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Apr 15, 2014|

Dave talks about not really tax deadline day for most Americans, hungry and angry, and buried video games,

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this the fifteenth of April 2014. -- attacks -- very. Acts -- He had attacked deadline. As a drive I was really surprised. When it went out and talk to people and asked that -- filed their taxes. How many people have not know. Even started. Not even cracked the page. And on things went to a local tax prepare -- last night people streaming in. Who hadn't begun. I'd talk to people who they're not going into the tax repairmen going in the nearby businesses and -- is that them at that. -- taxes now under mark. Tomorrow night but this is an alternate life. -- it right up to the right up to the last man get up and a lot of them are are getting re fun. Yeah the IRO. So I. Finally go ahead and legitimately file we had my wife is attacked prepares -- done my taxes weeks ago now. But we knew it whenever it didn't we didn't. Paid man because well the uncle's money earlier than half the arteries and wanna make an extra eight sentence. Interest. The money it iTunes. Like. You think it crept up. On people this year -- in on the high everything has been kind of strange this year things Kaymer early and then people weren't ready and I don't know. I don't know that does anything to do. I have no idea I think it's every year I asked them people so why did you wait -- the -- you know last boom. You know why did you -- well this was you know -- the hours or so we now Hayward. As -- why did you wait that's. Now. Hats and stuff I had to do I had declines in papers. In -- mine piled in order and other militant. I just this year mr. -- and practice and I myself that I like -- buying Christmas gifts you know -- and what present actually said that I said. I shot by Christmas Eve I do my taxes on tax yeah. It's just the way that our friend of mine's. You know them and then -- on them. One couple that made me laugh so hard because. You know she's Stan announced that -- business he's inside she's doing for him to come -- and -- directive -- and you taxes yet and now. In my heart and my throat. Can't stand living this way driving me crazy Jenna had -- done weeks if not months ago. And that her husband comes out does what you're talking about this that you haven't done it taxes. And I don't know it's more exciting this way. On the and I don't know who -- exciting he says. It Saturday and cheated on me -- now. Roy creates issues yeah out in the eye and hear about this. -- noticed that doesn't sound like after the outcome are they say opposites attract. And Burris says you can file extension that is -- them and it's -- yeah I'm away you can file an extension but if you always stuff to pay it and filing extension without paying does that mean you're gonna pay penalties and fees when you finally do it's true. If they owe you money you don't even have to file extensions don't error now if you're getting a refund you don't need an extension. Is that true is getting a refund. Daily eight ever file they don't. -- they'd rather keep your money. -- sensors and if you think you're getting money back Larry you know you are. You ought to do a damn thing. You know once -- -- you when what are your money you know what it -- I. That is one thing it is that the achievement in its first. Read them well him. What -- vote he got it taxes. If an outline. And if so why you do them before. You do everything. Ahead of time -- -- -- planner. I have a feeling that my wife had done my taxes. For me I would probably be one of those people work on it you know it is again the important thing that thank god for her to greet them with. 514. We've -- -- forecasted is breezy. Still -- -- -- drizzly. And much colder out there this morning. Get ready for it will take you forecast coming up after this one person tech community that need them how long is this wind supposed to last. The wind advisory goes through 10 o'clock this morning so hopefully those are dying down -- -- people get to work -- check that and sports with Steve Geller. After this. I hate seeing good morning I'm Dave snow and it's the early edition of WWL. Vs thanks for joining us man things turned decidedly nasty last night. Thousands of people had power out for hours as that storm system moved through most of the rain has gone through a few lingering showers. The rain continues to push offshore this morning but we'll keep those overcast skies at least for the start of the day with a gradual clearing into the afternoon. It states -- windy and chilly though for this Tuesday heist later only around sixty make sure to pull out those jackets. Then tonight clear and chilly with frost likely north of the late dipping down to the mid thirties there. South -- will be in the mid forties and back to some sunshine tomorrow 65 on Wednesday. And Thursday were back up to 73 with a 20% chance for a couple showers. From the eyewitness c.'s forecast Fenner and meteorologists are about cell. We've got northwest winds sustained at 21 miles an hour at the airport gusting to 29. Northwest at thirty at the lake front gusting near forty miles an hour and in Slidell north at twelve gusting to -- everywhere you -- gusty winds fifty degrees on both sides -- -- -- I'm Dave -- -- -- the early edition of WWL first news. By law you are supposed to file your taxes whether you or not but there are no penalties no fees and no consequences. If