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WWL>Topics>>4-14 6:15am Tommy, riding in pick-up truck bed

4-14 6:15am Tommy, riding in pick-up truck bed

Apr 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to Trooper Melissa Matey, the PIO for Louisiana State Police Troop B, about the laws concerning riding the bed of pick-up trucks

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Listen lady joins us right now to talk about. Much not to talk about this proposed bill because naturally as a state trooper she can't do that but to talk about dumb things and people in the back of pickup trucks and -- legal. And what isn't good morning trooper. Weren't very good did you get that promotion to sergeant that we spoke up last time. I don't know we're gonna continue with the said that the letter campaign the petitions that are being signed until I address use -- kidney. I know you love -- -- -- catatonic. Right -- have you ever written in the back -- -- pickup truck when you're kid and then for whatever reason during Mardi Gras parade -- yourself out fine found yourself in the back of the truck again is an Italian. Trooper when it comes perception. When your kid it's like this is fun when you're in a doping unit back -- that truck you think you're gonna get killed you think you lion when you go on third. Yeah you're absolutely correct in and right now. And we you know locker being that they if you're twelve -- On and it -- in the back of the pickup truck at any any illegal -- on the interstate. True they will allow Iraq independent pick up truck against thirteen years or older you're eighty -- -- -- along the Howell at our. -- that it is extremely option any parent. And economy are extremely -- in any parent or caregiver. Don't let anybody ride and in the picture that you're in trouble you're acting -- objection your your injury. I think that's what happens when your -- mine and then when you take anything and it caught. It is those that make me an offer. Its writing and you take anything back off. Hey go UC so look so is it because you're an adult and think junior -- think everything's fine and when you're an adult you realize that. It is -- take much for -- to get knocked out of this in my committees in the context the street like them island. You're right you definitely -- -- maybe an hour and completely calculate board and on your body weight Rangers beat. You get away. You know undercount that -- -- And anybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're looking. At all work toward getting on which way to see that picture. From. And the possible ejection from there you're looking here it injury and and more in the -- and there -- -- -- the -- even in -- -- but it can't. We see it all the time I've seen people -- across Crescent City connections and on back on topical overturned wheelbarrow you know pick up truck kinda like. I guess a blue collar Rex king of carnival but I don't think -- -- was -- 5560 miles an hour hunting and this guy can go flying out of there and in front of the cardinal time. But take a real quick break Melissa if we can look at traffic and we'll talk about. The the incidents and you can't talk about a proposed law are pending legislation but just in general. -- our pets in the back of a pickup truck a danger to motorists. Well what do the numbers showed that. From that better drive and and and why you see a game gotta tread carefully here because spending legislation but just generally speaking do you see. A lot of that -- under strain that is in the back of the truck or what. Potentially could be dangers beat. Melissa -- -- guess is state trooper wooten and good natured she talked about any of that. And a break right now timely to traffic six. I trooper Melissa may be our guest and there's a bill pending in legislature that would force people to restrain their -- it says humanely. A bag of a pick up truck and they go riding with -- -- as we found out a couple of minutes ago you have an adult. And there in the back of a pickup truck in there under thirteen I think right trooper. Right I'm very illegal at any time. And back into the pickup truck and then on the interstate on illegal for any. So in that case would somebody be. -- ticketed or is that a child endangerment kind of thing. -- -- I think it depends on the situation in -- court every situation gonna be a little bit different but -- I -- it could be considered child endangerment again depending on the situation. Hated it seems not anybody do that -- -- but their kids in the back of the pickup truck even on an interstate not but if you're an adult. -- can you in the trucks onions. Or. Police -- -- time that I guess is people are doing it without being in saint. He -- either. I think -- -- -- ordered they're asking it be equally doctor you know I mean technically -- -- in the -- in that point because our. Again it you have to think about. Just when here in stopping traffic if you had to claim on the break for whatever reason. Everything your card honesty in connection -- And it may well it it scoreboard. Multiple things they're gonna happen in Kentucky and I think a lot of people can understand that. When he sees it somebody in the bed of the pickup truck they think they're gonna live board and you're going to be much more or their body because they're happier. Terms -- look at it again here is injury poor fatalities. Any kind of ride in the back and -- track extremely dangerous. Thank you -- appreciate your time and have a good day you bet.

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