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Apr 14, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Well if we were gonna get -- better than we have it on a Monday that over the weekend with a French Quarter -- getting a record crowds reported it also the punch to -- strawberry festival. Well here's the question have you ever seen the rain now we've received. My son is visiting from Portland reduce their girlfriend and cheers from the Portland area and and she is quite entertained by the lightning and thunder. Because they don't really have a lot of lightning and thunder in places like Seattle and Portland in fact I remember one time when I was in Seattle. The front page of the newspaper. Had a picture color picture of a lightning bolt in Seattle because it was sold on usual bulletin. Syverson and when I have lived in other places where we didn't have these big thunderstorms like this I really actually. Mystic how we'll be having go on dates from the W Hugo channel four weather center for Dave to respond. A throughout the night tonight and you've heard about the severe thunderstorm watch that's in effect from Washington intend to vote parishes until 9 o'clock flash flood watch for the sell short. And saint Tammany parish and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Through on 11 o'clock tonight in -- wind advisory from 10 PM tonight until 10 AM tomorrow morning. For all parish -- south of the lake between the thirty mile an hour winds with -- even harder than that as this cold front passes through a strong cold front. In April. And I realize that many of you may want -- whether it's going to be chilly tomorrow for this time of year in this part of the country. But it's going to be hot soon enough so let's just enjoy it while it's here and I hope you had a great weekend decided. But he which at the French Quarter fest for the -- -- strawberry festival the weather was great. And I'm not surprised to hear that they were record crowds at the French Quarter fest which I went to a Friday Saturday and Sunday. Not surprised at all based on what I saw that there were record crowds it was just a great time in New Orleans. It's time for tonight's top later dates and -- thinks we'd like tutored it was we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. Box office after this weekend is Captain America the winner soldier that's a sequel. No dropped out of out of the top spot even even last week no drop down to number six this week and I knew that. It -- our go to blog about it. And once I criticized the movie Knoll on this show I knew it would drop out of the number one spot at the box of action and kitty obviously word got out that. No one says it just -- that good in the blog in Cairo was about how no way is an example of sometimes the book. Is better than the movie. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. She's premiere of the highly acclaimed AMC series mad men attracted less of an audience than last year's season premiere. And less of an audience in the season finale last June. Has the MC series mad men jumped the shark. That's a term that describes a TV show that stays on the year too long. It was inspired by the happy days episode in which -- jumped the shark on water skis in the Pacific. You know it's tennis that there's not a lot of water skiing that goes on in the Pacific but that was the episode where he jumped the shark as a daycare during a Hollywood trip. So tonight on the show we'll talk about what TV show do you think jumped the shark. I mean obviously happy -- happy days jumped the shark long before it ended the one of the TV show jumped the shark was on the air just too long should have gone off before it did. And they will also talk about what TV show. Really could or could have stayed on the -- a little longer maybe it ended a little bit too soon that's coming up on our show tonight. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The state of Maryland has become the latest state to decriminalize marijuana in the state of Colorado where the recreational use of pot is now legal. The first vending machine for edible marijuana goodies was unveiled over the weekend. Vending machine. For marijuana snacks. I wonder if the marijuana snacks which satisfied the munchies. That the marijuana snacks actually. Induced. And I think what what what could do what could be an edible marijuana snack vending machine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- finger blood and blood finger. Pot tarts here's what I want addicted to showed -- night -- I wanna I wanna find a good name. For a candy bar. Dork. Dark chocolate. A bite sized dark chocolate. On a pack of candy bite sized dark chocolate. -- covering. With marijuana -- in a soft new -- senator. But will be a good name for that -- you can detect that -- 878 symphony number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. 62 year old man who was ordered by a judge to stand or sit on a street corner for five hours holding a sign yesterday. Said the punishment was unfair. -- Aviv was forced to hold a sign that read in the judge came up with the words. I am a bully. I pick on children that are disabled. And I and intolerant of those that are different from myself. My actions do not reflect an appreciation for the diverse south. You -- Ohio community that I leave him. He says that punishment was unfair. And it's ruined his life. Dozens of drivers passed by honked their horns yelled -- the guy. Some pedestrians. Took pictures. This is an example of a change. Being a form of punishment. Maybe there's not enough shame. That goes along with punishment in this in this country. Days for a lot of people going to prison is a family reunion. Going to prison is not that big a deal. And sadly. For many people their life -- so miserable outside of prison that it really isn't that much worse. In prison. So maybe -- should become part of the did the justice system. Anyway -- -- throughout the show tonight we'll talk about what this guy did some of the things that he said and did and