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WWL>Topics>>4-14 12:35pm Garland, anonymous bullies

4-14 12:35pm Garland, anonymous bullies

Apr 14, 2014|

Parents, are your kids being attacked on YIK YAK? This new social app was designed to be a virtual bulletin board for college, BUT now high schoolers are using it to cyber-bully. Users are totally anonymous…and posts are vicious. How do we control the anonymous bully? Garland was joined Dr. Monica Marsee, Psychology Professor @ UNO.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well learning something new you have think -- today. Decided to do couple hours on something called yet yet. And new app. Being used primarily by high school rooms around the country why. I KEY. Eight -- -- care act and here's what Syrian and reports and probably could create. Ten different reports on. From Chicago -- Georgia's Southern California and new social media application. Is causing big problems middle school high school campuses all over the United States. Aside from cyber bullying bomb threats have been shut down a couple of schools to children. -- toward terrorism. Girls being named as potential rape victim -- and millions being given the drug users that may or may not be an actual person who's the drugs. And I've soon a couple of discreet -- -- from and a things that are being set up to around pretty -- how to maneuver Europe town. Well. They're picked up within a five mile radius so rivers communicating and it has to be in and Erica. And again this is suited to be spreading all of the country but. A had a couple experts on the say you know of the media. Is is stoking yet the actual plotted its -- and over and getting -- that weren't there before. And it's really. Not the worst one out there that there number of platforms. Voters that a -- words. And and we talked about that in the last hour and helped the cyber bullying and what can beat him whatever. But one of the things I wonder about the -- were searching and reading about it over 300 period. What I discovered. Is -- older generation probably look at this and say those in kids at -- German relations just. Horrible about the opponent. While the adults are doing more than kids you can find their uncle and Howard commoners. All over the unit and and more and more. Dude what seems to be the the video lived and moved them and there's allowing bully -- That in the house just walked up to you and said a mobile him that you were made. And today. They don't confront -- name to a bit IQ. But they hide behind the power. Of anonymity. And I've just. A wondered if -- in this society has always been that was something you. Where doctor -- and remorse for years helped -- psychology professor do you know doctor welcomed the show appreciated that time. The zoo's new rulers is something we've always been that technology just revealed its. I think. It has always been there and technology is making it easier more pervasive and more widespread. You can reach more victims. Now our potential victims there's the lack of concern over. Your actions towards evict them because you don't necessarily see. What happens when they read the message or. You know when they find out what you said you don't see it and emotional reaction that they have unlike. With traditional bullying. -- -- I mean I do think that this kind of behavior is historically common especially in certain age groups. But we we just see it and know about it more because it's. It's it's everywhere now on it's it's much more. Widespread in terms of how many people can accept it and. But it's not just the -- it's not just the new generation. A lot of the news. News web sites number one a lot of kids don't read news and number to a lot of those have got to be adults right. Right and we you know that if you look at the research and this type of behavior in general not necessarily online bullying but. The type of behavior. Towards other people at the tendency to engage in. Threatening her -- Colleen lower. -- And that that's not that's not. Can describe to children -- -- city children but adults do it to mean we we can see. You know prevalent. Rates that are higher than probably was saying in adults college student and -- so it's not yet not just kids. But I think part of it allows adults to do it more readily now is that they don't perceive that there are any repercussion for. Here's one girl on Dick Jack who says. Promote girl being called out on you to act you don't realize what this does stews and mixes for you very insecure. -- hired in the closet and speak to nobody ever. No one says how people treat -- people lose a direct reflection probably appeal about themselves -- Jack may be anonymous. But he could drug media and someone else to end their lot. Or your words really weren't that. A look at this overall. In our society today in regard to Monaco Marcy psychology professor. And you're known. Doctors have if this. It's something that -- brutal I've been the human ovaries forever. And technology. Is just bringing it to bear because now. A bully can be a coward and not have too many -- Worries about repercussions. Do you see in the -- precautions this causes a -- -- suggests to me. Before I was seeing more shooting four suicides do you make any -- there. I think and then link made between. -- term basis of bullying and -- subtle it's -- behaviors or even. Here on the opposite extreme. Bringing guns are making you know making threats. To others didn't act they -- I think we're looking at it. From a policy standpoint but we also need to look at it from the dismantling of how to prevent. People from. Thinking that engaging in this type of behavior is acceptable to begin -- And united his long those line. Well that's permanently -- you know that we study study risk factors for aggression and antisocial behavior and we know that. That there are certain. Personality traits and certain beliefs. That can contribute to acting like this so for example. If he is don't feel guilty. About what you say and do -- other people you know use. You can do more and feel nothing so this. And that that doesn't and it doesn't matter how you do it you know if you have this this kind of a lack of empathy or remorse through others. That we're a long way to do it. That's rare. It is. Where it is rare. I would say that that's the market and it's I think on the other hand there is more common. Pattern which is that people get angry stage reacts today. You know they take it out and others. Just like you know in the past -- we we would've done face to face but this. That can be you know committees have an old grudge and you're just now getting around to. Doing something about it or something reminds you love it and you. You know or your angrier Europe that are anxious or depressed and you wanna take it found someone else so it's it's less of a it's it's whoever reaction -- less -- -- cold and clinical -- I think it's you know that's where our research and show. You -- of this changing gears as people. Hearing more and more of this or is it just gonna get worse because people are hearing and a expert on -- have follower of that said Dick Jack is has not been -- big deal but it's growing very quickly because of shows like who's doing shows on. Any unused you'd you'd shed light on something and you know that that can increase. And attention to it obviously and I can increase the popularity. Because it's. That's just the nature of how human beings. Acting out here and just didn't. What's being what's being -- what's being made out of it and -- but I don't think that the media it's the media's fault for shedding light on the I think it's. Something that needs to be done. Lee. -- embargoed regardless of fall to you you. You're talking about it as its people do -- at once again it's. Or insurers. As it's very good question. And to me it's it's how we talk about it. So is. Is increased sensationalizing it and we talk about it without giving any. Potential solutions. Which -- yourself -- does take it to the limit to that level of let's talk about what we can do but I don't think that every media does that I think I'm shed light on things just too because it's. You know -- a train wreck that you wanna look at it's not something that. You know it's not something that would solve a problem that look a look how bad misses and and so I think that that kind of attention can be negative if you don't take it to the next level of what can we do about this and use research and use. Is the reason is that we have. To to China India and there's no easy answer. It's ironic. A couple of at least fracture way answers and I've seen. Play calls self do you -- Ohio. Mayor and was finally prosecuted after years. Bullying neighbor -- disabled children. And the judge sentenced him to stand on the street corner in their town. We're very cardboard sign that says I'm mobile -- took on children and disabled children. Children that are disabled. And -- -- news of men them via media interviewed him. And he said the judge destroyed me this in -- at all I'm rule. Org or public hanging -- who's been answered to this where you get shamed in public. I am not so sure about. That I I think that. And I didn't mean -- -- I don't. Read my religion thing. Collect support. I'm not concerned that. That -- in the same thing. That someone. Does any good. And but that's. That's buyer and gut reaction -- Give me then sort of make someone. Feel humiliated the same way that they may not so you know it is so it's it is it is it human instinct to do that but I don't think I can tell. Nolan what's the what's the point and it does it doesn't teach. Decided -- and -- elaborated. Is it just that's funny I mean you know look what happened to this sky because he did this and can you related yourself that -- -- at all. Altered zones like real problem with -- bird fewer answers. We're probably -- the showed Jim would love to have abused gives. You have a great day. Durham Monica -- psychology professor at -- this Garland Robinette and the thing to.

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