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4-14 12:10pm Garland, anonymous bullies

Apr 14, 2014|

Parents, are your kids being attacked on YIK YAK? This new social app was designed to be a virtual bulletin board for college, BUT now high schoolers are using it to cyber-bully. Users are totally anonymous…and posts are vicious. How do we control the anonymous bully? Garland was joined by Parry Aftab, US lawyer, child advocate and expert in all aspects of cyberlaw, best practices, cyberbullying and cyberharassment, cybercrime and privacy. She is also a risk-management and best practices consultant and advisor to the leaders of the Internet and digital technology industries. She's the creator of StopCyberbullying.org the most popular cyberbullying prevention website online.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Borders open -- age difference -- in that they drank today. It if you're a parent educator principled teacher October or June. To ask your students ask your children. -- they have Buick -- Application. On the poll wise I KEY. Eight K. From Georgia to. Chicago. So in California to New York the -- social media publication of Reading from where's unit. -- review of social media application is causing problems in middle schools high school campuses. All across the United States. Kid stopping about raping girls and naming them. Other kids using -- -- saying there are using drugs. And there's nowhere to tell where there's actual trial or somebody else. Is be in the and guided. Fire of this. And I got fascinated by -- efforts brought about a Cabrera -- five stories from all of the country by different counts. And approachable. And some of the authors of this is on traceable. I don't think that's correct but we're gonna -- and try to find out but. While doing those. I kept thinking myself you know with the younger generation really getting some dating proceedings and why they're doing this -- just seeing. And then I was listening in your -- weakened in the have been so program called this American why. And lo and behold there reporting on the town in Georgia. And the web site is called topics. And it's adults anonymously. A acting adults accusing them but at the -- accusing them. -- records. And it kept inspired destroy reserve and -- Causes a suicidal on -- on. And one lawyer got fed up and decided to sue and to try to find out who was doing it any uncovered georgians and or yours in. Doctors. In the end and regular people. So the debris we're doing this is to follow college you know we're treat kids maybe -- and see you. They're being heard by and if there's anything you can do or you're scoops and thing. And also to take a look at our society. The bullies -- you -- ago. Booed your patience at all like you they hit true and they bullied or they made fun of the in -- 2 day. If the bullies or courts. They hide behind anonymity. And I think of the potential to do tremendous damage. Not just initially but the long term. Because Internet doesn't go away. Get surging -- -- -- this. Executive director for a pro quality -- thank for staying with this. Issues with the setup power. And no we have. Perry after -- lawyer -- output -- expert in all aspects of cyber wall and cyber bully. Are welcomed the sure appreciate call. Thank you very much and also the founder of stop cyber bullying in the world wide program -- deal with -- -- You know that's the most important thing to apologize and -- -- -- underlying -- bill did talk about it but we will during the show. Tell me an MRI exaggerating. A little web site -- They pop up period they're all over the place no big thing is -- society. Is today. I think you acted -- being hyped a little bit more and it's not being effective with the kids so the media is surpassing the real arm right now. So it's starting to pick up traction at Estrada Sam is the site. It's being used up all over the world really -- or five verbally cyber harassment driver eight. Asking got -- them. And it's -- lot via. But you should -- a lot to the United States. -- -- these sites are being held liable for people we're doing -- And the same rate which can't -- for right now libel or somebody picking up the and then. And making a ransom demand she can't -- to -- liable for the hate on them unless they're actually. -- orchestrated actually themselves. I'd wind where that's at bear with me in that -- on a little different here we're gonna use cut number three you'd -- -- -- it. I listened to your over the weekend and cold this American life. And they were talking about cyber -- of adult of adults on something called topics. And the interview -- lawyers that said that's enough and he went out and uncovered. A number of things enough. Let's listen to I'm sorry I did you get cut number two -- this -- cut number. She kept telling us about the First Amendment protected her and I -- this this balloon you mentioned the First Amendment. Do you know what the First Amendment say us what is the first word in the First Amendment of the constitution your message America this year -- there. Here's a flash for you morons. The First Amendment does not cover all