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Apr 14, 2014|

the first of 4 ‘blood moons’ – which is a full lunar eclipse occurs tomorrow night. Ultra Conservative Pastor John Hagee of Texas believes this could be a sign of the beginning of the end of the world. Do you see any signs the end of the world is coming?

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The season premiere of the highly acclaimed AMC series mad men attracted less of an audience than last year's season premiere and less of an audience then the season finale. -- last June. Has the AMC series mad men jumped the shark that's the term used to describe TV shows that say on the year to warrant. It was inspired by that happy days episode in which funds he jumped the shark on water skis. During a trip to Hollywood. What TV shows jumped the shark a number of them have. The least of which was it was heavy days that they all in the family. -- -- that being Archie is place that show jumped the shark. Long before it ended but then there are TV shows. That really could've stayed on the air longer. They left when they were on top and an exciting field is a great example of that if you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight about -- we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a -- Amber's late 7870. Russell talking about their shooting that took place at a Jewish community center yesterday on the eve of passover and and it was. I hate crime all right -- been classified now hate crime. This is -- Kansas the guy's name the suspect's name is -- going cross. Who is known is Glenn Miller or simply. Miller. I don't know exactly how he got that nickname he's a known white supremacist. And a former leader of the kkk. He opened fire with a shotgun and pistol killing three people it's my understanding that none of the people he killed were Jewish. And he was spewing out. Pro Nazi. Slogans. And statements. Shortly after being arrested. And it's again it's another tragedy that results from hate. Which stems from complete. And total ignorance. Tonight we're also talking about -- house committee in the regional legislature that has advanced a bill that would declared the Bible the official state book of Louisiana. Alabama has declared a specific Bible the official state Bible. Which is different then declaring. The Bible the official state book because to me. That crosses over there at the idea of separation of church and state. Now the official state Bible in Alabama. I still think that's a waste of time legislation but the year the official state Bible is the Bible that we used to swear in Jefferson Davis as the presidency as a president of the confederacy of states. In 1861. On Mississippi had his. Designated an official state -- The Teddy -- Louisiana has an official state musical instrument which is a cajun accordion. Now you do realize that all of these things are. Really a waste of the time of the to legislators. But as we have said so many times local legislators this time of year when -- -- legislative sessions here and around the country. They quite often they quite often proposed. Legislation that is designed to get their name. In front of the public -- is decide to do things that appear. To be making changes when a reality don't make any changes at all. And -- if if if this does get to the full legislature and the the Bible is to cleared the official state book of Louisiana. That's gonna cost the taxpayers of this state. Money because it's gonna end up in court and it's not going to accomplish anything. If you think I'm wrong and you -- give -- your opinion about what you think. Designating the Bible as the state book will do to improve this state if you think this is worthwhile legislature are I'd I'd love to hear your explanation. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- semi tech's number is 877 it also coming up in just a moment we're gonna we're gonna talk about American values. Do you have American values. And what our American values three politicians and radio talk show host around the country and citizens all used the term American values to define their character. But yet most of the people. Who espouse. The term American values in describing their character. Fitted to a a stereotypical group. If you don't -- that stereotypical group. Can you honestly say you have American values -- that's coming up a rebel tastes -- bill chased James joined to be WL. Did you. Quite a comic. Situation. -- -- -- -- Our energies and don't make one more -- -- -- or on the situation. You know James I I I found out a little bit about that over the weekend I -- -- -- weekend and I'm not is up to date on that is I'd like to be a good perhaps get into that tomorrow. But he it's it's individuals vs the -- the government. And it's a really interesting. Symbolic debate is simple yeah battle and -- who I hope to talk about them the show tomorrow night. I woke him up then. Well I'll are. You know. Are at -- A lot of people. Out. In -- bit. In such a rash proportionate amount go over well over. You know only in to send me a color should not -- out and registration. Is a gun ban. And New York has R&R or. Four -- -- -- that -- -- Orchard take on the current -- Interstates. And that. Two million gun -- after the government. Ought billions or. All you know regional Homeland Security. On -- -- honestly I think it's hysteria. And -- and paranoia. I agree with you let you know today and -- and it's certainly should think that maybe this is made because. All. You rationally. -- that the world why we get to go away because you know and passionate. -- the -- and it politics. And as political as we think the Supreme Court is. For the most part over over history it is historically been void of of of politics although -- and realize that that's kind of naive statement. Supreme Court which never uphold this there. There there is an incentive in people. By instilling fear in people about how the government's gonna take away your guns. And even