shots yet spray of shower or a sour -- Spray right on it -- like sour pacs -- you know it's worse it'll make -- I had water I'm your. Knows curl and I need to do that. -- At the masters. If you watch David yeah I did not know what was taking pictures with their cellphones that no one was taking stealthy so. I'm not even behind you can -- is not in Augusta with a cellphone period not -- no cell phones note tablets no screens no electronics. No and they don't even use electronic scoreboard. If you wanna watch the game he got to play by the rules that to me is amazing the people would go there and spent. All weekend without their selfless -- everywhere else you think should be self from its own Green Zone and felt really don't know evaluate apparently they don't let you bring them into Augusta at all. -- Maybe maybe it's gonna probably cause to start maybe restaurants. If you like eating in restaurants brave enough to try that probably not now. They lose too -- business and they can simply cannot watch people leading -- all the do you. And that like maybe maybe not let him tilted at the table. This camp and it's a movie theater it is right what -- cut its private business you could make people -- itself on -- the cars I think that's. They did at Augusta which kind of surprised me that I think people -- to go to that they had to watch that tournament so badly they will do whatever they really well I cast my husband would do and it had to get in -- -- -- trying to get tickets for years ago he was he wouldn't -- that he would leave behind but every totally behind even -- it could definitely. -- -- -- allied to directly Eyewitness News orgasm after she can't leave you come on not even for the weekend. Thanks laurel dikes here at WWL IMF diamond now account when I leave and Ron Amadon behind -- up next here on WW. If you're coming into scanner into -- we do have a crash now on the right hand just near -- do expect that also some loose gravel in the road there -- -- overnight construction not sure if that was contributing factor now with the latest coming up your WWL. And that diamond now account talking about where cellphones are and are not allowed no cellphones were allowed the masters -- take himself he's with the golfers or even with a golf course couldn't even bring it and the Pope Francis. Yesterday was posing for cellphone pictures and even let some people take self is with mom Palm Sunday. Sports time now talk about the masters -- that and more. We take it wanted to speak -- is if good morning and happy Monday Bubba Watson has earned his second green jacket in three years by taking advantage of me to hole turnaround at the masters. Watson was three shots behind third round co leader Joseph Jordan -- early in the final round. And trailed by two before things changed during the eighth and ninth holes. That's when speed carded consecutive bogeys while Watson birdied each hole giving the 2012 champion -- leave he would not like go. Small town and in -- now has to green jackets Austria is pretty large. Watson joins elite group of seventeen men to win multiple masters and is the first player since Arnold Palmer. To win two masters in his first six appearances as a professional. LSU baseball -- the series finale against Arkansas by the score ten to four. As the tigers pitching gave up two home runs including a Grand Slam in the first inning. LSU is now 86 and one in SEC play and coach pulmonary says they'll -- just keep grind your way to catch Alabama for the top spot in the western division. We just got to keep them we're halfway through we have fifteen games left. I don't think there's any one team in the league. This year and it's gonna run away with the itself you gotta keep your chin up and keep battling hard every day and hopefully play a little better than the other team and -- accumulate wins. The raging cajun completed a sweep of Arkansas Little Rock winning six to three in their series finale you LL improved to 34 and four on the year. Rice took all three games against two -- and church in stadium winning eleven to seven in game three Oklahoma City -- -- this effort by the score of 43. And San Francisco 49ers linebacker -- Smith was arrested at Los Angeles international airport. Smith was randomly select selected for a secondary screening and became uncooperative with the process and told the TSA agent. That he had a bomb before walking to the gate. He was taken into custody but has posted bail which was 220000. Dollars excuse me. -- -- four on sports talk -- NCAA athletes be paid or should they be guaranteed scholarships even if they get injured. At seven you have a choice the pulmonary show on the big 87 the AM or hear these pelicans take on the Oklahoma City Thunder 1053 WWL left them. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports I think you. Or Dave Cohen Steve -- with -- on your radio and I am dying to know what you thought of draft day you finally side over the weekend had a date night with the wives then Clinton's side draft day and -- I would give it about ACLU. At -- and it I was I was enjoying it until we got to the hole. He went on I'm not them trying to TV. What was involved in some of the traits and how they went down I just thought that was a bit ridiculous I thought. Some of the trades people offered to me in fantasy football or him. On Madden football or more realistic demo went down. So you thought it was over the top in terms of believability. As a football inside. Just to compensation and some of the trades I felt was a bit ridiculous although I did I did like Kevin costs in the movie was really did I think what of his best films in a few years. Thanks Steve I appreciate that the average price bubble on the masters. I get -- -- seeing that the twelve year old Jason speed had a big lead I thought that you know we get our first rookie to win it all but what is home. Bubbles got that drive -- you know he can repeat and repeat. And was quite impressive so I really not a surprise but good for him what you Griffin Griffin again fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL I am FM and -- I last time most people head home for more control late this afternoon that nasty weather could be. On this Monday expect that rain to develop this afternoon and evening it's a cold front moves and -- famous 70% chance -- strong storms as well. -- is still at 81 today but dropping tonight now storms may continue up through about midnight or so. After that winds pick up by the north flows dropped down to 49. -- clearing skies tomorrow but -- windy and chilly with highs at 61. And Wednesdays and sunshine and a little milder with highs of 66. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I have urologist Hlavac tell. I right now cloudy 72 encounter cloudy 71 in Slidell that they go cruise ship just got that -- -- come in out my window. How exciting the largest passenger load rootkit ever. To home port in New Orleans lakers industry just keep growing and growing your favorite. Snowball flavors that my first one over the weekend people are texting me ice cream and evaporated milk Coca not straight up -- or coconuts tigers -- best ever. Coca not -- black cherry and sour apple closes all the -- get coconuts. And moments with evaporated milk or anything topless -- when -- Allman Hewitt. I'm gave going to as far as the ban on the cellphone that the masters -- -- no cellphones are allowed at the Zurich classic either. Them and also as cellphone should be a lot of churches are -- CNBC as self these funerals of people have been taken itself with -- sports. Have.

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