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4-14 5:35pm Sports Talk: Pelicans Basketball

Apr 14, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Senior Writer at neworleanssaints.com and Pelicans Color Analyst about the Pelicans shortcomings and the upcoming game against the Thunder.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back it's Cynthia this evening you have an opportunity to check out LSU baseball as a tiger is. Take us in the Tigers talk about their full games last week Lamar and two out of three. Over the Arkansas Razorbacks the ninth time in the last ten seasons and LSU has won the series against the Razorbacks called pulmonary show at 7 PM tonight the New Orleans pelicans in my home against the Oklahoma City Thunder. 1053 at him 70 am in baseball America top 25. But to use it number one Louisiana Lafayette is it too. Cal poly Florida State Oregon State Texas Washington Alabama Florida in Louisville at the top and LSU comes in at number twelve. The rating Qaeda are ranked number one in one poll in LSU's highest ranking is number seven this week in the coaches poll joining us now. He is color analyst for the New Orleans pelicans John -- Asia and JD I know you take go out calm moment choose. Adult like approach. You know when you talk about the pelicans and 82 game schedule you don't get too high don't get too low. When you blow a lead a -- outscored seventeen to two in the last 306 of a ball game. That's what took place Saturday night and and fans regardless of who's on the court. A lot from some doesn't like calling he would beef they feel they've seen two in the 84 quarter leads evaporate. And you understand that you would expect you would hope. Portraying my game gained from the time you know Corey. They -- old but you know -- that particular game in exactly the -- about -- you know you want to blow out but the fact of the matter unfortunately. Sure employer on that they grader and walk -- -- on the court have no idea. An NBA game. And done a bit and you know we've got two -- who have been in the old board game you know supported -- -- thirty plus. But double on the court and leave it at that we did -- weapon. They desperate act -- the yet but of course all over in the sport you get there at Baylor public isn't Luke Babbitt. -- -- -- -- I've kind of been in the position. Or they hear your name call and slide. You hope you hope. At the election aren't the issue will greatly. In two more victories this year and I know that we're required each wonder -- that -- that 32 went to argue hope. Cuba the jump to be more spiritual -- that a lot of it will be the -- -- the Cutler Cutler an issue but yet you in the game. You know you're on road now -- you know what we eat at 22 all star connecting with saint -- And why -- you like that you they'll be able. Now -- what you opinion on this -- and I was reading this article or Jimmy Smith in order ties BQ and and look at follower looking to the future and it rolled the starting backcourt. Evans and a healthy Jrue Holiday would be for more -- I'm dynamic. Than Holiday -- Eric Gordon. And you look at Eric Garnett because he's old basically thirty and a half million over the last two years of his contract and treating him. Are are pretty equal value will be unfeasible. Been okay so the approach I take -- be willing. And to be a part of a team. And they say you have evident holiday starting and he's coming off the bitch what is your take on that going forward when you bring dead. I'm not actually agree with that import them they're more -- we've. Got hurt the lore and they get retained as -- -- -- a -- Sure the more and create holes -- pretty. Our car owner this year we -- that he needs improvement. On it work on the action at the Leo the -- I'm not a real report are really got the back or great. And the coach Monty Williams said he liked Tyreke Evans shooting opposition but I think he's. Really. You more you. That ball or now. Guarding people at small forward. Is going to be a problem because the guard bigger. Or more. However you art party -- the on the other though -- that problems for them -- I don't know. It if it Eric Gordon yeah that is it going to be conducive. You ought to abort or or rent out. -- -- -- The deal they. And you got him in line and you all have. They hit the ball early and got -- -- and you've got to spread the -- that one that they are being able to do you about bury you report rate. The bat the ball but we all just on -- QB in the -- here Gordon he's been just. Of -- simply. That learning that meet your future at all. You have. Really is that they -- And the what is -- Be a little bit. Or submissions I guess the so legally and and and get him as it -- And emulated and letting him beat them. JD what what are they what you just said it and move on fallen in it in its hard to say because you know this team. You know what -- -- eighteen games better they were healthy I don't know what they have to be one if you knock -- Phoenix Dallas a few more damned it you know you're 818 -- not dead on the might be third team might be fourteen. But -- everything's bad in the young nucleus in place and you know we don't know what's happened health wise. But you know a year from now at this -- -- it's a great scales go below hall auto bid sheets your matchup against can be a little bit more difficult. It -- you know -- here in New Orleans long term futures make a break 201450. -- on the line next season. Absolutely I mean I think it's reasonable. Portrayal in the organization and it ideal but they okay they're aware that -- need to -- to be or should be. You know and you haven't been rightly or keep it really had any injury you look at the NBA that -- -- all important for starters. The start and regain that these are ideals. And rules Uga bowler Laker. The benchmark obviously. Elevation to exceed them. And you are able to play so but really you electric. At forty that and -- and get in the playoffs. Would be typical. 32. The sort of certainly you you like could be in Albert will aid their children the the vehicle or within the last two pre recruiting you'll be talking about -- it OK -- the mathematical possibility that both being eliminated. -- the benchmark got a -- because you expect. Improvement out of the got to -- here you expect better health episode this reasonable. And I have him is -- to just go to on actually. John -- -- around all star break in the you know I was talk and see the progression of Anthony Davis. You know we're talking about. Agrees that twenty point that average at least twenty points and rebounds two blocks this season. In having to go back. At that point he's the first player in NBA. In India in the NBA's it is 19992000. Season it was a Shaquille O'Neal while look at net. That. Eating make them better with a two point I'm twenty points twelve rebounds. And three -- that's about right. It just seemed like even as outstanding as those numbers -- he between bill and be better. Yeah he's gonna improve more you idiot now all of you you -- be. Too green to get extra to the quarter brewery. You know he might be able to make some reason the circle be from the corner. You going to develop post -- because right now he's still forty years ago in the you know and stay in the -- or not able to hold additional. AJB well it is I heard he's -- still grow and yeah. Probably she'll -- mean he'd sort senate -- still want to get a move and charitable golf really all -- move all all holes where your knee. In they basic move any counter to the basic -- And in all available execute the great job. He's going to be -- well -- are already well. Met in a big QB we want to get basic move that on the block he regain that would Wear them. And stroke and experience that will become a -- in a are you in a couple of years and he will be probably be premiere or in the lead. John decision ramped up his second season as color analyst for the New Orleans pelicans. It's all about a guy by The Who -- I don't analysts say JD JD a big you know me well enough. I don't mind -- mean somebody. And not did you did start out good bit TD made a lot of progress in two season now man he's on he's become salty is always know he's always been -- -- -- -- -- I'm trying to get him -- You do you do when -- out of folks spotty on to it. -- Traded yeah all right JD had a great call tonight. Bucket. Or outright yes indeed these two games left tonight and you win tonight against the Rockets all right year 1053 at him pelicans flexibly.