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04-14 11pm Scoot, Lunar "blood moon " eclipse

Apr 15, 2014|

On the morning of 04-15-14; there will be a total lunar eclipse called a "blood moon" eclipse. Pastor John Hagee of Texas says that this is a sign of the begginning of the end of the world.

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There's more rain moving through the downtown New Orleans area and if you are not in rain there's a possibility that you will be in -- soon buddy it's gonna move to the area and all this is going to be out here by tomorrow. -- tomorrow it is going to be very chilly. Very windy a wind warning in effect from now until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning a wind advisory is I think is what they call it. This is going to wins twenty to thirty miles per hour. That's steady winds with gusts even higher than that. And a high tomorrow will be in the upper fifties might hit sixty degrees stuff especially for this part of the country this time of the year. It's gonna feel cold. Tomorrow morning. My son's in town visiting with his girlfriend who is sent from Portland. And she was entertained by all the lightning and thunder today because of that part of the country they don't have a lot of lightning and thunder. If fact I remember once when -- in Seattle. The front page of the newspaper had a big color picture covering the front page -- a lightning -- in Seattle. Because it's so when usual does it happen there very often so. Unless this were the things that I in this -- -- I was not here growing appeared being used to all this thing. It's suppose it would miss thunderstorms and missed the weather's -- that we have and maybe that's something that if you grow up with that you you get used to it and you miss it if you don't have it. But this is all gonna be out here by tomorrow then slowly warming up as we head toward the weekend. A joint -- talking about a shooting at a Jewish community center in Kansas during the eve of passover. As classified officially as a hate crime. The suspect Frazier -- cross who was known as Glenn Miller also known just by the name of Miller. Is a known white supremacist and a former kkk leader he opened fire with a shotgun and pistol killing three people and I don't think any of them were actually Jewish. He was spewing out Nazi slogans to the TV cameras. And shortly after he was arrested. And the FBI and the police have not given any explanation for the shooting but. It just once again could be and -- the intolerance. That stems. From ignorance. And I I made a comment earlier and now I'm just just asking the question out loud and I'm wondering what is the average IQ. Of the average white supremacist. And I don't think you can be really that high and I've had a couple people challenge me on that and I mean I don't know what it is but that's just that's -- impression of those who speak that way. Now there are a lot of people who blindly support people on the left. And they don't seem that it's it's not. It's not their police that make them an intelligent in my opinion. It's the way they express themselves. And I I yes there are people with high I accuse. Who do go on man's shooting sprees. When I hear the rhetoric. It spills from the lips of white supremacist. I can't help but think that you know maybe there really not that bright. A -- blog tonight is titled do you have American values. And how to define American audience. That's on our website at WW real dot com you can read it gives your comment chairman others. Also it's on our FaceBook page at WWL radio and -- to to a few those comments here in just a few minutes. House committee in the Louisiana legislature has advanced a bill that would declare the Bible the official state book of Louisiana. What do you think is the motivation behind this rather a mutual deal why would you declared the Bible the state book. Now I have to say again because people hear what they wanna -- I am not opposed to the Bible. I'm not anti Bible. I love the vital. I'm not anti Christian. I am a Christian. Yet it's a lot of people would not to put the inept I've debt category because of your specific definition of of Christians. But my beliefs lead me to believe that that that I'm a Christian. So. I can be against. A bill that would make the Bible the official state -- Louisiana -- What will that accomplish. Other than lead to a court battle. Because it's it's gonna be declared unconstitutional. So it's gonna ultimately be a waste of the taxpayers dollars and yet. Our governor who is always talking about how the state needs more money. Is not even talking about this action which if it does pass the full legislature would be a blatant. On. Example of something it's unconstitutional and it will end up in in court. We are all thrilled to have Angela -- in our radio family. And our queen of talk. Has some great stuff coming up tomorrow. At 1 o'clock Angeles going to be talking about the New Orleans residency rule for NO PD the fire department and EMS workers was at the right thing with the wrong thing to do to relax that. -- talked to Eric Kessler was panel. And nick Hilton with an O on an OFT. And also in New Orleans council member achieved great that it to a clock. This is holy week 