speech. Defamation is not ever protected speech. Okay and play number three UQ. An epidemic and I call more leadership -- call him judge I'll call doctors and dentists. Still you know -- staying represented you've got filled out the hard because these people work a single. And all you or you're screaming and crying -- let me go let me add this. You did it. Superiority they're better I've heard the same thing -- -- That you really can't respond legally to these people but it's like all right it. I didn't I wouldn't say that when I -- it gives him. -- to the web site itself. It's you're absolutely chances individuals are. It's about how the lawyer claims to have brought all of the flock is. -- to find out -- people are because you can only do that -- clients. Coolest things and then you that the law the is that they got acting for among other things -- should go to Amsterdam. -- topics it's gotten into a lot of trouble out of the last two years eternity general. For most of the states -- -- on him because he won't lose anything and what you say that standard that he used the floor. So something horrible goes up when you reach out saying take it down you won't Election Day. So that's now changed the attorney general recognize that consumer fraud and -- eat a little bit more effective just model as well. Don't -- or the attorney general. A prosecutor can bring actions to their individual who's been to Spain or there's hate crime -- there's a rat. A bodily harm some type -- harassment. They can bring an action and the the against you the people can be demanded some sites habits from I don't cap at some lie and say they don't happen. So I beat Karrie are making it's we're really had. On on the you know how to quietly as art you can absolutely say that the people who work hard and demand that the -- Belichick that they are -- -- into the right. Islanders. Are -- set breaker won't come back surgeon and current. Lance -- deliciously GAQ acting as an example. If a parent if we're concerned individual groups of principle good strategic goes -- the parent says look at this will do something. What you don't even know what the name to listed -- going to doing. And everything I read says. Very difficult to -- to find the region later he is there a way. To find out who didn't and number two is a way to convince schools -- parents -- do something about it apparent CU's -- act. They go to school -- -- go to no apparent that the go to somebody for all. My understanding is a lot of these names that are names may not be respectful kid. How could do was something that it -- the teacher doing anything can principal Boone and can only do it. -- -- -- -- anonymity. As the definite concern because unless as a retirement earlier in lasts there's an actual criminal activity involved jerk and I find it harder to dig deeper and find out who these people are. And with that you're gonna see a lot of bias and heat that's going to be used in and and spoken about on these sites and then. You're gonna see people actually accepting those views and then it continues throughout their life and -- and we -- just talking about how. You had three Jewish people attacked in Kansas and so. You know the long term effects of people utilizing these sites and then seeing their hate their bias. Accepted it then it. Goes to the extreme and that's where the real concern as in a -- -- not going to identify that as a society as a school as -- administration. As a parent then we're gonna have a problem with that and I think the anonymity as a huge issue especially with these two. It's. Our experts I need to I had. Apologized. I had scheduled -- -- -- -- for the interviewed. Battling it out slums and then so be my last answer shooter on the 70% I verbally occurred anonymously to the kids like it takes somebody else -- And you attack towards -- they've gotten me through permission without connections and pretend to be someone else or they just created an account. Now in that case they're claiming that they don't that the information turnovers and people are. I get. That not true that we were able to shut down other sites to lied about. I that they had record not now you get the site itself in your cross hairs because consumer fraud it's something that wasn't true. That's school of limited ability to take action for what happened off ground after hours all. From locations. That have not been to Q school was not a basketball game mark for you they're doing an interview for the school paper. I'm indication wanna make sure that you get the -- on line in the kids on line that you. Back each other up and it's important that they should help them by handers and make sure that they got -- important plays when things start. On it and they run the program to help on prevention. And the last thing I wanted to aren't. -- wired safety that charity -- run run stops hyperbole we're the oldest and largest Internet safety charity in the world. And we have a one million dollars stops are verbally talking at the totally free school. -- -- -- -- There's nothing and -- its toll free download -- K through twelve. And deal with everything from respect