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WWL>Topics>>4-15 9:10am Tommy, to remarry or not?

4-15 9:10am Tommy, to remarry or not?

Apr 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to Rick Kahler, the President of Kahler Financial Group, about the financial aspects of living together or getting married

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rick Taylor whose presence of the Taylor financial group who wrote an article and indicated me be when he comes to. You know things like death and taxes and there arrangement and be the most prudent financial thing. To deal with that we look him in retailers -- and make -- -- valued -- one. Under. -- Mary. You're. There. Are a waitress and the I'll. Do make out. Another term for what -- to guide to take the plunge in the second time and how long was it after you FT you'd downsized at your home. I would probably out. Two or three years I mean. And a number infected. A little bit funny because I am a financial planner and sits on my. Client who are hearing from the Dutch step shall. Of course and I insisted on myself. Kevin Green. And -- interesting thing is that the out shortly down the line not the term in the pre nuptial came -- -- Came down to do either Kerr wore a pre nuptial which vocal. CL I always wondered about that because it seems like OK I trust you you're in my soul mate is that the other -- However when it comes the money keep in mind that says had to be a tough thing no approach. There -- an -- doesn't -- this year discussion. To call him a joke -- because it. Marriage is a partnership that -- -- on each. Occasion. -- And -- little -- talking about the money is really is. Potentially. Real. I think anybody dead. I get divorced the first time in seized the blank. He blanked on the legal document you realize at that point there there aren't a lot of ponies and rainbows are there. Absolutely not particularly number one destroyer. Of wealth and are not high medical -- frugal lot of these two or. That'll but he. A big dividend paying attention to let me think about business owners -- -- saying that each. Person does when you -- in partnership with somebody -- -- business you do something called Ike Taylor Green. And that basically is as to how we're going to do is divorced from one. Part. And yet when you get -- which is every bit as important financial partnership. I'll -- -- -- -- there has not popped on romantic and yet they aren't romantic but they're incredibly important. I'd so when it comes to taxes when it comes to it to death and passing -- long -- -- or maybe even just. You re marrying -- would The -- what should we look at him what should people look at in terms of and look relieve in the the moral part of this out we're talking about just let the plane -- finances right Rick the part of did farming his business -- it business if you Willis partnership. When you look at the cold -- in the tax code does not in in -- -- and tax code that's quite the opposite many cases. And can't -- person and to that that we currently together. Good example would be would try earnings. All. He can -- to 400000 dollar in pre -- The legal or is it America your. -- -- So there. Penalty on -- -- I -- Albert Klein to choose to put together. One who wrote about her recently. Received a Workman cops claim about -- -- Only in the years in -- actually remember. That puts it huge cost to me merry. So financially speaking most folks are better off to stay in contact the tax code of actual. Which you have a financial. And so little thing you cannot do. -- it out acute -- and deal with somebody here -- Wait is almost finances now right. -- Just when you write that last thing you Cedric maybe wonder we had drifted -- away from finance. So I'm just I'm just wondering if com. They are any religions where priests will or bishop or what have you will reverend will. Marry you but not legalese of morally you would be OK aid but as far as I was concerned you weren't married. Only the -- -- if you can if you concerned with the morals of it and we're not married and -- married in the church well. In the mean that's a win win the year you could cool was larger religion goes and and as far as the assets it was a different and it affects -- tax liabilities so bottom line. And get back to his prenuptial formula to go if somebody's listening and they have assets. Who will would you advise -- money caved yourself -- Yes I did and -- changed. Four. One really degrees in either on children and I started looking at the laws and fortunately it really did matter. While others are -- data for example because I know I want to get -- and before you go if you have. Children anyone to leave property to them. I think in terms called use of practice -- -- in Louisiana we had a situation where all of a sudden you got more partners and whatever assets you have. It's important you advocate that you have a putting out especially if you if you can't get in. It's just it's just the -- So I think it's doing a pre nup especially when you have kids and especially when you know him. Out there and passionately. I -- EU can't more assets are significantly more as a person here. I think -- -- on all of its where pre nup he would. Really important. Rick do you have a web site to which people can go to find out more bloggers on the. Sure and I have a web site -- -- financial K -- -- -- Com. Political block it. From their -- financial. Awakening the. Fortunately blog on. Appreciate -- time I really do we have if the lord forbid you should wind up divorced. This time and I'm sure you won't but if it were to happen would you get married again. While I don't take a look at that I think. -- that certainly wouldn't do it in. You might not -- -- you my -- a financial planning your romantic my friend. Take time. Here.

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