2 o'clock Angela talk about the story of Christ. Is there historical. And scientific evidence to support the virgin birth. The crucifixion. And the resurrection of Christ doctor for policy analyst -- interest he lectures around the world this is a dual -- tomorrow then at 3 o'clock with -- An open book with a man who was governor of Louisiana still colorful character Louisiana Edwin Edwards and his wife treat. Saddam is Angela an open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow it weekdays on to -- WL. So tonight is the first night overnight tonight then I think the main viewing is gonna be between. Between 1 o'clock and 5 o'clock in the morning it's called the blood -- It's a full lunar eclipse since the first of four blood movements but occurs overnight tonight. Conservative pastor John Hickey of Texas. Believes that this could be a sign of the beginning of the end of the world. Now he is he's written a book. Which is titled blood moons. Something is about to change. And to he's also got an online TV special about this coming out tomorrow. So it could be unit he is simply using this. This fear factor. To get people to -- his book. Fear. Sales. He's not the only money used this year. And unfortunately there are lot of people who use. Got. To use my -- in -- countries that we've used the same god that we worship they use him. Or her. The use guide. To. Promote their ministry. And John -- has a history and this is in my opinion. And he's entitled to his. He might argue it's an opinion but. John every time I'd seen him he's used fear. Like you you've got a -- you've you've got to listen to him and you've you've got to be ready because the -- the world's -- he's been talking about this for years. And and we're still here. As somebody pointed out that even though we have -- blood moods coming up to this year into next year. There were four blood moons in 2003. And 2004. And we're. And we're still here. So this idea that the end of the world is -- is is really nothing new. On the last time there was no legitimate. A legitimate prediction. Legitimate I don't even know if it's legitimate -- -- it was a big. Mess that prediction or mass media prediction. Of the end of the world was win the US was talking about military strikes against Syria. And Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto. Spent an entire segment on his show on the possibility. Of an attack against Syria. That it could mean a sign of end times. Could vote over -- -- referred to the old testament. When he talked about the Christian belief that Jesus Christ will return to face the anti Christ. And he said don't laugh some biblical scholars say it's all the year in black and white. Night Neil Cavuto was -- news the first one to predict the end of world leaders. John Haiti. In the year 1000. Pope Sylvester the -- Predicted. The millennium apocalypse. Would occur on that day. 1000. January 1. Riots broke out in Europe. And pilgrims headed to Jerusalem. But the world didn't end. In 2000 I'm sorry in 1284. Pope innocent the third. Predicted the world would end. 666. Years after the rise it is thought. Rhetoric we've we've passed that. In the year 1656. Christopher Columbus predicted the world would come to an end in his book of prophecies. In fifteen. In fifty -- what he wrote that it fifteen a wonder -- was supposed come to an end in 1656. Another time the world was supposed to come to an end which may nineteenth 1780. When the Connecticut general assembly members predicted that the sky would turn dark. From a combination of smoke from forest fires are thick fog and cloud cover it would mark. The end of the world that was in 1780. If you and join our show with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. At a text number is 877 more of your text are coming up and -- city David you're on the -- show good evening. -- -- -- hundred. That Charlie. -- -- -- in Christian and they respect that etc. And use you know I was trying to say however. And I respect it. A key to the Portland but there are sport EDT. That. That. And. And -- you need to Japan ball. It is rather entertaining to watch. Or your. Really respect -- there. -- -- -- the time line there and probably. Put everything together it was past history the president. Not the world we're not going at the Mayan calendar a game in December 2012. Is it. So. How these people. Come across these same enemy -- me and them -- third thing is. You know you you read about these people whose study biology at the guy thing it's not uncommon. -- like -- it's. Apparently yeah apparently no guitar. And it and it is. But I. Even even. Even more disturbing than the people who instill fear in people part of the week individuals. Who bullied. These people. Well. -- -- -- -- Candidate it's a little disrespectful disrespectful book -- brother is so. I -- band. Bet he really the world cover it and. You've gotten and admit -- doubt you guys can start that he threatened or. So so OK but -- Based on the little that I know about. The end of the world and revelation. What the hell good is a gun Kennedy. We did anybody explain it to me yeah -- It in there. -- become the crowd you know there are gonna -- at all. But there are so what I've read and I I'm not an expert on this but it doesn't