with the assault weapons ban that was in effect for ten years and I believe that -- -- wrong I think he went out to. It -- it was void in 2009. And there were no attempts to get everybody's guns and I just don't I don't see that happening I think there's always hysteria on both sides of of the shooting. There are those who say well everybody needs to be armed and and there are those who say we need stricter gun control laws. I don't see how either one of those is a rational solution to the problem. Which is the result of people who are maniacal. And there will unfortunately be. Those who copy. Crimes. Because they want that notoriety or fame as as. As bizarre as that seems to rational thinking people like myself and and you. There are people who vicariously become famous. As a result of committing one of these acts even if they take themselves out in the in the end. Right. One. -- war on -- -- -- I think though. Not -- still. Very gears talk show post -- You know after the government are only around it so. It -- concern me because. Or or -- history where well there beyond Chinese or or. Or Germany. You know. -- lap or so. -- act on the -- does worry me. I like Eric -- I don't get -- here a lot about any. But in -- personally. I'm not saying it and stay and I. It alien and our nation and literally Chicago and etiquette or I. Firstly check our. And -- about it or you a lot of Jewish talk about it in an optional though. You know it could be on my view and whatnot but at least -- you or call and have a. All right James I appreciate you listening to WWL and I going to call our show. I don't think there's going to be a civilian ban on guns there is hysteria on on both sides of that issue which we've talked about quite often on the show and I won't be surprised if there's more hysteria resulting from the shooting and Judy can -- Jewish community center. It Kansas on the eve of passover. It's officially been classified as a hate crime sky opened fire with a shotgun and pistol killing three people as far as I know none of them were Jewish. This is that hates it stems from ignorance. You know I really would love to know what the average -- -- try and not dot being elitist here. I'd love to know with the average IQ is of a white supremacist in America. I'd love to know with the average IQ -- And I wonder if it's even in triple digits. So there is hysteria on both sides of the the issue I -- hope I didn't insult and he's a white supremacist but you should be a white supremacist in the in the first place. This this idea that there's going to be a ban on guns based on what happened in China the former Yugoslavia and in Germany. While Germany was it was a different forcible all of those countries are different from the United States. And and we are far from perfect but we're not prone to the same kind of of of gun laws and rules. That occurred in those countries. In Germany. Under Hitler that's totally different from the United States during World War II China. Is there is a Communist nation never have a free market society but it's still a Communist nation and the former Yugoslavia was. Was. What was I believe that was part of the eastern European Communist -- -- one point. And that was basically am a civil war did it went on. And those countries. Are different from the United States I just don't see any -- Coming. And deer are those who love to spread this fear. To advance. The agenda. Not the least of which. Whether it's actively or passively. The NRA. And all the -- and panel manufacturers. They love this debate. They love instilling fear in people beat you were going to have your guns taken away. Where you're not going to be able to buy guns or ammunition anymore so you better get out and -- him now. What does that do for the sale of guns and ammunition. A lot. If you enjoyed our -- right our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Nearly seven in a text number is 87870. -- here's a text yet we still had American values she would not be on the radio. So I define American values. -- Can we talk about that we come back do you have American values that Cisco blog tonight it's on our website at WWL dot com you can read and share with those who you think need to hear it. And give us your comments if you like it also is on our FaceBook page at WWL radio and I'll share more in this post coming up in the show. What are American values. And so somebody you disagree with on the year. Is a violation of American values I can't wait to get into this that's coming up next on the -- show. -- -- -- There's going to be a full total. Lunar eclipse. Thought overnight from really most prominently between 1 AM Friday and if the clouds clear rotting in the New Orleans area you'll actually see -- if you're listening is somewhere around the country you might actually see it. It's called they look mood. And conservative pastor John Hickey of Texas believes this could be a sign of the beginning. Of the into the world. And that's -- -- into a pretty general opinion poll do you see signs that the into the world. Is coming soon. To point out how ridiculous. John -- and again -- -- I want to catch this guy once in awhile and I'm channel surfing and he's on now. I'll stop and he has built a mega million dollar and ministry on fear instilling fear in people any as a a book out that he wants people to buy about. For blood boots. On there for blood -- this month. In October of this year. And then April next year ending September next year. But I got a text from some -- said there were four blood -- in 2003 and 2004. And we're still here. So why do people. Believe this ridiculous. -- year. Here's an update on -- WW project of people tonight do you think there are signs at the end of the world is coming soon 61% say no and 39%. Say yes. Here's a text as stupid neo Nazi when he Kansas. Acted out on the myth of white supremacy. Far too many whites still passively support dismissed and thus help to perpetrate. Agreed. Here's a text I love. These value people