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4-15 8:15am Tommy, security cameras

Apr 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to Bryan Lagarde, the founder of Project NOLA, about security camera system to help fight crime

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We talk about crime cameras and project Nolan and what they do and do the benefits of having a crime camera. Outweigh maybe some losses of privacy. When Evans if your own camera catches you are aghast at your -- do insomnia don't want her body deceit. Brian Lagarde joins us right now founder of project -- and more no -- morning Brian. -- -- -- -- I am doing well and I hope dealers. To tell me about crime cameras and from the first off I guess the efficacy of them when it comes either preventing crime -- documenting who did it. And then -- it would project -- is all about. In short we're probably knowledge actually so particle were not proper organization. And basically what we did it is. We have our volunteers citizens were putting a camera on their homes and their businesses they're Asian imports street. Tonight to quote producer out here are actually high definition work -- relief on a tree -- replete scratched. And they call or were packed were all that's where we only maintain recording for ten -- only three that actually see the videos and of course we were -- police department. And get them figures may keep it in real time as. Each user actually happening crimes and quite as. We're here the police officers responding to shoot to step in trauma patient or rock or whatever chase might -- And were able to very quickly Shin Bet that your torture drive that we have with the adult GP. Why aren't getting used to detect as well for the unit to the crimes in -- cameras only look at public areas a public thoroughfares. So there's no question as far as privacy concerns were all looking at public current players. And the camera actually being hosted on the homes and businesses of -- do what he. -- do people had reviewed the tapes are they pro actively looking for someone doing some wrong or is it after a complaint is generated or. While a complaint is generated that's when you go to the videotape. We're with how hyper reactive which means wind reached. Each year usually treat someone called 9112. To have a start looking too far off summit here would know -- in it until probably caught on it and and police officers dispatched. Also part she pitched as well we don't be looking at each cameras. And looking at -- -- -- and -- -- emergency. So if I'm like people in the hammers and seen people leaving their part in things like that it's gonna be brokers something -- -- near by them or something was reportedly patent near them. Vietnam one Paul. And that's and that's what we actually look at -- which record. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyone know. Who had so and so -- kingdom which Howard -- amateur ball. Would it would there be any application if -- -- god forbid a woman and some money governor announced that she shouldn't while one was that worker with a spouse or what have you if you understand what I'm saying where. Somebody would say you know on this doesn't look right so they go to. Project Nolan and ask for. The the tape if they did not access the bugs and tape the recording because it's all digital if they would not access the recording at home or will would you tell mr. happen. We only provide the videos in response to a crime repression should have to be a police item number it and start to -- -- So it that -- be used for. They cannot be used or civil or to force proceeding only criminal. And were not subject to open markets lost so it's Alex member of the public which say hey I want to the -- from such a social change whatever time. To see what other stops may have been doing something. So because we are nonprofit -- -- -- -- that we -- doing it it's stupid you are protected and and should are certain there are only used for -- encryption issues. I tell -- what hang on anti tank is when we come back and now we know the way it works and talk about. How somebody can get involved that they -- -- -- cost you look at that right sure that Brian Lagarde founder of project Nolan -- questions. Comments about crime cameras and and people -- -- houses and and tied into a network would love to hear it to six of 170. -- 3866. In eight nines early seventy Jazz Fest Jazz Fest tickets are about. Well I'd see twenty minutes away penalty at a whim right now -- time for -- you -- It's Gerald Robinson I age 27 Tommy Tucker got every chance to ask -- you tickets minutes. From now we'll wrap it up with Brian -- founder of project -- witches. And Brian pregnant announcing in his right it's it's a network of cameras. Owned by people privately. That are linked together and the cameras -- -- point out to the street only heard the public places. Chart only onto the street and -- on two public. Well. Per share and public park. Dutch and did the did the video is stored for three days nobody has access to it other than a select group of people -- project Nolan can't thank you actually. Correction in the industry. Are that at ten days it's captain three people have access to it. And -- -- can't be used in any kind of civil procedures so if you afraid as an incorrect -- Brian from now right here you're afraid that. Something that is inadvertently captured at your home that could lend itself to -- relationship troubles and what have -- or even. Somebody at your property if they decide did the smoke a -- leaders on the net debt unless there's a complaint it can't be used correct. -- -- -- -- -- How expensive visit to get involved if somebody's listening listening and thinking you know wanted to. That's a good idea doesn't matter where you are in Orleans parish. And how much as a Cameron honey get involved it. Doesn't matter where you -- Orleans parish. And as more injured or tires you have a broadband Internet access and reliance on the street. The sport the price is concerned compete for it really depends on where you war situation. If you already have an existing it is surveillance camera and for the opportunity to bring in your front -- -- -- -- possible or system. We know once you're back -- -- that's just what should one or -- that that's something you can do. It if you don't or Camry into account from any number different places to bottom on -- -- buy locally along just compatible system. Than perhaps before now we also have these high definition camera which subsidizes the cost on. When we provide to the public Maxwell crisis two -- not at five dollars and actually parts yet. High definition camera the power trajectory the cable about all the thanks. Now depending on what part can you Libya and compete for. So happens is there's the money that we Greeks to go and bring all these -- temperature not by Christian. And in some -- the city. I'm other entities also kitchen. Mike McAllister colleges might be 200 now are dollars that it would ever for. The only way to go to find out is to college at 298. 911. Happen again and that's 98911. Chairman and we can try to get to. And if somebody is not particularly on text savvy or maybe just not too good with a drill or whatever is involved. That you you guys install cameras well. We're not actually widget company -- can't do that however we work with installation company and that we can repurchase offer special -- years -- professional install a 150 dollars. But also depend on where you war. Like recently the alleged -- union very brotherhood arch. Very can't put up. Shares in public or am IDW. They're America so. Put a while it hasn't public reports were charged so. It really depends what the situation is where they're going. If you're near ramp we might be on my part a report it's that's where our first mission -- help protect children. Chew it just -- give it to call him will do to opt out. Iso and and that website a phone number and number is. You're running on 117 or court accurate. Online at ought to know dot com hey Brian appreciated you coming on and what I'd like to do is ST every time summit this video is used. For the cameras come and play in making an arrest or conviction ability of absolutely temporary dips a -- and.

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