it really is appalling and he was. He was taunting on a family next door where they have disabled children. A among other things he threw dog feces allegedly threw dog feces. On the wheelchair ramp. Obviously -- we'll talk about it tonight number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The first of four. -- -- One bonus a full lunar eclipse. Occurs tomorrow night. Conservative pastor from Texas John Hague. Believes that this could be a sign of the beginning of the end of the world. And this is a John Hague -- specialty. Sometimes when I'm channel surfing I come across his TV show. I stop. Because I find it almost comical. I mean it's it's very disturbing. John Hague he handers has built on mega million dollar ministry. On fear. All the talks about is what you should be afraid. And I'm I'm just I'm wondering I'm wondering why so many people are so willing to follow somebody who just instills fear him. Mean to me that's the sign of of very very weak human being. We should -- consequences for negative behavior. -- I don't think we should fear god the way John Haiti and people like that one is to steer got. And yet I beat this man is I mean again he says he's a multimillionaire has a mega mega. A church. In Texas just outside of San Antonio. But he is built this whole ministry. On on fear. And even before this -- -- just talked about how the the end is coming and it's so many of his sermons and I've seen on television to watch all of them. But so many of his sermons on television have have talked about the V and discovering the -- is -- who else is -- on this. Jim Baker. The guy who was defrocked. And thrown in prison for. Deceiving his his flock. Jim Baker's faculty haven't seen him in a while he was on. Satellite -- station that at one point I was getting through on an antenna. And Internet to high Def antenna that I had. But I haven't seen him in a while but -- Jim Baker ways ways. Was raising money. Selling people survival kits so you can survive the into the world. I thought the end of the world was all about you know it's the end of the world and if you -- good Christian that you're gonna seek god. You can see Jesus. Tell why would you want to survive the end of the world again I just I I just I find these these -- Who thrive on on fear I find them quite amazing and in what is just so amazing is that some people are so willing to give money. So tonight on the show will talk about whether or not you see signs. Of begin to the world company. And is that the blood moon for you the full lunar eclipse will be talking about this on the show here's our W if you are pretty general opinion poll tonight. Do you think there are signs the end of the world is coming. It is your opinion by going to our web site to BWL dot com that's a poll we're gonna tracked throughout our show tonight it will give you an update coming up. In just a few minutes number four a number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Shooting at a Jewish community center in Kansas during the eve of passover. As being classified. As a hate crime. Frazier going cross. Known as a white supremacist. Opened fire with a shotgun and pistol killing three people. Ironically. None of those he killed. Were actually Jewish. Is there anyway to stop. The intolerance. It comes from ignorance. I mean this guy can't have much of an IQ. He's got to be really these people have got to be really insecure. Individuals. He was shouting out Nazi slogans to the TV cameras. As he was being arrested. And the RUS attorney and a cancer says sickness as we want to express our condolences to the families. And those poor souls who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and had the unfortunate experience. To be a first hand encounter. With people took Christopher -- encounter with people. The FBI the police have not given any explanation. This was on the eve of the Jewish festival of of passover. There are people who still hate Jews. And they hate -- not because they know them they hate them because they're Jews. There is still. A white supremacist mentality. That is anti Jew. In anti black. And yet. Those who have this mentality. Certainly don't represent. A good. A good race. I'm good -- good part of our species. And yet there's so damn proud. Of who. And what they are. And they're so. Willing to manifest their hate. And killing some. And again the great irony. Is Francis -- cross. Killed three people. None of those he killed. According to by understanding. Where Jewish. Is there any way to stop. Intolerance and hate. That stems from ignorance. If you wanna join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601. A 72. All 3866. 889 is nearly seventy. And our text ember is a seven years and here's a text that says so the blood moon is tonight in the beginning hours of Tuesday not. Tomorrow night OK so it's -- it's I don't -- Tuesday so I got a little confused about that it's it's to well he. We're not gonna see it in this part of the country. Because we're gonna have -- and clouds and throughout the night they're still right -- on the immediate world Syria there's not a witness not a lot of rain. But there's rain still to the west of us it rained down along. Point -- hash. Golden meadow and along the Gulf Coast heading over toward Pascagoula most of your it'd be sure and tries carefully. Number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- committee in the Louisiana legislature has advanced a bill that would declared the Bible the official state book of Louisiana. What do you think is behind this motivation. And it's kind of an usual appeal of the Bible would be declared the official state book. I diddle little research today and looked into some of the other interesting official state things. -- other states chance. And our state passed. And I just wonder why. I wonder why legislators. Waste time -- things actually I know why. As something we talk about on the show quite off. There are a lot of local legislators meddling in this state but in states across the country. Who. We dole