the problem is they don't have any they all think that they're perfect. I guess -- They art. So. Do you have American values. Politicians in radio talk show host and even citizens use the term. American values. To. Define their character. Last week there were two stories in the news that said on the issue of values in America and I wondered if many of the people who either used the term or supported the term. American values. If they actually understood what American values means. The announcement that Stephen cold there of the Kobe report from Comedy Central would replace David Letterman when he retires next year to instant criticism from radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. On his radio show Limbaugh said no longer is comedy going to be a Covert assault on traditional American values conservatism. A few days before the announcement that cold -- would replace Letterman fox news's Bill O'Reilly said to Stephen -- -- was leading the destruction of America. Which seem to imply that cold -- represented an attack on American values. The other news story that raised the issue of American values was when Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. And Roger -- the chairman of do we see a Republican Party call for the resignation of representative Vance McAllister a Republican from north Louisiana. This was following the release of the video showing the married congressman. Making out with a married congressional -- McAllister ran his political campaign. Based on his set of values Christian values family values which he promised to bring into office with him. Maybe he forgot. So exactly what our American values. Do people who use the term to get elected or to promote themselves as a virtuous. Do they really understand what is meant by American values. We hear the term we say we accept it without defining what it means. Limbaugh related American values to conservatism. Our American values. Conservative. Would that mean that those who define themselves as liberal or independent do not have American values. Our American values based on specific political or religious. Beliefs and ideology. They're also seems to be tendency to -- American values with Christian beliefs along with conservative ideology. And politicians like -- McAllister. Newt Gingrich there among the politicians to promote patriotism and their Christian values. In a way to suggest that date of the politicians who can most be trusted to uphold these American values while serving in office. Now the stereotype and not everybody's gonna agree with this not -- not everybody's gonna wanna -- The stereotype. That is most likely to promote the idea of American values. Seems to be an individual who is white. Married with a family. Conservative Christian. Who lives in the suburbs. So -- to suggest that a Democrat who we single and a Catholic who lives in urban setting. Does not have American values. -- realistic Catholics or Christians by. The -- many describe themselves as Christians their separate from Catholics. A basketball and other religions that are not considered to be Bible based religions even though they're all still Christians. But attempts to exclude those outside of the group of white married Christian conservatives. From the suburbs or rural area believing in American values is -- -- ignorant and very judgmental. Our American values. Reserved for white married conservative Christians. Who live in the suburbs or in rural America. I'm white I'm single. I am not a staunch conservative. I do not fit the profile that many right wing Christians believe you must fit in order to call yourself a Christian. And yet I'm proud to say that by beliefs lead me to describe myself as a Christian. I also live downtown and I rent an apartment and don't own a home. Are individuals like me. Exempt from having American values. I thought about this. And I think I actually represented American values. I work hard. I've worked for opportunities. And can't think of much that I'd been given in my life for career without hard work and commitment. I believe that life is not always fair. And when you have setbacks you must accept the setbacks and work to overcome them. America doesn't guarantee -- or success but America does guarantee only opportunity. I believe -- family. I deleted parents raising their children. And forcing them to understand through discipline the difference between right and wrong and that there are consequences for negative behavior. I believe in freedom. And not just the freedom that I enjoy. But the freedom that others that I don't agree with or others that I don't like -- -- I believe -- equality. Not just for me. But also when it comes to those that don't share my specific beliefs or ancestry. I believe in equality for them as well. Otherwise it would be hypocrite. I believe in equality even for those were different from me. I believe in freedom of religion not just the religion I believe it. I believe the idea that the American dream is not the same for everybody. And nobody should it sets an example of what you think the American dream should be you figured out for yourself. In my mind right now I'm living. My American dream I'm living. -- of course we all would like. Different things but in my mind I'm living the American dream but yet I'd I am single and I live downtown and I don't own a home. But to me this is the American dream. I strongly believe in personal accountability. As a crucial concept. To any civilized society. And I believe in America is a welcoming nation and that we should all be tolerant. And celebrate. Our diversity. So to I have American values. I think I do. Do you have American values even though you don't fit into the specific category. In many Americans think you must fit into in order to say or claim you have American values. If the term American values is gonna be used to political campaigns. And be used to define individuals politically and socially. Then it is imperative. For everybody to use the term