seem like a gun's going to be much defence against what's coming if it's still if it's indeed coming. No and that that saying well why. About these -- blood and it's an -- get a copy the -- know much about. That we support EPA Portland I promise you I'll send them to the studio for you to watch. And I'll watch him I just don't want I don't know where but I will I will watch -- because when I'm channel surfing and I see John Hickey on sometimes I stopped because I just. I can't believe -- I can't believe what he's saying and I can't believe that they all those people in the audience who were taking notes and and buying all of this and -- got all the graphs about how the world's gonna end he's been doing this for years they -- still are but people continue to give him money so why shouldn't do. Indeed is global. Then I'll do it at all. Many many of them do that Jim -- back in the last time I saw Jim -- he wished he was giving pledges. By selling. On camping equipment and generators and different things that can be used to survive the apocalypse. -- -- -- -- But but it -- I drug compensation and a good. David I enjoy the conversation thanks for list and I if you are joining us with that your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. A text numbers 87870. Here's -- -- that -- American values to me art to treat people. The way. Did she would want to be treated you know that's -- under the text there and I text this is a post on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio. And -- blog tonight as a parent do you have American values side you could read that and give us your comments and here's another comment on our FaceBook page. I think you're being. I think you're being messy. -- next question. I here's comment do you have. To be white Mary and Christian to have the values. But that's against that's that's my question because it it seems like those people who. Mostly talk about American values. Are white. Married. With family. Conservative Christians living in the suburbs. I don't fit into many of those categories and yet I believe -- -- -- -- American values. This is this -- show. And we'll be back -- WL overnight tonight between mainly between one and five there is a full lunar eclipse it's the first of four blood moons two this year to next year. And conservative pastor John Hague -- is -- trying to make people believe that this could be the beginning of the end of the world and I don't believe that we're gonna continue with. A some more ridiculous predictions that the world's gonna conduit and a long time ago and some more recently and yet. And we're still here I wanna remind you that you she'd get ready to win the 1000 dollars in our nationwide 1000 dollars summer vacation cash contest. It begins next Monday April when he first but if you're smarter than the rest. You'll join the WW out cash club today you could do that right now by texting the word cash. Too late 77. To that means that you're gonna get text alerts on your phone and you'll be the first to know when it's time entered the two calling to -- the 1000 dollar cash contest. So -- WWLs cash club now by texting the word cash. CA SH cash to -- 77. We never charge for text but individual -- text and data rates may apply. And good luck from short radio intercom. WWL. From New Orleans -- a year on the -- showed good evening. -- lost contact with with terrorists. I hear is attacks that breeds I am I went I was loading -- gunpowder for artillery. That's stinking draft dodging Limbaugh his dad was bribing. In L rush -- round two stand to stand up for our country. You know I don't hold the past against anybody because people can. Can change their minds and they can change cardiology. And and let me say I have tremendous respect for Rush Limbaugh. And tremendous. Respect for what he's accomplished. But that doesn't mean I agree with him very often. And it doesn't mean that I agree with. What appears to be. Such. A myopic. View of everything politically and socially. It's almost impossible. For somebody to be. Such for anybody to be such a staunch. Conservative or such a staunch liberal. I'm kind of a radical moderate. Certainly have an opinion about anything that we discussed on this show. But I'm not beholden to the rights or to the left. In the waited many people feel like they have they've got to be part of that that -- and even though we're strong as individuals. Justices are human tendency. To wanna be part of a group to wanna align yourself with a group. But most people don't agree with everything the group agrees to. But yet there are people who have made tremendous. Careers. Out of out of speaking in essentially what is and I chamber that is echoing there. And -- air their views and echoing the views of those who were listening. Here is a text reads it happened 55 times since AD one. And ten times on the Jewish feast days out of those ten times three of them happened within a year. Of a major event I guess that's the number of reference to the blood moon which is it sounds very ominous but it's. It's not it's a full lunar eclipse which is referred to was a blood -- The -- was supposed to end an 1836. John Wesley founder of the Methodist Church referred to the years 1058. To 1836. As the time that Christ should come. -- we passed 1836 and we're still here. The world was supposed and again. 