proposed. Deals legislation. This actually meaningless. But it's it's pandering. To the people who put him in office. And if the people who put in an office. Are so oblivious to the motivation behind these inane and ridiculous silly deals. If they're. If they're oblivious to the motivation behind it well then they get what they deserve. Now. If if the Bible is declared. A Louisiana State beat Louisiana State book. That's gonna cost the taxpayers of Louisiana. Money. And where is governor Bobby Jindal. When it comes to this see this did this so exposes the hypocrisy of politics. Because our governor will go to great lengths to talk about how this state doesn't have money. And we need more money. And yet he's gonna stand on the sidelines. I haven't heard anything I mean maybe he has spoken about this and I haven't heard it. But I would I would hope that he would veto any any deal should it make it through the full legislature. Against -- threw -- a house committee. But if he gets to the full legislature and does become law if it if the if there's of if there's a bill that declares the Bible the official state -- in Louisiana. That will cost the taxpayers money because it's going to end up in court. And so where is the outcry against it well there's no outcry against this because. Politicians like governor -- Are pandering. Pandering. To. The conservative religious right. And the conservative religious right should be Smart enough to realize. That a bill declaring the Bible the state book of Louisiana. Is not gonna change anything. What is it gonna accomplish. Do you think that suddenly people are going to be more respectful of the Bible because it's the state book. It does declaring anything an official state whatever. Does that really change the status of whatever declared something to be official in the state is that simply change it. Our colors in the state I believe our white. Blue and what are colored fights. Entered our -- the official cause of Louisiana are blue white and gold. Does that make blue white and gold any more popular in the in the state of Louisiana no purple green and gold are still going to be mostly popular in this area because of morning draw. But these deals are meaningless. And get these politicians get a round of applause. From their constituents from many of their constituents who say isn't this great he's he's trying to do something about values in America by declaring the Bible. The official state book. If it passes and becomes law it's gonna cost the state of Louisiana. And where's the governor the governor's trapped. Because politicians don't always have the courage. To stand up for what is right. Instead. They stand up for what they think people. Want them to -- If you gonna join our shooter right with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. Our text numbers -- and VHS and and I think really the big question is can you explain to me. What would be accomplished. What do you think would be accomplished. By declaring the Bible. The official state -- of Louisiana. I love the Bible. I'm Christian. This is not bashing the Bible or christianity. This is bashing. Stupidity. And finally tonight's. Number one night and on tonight's list and on top painting or. You have American values. Politicians. Talk show host around the country. And even citizens all used the term. American values. What are American values. We're gonna talk about that tonight that's also the title of the -- blog which is on our website at WWL dot com it's also on our FaceBook page is part of the conversation there. And Devin have you already OC can become part of a conversational recently your comments from the FaceBook posts -- in just a little while. And it you can read this today and share with others to give us your comments it's at WW real dot com. Last week there were two new stories that centered on the issue of values in America. And I wondered if many people who use and support the term free -- can actually define what is meant. By American values. The announcement that Steven called bear from the cold their report on Comedy Central. Is gonna replace David Letterman when he retires next year to instant criticism from radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. -- on his radio show said no longer is comedy going to be a Covert assault on traditional American values conservatism. And a few days before the match. Fox News bill Riley. Said to Steve -- there was leading the destruction of America. Which seems to imply that Steven -- -- doesn't represent. American values. And the other story locally. That raised the issue of American values was when Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and Roger pilloried the chairman of the will be CNN IG PO. GOP -- for the resignation of congressman. Vance McAllister the Republican following the release of video showing. The married congressman making out with a -- congressional staffer. Represented McAllister. -- his political campaign. On his set of values which he promised to bring into office with him. So exactly what is meant when people throw around the phrase. American values. I think that's a phrase it's it's casually thrown around and yet there are so many people who I don't know if they really understand what it means. There's certainly a stereotypical. Person. That seems to espouse American values more than others. Will define that and I think it's a fair stereotyped you might disagree but I think it's a fair stereotype. And we'll talk about what that means for everybody else if you're not one of the stereotypes. If you wanna join our shooter right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy text is a seventy or seventy. This is this coach you know. -- from New Orleans on a Monday night and we'll be right back on WL overnight tonight is the first of four blood -- stable occur I believe over a six month period or maybe six months apart I'd have to check that out but did this is the first of four blood -- It that are coming out that's a full lunar eclipse. And conservative