the government owes you money. And you don't file on time. Just you now. There's nothing wrong with you not filing by today if the government owes you money. But you better make sure you're right is if you miscalculate and you owe them money and you're going to be in a world of hurt. I've -- these sports time now on WWL and where did that come problems. Tyreke Evans goes off and the pelicans beat. The very good thunder. In New Orleans we have none of the other starters. As Steve -- and you can never know what to expect that he just will be completely give up automate brutal performance like this that was as crazy. And in Kansas and Kansas City. Oklahoma Oklahoma City wanted to win that game I mean it would have been important day helpful for them to win as a heading into the playoffs so it's that is laid down and let. Evans in the scrubs. -- and so while that was weird with all of that and more in mornings or Tuesday it's even not Monday. Good morning every going -- one hour before the game tipped off pelicans coach Monty Williams didn't even think Tyreke Evans would play. Well he ended up suiting up and put on a show leading the world to a 101 to 89 victory over the thunder. Whether -- global sport vehicles -- the top -- -- -- one on one drive into the right side of the Lincoln Continental -- nonaligned. Hi -- good Evans still Phillip Jackson -- -- -- their kids. Had been scored a career high 41 points to go along with nine rebounds eight assists and three steals as the pelicans put an end to an eight game losing skid. It's the first time New Orleans has beaten okay seat since 2011. -- Rookie senator Jeff would -- says their focus right now is to heading into the offseason on a positive note. You know it's get a win gives is -- -- more confidence now if you went on Wednesday and then -- will be a little bit more happy. -- -- -- Elsewhere in the NBA Indiana's wrapped up the top seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs without without even playing on Monday. The Washington Wizards did all the work for the pacers by hammering the heat won fourteen to 93 Miami did rest LeBron James and Chris botch. The -- bats got a jolt and they needed as this he's won fourteen to eight over Oklahoma City. Catcher rob Brantley had quite the night at the -- going five for five with five RBI. You will Lafayette baseball team moved up the pole pole climbing to number two in four of the five national rankings. The -- agents remain in that top spot of the collegiate baseball rankings for the second straight week. Alicia was ranked number seven by the USA today coaches poll and fourteenth by collegiate baseball. Michael Phelps the winner of 22 Olympic medals is coming out of retirement with an -- competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Folks will compete for the first time since the 2012 London Olympics at a meet in Mesa, Arizona on April 24. Today F four on sports talk Kim Jordan was the -- everyone was talking about last season. Who'll be the black and -- breakout player this year. At 630 LSU baseball takes on southern miss in the Wally pontiff classic I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at. Awards for those of you planning. This is an odd week for Alice you with -- Tuesday. Game and the law upon classic and then what they play Thursday Friday Saturday -- yet offer Sunday for Easter so that's but I guess they -- on everything surrounding games due. Prepare for that. There was a lot of doom and gloom amongst LSU baseball fans about a month ago -- -- fear and concern. At this point. They've moved up another 45 spots and most of the polls that are. Do you think there in a position to host a regional. In the NCAA tournament or does it look like will be going on the road I think -- if -- keep playing the way they have recently they will end up -- the bats have been improved the need to deftly stepped up their batting average a bit. And still the other concern is finding that third starter that guy that can pick you carry the load on Sunday right now they don't have that yet. So play like Batman and guess in in the SEC west the only team -- right now with Alabama. How fitting right. Now I guess the -- out of yet coming up soon and it's going to be at Alex box stadium. A that'll kind of -- good series that decides how they both seasons ago and as -- as Alicia Keys taken two out of three from these SEC series they'll be just fine thanks Steve. He just fine for the next point five that's what -- Wiki for you to come back with more sports -- -- WWL. Am FM and that counts all right coming up next we'll take a look at this. Much colder forecast for you and talk more about how the IRS handles late filers those of you who don't make tonight's midnight deadline. Size twice -- the forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast satire. Skies will remain cloudy this morning but a gradual clearing expected into the midday and afternoon hours as those -- stay strong that the north up to thirty miles an hour. And it's gonna stay pretty chilly heist later only around sixty into night clear and chilly 34 north of the lake and 44 on the South Shore. I would say -- short residents should prepare for some frost. Then for tomorrow back up to 65 feeling a little milder with that sunshine and Thursday were 73. Along with a 20% chance for light rain. From the eyewitness these forecasts sinner and you wrote just Clark -- tell cloudy. Guys fifty degrees on both sides of the lake right now winds gusting up to forty miles an hour across the region stronger on the South Shore and down along the coasts and do be prepared folks. For temperatures to dip into the forties before we get sunrise that -- -- with the clouds but before the sun does rise either way. And it'll feel like court and the low forties and some places the upper thirties. As this cold blast of Arctic -- Moves on in nine -- -- thank you so much for joining us here on this -- -- like calm not Monday it's Tuesday folks. As you've successfully survived Monday made it to today tax deadline day so what is the penalty if you do not file your taxes by midnight tonight. 