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4-14 6:10pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

Apr 14, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to LSU Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri about the LSU Baseball program.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- welcome to our number three of sports all the final hour getting set to joint LSU coach Bob and Mary here he's carried it to be on the program. The talk to us about the big week LSU head. Seven straight victories for the Tigers failed yesterday in this series finale against. The Arkansas Razorbacks LSU's highest ranking is number seven according to the USA today coaches top 25. Poll and the raising kids in Louisiana Lafayette on number one in. One poll as they are now rolling vidro pretty much all season long would have big big lead they swept this past weekend all console on the -- the state baseball. At a very high level of two teams in the top team in LSU in the lot of caught the classic tomorrow night at zephyr field on airline taking on southern miss the Golden Eagles. Followed by a key series the team that's currently in second place in the SEC west division in the Ole miss rebels a game ahead of the Tigers and welcome in LSU coach. Domineering coach -- seven straight wins after that four game losing streak in. Two back to back wins over a key teams in the SEC west Mississippi -- to sweep. And 20. Two to one against Arkansas but talk about the clubs Blake coach and I was listed to you at the Saturday night's game. Are impressive to get the walk off -- -- got a big home run early. But you you are not pleased with the defense of effort on Saturdays game. Well you know if we can precursor to a girl crisply played. Sat that game probably you know a lot and they've yet in my court because I've been all that much energy mark and quite bring it. We you know we did what we do it went on Saturday. We that they occur early -- -- -- year. Of that and it was great but. At the end there. We did it took to it and that was exciting yet yet. Walk Auckland which was an -- that routine it's good critique anarchy and it yet clinched. So proud of that but. You know territory this year you have to have -- the sport should actually -- it was and a good game and insinuation. Or. You know. Channel you know. You know we were able to read it straight game and you know five -- six -- can't stand to look at that move forward. Coach -- How do you talk to get a team our players. I guess you'd never overconfident. But let's say you've already won the series in. And a very pivotal series play in August are Razorbacks and the challenges that they come about whenever you play them. And let's say you one general how hard is -- oh on that Sunday you know ultimately yes -- great. But really the goal because the competition is is is to win. Two out of three so how do you approach to team -- was psychological standpoint. When you already won two games going to and it's and the team. Well I've done it the -- where my whole career. Just one game at a time our first -- it can't -- Being -- that we can cheer if you want or being there early slips that goal -- Which went one inning and nickel corner when it here and that it wore on -- -- it. Or are they are fortunate to get a the first you to talk about -- you know -- -- and our players are sort -- understand art that weren't being in the SEC in your pitching at the sweet opponent. It. Image and that. And that situation problem with Russia is that they're for starting pitching performance. Got off to a bad start. In. You were better so that they call right at eight. And then return chip away at that fortitude and fortunately it turned a double play ball. They extended their lead to five Q are all -- Alter much or -- became you know a big deficit so much. It didn't matter age or better I mean. Inspired I think get -- -- for that and it just it worked out for it is up to that start. Now -- very this a little bit not all such treatment pertaining to college athletics and and you know it's been in use in it is coming to the forefront. And I think -- be talking about the five biggest college conferences -- NCAA in. An -- unions ever gonna come about on the you have commented I think about a month ago that a union would be a bad idea habit. Now you have. The five biggest college conferences that. You know most of the point now where they wanna be proactive and then O'Bannon suit that's gonna come above anti trust suit in June. That is so -- And now with the biggest college commerce and ultimately waived and it's -- but to offer improved benefits on their home. That could include guaranteed four year scholarships medical care. And sometime K taxes I've been. But the players what does it take on matters that out now. Compensation bridges just making it better from the college athlete would not having union what does it take -- Well I really don't have a take on it right now you know I have. That's followed the news on that subject as close is probably shoot a artsy and it. But focus just subtract or so options in or out you know it is a lot of talk about it both directions and you know we don't know what the court you can say we don't know it. What in our conference is good chances going to be on net so I sent to keep our opinions to myself -- -- that topic but you know I know it's hot topic -- -- -- but it but at this point it really prefer not to talk about it. LSU coach pulmonary isn't whether it's the Tigers would fall more big game this week earlier schedule this week due to the holiday they'll play Thursday Friday Saturday. A key series up and Oxford against the Ole miss rebels level one game lead over the LSU. And the SEC west division coach tomorrow night a very special albeit. That you have seen it grown in blossom into something that is a big -- each and every year and rightfully so the -- upon junior classic against the southern miss. Golden Eagles at zephyr field in this is something that. Every year of people reflect back on Wally what he did for the program and what has continued on each and every year with his great classic. But you're -- regret about that well -- -- junior was announced inning and I don't mean in the plated LSU. 20020012002. Following his junior year which was determined this year. I stressed it -- you know I had an opportunity go to professional baseball you want it to. It decided to return to LSU her senior year and fortunately. He tragically passed away in his sleep that. You know it's I can't imagine. How painful that must have been -- stadium workers for our university and -- community you know to. Except where you actually like Wally -- tried to know him well -- only met one time when I was coach -- Notre -- but certainly great impression on me as well so. This is kind of our waited just to keep all the name. Out there in. Instructor but he curious electorate member in order Wednesday. -- or persons post people like epitomized mr. Ashley and an -- baseball players so. Still keep it never realize that our annual game -- its efforts you know at the other really great crowd to games -- -- -- played center in. Hopefully a lot of people come out battle at the plate took part. Hopefully know if I had some success game but also. The Chester pebble -- it also makes money or. Politics gender our nation which goes to help a lot of different organizations are out here so. It's an important game for us to it's it starts -- -- pretty quick first we go from here to Oxford Mississippi. We're on Wednesday -- will be the saint Jude's Children's Hospital. And there. In a -- court date for players to it -- George did so in order. Have a tough time and you know following that it will stay that there -- certain player you're so cool at such an important for the coaching Packers. Coach -- looking at. The number of series if you series you've played now in the SEC and when you look at the the league as a whole. Any may be pleasant surprises are look at where Alabama's -- right now -- Looking at who's hot and who's who's not who's may -- Surprise you considering. Where they're at right now in the SE series. Italy -- and recovered a surprise -- pitchers to keep preaching. I keep preaching they're they have good airport but he is that on the other hand there are so bunched up. They were -- what your schedule. One team separates under -- fourteen TR totals four games in its current. -- -- -- Turkey last we get -- Turkey sent to register in the sport that goes to South Carolina the orange to -- streak. Give Turkey as a competitor at all to a victory in better than others definitely born to lose to -- at all detection -- now. Just can't predict what's gonna have been asleep for a weekend that we can't because I get out there to get good pitching it's just barely stand -- That given day. So I don't know rookie class thing numbers aren't everything so bunched together at Alabama's. You know but off to a great start -- -- but -- if you look at Albion schedule -- -- -- They got it is difficult does anybody so believe it or where you're right now. Book club upside down but apparently -- I I don't beginning but it went twenty games Italy this year in a SEC champion but let's actually -- LSU baseball coach -- -- -- -- a 71 of their last -- full big game this week a lot of -- junior classic tomorrow -- to have a field. 6:30 am time this Olympian for each year on WWL and a big series against Ole -- Thursday Friday. And sent -- -- and Eric thank you so much for the time we appreciate. All right LSU baseball coach Paul -- and -- You know they there was some Sundays when they used to play Easter Sunday news lately the ICC's move to schedule -- There is -- Friday and Saturday and there is the key series with Ole miss close you know like coach mennesses you know the goal is to win every series and if they can get to two out of three -- -- -- Then you know then you're right -- did you go right close to Alabama official. Well at the end it's it makes me feel like we did is gave those -- examples. The parity mean I don't know anything anything else. I mean you know -- QB yours yours QB mind you know whether. You on the top be on the bottom any given week you know that old cliche -- that's been casement SEC baseball when. That's way -- a bad outing you you know could mentally put that behind them. And next weekend who knows. The -- Maryland this kind of down little discouraged after the Florida and you -- Mississippi State. No that's a is to be survival of the fittest considering how competitive. Is going to be in and obviously a -- -- out Omar -- Kasey -- about being badly Bellamy BC sports documents into WW you know.