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Apr 14, 2014|

a house committee in the La. Legislature has advanced a bill that would declare the Bible the official book of Louisiana. What do you think is the motivation behind this unusual bill? And should the Bible be our official book or would a ‘Louisiana Cookbook’ be a better choice? AND: the first of 4 ‘blood moons’ – which is a full lunar eclipse occurs tomorrow night. Ultra Conservative Pastor John Hagee of Texas believes this could be a sign of the beginning of the end of the world. Do you see any signs the end of the world is coming?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening I'm -- had a great weekend the weather was sensational. In the French Quarter -- attracted record crowds it was just amazing along the river. Jackson square and really throughout the French Quarter I've enjoyed all three days I hope you had a chance to come down or perhaps you took advantage of the beautiful weather and the punch to a store pre festival which was a huge success. Again this year here's what we're talking about on this future -- house committee in the Louisiana legislature has advanced a bill that would clear the Bible. The official state book of Louisiana. What do you think is the motivation behind this rather than usual deal. And what benefit. Would come from declaring the Bible the official state book. Because some people hear what they wanna hear and not what is actually said the attentive when he sent. I have to once again say it if you've heard me say this before. I don't mean to bore you but they are people who will hear only what they wanna hear. I am not against christianity. I am not against the vital. I am against the Bible being declared the official state book because it's stupid it's a ridiculous idea it's a feel good law that is not going to have. Any impact on changing people. And on top of that it's gonna end up in court. And it's gonna cost the taxpayers money. So -- governor Bobby Jindal August. That is it is he gonna support this bill. Or is Bobby Jindal one of those politicians. Which that are really tough position because he has to placate to the conservative right. But yet in his heart he's Smart enough to know. That's a meaningless law it would be a meaningless. Deal and also I did some research this afternoon it looked into some other brother interesting things that are. That are declared official state different things that will go through that a little bit later in the show were also talking about the shooting. At a Jewish community center in Kansas during the eve of passover been classified as a hate crime. The guy's name is Frazier going cross he's the suspect he's noticed a white supremacist he's also known as Glenn Miller or. Just by the last name of Miller book which is his last name so I've I don't know maybe it was a take off on the big band leader. Glen Miller and and they just call him Miller. He was spewing out nine Nazi -- pro Nazi statements. A shortly after he was arrested sort just that goes to show you the mentality. Of this of this man known as Miller. He opened fire with a shotgun and a pistol killing three people and I as far as I know none of them were actually Jewish. But it appears as if he was trying to target Jewish people and again. I guess I have to ask the question is there any way to stop. Ignorance. And the intolerance that stamps. From ignorance and this guy is just a reminder. Of people who hate people they don't even know. And I would think if you gonna waste the emotion of hate on somebody. It would have been somebody. That's done something to use that would cause you to hate them. Rather than just hate somebody because they're part of -- group to need that he's truly. The that the sign of of of total entrants. Also overnight tonight is the first of of four. Blood -- They're known as there's is blood movements. And the first what is tonight on the we're gonna see because of the rain. On the next one is October 2014. This year than April 2015. And then September 2015. Now conservative pastor John Hickey of Texas the -- is this is a sign of the beginning. Of the end of the world. Any other signs. That the into the world is coming. -- -- as the comet tonight about it -- we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. It's early seventy. And a text number. It's a 7870. A right now let's go to the had to be -- -- -- channel four forecast center with that -- just on our meteorologist. Of the -- okay all right. -- I and I think at some point tonight we will get to we will get to Dave knows bomb in the channel four -- and he's very busy there's still some severe weather. And is certainly going through this area and again if you're not in it you might be in one of the gaps in between some of the severe weather but a strong cold front is moving through here. And it's gonna make things much cooler tomorrow. -- effect temperatures on the North Shore may be in the upper thirties and the forties over the next couple days so by tomorrow it's going to be chilly tomorrow and Wednesday. Very very chilly especially for this time of year but by the weekend it's it's going to be warming up in with a chance of rain at this point on Friday and a slight chance of rain over the weekend -- as the leader about the weather just he embraced the cooler weather because we know how. On how sticky and hot it's going to be before -- here's -- -- -- -- a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. -- do you think there are signs that the in the world is coming soon. I guess the into the world coming soon is the key way to phrase it 66%. Saying no they don't see the signs. And 34% say yes. They do. Here's a -- reached with the popularity of the car deshields. Is a sign of the into the world. And I think that is one of the officials seven signs in revelation. I hear chris' text power is back on -- boulevard that's good news -- -- of power outages -- throughout the greater new -- -- if you are report a power outage in your area. A you can send us attacks at 8787 -- Or numbers 2601870. Here is attacks at reed's side this country was founded upon the principle of separation of church and state. With the intent being to keep the state out of the church. Now the issue is the reverse. Keeping the church. Out of the state. For example legislators. Disallowing gay marriage. Opposition to gay marriage. Based on. Religious beliefs. Is absolutely. This is not a popular thing to say. And and there are a lot of people who don't wanna accept this reality. By opposing gay marriage. Is. Absolutely an example. If it's based on your moral beliefs is an example of asking the government to be involved. In religion. Is that something you really wanna do. All right now we're gonna go to WWL. Channel four meteorologist Dave just bomb with an update on this this severe weather moving through the area Dave welcome to our show tonight hey they carrier. Good so -- we seem to be -- in downtown New Orleans we may be an -- gap right now but there's still a little weather to the west of us. There is the actual Cole Ford has a swept through the city now lives over towards Mississippi and Alabama but in the wake you that we now has some colder air coming in and that's a lot of these thunderstorms there. Continue to develop and I think with the ease there with a cold air aloft as the light for -- before some of the storms. And whatever particular are watching closely is the one moving just south -- -- down terrible pairs. Odds -- there's a warning in effect on 945. About another thirty minutes this one -- potentially could produce. Golf ball sized hail on top maybe with a sixty miles per hour as it worked its -- -- open and it should acknowledge. So this should be out of here by tomorrow morning. Are definitely -- about -- memorial will likely to be out here closed at midnight they actually extended this -- storm watch from 9 o'clock to 11 o'clock tonight. It dissipating all the storms out here by -- And they will be left with maybe a little light rain and into tomorrow that speaks to always going to be that we did. Very windy conditions sustained winds twenty to thirty miles per hour was higher gusts. And also which colder air coming so old man winter it's -- it make -- visit back to the world. -- I don't know how many records we're setting but I would think if if somebody did the average temperatures of the -- that we've had in March and April I would think that this would be one of the coolest seasons that we've had. It's been pretty cool out there especially you know march coming in you know pretty quiet any pretty quiet in between we did have some my. Cold spells out there. It also far hasn't been too far off the market but as we should be high temperature of 78 this time of year and you low temperature of sixty. And our high temperature tomorrow. Is Guinness to Rocco to get to 61. And then Tuesday that you know Wednesday were talking a bit ago 34 degrees on the or short for a low temperature of 43 is now shore. So there's potential for some frost -- and for freeze conditions that Lisa frost out there is that with the outside now so again if you have any newly planted. Hours or vegetable gardens that many you probably do you have counters up -- Tuesday night not tonight -- -- -- when he's. These pork plants you know this is time a year to plant and then they get out there and did this it's cold weather comes they might be saying. What are you doing and saying that the they're telling me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If we get the sky is clear yes we can see the equipment for those listeners you know the eclipse total eclipse tonight cross your fingers it's likely to happen between say. 1 o'clock the morning about 5 AM so we we still have some time for the opportunity to see that. At this point look at the -- cloud cover. It does -- we do have some clear wave back over eastern Texas. Senate seats to twenty after nine now there's a small window of opportunity could potentially see that. All right Dave just bomb from the WWL channel -- weather center thanks for being -- tonight across this it. All right this is Cisco show Monday -- glad you're with us here's our -- WL party -- opinion poll ideas that there were signs at the end of the world is coming. And have you seen anything that's happening lately dent the popularity of the Kardashians would that the popularity of honey -- -- -- mean that might be another possibility that the the end is near. And any other signs it using the into the world might be coming soon and discuss blog tonight is titled do you have American values. People talk about American values. What our. American values. If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890878. A text is a 7870. And we'll be right back -- the WL in trying to demonstrate how ridiculous it is for people like