pastor John Hickey of Texas believes this is a sign of the beginning of the end of the world and he's written a book about this I guess he just wants to make the box. By scaring you into buying the book. So we'll talk about whether or not the world is coming to an end tonight and that's our -- -- -- -- -- opinion poll. Do you think there are signs that the world is coming to an end. A 69% say no 31% say yes give us your opinion like going to our website WWL dot com practical. Throughout our show tonight. Whether you're in Louisiana or anywhere in the country. What's your reaction to the idea that the Bible would be made. The state book. House committee in the region legislature has advanced a bill that would declare the Bible the official state book of Louisiana. So what do you think the motivation is behind this. If you wanna join -- -- to write with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text number. -- -- -- -- Here is a text that reads this is going to make the state to look much more stupid oh my goodness. Another text the conservative right is Smart enough to know that making the Bible. The official state book is not going to change anything. They just don't care makes them feel better. I would think that would be an insult to anybody who actually thinks the Bible being the state book is gonna somehow. Make a difference. I agree with the text. It's not gonna make any changes. I read the Bible. I'm a Christian. I'm not against christianity. I'm not against the Bible. But I am against making the Bible state book because. It defies the idea is that. It is just -- the idea that we're all equal and and that we all have freedom of expression with it whether it's no religion or or any different religion. And it's not going to manifest the change that some people might think I again I would love for somebody to explain to me. And you you're free to do this. What do you think the change would be. Is survival became. The state book. Our numbers 2601870. Across the country toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text numbers 87070. Also tonight we're talking about the shooting that took place at a Jewish community center in Kansas on the eve of passover. It's been classified as a hate crime mullets that's fine the weather today. I hate crime or not it's it's a hate crime -- guy's name is Frazier -- cross but he's noticed Glen Miller and known to many people simply as Miller. He's a known white supremacist. Who was a former kkk leader. He opened fire with a shotgun and pistol killing three people and according to what I read none of the three he killed. We're Jewish. So is there is there any way to stop intolerance. That stems from ignorance. And I hate when things like this happen. But if there's anything. Positive that comes from it. It's the exposure. Of the deep rooted. Hate. At least in the hearts a far too many people. If you. If you if you hate somebody you don't even know. That's a lot worse than -- somebody you know. Because they've given your recent hate them. How can you hate people you don't know. And how can you classify everybody together in a group. Whether it's blacks. Jews. Gays. Whatever. That is so blatantly. Wrong. And actually anti American. I don't see how anybody can have these kinds of police and have this mentality. And call themselves. A real America. A for Mary Jane your on the schoolchildren to BWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Well I am really frustrated right now and it's that there. Yeah it should just keep that -- Actually trying to compartmentalize our care or -- -- One person. From compartment university port where there's been discussion right now. -- what makes you -- any different from a black car burst in eighteen crime or. You know a bit more -- -- that. You and they. Can sit here are Asian and Arabic because it on. Start. Making all these. Some groups some categories to sort either -- taxes and crime that he. It it from time. To practiced spent some. Time -- because. He. -- -- -- Abel and it's still. You know being that the discussion isn't so much about lacquered black on black -- -- here. The fact that oral conscious at that people. -- understand -- that that checking account of life -- wrong but I don't ever expect in the light. -- I agree with you I have come to see. And I hate crimes as. Something that makes us feel better about doing something about hate -- reality were really not doing anything about hate. -- -- -- -- People people who have people who have hate in their hearts are not gonna think gee I guess I don't want to do that against that person because it might be a hate crime they can do it anyway. And that happened it happened today that what happened this -- and or what you reports. We're mapping it is all. Chancellor chilling and another in and came in -- You get frustrated. Coming about white supremacists -- about GT. It's been. There's. Characteristics. Trying to compartmentalize. Put logic -- each jet. I thought. That's funny I think it's a good point if you wanna join us -- your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. A text numbers 87870. Here's a Texan read so what is it about the state of Kansas that attracts all the wackos. Well the state of Kansas is the birthplace of the US for a Baptist Church are kind of wacky. And this -- kind of wacky but did you know there are wacky people everywhere. I here's another Texan Reid said do these -- at Louisiana politicians. Not know the formation of this country was based on separation of church. And states. Here's a text says that power is out on read boulevard interstate exit traffic signals out. Also we're getting some reports of some power outages uptown and really throughout this area. So if you do come to an intersection in the lights around just be extremely careful you know energy's working on this is this coach -- And we'll be right back under a W well we still have some severe weather moving through the area you might be unit right now if you're not in it tears have more coming we're -- -- -- -- to