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4-14 5:20pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

Apr 14, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Senior Writer at tigerbait.com about LSU baseball moving up in the ranks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Senior writer tied a big dot com Brian buzz saw -- John tiznow beat week in and LA issue and that's the Tigers. At a four game losing streak where they have -- -- make up to the number seven spot that their highest ranking in the baseball America poll. And the Tigers. Get -- -- USA today coaches poll Tigers have four games this week the wallet pocket and you classic tomorrow night against. Southern Mississippi and an Ole miss Thursday Friday and Saturday but this past weekend of area in -- -- -- interesting and they say its doors to place involving LSU's. Ties Jones -- amateur jumping in just explain his whole situation. Yeah well -- it Friday night and by the altercation. All or. You know Todd Jones would which allegedly shot but not -- -- -- if you play our brand and -- laid off the line LSU. -- -- -- finished up around 2000. And whining is enough and been around that -- our second degree murder and you know I can't. And surgery Saturday in an 82 surgery on Sunday went on there and let it go back and get in and we procedures in. The report today -- eight years in some progress. A lot you know -- -- -- good and they -- it though it does he can recover. Now you know Brian looking at what's in the news what is your take you know what I mean by that. As far as. You know players form a union and I really think. That is not gonna happen but it's gonna put pressure on the NCAA artists -- accomplices. What do you think will come about because I think a lot of pressure Ed O'Bannon -- the Yankees -- trial in June. And that that I think the major commerce and not necessarily gonna wait. For the NCAA navy. Getting involved as far as. I don't know guarantee in four years Kalish is. Better minute medical care what is your take on that. I'll pop it in Iraq and now the union teller before but I do you think -- happened it'd be better conditions but he. Now but he aptly and I think -- easily. Idea big group of -- spot for your next year there'll be five. Conferences which will be considered the Big Five. And -- he ain't easy -- can be well -- well. And you know those opportunities earlier they all can't. Street person ball in the you know caught the end. Money -- to the athlete. That got voted down by the small school where I certainly yankees that I think it those. Those who get it -- and not -- I think it -- and trying to make -- -- yeah I think one way to begin again. So caught commitment payment. I think you began looking into. The amount of practice -- that the teams are working. Well. Obviously is well in the and I think that they're looking for the medical benefit the preakness will not want. Stoppers on the injury college it would -- got eagle on the NL that the athlete okay. About the money to take care of our health issue so I agree with you on her. There will be no -- But I you'd think it has all come out on -- -- Poor the athlete in the way he's gonna come out into a better situation. Now Brian. When you look back away L issue was I guess at this point and expectations. When Cam Cameron came on board. We're all optimistic. That he do better than you expected. Because when I just looking -- -- -- hand in hand not only his ability. And his knowledge. But also love the players an opportunity. To coach up. Because we knew what Ellis who became the first team in -- C history to have a 3000 yard passer. That being there and burn a thousand yard rusher and hill. In in 2000 yard receivers. And Landry and Beckham. And you look -- better scoring offense judges total yards. When they were ranked I think it went like from 77. To 32 in total yards and you're 58. There marriage right under thirty points that they get a two by 37 point that was 23. Solo. What do you think I mean -- build upon a that kind of great one hit our first year one there aren't too via I'm like well. -- goes hand in and you gotta be a great coach -- also have to have. Great NFL type players to get dead. Well look I don't think it is that much. Here real answers 16100 yards. I don't think it is that I think are lighter note it back on it or eat those guys. And that -- only in the -- at all now. I think we're Cam Cameron whose work last year. Was in it that element of -- that burger that Aikman -- them much better quarterbacks. In his -- it was a year and because of that war back better you'll law degree better I think you are at. In particular you -- neighbors so I think Cameron getting Ray Allen met burger -- wrote it and repeat last week. You know in the contract he was 8600 Al last year is gonna make one point three million this year he's been hurt everything you hear it in two. Two new quarterback. In India EC where they have so many good defensive jeans and it's not going to be easy and I think it. You know. You can't camera batteries wore act like it here yet it here -- your act number well you gonna have that. The two quarterbacks currently you know you're one I. Significant. -- -- And the Ottawa and it never you know -- -- so yeah it's going to be. War in the work in progress is going to be -- Anybody expects the only issue. -- sent to be anywhere near as productive as relentless you're not realistic. Senior right that I debate dot com follow him onto an Ed BO bill O'Brien bizarre Bryant thank you so much the time. You guys aren't VW in his time as 530 -- time the first news we'll go to -- hands of.

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