1853. And 1856. Various sources believe the crime mean war. Was the battle of Armageddon and I'm sure -- people bring that up now with what's going on in in that part of the world. The world was supposed to and also on February 4 1962 and guess what we're still here. Jeanne Dixon -- it's psychic it if you're part of the baby boomer generation you remember the name Jean Dixon. Jeanne Dixon scared many Americans with her prediction that the planetary alignment on February 4 1962. Would lead to the total destruction. Of the world. The world was also supposed and August 20 1967. On that day it was gonna marked the beginning of the end of the world with the destruction of the southeastern United States by an attack from the Soviet Union. Now this was at the height of the Cold War. -- -- -- height but he of this was certainly during the Cold War nineteen I guess you could say that was the height of the Cold War 1967. So did the beginning of the end of the world was going to it was -- to begin with the destruction of the southeastern part of the United States. Which would be under nuclear attack by the Soviet but that didn't happen we're we're still here so that prediction which was wrong. In 1982. Televangelists Pat Robertson predicted. That this would be the year of the world would end. But he was wrong. In 1985. Televangelists. Lester summerall predicted the world would -- in his book I predict. 1985 that was a title of the book I predict 1985. Well. I was on the air on -- 971985. Playing great -- from Duran Duran Madonna and you know we made it through that year we've we've made it to where -- day soon the world didn't and so. -- summerall was wrong. There were was also supposed and in 1994 you may actually remember this a guy named Harold camping. Predicted the world would end on three different days. And he wasn't right on any one of on March 31 in 1995 Harold camping again. Predicted for the fourth time the world would come to -- and on this day march 31 1995. He said. This would be his last prediction. Until 2011. What if you thought the world's gonna and march 31 1985. Why was he predicting that that would be his last prediction. Until 2011. If you enjoyed Russia and economy tonight and it's it's it's just it's actually laughable. If you enjoy this tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's -- And a text number is 87070. From mobile. Lost contact with with our caller there. If you wanna join our shirt -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. It takes -- is. 877 and continued because they're there are more wacky predictions that the world's -- come to end. Nostradamus predicted that the world would come to -- and in 1999. And yet. And that year we were still partied like it was 1999. I'd mr. Obama's predicted that in 1999. That would be the year with the king of terror. Coming from the sky. And again is this guy called and said his older brother is he is older brother is stock stockpiling guns. An ammunition. Preparing for Armageddon. Well if there is this king of -- coming from the start -- -- you issued addict. I mean did that again it's laughable. Also there were countless predictions. That the world would come to an end when the calendar changed. To January 1. 2000. Remember Y two K. In the year 1999. They were people who made a lot of money. Selling things. That would help people survive the end of the world. Which was coming January 1 2000. That was in recent. Memory. And yet we're still here. Now evangelist Lester summerall who in 1985 predicted that the world would end in the book I predict 1985. Well guess what. In the year 2000 the same guy -- summerall. Again predicted the world and this time in his book I predict 2000. And people send money to these people. OK. Harold camping. Who predicted the world would come to an end in 1984. Predict he he predicted it three different times in 1994. He get predicted the world would come to an -- march 31 1995. He said this just when the world's gonna end but this is going to be my last prediction in 2011. So again why did -- make that prediction well in 2011. As promised Harold camping made more predictions that the world would end. First on September 29 and then when that pastor said don't -- it's gonna be October 21. And of that year. And it didn't happen. And of course in 1987. November of 1987 and -- released its the end of the world. As we know it too and I feel fine that was another indication the world was coming to an end. -- there are a lot of indications out there than a lot of people believe I got a text earlier for Sony said the popularity of the car dash eons. I would think that perhaps the popularity of honey boo boo might be an indication the end of the world as somebody said that Bob Beckel who is the the liberal. On the five on the Fox News network which is a very good show he's the liberals under the five they have they have one liberal. And he did he actually disagree with something Obama said. And so discuss that and this has got to be the end of the world are from New Orleans Mary you're on the -- show and a -- well. Good tie evening leaving. If they Preston. Goes by making gains -- version of the Bible. Nothing in