pastor John -- he. Eight of the show reaches said the San Antonio area nights is a possibility that he's listening or members of his or church and -- And that's that's fine and disturbing very honest with mine my Felix. Two to build a a mega million dollar ministry. One year. I think is inherently wrong. And Johnny. Any bits and I've caught on television -- sometimes I stop in and watch him because it's. It's it's it's so fanatical. -- I find it entertaining. In kind of humorous kind of way like oh my god I can't believe people buying into this. But he bases everything on fear. And he has a book out about the blood movements. And here's -- tonight overnight tonight and -- producer Dave and -- for channel four -- that this possibility that you'll see between one and five. Because this guys are going to be are going to be Cleary. He believes that this could be the sign of the beginning of the end of the world. Well there are a lot of people who have predicted the end of the world overtime. And we're still here. Not -- world is gonna come to an end but there are people who predict the end of the world. Time to simply get attention and we're gonna actually go through the list of some of the people that him from. Wrongly predicted that the world is is coming to an end. So were also thinking about some of the signs to demonstrate how ridiculous this is to predict the world this is good and because of something like a blood moon. We're gonna talk about some of the things that might also indicates. That the into the world is -- And somebody mentioned the popularity of the car dash sheets and I think that's really legitimate possibility. Here's another when -- Bob Beckel on the fly for the fox news network defied he's the liberal the guy who wears -- suspenders and in the the -- he's a liberal. Or more moderate to liberal. Bob Beckel on the five on fox disagreed with something Obama said a sure sign the end of the world is near and I would. I have to agree with that. And I guess if we ever heard. -- O'Reilly or Hannity agree with Obama I guess that would be another sign that the end is -- Do you have American values. Politicians talk show host and even citizens used the term American values. To define their character. And this has come up in the news recently. At last that there were a couple of stories and one of them was the announcement that Stephen col -- from Colbert Report on Comedy Central replacing Dave Letterman next year when he retires. And criticism came from Rush Limbaugh and others would Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show. No longer is comedy going to be a -- assault on traditional American values. Conservatives. So. Do you have to be conservative. You have to be Christian. You have and hold American values. And the the story was a Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and the chairman of Louisiana GOP. Roger Hillary calling for the resignation of representative Vance McAllister Republican from the state. Following the release of a video showing the married congressman making out with a married congressional staffer. And represented McAllister. -- political campaign on his set of values moral Christian values that he was gonna bring with him into his office. So what exactly are. American values. So many people throw around that term. And -- I really have a feeling that not everybody really understands -- hurting and so tonight on the show we will try to define. American values also tonight we're talking about. A house committee in the regional legislature that has advanced to deal they would declare the Bible -- Official state book of Louisiana. What do you think is the motivation behind this. An official state book being the Bible. I did some research this afternoon and I found out that in Alabama. They have declared. -- a certain Bible. The state Bible. Which is ridiculous but that's a lot different than declaring something. Like the Bible a state book. They declared a particular Bible the Bible the specific Bible that was used to swear in Jefferson Davis. As presidency as president of the confederacy and 1861 they have declared that Bible to be the state Bible. Now while I don't think that really changes anything that is totally different from naming the Bible. The state -- Because that is a suggestion of State's. Recognition. Of those religious police diverse as they are because there's the old testament and the new testament. But there are so many Christians that believe there are the only ones who own the vital. So I also looked at the Louisiana I found a couple of interesting things are colors the official state colors now these these are. These certain designations that have gone through the legislature so they spent time on these things. And I think it's fair to point out this time of year. During the legislative season here and around the country. But they're local politicians. In states that waste time. On legislation to to just get their name in the news and to make it seem as if they're really doing important things win. And in reality they're not really doing any important things. Did you know there are colors are blue white and gold. OK that's fine but has that really changed the popularity of blue white and gold. There's an official folk dance in Louisiana. It's the squared it. The official heritage. In Louisiana is -- Korea. And did you know that the state legislature actually designated. An official