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4-15 7:15am Tommy, biking in New Orleans

Apr 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to Naomi Doerner, the Executive Director of Bike Easy, about cycling in New Orleans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Naomi. Turner joins us right now adorn our executive director of by teasing the morning Naomi. Arnold RE IS first question is a Naomi. -- Naomi and is it to Warner turner. Dorm door outside so get it straight Naomi do Warner executive director of -- easy. And -- -- tragedy on champ highway with an Atlanta fireman get ready for area. Triathlon a triathlon and lawless bottom line is it's safe to buy a new wall and street's. Certainly. I mean it actually paper than it ever being at. More structure. On the ground iron then apparently not equal my Mac called bridge. Before you know he had not an eleven mile. We have more bikers are currently and actually provide security in numbers are definitely -- More people that Iraq Iran and tomorrow we are out there are visible and more. Oh. Writers and other people to you you. -- -- -- To do when you say sharing the space in 84 miles of bike paths I gotta tell you as a driver sometimes. It seems like ages painted a stripe on on the the portion of the right lane and now it just gets more crowded. For everybody it was windy out there is any com or there worry any parameters on the lanes gotta be this wind before we put a bite the bike path and. In a generation -- -- and the -- scary chartered installation errors and you worry. Now. And engineering group on their debt and need we consideration and yet they're not -- You look at eight. So you know the -- need. Are keen. I ain't going away there in eighty techniques our -- yeah that's true that he iWeb and looking. -- Yet. That you know we get injured didn't mean. More. Protected by queen Mary you know that there is a separation actually -- Vehicles. And by about her work on their part action. -- Where there optics and even -- and eat that apple leniency. He. Need act. Now. -- terms. -- it. Out just because there's not a great -- by. Bradley does need a practical beat Butler of the right -- You know drivers would TV. As well on the -- So by cyclist in getting in the right lane -- -- left when I guess of their passing it they're really good. And just stay in the middle there and and hold everybody up and I don't mean a pejorative plea but just to paint the picture they can do that had been at -- whose side. Mean better. -- -- you feel she. And if they are coming over I needed that it is judgment by credit cute you know eight indicate that they are thought. To keep themselves they -- well you -- -- writing on here -- Door I'm on residential road. I mean they're definitely -- ago. It and it vehicles by mean it is residential. The speed limit our arms are so we should release featuring rush yeah. I don't take a break when we come back and ask you about. Do's and don'ts for bicycle is in do's and don'ts for drivers and make it's safe. For everybody and -- any questions or comments to 60187. And till 386 exit 89087. They were talking about. Biking in -- Collins and would you feel safe to ride a bicycle on. Those 84 miles of my pants that they have in the Crescent City Naomi Horner. Is our guest the executive director of -- -- Seven Tony two time to take a look at -- I Tommy Tucker is 726. Up ready jaguar opinion poll asking you about taxes. And is April 15 -- over tax under techsters it just right. Nobody thinks there are under taxed 14% say just right in 86%. Say overtaxed and we'll get back to our conversation. But the taxes and we have now about a fair tax and a flat tax. And we'll also continue our conversation right now about biking. And do you feel safe to bike on the streets of New Orleans that Texans and I've seen. Bikers riding on -- street when there's a bike path right there yesterday has so little man on a cell phone. Driving in the bike path on Nashville as if it were Elaine. Both sides need to learn the rules and name Naomi -- what is executive director of -- easier. They'll ladies thank both sides know the rules and when he comes to. I keep in everybody's safe what are some of the do's and don'ts from bikers and also for -- drivers. He's he's -- technique. Now just one thing that we have found working in and we need to teach -- -- -- at -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm eighteen that was on older gentleman -- Damron a lot. And senior in the end that way his -- bite. That by and pat green action in or aren't sidewalks because actually they were -- -- what I -- -- jump in here for a second Naomi because I had a couple stations with people about this. It almost happened to me where you're looking and one my -- left hand side you know to pullout in a traffic may be cross a oncoming traffic to make a left turn. And he had something obscuring your visions a year into and out you're looking you look at your look at and all of a sudden somebody comes riding a bicycle on the sidewalk. From the other direction and you're not looking that way. And I was shaken after this because I almost silly guy and and -- you went from. Feeling so sorry for him that you would he killed you know -- to strangle him for do NS. So -- how do you get balance deadline when you talk about bikers. Eight gigs. Down on me again. Educational program -- get me out in QQ yeah and bring in -- There. Lee are subject I'd go into records are. So turned. Out that. Debbie -- get EB -- where. You can daughter went right pat and Gurney and about our education I'll just basic rule of the road -- that we are now we are EB. Kerry did bicycle it. -- -- And everywhere really that ultimately wrote the right direction track to where I'm -- the ball. At all. Arms you know I'll track regulations. Aren't stopped at lights aren't -- We -- we heard these behaviors because -- and that. Group and Margaret are following the road. Be like that -- and greet me finish those tight black pants optional. Shouldn't worry we actually. -- it can't hurt others and those like Europeans. Yeah I mean like it definitely. Light is back people where people that are great -- where it. Want our people by -- actually an everyday activity in the elite eight. All people that -- People who. You know I mean. Some people com -- looked like he and you know we all have regular jobs. You know go about parties -- That -- -- -- -- -- related to the timeliness and what's the website engineer. It daddy daddy you. -- -- -- board and I think it's easy to remember thank you Naomi do Warner executive director of Nike's.

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