and helping school guidance counselors and school administrators and teachers know what to do what happened. It's to prevent it had to work with the industry unique thing K can they expect or someplace else. Arm and game animation activities for the kids can run -- programs -- that their contract -- Got a serious problem if Jack is not the most important piece of the problems that others are bigger. I'm and every time we talked about ejecting the bat -- steak or he's such. I'll look back -- I think we need to do it's it's exciting at the other guest on the I'm the -- shall indicate that you know we really need to recognize candidate -- read -- behavior because people don't think that. -- -- they're the ones were doing option and they're the ones were saying the hateful things that the -- we say out loud that we stay on line. If we -- don't know actually artfully to teacher hits an accountability concert inside. It's who you are it's integrity not whether or not get caught on. The baby let's teach kids we can start teaching me about. Ignorant Perry thank you so much you're it's stopped cyber bullying dot org right. Thank you out all of its not how the dot org and thank you so much do you heard -- out. I don't like littered the thank you. Our attitude give you an example of how all this came about. Heard about Buick track a lot of future New Orleans or use it when. Pulled it up just to check on its all over the country Chicago. George South Carolina is the -- says. It's not the worst one out there but it's indicative of the newborns. That really do give an increase form of anonymity. Our own children to adults. And again and would India are over the week and on this American life. Had though article. A report. On a talent that they didn't Georgia. Ended it documented people that have had their wives ruling. By. Adults. All -- and these anonymous. Web site like Novoa dot com and others who your New Orleans. Where they attacked people personally. And with the information that wasn't true -- alive got people Pollard got people divorced. And this one in particular pulled this sounds like prone. A lawyer in this relatively small town got fed up with everything you've seen. And we're looking for. Those that were doing. And he had done before and knew he said the charges lawyers doctors your name what was -- -- is a couple of the people that -- unveiled. Use five for six identities. To talk to each other to make it look like people in the community. -- green. At this one particular fellow was kind of piled. Had a drug problem. When he was married to have parents of course all of this causes. Him to get fired. Losses marriage and had moved from the town. Well the reporters they got ahold of this it's. When looking poor. And got her on the phone. And she said of why did you do it it's -- completely cut and. I don't know lack of the way. He doesn't get younger girl -- -- where we work together. Good -- -- they don't pull the Steelers you know what I am very that they have been. Team again very very big event in. This is a woman that anonymously had five different think five different. Identities. In -- synonymous website. And choose -- to talk back and forth to convince the community. Of this man wrongdoing. We're both -- -- with the executive director of forum for equality here and the surgery and these kind of things we -- your -- with the forum for equality. We have equality. In society. Today and somebody can take on multiple identities. Talk to its. Soon realized -- -- news and ruin people with -- -- -- consequences. Of this woman was sued. And the courts. Gave the claimant 400000 dollars and -- him which she can report in the things it is not -- How do you handle that out of the -- room for Paul it. I'm -- form her qualities aware that's in an organization we. And deal with the quality -- Willis being gay bisexual and transgender community but when we look at bullying and we look within the schools and school age children. There always two parts there's education and then there's the advocacy and when those two combine obviously you have legislation that would protect. Students or in larger sense the community. And then the education to that the community is aware of these issues. For this particular case and we also are gonna bring in our court system. So that way and wrong doing does occur there's actually a mood in which we can on. You know address that issue at that particular woman that brought Ford. So I think that when you match all of those together you're going to be able to address at the attic and means that we have to update and modernize our lives. To address the situation at hand -- cyber bullying obviously is not just first you know children and youth that we we do have an actual cyber bullying law for. -- and -- children in Louisiana. But then we also have to make sure that what what happens you know after the age of eighteen. And you know defamation of character is obviously huge issue that was particular in -- days. Are you and Gibson interview room won't be doing the shore a number of times thank you move. For what you do and think from -- Absolutely academy.