musical instrument in the state. It's the cajun according. Mississippi has an official state toys. Seriously. They pass this through the Mississippi legislature are state toy. It's -- Teddy bear. Alabama not only has declared this specific Bible used to swearing Jefferson Davis is the president of the confederate states. In 1861 the official state Bible. But Alabama has also gone to the trouble of designating an official state quilt. It's the pine Bourquin. Florida has an official state play. Cross and soared. Georgia has a deadly designated an official state pops up. It's the pogo -- Michigan has declared an official. State children's book. Which is the and I tickets the the legend of sleepy bear an official state children's book. The state of Kentucky has an official sports car. The Corvette. And Kentucky. The Pataki legislature went to the trouble. Of passing legislation to declare an official silverware pattern. It's the old Kentucky bluegrass silverware pattern. Meaningful. Meaningful. Legislation. The state of Texas has an official vehicle it's the chuck wagon. On the the official fiber the official fiber and fabric in Texas is content. NB official footwear taxes while this makes sense cowboy boots. Are you what difference does it make it. Is it is obvious by some of these things that. State legislatures. Waste time. Designating things. And maybe they they do it is a favour to somebody for getting offers because they they think it's gonna help those who supported them to get an officer may be contributions. Or again maybe they're just trying to make a name for themselves. Because this is all ridiculous legislation that doesn't really manifest any positive change. In this state. Or any state. If you and enjoy pressure I would comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. And our text numbers 877. We had a cool front moves through the area it's a moving through now and it's going to be chilly tomorrow. Hi -- hi tomorrow might struggle to get up to sixty. Ana winds are gonna be -- to thirty miles per hour with gusts even higher than that at times so it's going to be sunny and beautiful but he is going to be chilly and windy. Especially for this part of the country. At this time of year so that wind advisory in effect from 10 o'clock tonight until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. For all parishes south of the -- also some of the area they're still -- a severe thunderstorm watch. And a flash flood watch in effect get ready to win 1000 dollars in our nationwide 1000 dollar. Cash. Summer vacation contest it starts next Monday April 21 but if you're smarter than the rest. You right now you'll join our -- W -- cash club. -- that today joined right now by texting the word cash. CA SH the were cash. Too late 7870. If you text there were cash to wait 78 -- that means that you'll get alerts. And be the first to know when it's time to end of the 1000 dollar contest. And joined WVU those cash club now so you won't get that alertness or did you get busy you might not remember the exact time to listen to get the you'll get the solar. So become a member of the WWL cash club by texting the word cash. To wait seventy symphony. And we never charged for text but individual plan text and data rates may apply and good luck for short radio intercom. -- WL. It's all right we've also talked about a 62 year old man. Who was ordered by judge to either stand or sit on a street corner for five hours yesterday holding a sign and the man says the punishment is unfair. The guy's name is Edmund -- And he was forced to hold a sign that the judge dictated to him the sign read I am a bully. I pick on children that are disabled. I am I am intolerant of others that are different from myself. My actions do not reflect and appreciate. An appreciation for the diverse south you -- it's Ohio community that I -- it. He says that's unfair. You think the punishment is -- -- or is it too shameful to. Embarrassing. A number of drivers drove by and honked their horns many people yelled -- -- some pedestrians stopped in and took pictures. This -- furious with his neighbor Sandra pro like it's just it's a username Sandra pro it's a caller for the last fifteen years. Now the most recent incidents that came from when this this neighbor. Had been -- -- Was complaining about a smell that was coming from her dryer. Her dryer vent when she did laundry. Now according to police records in retaliation. A -- poked up a kerosene -- hooked up kerosene to a fan. Which blew the smell onto her property. This woman has two adult adopted children with -- developmental disabilities. Cerebral palsy and epilepsy. And her husband has dementia. And her -- is paralyzed. This woman is obviously. Saint taking care of all these people. The neighbor of -- as used ethnic slurs against her. While she was holding her adopted black children. She claims that she was spit -- And that he regularly through dog feces. On her son's car windshield. And once smeared feces. On their wheelchair ramp to their to their house. I would think this guy got off with a rather light sentence. Holding a sign claiming that he is. Is a -- And I think you should have to do it for more than. And five hours. On one day yesterday. And and maybe Shane is a way to. It -- to encourage some people to pay attention to the law because the laws don't always work. You we've we've had this to controversy in the New Orleans area. About -- throwing your cigarette butts -- a bit -- -- we see it but when your cigarette -- out of a car window and that we talked about the campaign in downtown New Orleans. On its titled walk your -- to the can't. And it's about taking your cigarette butts -- putting him in the trash cans and didn't turn out on the trash -- on the site wanted to put it in the -- and what you put a -- Don't just storm on the street and sidewalk. When I was walking to the French Quarter fest on Sunday morning a lockdown -- street and Bourbon Street was absolutely clean. I mean the city does a great job canal street urban street French Quarter cleaning up every night. And urban street was slick clean -- the litter was gone. But there was one thing that remained all along Bourbon Street. And that was cigarette butts. Many of them had had been placed in the in and it had worked their way into the the crevice of the the sidewalk or it cracks and in the street. And I mention the other day that I saw three businessman walking down the street in the CBD one of the guys just casually through a cigarette putt on the ground. And I wanted to say something and obviously it's not shameful to do that. Obviously that's something that is so casually accepted here that it's not a big deal. And I'm wondering I'm I'm wondering what part of throwing a cigarette but as I said on the ground is not litter. Now I stand up for smokers rights. If you wanna smoke that's perfectly legal in America and and you can do and I grew up with two parents who smoked. And I'm -- is. Concerned about second -- that a lot of people are so I'm I'm very much in favor of smokers rights I want them to infringe on and on my rights but I'm I'm for smokers rights. So I'm not anti smoker that we a lot of people are. None of these an excuse for throwing cigarette putts on the ground. It's a -- and yet it is so acceptable but if if people. Jeered at those who through their cigarette butts on the ground in May be that shame. Would become such a public chain. That people would stop doing it it's against the law. But maybe the law is not as powerful as public chain. Barbara year old -- joined a VW dog eating. Good -- is how you could. Come colony and the -- -- it Paris -- now for his public behavior to what neighbor's yeah I mean Kennedy. I think he'd probably not all these years and he thought he. I mean. If you had been sent to jail for that and that's I mean. You know pregnant women and people on the Obama come upon people -- these children far and actually may have disabled children and our. -- you know I mean he probably got all -- in Asia. -- saying yeah I I agree and and if if what he did if if half of what he did -- is is true that I think he got off with a very very light sentence. I mean there have been a lot of disease -- people out war on mean not just out there are -- them understand that but I mean and this and this this lady obviously. -- install hot at the plate to you know to put up at all comparable to this spot that and that's if that's a very grateful. I don't think it was unfair at all he thinks the judge was unfair to him because he had to he had to sit there are standing hold assigned -- cities a bully any police and children. And -- five hours yesterday that he was a -- Barbara political pressure if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. A text is a 7870 tomorrow morning at WWL first news with Tommy Tucker as the deadline looms. Are you happy with the income tax system in the United States gee I wonder what the answer will be to that question. Would you prefer a fair tax. Or flat tax. And also Tommy has a blog on our website at WWL dot com on should we all know what our co worker's salary Sar which you like to know what everybody makes. Woods. -- you like everybody you know what what you're Edward is that a good idea Tommy is talk about that this -- in a blog about that. On our website at WW dot com. I if you -- stay with us this is the schoolchildren coming right back on to -- WL coming up after the news and the next horrible talk abouts. American values and and we'll try to define American values. I think I'd have strong American values. However I don't fit into the stereotypical category. Of those who espouse. American values. So what are American values and if you use the term or if you've listened to the term. We really should know what it is we'll talk about that are coming up also that's the -- blog tonight but American values and India have them. It's on our website at -- and you'll dot com also on our FaceBook page at WL radio. And here's a -- -- FaceBook page from Jeremy American values. To me. -- to treat people. The way you want to be treated. Freedom and if you work hard. You shouldn't have to struggle. Just to get by. A from Slidell John your under the W well. Drank a lot cute Tom. Arnold like it died in the -- -- sign. He I would like to. I've seen him get not a lot of community service that may be -- disabled people but. Need we need the public changing it might be the next got to go out -- somebody. Or do something even worse -- done at this point I think it would appear angry man. And the other part that I like even list is a ticket that took a message to young people voted. Arm. Now we can start bullying -- or. Wait or they like that would mean is that it Kirch and people in arm. Ridicule. Somebody or in in wrong eager shortly. Yeah I understand the point you're making John I