American values with an understanding. Of what it means. -- blog tonight is titled. Do you have American values. If you gonna join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. At a text ever receipts have BA seven. From Garry -- Norman here on -- WL. What they used to put -- can't really talk about the gun thing what you said you're really at all. I agree where that Supreme Court would take away outgunned right there and there's a lot of a conspiracy -- I hear it oh. You know ammunition. People -- -- -- which really bad. Everything you look at this spring courted at political. Art full court everything. And it just drop it. But all obamacare we oh. It's sit there and say you don't like the Korean court will have a tickle you got -- one out there. And that -- put so much upper. Recently couldn't buy bulk of the whatever. Now used to start by -- is just. Well I originally tell me why you couldn't get them -- Well no -- yet because no one. Well actually you can call it security our. Topic the other organization. I was statistics say and that they by Campbell. I'm a normal -- should do you have guns and ammunition. Okay and is in need as as the government tried to take that away from me. Has the government tried to take it away from me. OK if you want that Greg answer I have to say incorrectly. Because -- public security and not get one. Find out more animal then one year of the war. At home where it's secure our. Add up all the -- another organization. That we get but someone will follow up until that. All it is counter everything it can't hurt -- -- Are you look they got out of him every now and John he -- And Johnny -- from our cornerstone and -- you like you well I mean ally jamaat -- had a lot of truth you know Michael. People off the -- -- global -- all not all people of the cloth that truth. And sort of our concern is pars on his journeys of fear monger. Well and occasionally jet printer. The Arctic Britain has to be inundated state at our religion and operating. And if you look and he brought -- good point. If you are late in the could be black white whatever. Good in people that Korea's dramatic it's no product organized religion. You know. October it forever and say America. You are American you living your dream you do that you want it. Took me well I'll go well this. People act come out and -- bad things the cultures. Gosh well people. They're not at low number in or year that. -- But whatever he shot out about the thought -- and think of right now apology. But other thing is. He shouted out -- -- people. They can get -- a benefit to the political. President and really president. That I haven't thought that brotherhood advisors. -- -- and it's been documented though. You double it and they do everything becomes so controversial. Like to know everybody at junior Rush Limbaugh. You know inner -- The proper person you know all he can have an -- right away years. Still on that but. I don't -- not I don't I don't meet their -- I don't understand net. But -- and when somebody like rush has followers who I think are simply acting as sheep. I I feel the need to counter some of those things it did -- I would love for rush to cover some of the things that I said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All showed some of their well verse in first personal what -- -- you get American values. You know you get back your world war on Korea. Have a lot of people military. Come out what to scoop got educated more -- idea. And it became politicians in America. Got -- country that out and I look at it. You know I mean in the home stretch out -- that -- no problem but it you know and a good book says judging you know shop be judge. But they come out in port -- GT eight. -- -- -- -- Normally you know I've I've been through a couple of marriages in my life and I have to wonder why I wanted to be married but that's on a story for another program I've enjoyed our current station I I do have to get to break Norman. I don't think you can lose your your right to to have guns I think this is and fears that some people or especially perpetrating through social media. There was a fear from. From the left when it came to George W. Bush in the White House and elders fear from the right over President Obama. This country is not going to change as much as people. On our leading you to believe that it's it's it's gonna change. And can change really is the basis of everything that makes -- definition of conservatives as conservatives is of is that you don't want change. If your -- state witness. What do you think -- American values. And do you have them. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 866. 88907. -- A text numbers 87870. And also a mortar attacks coming up next on to -- show. And having WL I before I get back to your calls and mortgage checks are talking about American values that term is is still around very casually by a lot of people. And I'm not sure that everybody really understands what it means it and there are a lot of people who disqualify some for having American values because they don't fit into. A stereo. Typical category. Of many who espouse. American values to your -- stay with us right now let's go to WQL channel -- weather center and meteorologist -- just found joins us with an update on our weather that is -- still moving to the area. -- -- -- -- -- We're still watch and again Linus showers and some thunderstorms mixed you know -- not years in -- as they were earlier in the day. However it looks like breakdown towns the media about to get hit again it was some pretty good rain work its way if you blocked -- -- packet -- -- just about -- downtown. Not looking for a severe with this but still has some of -- thunder out there and again maybe quick pick up according to happen naturally -- -- through. South that now we're still that's a pretty moderately following down there. I'll put down the coast signs to look at some. Have you -- to open the back into this looks like it's right about