5%. Of what you. If you don't pay what you oh by tonight whether you file or not. They 5% penalty of your tax burden you're getting a refund. You know nothing 5% of nothing is nothing. They don't pay anything if you miss the deadline if they owe you money. 37 minutes after 5 AM this is the early edition of WWL forested this is April this is the fifteenth. This is 2014. This news. Tuesday at the daylight calm not Monday. Now but it is tax deadline -- it is the fifteenth. Hole yet so the IRS says about three fourths of filers. Are getting a refund. 75%. Of people -- give Uncle Sam too much money during the year and then making gated back. During -- It's got ask for they don't just handed to come that this and you -- you have to file if you want your money back. If you don't file and your money. Yeah and you pay 5% penalty on what you grow and to 00 you pay zero penalty objects whatever you don't want your money back you know after. 91% of people so far have -- filed. 99. Or others that number just kept going and going and going yet they anticipated it would be around 85% by the time it's all over we'll see at. After tonight how many people -- you know go to the post office but. The only post office in Louisiana. It's up until midnight is the one downtown that's -- new war because it will why would they keep post offices of Yahoo! nobody noticed their return and anymore. I mean you look at 91% so far -- It's amazing it seems I know was a long time ago but I can remember going to attacks prepare. Many years ago and and we'd go through the whole thing Indies take about an hour maybe two and then we're all done and control as we're getting money back and whatever. And that he's put all the paperwork away and and then that was sad but now are you going to do that in the taped. And -- often goes yeah. In those days it was a whole different. They'll put in your account number and later put it in your bank account taken out of -- -- account this is yep and it's -- -- Buckingham envelope zone signing papers. Bluntly number your year your signature is now a five digit number is our right yeah that that statement. And after right on any single piece of paper you know -- to return a single piece that we send him a single piece of paper. But you ran and you just lots of procrastinate -- as a lot of people out there and millions. Who have not yet at Enron trial. You remember the old Atari video game -- lawyer. It was all the rage of video games back in the ocean there. Seventies and -- well that was as they want they games that is said to have contributed to retirees. Demise. -- an awful horrible terrible no good very bad game called ET the extraterrestrial. Which came out. After the hit movie in 1982. -- Atari was accused of racing begins now because they hadn't anticipated this excessive VT. And it was a commercial done. Man many think it really was that. The -- -- and retirees. Eventual demise brought them -- gaming system our current well apparently. Whole bunch of ET video game systems are believed to have been buried and New Mexico and like. -- whole lot yeah clear how many could be hundreds could be thousands maybe like a scaffold -- house folders. Be well anyway. It's been the topic of much debate and legal wrangling and now. This month there's said to try to be to excavate. These Atari video games are very worth a lot of money now that's what the -- Is that someone believes that the -- worth all whole lot of money my eyes of history to video gamers Xbox officials say the excavation will be open for public viewing expected to other entertainment companies. Are making a documentary of how the spots. Urging her buried treasure but it all planned -- -- outlaw gas stinky nasty IKEA. Actually -- around I don't and I mean. If or gold bars maybe I'd be insisted. Get out there and how open -- to find it a video game really probably can't play anymore that is awful to begin. -- that the collector markets really get a bear with these people open well and you're Kindle landfill. Yeah. -- did I think acknowledge -- doesn't. Some awful thing -- They made they must know something that would keep an INS if they actually get it -- this month the name of what they recovery and what it's worth thank you talked about twenty minutes more first is here and BW focus Miller wilderness with a new poll. -- the congressional race with Edwin Edwards trying to run for congress again. Will the where the numbers are coming on that in who did the poll should we trust. It was. An eighty's that's pretty hot right now it's cold. Forties and a lot of areas let's go live -- the Eyewitness News forecast that if they do good morning yeah. -- meteorologist tomorrow but now are up well. I came in it was exhilarating. In the wind was blowing like crazy and it definitely cold. Yet there ratings to help us at least one goes. Kind of nasty factors that day you're gonna be