think it's a legitimate point but aren't we already had in some ways trying to shame somebody by putting him in jail by connecting them. It likely to when you when you bring up the idea of what we shouldn't bully bullies I'm gonna disagree in the same ways that if you -- if I hate if I have hate that guy. If I had him for the guy who went on the the the shooting spree the white if I had hate for white supremacists. Then I'm having hate for somebody who actually started it they started with -- Innocent bystanders. People they don't know -- based on in not knowing what their actions art and -- I'm I'm content we have. And justified in my mind and heart in Haiti them. Because they're the ones who started hate. So I would argue and I would argue that. Bullies can be bullied and an -- in in theory I totally get what you're saying but police can be bullied because they need to know it feels like. Well. I certainly believe whatever relief work that idea I have questions about public shaming first. You know a person is already period you may be right that. The other thing marketplace are really do wonder young people but he did. And and how -- bond now in the -- but it is. On a political show thanks for listening to WWL indict. From may say lowest chuck welcome to our show tonight. I actually do anything to -- the -- you're getting. You need -- well yes yeah. I'm a -- so that the French Quarter festival this weekend and earlier today and -- -- touched on the subject of our folks in the quarter and Auburn learning. And some -- to do something around in my opinion about the quarter because orders are bad for business and for. We were on Decatur street when -- -- morning Kate need to be using it marked on the arm. You know Hamels walked by had a beer should must unite you walked on the street drinking beer and it's wonderful goal and it's -- in installations. Sure -- I don't. I don't like the attitude of of a lot of news who people who were described is as gutter punks you know we do have this thing called the constitution and have to figure out a way. -- to allow people to have the right to free assembly. And I I understand it's a problem tiger at a text here it says the city needs to get rid of the the gutter punks and really clean up the quarter. I've I I've told this on the year before but I will never forget the time that I I was walking by. Three of a group three or four gutter punks. And they had a sign and not only do they have a sign that said this but as I want by. The the guy said I'll let you spit on me for a dollar. And I think you will what joy in my gonna get out of spitting on you so now when you're not gonna get my dollar. So are there today that you know I I don't understand. How they exist. And I realize that they are not visually. Pleasing to many people. But you can't run people off the street because they appeared to be offensive. Actual last summer -- -- -- her parents it was legal team while they were yes they see yes. -- public intoxication and murder. On -- particularly chipped -- chuck based on that to criteria think about all the people you have to arrest in the French Quarter and there're there're so many people who largest. I'm sitting on. On. Stoops and and sitting on the curb in the French Quarter hanging out for an extended period of time -- and I see that all the time. Look I understand it's a problem I'm just not exactly sure what legally can be done about it. I don't know the -- then I mean they should be something vetoes. It's bad for tourism in the war on -- that tourism based on their city. Tucker glad you called and I I really think it's fine that who if if somebody on the streets and tried to make you feel guilty. About walking on the street but the cold beer. I'm glad you -- put him in their place. If you wanna join us for your comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number. It's 877. Up from 7000 power outages it's down to about 500 on the South Shore and 500 on the nor short hopefully if you don't have power you'll. Get a -- soon this is dispute show. Like from New Orleans on a Monday -- it'll be right back under the WL and -- rapidly coming to the end of this hour so very quickly let's go to -- Mike here -- BW elegant -- for a quick comment. You know about it -- -- myself and I had no dot com governor agenda when Roger Diller the chairman Republican Party calling. Fought congressmen McAllister the results are -- wouldn't believe about hypocrisy is gold plated Olympic class. And given they never call a -- -- -- you know they're clearly broke the law but the thing he has better as a huge. Fund raise exactly pinpoint exactly. And it's all about the bunny in cannot have a lot more to say that -- Thomas limited. But if people lookup column at right in these dot Blogspot dot com -- -- may 22 2010 column. David seat belt and to prove that veteran lie that is 2007 press conference when he said nothing. Happen in New Orleans so when he did it was clamping his soul doing the media call book before the American people. Thought he was lying through history the evidence is overwhelming I have -- that column that the letter signed by senate developed. That was set to Vincent Bruno apologizing for calling Bruno thought about life. My democratic. I've got to get to do is break I think it's a legitimate point and they're picking on Vance McAllister because he is expendable within the Republican Party and that's blatantly wrong.