that about urged area and it should be getting through here the latest by midnight tonight. And then those still looking for some strong wings historic. -- the weather five. As we hit Tuesday and we still on the wind advisory in effect from now until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. That's corrected the spirit that mr. watch -- -- about that thirteen minutes that is the flash flood watch. At this point when service hasn't said anything about extending those. But yes the wind advisory that's gutsy when you know what we -- it -- -- morning have to hold on mr. will be stronger. -- it with a win tomorrow being very strong just talk about what that high temperatures going to be. It -- the struggle to get to sixty degrees tomorrow now put into perspective or low temperatures this year should be sixty degrees our high temperature it should be close to eighty. But now with that in mind. It's going to be brisk it's not going to be out there by and I have temperatures fifties. Really execute throughout the -- -- become warning would be surprised he which -- -- lower forties. And then even colder air arrives Tuesday -- the whistle fortunately. But we could see temperatures in the lower thirties. Or -- worse that -- patchy frost possible. -- got to cover your plans to Britain's -- again. And when she we start to warm up. Won't take long -- Wednesday with two of highs in the sixties but it will be as we'd be going on into Thursday in the seventies it estimated ticket Friday the weekend. Easter look at Britney go out of the call for slight chance to read each -- news four gets through the area but doping eighty's weekend. All right Dana -- from the channel -- -- -- -- -- whether senator thanks for being with us tonight no problem tonight thanks. A from Indiana rich you're on the -- showed good evening. Good things -- get out as it has been interesting title American values. Pop. I'm a Vietnam vet and that you know it's pretty beaten actual talk shall the one thing happened commonalities. -- -- -- -- -- Checked and other military service itself I'm not sure -- there. American value our guys they simply don't believe which that this country what sports importing their -- -- -- for. Well I'm there's always a possibility rich that that people have had a change of heart and if they were in the position again they words. There's -- words they were volunteers they wouldn't they were not try to get out of what was at one point the draft so. -- this a possibility that somebody has changed their attitude from the way they were in the past. As we a lot of people changed their opinions and their ideology over time. Yeah by they're still wait and fly it didn't -- well we got to go to that country -- they're. Really who you -- 71. Well it's very easy to until this country to go ticket other countries but when your child is not going to be one of those who goes sit in we obviously have a job to do win a job needs to be done. But let's not just make up reasons to go to war from kill Lloyd you're under the W well. -- -- -- -- And parallel -- -- values that. But you know it could. Oh thank we take a look at this American this country is apparently. And I'm like -- say in not. The -- on the market closed statement. -- could you that you completely open but because of economic and I'd never seen in this in my life. Let it dictate our policy by what. Am I understand lord it's. You know visually it's an. Something that doesn't really make sense it's inconvenient. It's a convenient way to describe people. Who also like that. Would be we talked about a lady took what they say black in my. You know I'm not you know and like you understand and Donald -- go. 'cause it 'cause a lot of white people kind of peach color. -- about. That was used to the -- but you know he doesn't -- but what -- -- so I. I'm glad that it got to do -- weak economic they'll. What you and they opened up he's as -- got it and I'm gonna let them but now we like that got enough. -- Lloyd I'm I'm politically showed thanks for listening to WW well at night to here's attacks that reads Limbaugh is his close to a radical -- -- and darkest. As Stalin. -- -- -- And the former leader -- -- the current leader of Kim -- -- house of North Korea. He tries to twist and undermined American values and every opportunity he can't -- -- a franchise because he has over 45 years. Convinced a majority of sane Americans. That he's a racist bigots I believed it and half from the first day I heard him in the early seventies. If you are tourists -- the comic tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. A seventy a Texas 87870. As much as there might be some people who would actually embrace. This idea. It's -- or possibly brain here in New Orleans but it's in its second -- Rain Man. Now they are actually people who would like -- -- men. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But I'm not among them. I'm scoot. And we'll be right back. -- -- WL coming up in the next hour after the news so we're gonna talk about this idea that the world may be coming to an end because this is the first of four. Blood movements. This year or next year full lunar eclipses sky like a total eclipse of the heart that we've probably got a player that's on via -- Tyler in the next hour. A conservative pastor John -- in Texas believes that this could be a sign of the beginning of the end of the world. But there have been a lot of people who have predicted the into the world and will still while we're still here so coming up in the next hour we'll talk about. Many of the times that there was a prediction the world would end. And it didn't. Now also are giving to -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight is do you think. There are signs the end of the world is coming soon 63%. Say no and 37% say yes commissioner opinion by going to our web site WW elder icon. And the -- blog is titled do you have American values it's also a FaceBook page or those comments coming up in the next hour.