give you will. I channel -- weather center and they -- stop coming up here in just few minister gave you the latest on that also we're hearing about some power outages around the area. I hope you were not without power but trusted if you are on energy in the their companies are well aware of it. Also play we can start talking about whether or not hate crime is a useful designation gazette. Does that benefit this is it is it useful to declare some crimes and hate crime. This of the shooting of the Jewish Center in Kansas has officially been declared a hate crime. And I believe. I have really come to appreciate it every crime is is motivated by some degree. Of a hate. And that it's it's wrong to designate a hate crime in and I think exposing. The problem with hate crimes is injuries real simple. There are people who think I'm Gary. So what if somebody. Committed violence against me. Because they thought I was -- Would that be hate crime. Or with the attorney for the perpetrators. Argued that it's not a hate crime because he's not really day. So you see I think there's a lot of this a lot of confusion in that. I hear is attacks at recess scooter I'm against these idiots lawmakers priorities. We have Bible state book. Cigarette butts tanning dogs jumping -- -- pick up trucks also chicken boxing. The state has more important priorities like budget have not heard anything regarding that at all. And I'll get back to this text that are -- going into the break. -- do these ignorant Louisiana politicians not note that the formation this country was based on the separation of church and state. There are those who will argue that that is not really the case. But if you think about the intent. Of those who came to this country. It was based on separation church and state. And while that's not in the constitution. I think in in some ways it's covered in the First Amendment under the idea that -- we are free. To express our religion. And that separates. Any government involvement. In our celebration of offending religious police or no religious beliefs whatsoever. So. The idea that this country was founded on separation church and state I think this is really quite valid. Those people who boarded those ships. To come to America the very early settlers and again that was not a carnival cruise on those for those are just. Compared to what we have today those were -- ships and not everybody was gonna make it. But they were brave enough and motivated enough to get on the ships to come to America. Because. They. Were interested in coming to a place where they would not be persecuted for their religious police more on this are coming up if you wanna join us tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a tax -- -- -- -- I know let's go live to the WWL channel -- weather center and -- just -- a meteorologist joins us with an update on our severe weather days. -- -- -- I will hold on and -- get -- date you're just -- let's take a break we'll take a break here and there will come backer with an update from -- -- -- from. The WWL channel for weather -- he could be very busy getting the latest information against the power outages throughout the area in fact if you wanna. If you wanna and give us an update on the power outages in your area you could certainly send us texted 87870. -- -- I'm scoot it will be deck under WL. I don't -- -- channel for a meteorologist Dave just bomb is set tied up right now and I'll just say this is severe thunderstorm watches in effect for Washington intentional parish is until 9 o'clock a couple of minutes from now. A flash flood watches in effect for the sell short and saint Tammany parish also the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Through 11 o'clock tonight and a wind advisory for wins twenty to thirty miles per hour with gusts even stronger than that. Is in effect from 10 PM tonight until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning for all parish is south of the wake. As this very strong cold front moves through the area and it's going to be unseasonably chilly tomorrow. I don't know how many records we're setting but I would think on the average this has been a really really cool. That time of year for us. Tougher for march and April we've had some very cool temperatures and I would think on the average it's been cool with and maybe than any other any other time until it we're talking about whether or not there are signs at the end of the world is coming. There's a blood moon that is gonna happen overnight tonight we're not gonna see it it's total lunar eclipse. And we're accuracy here because of the clouds and and and the weather but there are four consecutive. Lunar. Full lunar eclipses don't as the blood moon. Andy John Hague he conservative. The preacher in Texas. Says that this could be one of the signs of the end of the world so do you think there are signs at the end of the world is coming soon. That's a WWL party -- of people right now 66% say no and 34% say yes we'll update on that as we continue to follow that -- on our show. We're also talking about the shooting at the Jewish community center in Kansas said during the eve of passover classified as a hate crime. Here's a text that reads -- the term hate crime is a legal term of art. Under most state criminal systems. And the federal system if the crime is designated as a hate crime it carries. -- -- stiffer penalty way I am I I I understand that. I guess the question is. Should it. Shouldn't every crime. It is a violent crime. Carry the same severe. Sentence. -- -- motivated by a rage. Or -- I realize that as a society it might make us feel better to call something -- hate crime. And I disagree with anybody would committing hate crime but I disagree that anybody who would commit. A crime that was motivated by something other than hate and I mean I guess it might not be hated I might not be motivated by hate based on race. Or nationality or sexual orientation or religious police. But it's hate of the person -- about to kill I'm scoot and we'll be back on WWL.