the -- I mean there is stepping in making gains Bible that. That we will not edit quote -- good god I'm so I don't have that the book and scripture. That it quoted that we will not. -- not that it knows that days but he now. And Mary you're right I've got a text at -- right now it just have popped up on the screen from someone says -- don't. And I don't understand how these Christians can predict the end of the world when Jesus said in the Bible no man no with the date or -- only the father. Light and then all folded. Something and in the Bible and -- that appear that. Oh it would be -- -- old puppets. He did not yet played by the balls -- -- I don't know what he'd -- knocked them out from behind the thing what did do. Mary -- SC right glacier holistic. From New Orleans -- -- under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- Good good. Or two. First Novo -- we don't human -- Where predicted. In the world wants from. Obama weren't the problem. Wouldn't have known better. Done -- and there certainly are. We're really not biblical. To predict you know about people. One in order here a lot of people actually -- -- in -- Okay you and explain then. Or are you are you thinking that did. That the world can come to an end figuratively not literally. Exactly. Who have been talked about you know our age. And sure that we we -- -- -- the world double. The world -- completely. You know and the people who work. There. Each and what personal web. It was like. -- One -- You and it's exactly. And so. Income in the report. That -- -- out there. -- Out there out -- and you know. I love to expose those people who were taking advantage of a frail and weak minded people who are sending money to them and supporting ministries. A -- that are based on the idea of instilling fear in people. And that's our -- our. Pilots or -- your conversation English it was a good night from Mississippi Terry year under the WL. Greens are -- personal yourself moles company will real simple. Everybody knows it is -- -- -- once flat wrong. And everybody happening most of you know percent of people know what they do so well. And all in I think oh yeah mostly due to people who strategist. So there's an allegory -- some general report about. Also urged. The way and everybody can interpret their religion their -- -- -- but there's one -- about that enable. -- it is only in the old or that aggravate the oral probably. But I also think it is so as the bodies solemn more. Cowell -- I think there. Haven't our country's days that is today's solemn or -- -- You factor that is forcing everybody these be -- girl or her god -- -- -- you know. -- immediate corrective Syrian support your religious people want better go Y two K. Our I do that we weren't doing any predictions that the world is gonna find it and and there are there are people who who benefited financially from that's easier. -- -- In the government was pretty bad about all the computers we're going to crash -- southern market -- water pistol. Got a lot of your worst between twenty and 30000 dollars. You know book goes. -- -- -- -- You know all it's just like or go on the today the other problem should it will take -- idea -- And you know we're getting in the Eastern Europe -- subject but I mean is still the -- -- -- trust. -- -- -- Hi Terry I'm glad you're listening to WW -- -- if you wanna join us for your thoughts tonight are numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 86688. -- nearly seven -- In a text Amber's late 77. So how to people like pastor Hague he. Reconcile this part of the Bible that says no man no with the day of the -- only the father. -- kind of -- do they address that. They addressed that to the people who were giving them money. And I look at these people and I just dumbfounded by the people in the audience. Who aren't just buying into this this fear factor. -- In my opinion. It should be more about love and then configure. And are principally predictions of the into the world and were. We're still here. Also of the death toll is rising in Africa there is being an Ebola break out. And I'm I'm I'm looking at some reporters that had been sent there to -- it. And thinking I don't know if I'd wanna cover this story can you say to her selections like Petit to follow the the search for Malaysian airlines flight 37. Number did you go to the outbreak of Ebola in Africa -- you know I'm glad we know about it it's on -- horrible tragedy I guess that the debate here would be. If it spreads far outside of it but what if the reporters go there I mean is it possible for reporters to go there and get it and then come back and I'm a germ a -- so I admit I got a problem at all this. -- -- coming right back into the WL rain continues to move through this entire. Area not only the New Orleans area and also south Louisiana from Donaldson film deploy your bill Tim ago. Home. Coca dream golden -- it down around grand isle Venice. McCloskey. Holland still slide -- pearl river. And Mendez -- Covington delayed the causeway arraigned through this entire but it's going to be moving out here and it's gonna be chilly. And windy tomorrow. Authorities say a seven year old girl was killed in a birthday party in South Carolina. After a five year old boy actually fired a gun. That