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4-14 7:45am Tommy, Bible as state book & Passover

Apr 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to Rabbi Ed Cohn of Temple Sinai about a bill that would make the Bible the state book and the start of Passover

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker 745. Quarter till eight. Today is that tonight is passover. We have a conversation going about the Bible would build an audit committee making the Bible the official book of Louisiana. No -- take on -- and and he was scheduled to join us on Friday in at that time we had no idea the events of the weekend Bergen on Fuld in. Overland Park, Kansas though with that -- command rabbi at home the morning rabbi. I should tell -- rabbi it. Temple Sinai from let's start with this horrific incident in Overland Park, Kansas and guy went to a Jewish community center killed two people there are many went. Down to retirement home until another lady in the parking lot here right now he's not been released yet and you know it's holy week it's passover tonight and you'd just have to wonder how somebody gets -- filled with hate against one group -- go. It's it's just stuff reminds us once again. But the vulnerability that we have an event in an open society. You know. Pretty crazy person or persons and failed with an eight. -- with the arms that are available moralists. All make all of those vulnerable because we cannot all -- all around -- -- -- targets you know we're we're going about her own way. Going to play basketball we're going to immediately and -- show or concert we're not thinking about such danger. So rabbi you went when it comes as somebody who hears -- send. You know we -- take the high road here and -- -- -- put out by it offended and and heard in and it's shaken everything they believe. Do you get over something like this -- I guess spiritually and and like you're sciences. Physically and has certainly you can't walk around afraid. You absolutely cannot unfortunately we have to keep in mind. But the fact that -- -- shocked by this is a reminder. That there are not a lot of people. Have we come into contact within the chances are very very slim. They were going to -- if this person it is. And I hate monger that our pentagon crawl by and large the people were going to be. In an everyday society. Are are good and wonderful people who want nothing more than it is to make their lives beautiful on the -- people a positive way. And the ironic part of this it is as I said passover tonight we'll get to that in a minute and -- currently work for we Catholics and and sometimes it falls. As it is this year along with Hitler's birthday which is on April 20 and Tom did the anti defamation league quoted as saying and you know sometimes you gotta be on high alert because of this is on April 20 unfortunately. It's been marked by extremist acts of violence and terrorism. So I don't as socialized me don't understand how somebody needs so fixated on. And so much hate lets talk about the the Bible becoming a state book of Louisiana and and I guess the thing that I think is if you're gonna have a a book that borders on religion as the official book it's got to appeal everybody. You would think. While one good and and and -- the king James version has some very peculiar choice to. Because number one itself with these rebels and a great number of people on that all of quality even though it is spectacular literature. I don't get me wrong I think the king James version Bible from 1611 and the magnificent. Masterpiece. But nevertheless. Can make it -- addition of the Bible for the people Louisiana it doesn't even contain the apocryphal. Which is part of the Roman Catholic Bible we have a good number. Roman Catholics. It's for those that aren't brilliant Bible scholars like me. And -- -- as they say that rabbi but. They would -- -- would the people of your faith even won the new testament to be in there. Well. You know. I figured that would let them like we've been. Hotel they have a copy of that but the Bible -- but the Indians. And I looked -- and there were 11100 pages. Out of thirteen hundred pages that were in the Hebrew scriptures. So I figure everyone it is ten of fourteen direction and like. -- You know I'd I don't think that a ball is going to threaten anyone. And I would urge people to commit avail themselves of religious literature and learn other traditions. Our I have studied. New testament and I find -- great do you attribute the minute. I find. Parts of it that are clearly it affected Jewish thinking. But there's nothing in that book and reading that book is going to hurt that you. And Jews that knows something about his or her own religion is is going to be perfectly fascinated by. Another take. All of first century Jewish life. When you mentioned you know this bill would call for the blues king James Bible to grow to be if because remember you know I had a conversation on too long ago and and that phrase came up which Bible and I don't know but how many are there do you know. How many versions of different. Oh my goodness we couldn't even begin to count them. There you know every incident -- published book on. And so these. There there so many different -- -- -- public Jefferson and as a over from the Bible is the cut out what he didn't like it and put together is -- His own version and. That's pretty much away religion Mars and America is not right. People have. Countless times in the reprinted in every language and dialect -- can think of so -- of the making of books there is no way. Let's see. This part no I don't I don't like that so when -- can use this when this when I love someone put that -- in there twice. Right in the engine room. That many people's. Parts to miraculous final believe that the electorate than miracles. And let this keep the -- about let's keep the terminal now. And the Hebrew prophet. But. They're going to take all of the Bible but I would urge people to wicket and the best thing they can do is to live. I'm George bishop have. -- gonna join us on on Friday and you'll probably say a lot of what you're seeing right now. Alicia about passover tonight for those tourists that don't know that much about it and -- meals how little what exactly happens tonight for a Jewish family. On reading these -- -- which means that telling of the story. The ancient. Book is that the -- the liberation from Egyptian bondage to freedom. Using ceremonial from the very plain simple foods like eleven. I'm bitter. Structure of sports -- -- home. Lamm. That were arrested. And first signs of symbol of mortality and receiver parsley dipped console war symbolic of the -- of the slaves. The story as we told and in the old. So if you drama and then into the human cloning. -- we'll sit around that dining room tables you usually think visitors -- and apparently and for instance we -- tell the story of how we -- deliver from slavery in Egypt. We don't talk about what happened to them back way back then but it is highly personal take and that the resolve. We look at the people who are still enslaved. People today who were viewed as the strangers of our society. And we all more determined to work from there collaboration. As forum. Rabbi and please don't take this in the wrong spirit that we are you know into long ones and a lot of it. Our culture review revolves around food -- wondering at this later meal leads at all. Sacrificial or is there anything and again I don't mean this is respectfully to people actually look forward meetings. Yeah like it there's nothing. Like religiously. Symbolic -- it's certainly not a professional -- But. You know there's the mixture of apples would not. When you -- and sugar in -- Before topped with sweet -- that we eat drink. During the leader and that their own little. Features into. Our recipes literature by. But definitely not to mention all of the delectable remarkable. Very -- -- that is to rip and condolences and -- as well. Trust me it is not the occasion to be in the -- That there were -- -- you know revealed that different solutions. And more companies the company is. Terrific we'd been in the -- the very nostalgic -- in Jewish life. So would be appropriate to say happy passover. I'm always happy passover revenue. Happy and let the passover as well as you and your listeners. A very popular -- Easter trauma. Thank you sir we'll talk to you again we are too great to talk with you that rabbi -- tone from rabbi. The rabbi -- rather at temple Sinai.