moving out but it's gonna stay windy and chilly all day even as we get some sunshine into the midday hours. While the official wind advisory. Goes through at 10 AM. 10 AM. The skirt alert may last a little of what we should go ahead and say all day I think hurdler all day. -- -- Warner sure we'll. Meet you hear it here and restore and we're here. You've been warned if you Wear a skirt today there's a high probability that it could be a challenge to keep it from blowing up over your waist and exposing whatever is underneath. And you're also warned that if you see someone wearing a skirt that the high problem they'll put -- he. Then let me go not stay put the creator of this hurdler -- meteorologist Laura but now has made it. And I am wearing an -- sedate but mainly because it's it's chilly out but that 40 to 50 this morning north and south of the lake and what -- fifty -- mean. Right at 58 that's just barely in the fifties here in the South Shore and the temperature dropped another few degrees -- yeah. Sunrise that we mobility I don't buy it a lunar eclipse we -- Heidi I kept looking this morning kind of hoping maybe a peak in the clouds and it it just didn't happen for for us but I did see some cool pictures on FaceBook on the Internet and other people that got to. And didn't have clouds and didn't have clouds. And there will be several more -- eclipses in the coming months ago with the it's not the plant that the only time yet it wasn't plays once a generation events yet at that. That now with with the theory to it like it won't happen for another 875. Years like we'll have to -- at whatever that may united beeping that cool but you're like. -- -- Well the last total solar eclipse in this part of the world was like decades ago when won't happen again for decades. But this isn't that does a lunar eclipse that happens with some regularity now this doesn't though in mid April April 15 to be cold and were not warming up much today. And -- 6061. Herself for -- -- this after ain't even when we get some sunshine later on today. That all you have to look forward to sixty or 61 for a high for at least the reins at a here but the wins keep -- -- winning a strong yet -- sun comes out and then junk -- -- -- that comes out today's skies are gonna clear today. But -- tonight with clear skies were dropping into the mid thirties north -- have been warning everybody about some frost there it you have on Kennedy's brain. -- it's coming up taxable gardens the and that sort of thing you may wanna take care -- -- tonight to protect from the frost so it's going to be 10:15 degrees colder tomorrow morning. It is this morning and very well could be -- frost possible north of the lake that we warmup. Above sixty tomorrow we have to 65 tomorrow and then 53 on Thursday and by the holiday Saturday Sunday worked eighty OK so needs Easter -- it'll be eighty email -- -- eighty maybe even some fog around for Easter morning little patchy fog possible. It's node in Chicago. And I -- people -- extra base. And hide Easter eggs but there weren't gonna die -- -- -- that it would build the -- It. Younger. Always ask well how about this time of the morning definitely a new study suggests that a quick snack may stave off major fights. Between husbands and wives Halloween coworkers and even between friends. They say that. Nightly blood sugar levels of 100 and savage married couples were monitored for three weeks. And when the blood sugar level dropped and people got hungry. They had the most anger they gave them -- -- the house and said stick in and that's when you get angry your mate. And the people who had the lowest blood sugar levels as high as cranky -- steam so I don't see that they're saying if you get hungry and use them into blood sugars low as well yeah. Have a sugary snack and you'll be. Happier than. You'll be hungry for whatever year. You know -- -- -- -- that there's nothing that trust me more crazy when you try to go to a restaurant and you get there you're starting Brady what the 45 minute wait like. And I let it is -- stand there waiting for its name. Angrier and angrier they're bloggers dropped lower and lower I could see that's when you belly up to the -- gates open. High rank that's true maybe you get one of those sweet and some fermented sugar and yet has -- -- -- Now. And then you -- goes out. And and alcohol helps Julia out as well an idea and everybody's happy right actors you've bought a drink from the restaurants there have to get it out. And Alice that 45 minutes goes by like accused in this Snickers commercial you got yourself when your -- your whole area well this study. -- Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says that's true absolutely accurate something -- where they said. He got hungrier angry it's a combination of angry and hunger and same time how angry yes researcher Brad bush -- calls their mood angry about edition of hungry and angry. I -- angry before I don't feel I am I go have a snacks and I'm getting -- like it thank you have a good day about now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast that Steve Geller and was sports. -- he's angry after the New Orleans team. To Oklahoma City -- one of them was a really big surprise is the pelicans him bent essentially all of their starters except wants. Come away with a victory against one of the best playoff games clear season with just two game plan that is one. Steve -- Good morning and welcome -- now. Monday as we check in with you for the -- -- -- yes and very