he thought was a toy. In Lexington county and in gas in South Carolina. Police say the boy was trying to get a toy gun out of his truck Saturday night. And a home. When he picked up the real gun in the trunk by mistake. Deputies say that the bullet went through the car and fragment hits -- links in the chest. She died a short time later. Seven years old dead. Five year old goes to pick up to a gun in the trunk picks -- a real gun by mistake. The real gun belonged to the boyfriend of the boy's mother and she did know was in the trunk charges could be filed. In the shooting. The obvious question is. Why would you put a real -- Territory -- Nice to -- this is this is not the fault of relaxed gun laws. This is the fault of out of ignorance. This is the fault of and other adults. Who failed. To be responsible gun -- and his gun owners like this that give all gun owners. A bad name it's barely. That simple. And if you listen to this show you know that -- parents should be held accountable if they are reckless. With their firearms and if kids get a hold of them. And cause harm or death as a result of -- responsible. Reckless. Ownership of a gun. The second to amendment does not give you the right to be reckless with your gun period. Here's some comments on our FaceBook page to be WL radio to the -- blog tonight which is titled do you have American values. This is from mark -- -- reads I'm so sick of -- of race Diaz mentioned in every damn headline in the media these days. People -- to this country for American values and freedom every day. Every year I -- Cuba consider myself American. And I believe the American values are embraced in my daily life I pursue degrees. I pursue degrees. Work a great job and have the freedom to purchase things I want in practice my faith openly. God bless America. And they stop making race relevant in my generation. It's irrelevant in pursuing the American dream. Well I don't think I make race an issue. But if you look at those people. Who. Who see who seemed to most. Often -- profess. American. Values. Their white. Married. With a family. Living in the suburbs. Conservative Christians. That's a stereotype. And that's my perception. Of most of the people who seem to -- American values. So as I am I right in the blog I'm single I'm white. I don't fit into the category that many Christians believe that I should fit into an order to call myself a Christian and I consider myself to -- Christian. I live downtown I don't own a home I don't have a family of my my son's grown. I don't own a home a rare apartment. So and I'm far from a conservative. So. In my exempt from having American values. I don't think so. And so for all those who work or casually throwing around American values that we need to stand for American values. -- -- to think about all the people you're trying to eliminate. From. The group they can say they have American values and American values -- indeed transcend. Political ideology. Socio economic boundaries. And of course race religion nationality. I'm scoots and we'll be back. Under the WL if they tech clears up in this part of the country and I know exactly when this front's gonna move through here but it looks like it's moving through here pretty quickly if your up time in between one in 5 AM you might actually be able to see the the blood -- the total. Lunar eclipse here's a final update on tonight's to be if you -- -- -- opinion poll. Do you think there are signs the end of the world is coming soon 63% say no. 37%. Say yes. Here's a text. It reads. I -- I agree there is manipulation by preachers yet something is up it will surprise all of us. Disasters are coming. Well what would that the media tornado. Hurricane. And earthquake. And -- have those things don't happen. But certainly there are always been disastrous. Reduce this planet does have. Is a violent planet in some ways and there'll always be natural disaster soon to predict the disasters are coming. And I don't know that that's a legitimate prediction because they have always been disasters unfortunately there. I guess there always will be. Here's a -- reads this I guess is in response to Indian American values. -- to have American values you need to believe in god country Red Skelton and John Wayne. God country -- Red Skelton. Nine a profound and very funny John Wayne respect him but that was just not to. My show on road -- the state of Maryland has become the latest state to decriminalize marijuana. And in the state of Colorado where the recreational use of pot is now legal the first vending machine for edible marijuana goodies was unveiled over the weekend. I wonder if the edible marijuana snacks would satisfy the munchies but the stacks that the -- would actually induce. I wonder what would be edible. Marijuana stacks. And Gunter granola. And -- -- sticks. Pot tarts I don't know probably somewhere there's a bite sized dark chocolate in. -- covering with. With little laden marijuana buds. All the a soft new gets sent Aaron function as a good name for that somewhere. Morning John -- studio producer Jack Harris also in the other studio. -- to a great time being with the nightly you've been witness. Now we're back tomorrow -- with more this cute show. And have a great evening -- New Orleans.