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WWL>Topics>>4-14 8:15am Tommy, shooting in Kansas

4-14 8:15am Tommy, shooting in Kansas

Apr 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS News reporter Will Sterrett about the latest on a shooting in Kansas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tragedy in. Overland Park, Kansas over the weekend in case you did not hear about it here at the latest is wheels -- our CBS news. Reporter good morning sir -- -- Thanks for taking the time with -- us Tellme. For people it didn't hear. And aren't quite aware what what is it that happened over the weekend and where does investigation stand. Well who will start with where the culture east Egypt has started yesterday afternoon went and a person -- by the Jewish community that are greater chance that he. And the opened fire in the parking lot hit two people there all of them died. He then drove a couple miles who played to a village -- on which your retirement community for Jewish people. And shot one person who art in there you'd -- arrested miles away at L metrics. -- -- investigation now covers decent amount territory because investigators were looking not just the content are what it meant rested. But also. At his home which happens beat up green mile three hours rather this south southeast cancer -- This is thing that and also whole bunch different agency and really covered pretty big foot. In terms of history and record does this guy. -- Hammond or at least been in trouble for a long time. Southern Poverty Law Center says he's been -- ball with white supremacist organizations of one stripe or another pretty much his entire life activities for years old. He's a former grand by the group claimed greater chicken -- and and it has been has been used most recently known for the past decade or so. Somebody who has gotten his name out yet about an error number different offices that Republicans and that that. Crack in the and it basically anyway he can. -- get his name out there and attractive a year ago. They're in Kansas City a bought a bunch of radio air time or is writing campaign US senate. And albeit early consisted of outlets that bunch of racist anti. Is there any indication is that this is time to go coincide with passover or. Adolf Hitler's birthday on April 2 when he answers too early to say yet. Investigators are staying somewhat tight lipped about that but it's certainly it's sort of thing that 21 could easily. I'm yet to wait euros a point and -- lead -- that direction obviously. Passover beginning. -- days and actually -- at China down last night certainly looked distraught. Pollution but. We have something that investigators are a 100% -- And -- ADR is there heightened sense of awareness that other. Dated Jewish facilities included once obviously -- have been worried their existing view is isolated attack. At their level of -- here -- widely believed to be nicely it attacked but that set it at the -- precaution. That there's extra security not a -- -- socially around here. The metro but -- your mother or fiction it's well above one of the things you over the park police -- said yesterday was. Whenever that first call came again and and the second one right after that they realize that these are obviously both Jewish related shall lead. And so one of the media to picket this stepped up patrols that. At Embry and usually -- shall we. And have there been any kind of attacks on Jewish people in that area before the -- is gonna come out of nowhere. This is something that really is it's gonna come out and or certainly nowhere and they -- chat as there. And any cases your final one of the first things that some of the reporters here in town asked what. That potentially be linked to your street I would issue that we been dealing with all the current vehicle to shop well moving. And that while investigators. Have been looking at bat possible angle as well. On that their -- highly unlikely that that this is same individual was behind them so as of right now it looks like this is something that -- What was brewing inside this individual and it just released yet. Any saying no remiss in our that the national media's not reporting that you want dad well. Not particularly it's just you know obviously very unfortunate situation sure every one and ball and it obviously a huge tragedy when it to anyone -- any particular -- but. It whenever this individual which -- strawberry and Jewish people it makes it all the loops. All the work site -- whenever we find out that two of the victims out of once or shut up at Jewish community center actually met it is. And so it's the it -- you regardless of who it is but two out. Whenever you have an innocent liked and it's it's not even part. Certainly at a little extra -- Incredible thank you will appreciate you time and wish you could have been under better circumstances. Thank you thank.

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