happy it is Tuesday good morning everyone the shorthanded pelicans got late word that Tyreke Evans would play despite him dealing with a sore right knee. Little did anyone know he'd have a career night to lead New Orleans past Oklahoma City 101 to 89 elevenths between the race. Haven't straightaway for through a now he's feeling it. Evans scored 41 points with nine rebounds eight assists and three steals while three other -- scored in double digits. New Orleans put into an eight game losing streak and beat the thunder for the first time since 2000 alleged. Second year forward Darius Miller on containing the -- Kevin Durant who had just 45 points. There's not really wakes up. Obviously he's arguably the best scores. On the planet honestly but I mean he's got to come out just try to play a lot of energy like I say the same as the rest of the team and I'll try to play physical and on trying to make them uncomfortable. The tells record is now 33 and 48 and the 21 in nineteen in this movie king senator. The zephyr is also got to win over OKC beating the red -- fourteen to eight. Disease offense turned out fourteen hits and catcher rob Brantley was a perfect five for five at the plate with five runs batted in. Do you -- yet baseball team -- moved up in the poll climbed to number two in four of the five national rankings. The -- remain in the top spot of the collegiate baseball rankings for the second straight week -- you baseball's ranked number seven by USA today. Coaches poll and fourteenth by collegiate baseball. US swimmer Michael Phelps is coming out of retirement and will take part of that and Mesa, Arizona on April 24. With an -- -- possibly competing in the 2060 Olympics in Rio the last time the 22 Olympic Medal winner competed was at the 2012 games. And it was one year ago today that three people were killed and scores more were injured. Changing the Boston Marathon forever between 230 and 3 PM eastern -- flag raising ceremony a moment of silence will be held that the marathon finish line. To mark the time and place -- two bombs exploded. Today four on sports talk Kim Jordan was the -- everyone was talking about last season who will be the black and gold breakout players this year. At 630 LSU baseball takes on southern miss in the wallet Honda classic. I'm Steve Geller that your early morning looked. Ports -- like LSU's chances in the law upon a -- Wally pontiff junior classic tonight at that -- field. Yet it's should be chilly evening there on 100 yes. I mean we're talking about today were only getting get into the sixties. And then as soon as that sun goes down temperatures gonna start dropping and get into the thirties and forties I'm morning's. Game time Milliken and fifties falling into the forties and yet I would not expect a high scoring affair than the bull might not travel as well. In the cold night here so I I that would favor the the LSU tigers and now when since they have the better pitching staff over southern miss. And it is at midweek game but an important game. Man that is because of India. That's the moniker effective it is in memory -- -- -- absolute fantastic athlete who died -- and the loss Sunday you'll have back to back losses as well going into a big weekend series against Gomez. What a surprise pelicans beat Oklahoma City this -- is also beat Oklahoma City by the way everything Oklahoma City we will take care of this week yes. Never just one game last. Before the end of the season. Pelicans and yet that's that's the pelicans won game -- level what it is they hornets now. That I think I've. My thought -- governments of Libya pride and as -- tomorrow will take a look at that when is the last game again it's against Houston against Houston Rockets tomorrow optimize your I'll talk about that and what the pelicans that to do an innocent. They compete next season for sure thank you Steve looked like in fifteen minutes more sports WW well another look at your very cold forecast. Right after this. 556 let's -- your forecast. We're starting off this morning with cloudy conditions now those guys who will continue to clear throughout the day is the Wednesday brisk -- the north and temperatures state -- heist later. Only around sixty degrees then tonight we know we're seeing clear skies. And some frost north at the lake is lows dipped down to about 35 if -- you have some -- spring plants you may wanna cover them tonight. South of the lake will be in the mid forties still many Chile then for tomorrow mostly sunny and milder highs of 65 or back up to the low seventies on Thursday. With a 20% chance for a shower. From the eyewitness -- forecast center and meteorologist -- -- itself. Winds gusting up to forty miles an hour now it's fifty degrees and cloudy on both sides of the way. I -- to drive -- -- matter to be aware that a clear view in west Nepal and the lights around and a power lines sparking about an hour ago and apparently invented the power that area like that though. Lights out that's going to be a mess that the very -- -- geek alert geek alert. Google glass goes on sale today. You've heard about EO of glasses you Wear with the heads up display -- -- year display from your phone your tablet laptop in your classes. They've been -- for 15100 bucks up until now we'll find out in about two hours what Google's in the charge for consumers to buy it. And -- thirteen people walking around these weird look at high tech glasses that that camera video isn't anywhere.

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