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4-15-14 10:10am Garland: on gay people and the Catholic church

Apr 15, 2014|

Garland talks with Carl Siciliano, a former Benedictine monk asking Pope Francis to help young people in the LGBT community made homeless by unsupportive parents, as well as Mitchell Gold of Faith in America, who supports Siciliano's plea.

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Welcome back to being dragged cut twelve noon -- and listen to veto latest update. Concerning the lawsuit. By area -- the water authority against 97 oil companies. We're gonna take a look at and didn't just give up big it is to border of the battle is in the -- to -- with the status as. Also talk about -- stung by a brighter than bright for a national publication. The British goalie civil lawsuits are all web. -- things called -- laws and largest oil companies. And suing. Is completely wrong. We tried to get his side of it didn't get him on board we will once -- -- -- the side of those behind the suit and get an update. The latest in privacy we're we're often called Robert ovals and at the publisher at its editor the privacy journal. And ordered Tuesday. -- Look at the latest privacy problem. -- leagues you may have heard about scroll hard lead and basically water is is the basic encryption. On FaceBook. -- brewing in some banking. And it's been breached and march agreed. A lot of our personal information may be -- This cell or hopefully we're going to be talking to a former -- and all are hopeful full page letter to the Pope. In the New York time. And what he does does beg the Pope. To help young people who were -- made homeless. By the room. Let's -- a good break -- right back to the opening day -- ago brigades but he is a -- 53 effort. There are introducing full period report true -- not port land. In the New York Times in the worlds of plead to popes princes and how Pope homeless. Lesbian gay and buys sect who -- trends and true you'd. -- the the author of that publication of that and it is Carlos as -- Rihanna. Former -- Author of the letter and director of the -- -- -- sooner rescues homeless youth corps welcomed Lucia thank you credit. Absolutely. Four delegates -- what is the Alley forties and. So we're the -- certain position in the United States dedicated to almost old QB to -- We're living in a time right now where we're younger people are finding the courage to be honest and open about themselves and many many families are not able to. Cope with the accept having advocates said. So unfortunately many many of these kids are getting thrown out of their homes and end up homeless on the streets and we provide housing. And medical care. And food and clothing and job training and and and open to assistants to help these kids. Pieces and get back up on their feet. And religious rejection. Is is one of the main reasons of the homelessness. I have to say that about half of young people to come to -- say that there thrown out of their homes because of the religious beliefs of their parents. And the -- still teaches that. Homosexual conduct is ascendant and there and that Davey is this disorder right. Yeah armed that moved through the Roman Catholic Church which bill that would help whatsoever I felt like actually trust my church leader about the teaches. -- -- setting you know what homosexual -- is is that. And full admit that the condition of being gay is a disorder. Which is. You know very much. Out of step with with kind of modern understanding of what human sexuality. I know you were more upright then the -- month. I spent time in two benedictine monastery is when I was much younger. Trying to see if I had a petition to be among -- spent some time. About six months and put up the benedictine grange in Connecticut. And I spent several months in monastery called Christ in the desert in New Mexico. Though or UK. And did you know it when you. Looked into studied the optimum while. You know I think the people realize they gave when they're. -- young when they're you know -- early adolescents because when you start getting turned on you notre -- on. At that time that probably didn't wanna deal with that I didn't -- cope with the I tried to turn to my religion to avoided in the -- When I was a month I was very young I mean the first summit tried I was I was eighteen in the second time I tried I was 21. So it was very much -- you actually in the monasteries the second monastery where I realized that I had become out of the closet and had a dream one night. Helen looked -- I had that conviction that that god wanted me to just be honest and open about myself. Did did you notice the reason I ask you these questions did you notice the that the church that you were thinking about becoming a month and didn't exactly have or performed for you. You know it's actually an interest in time when I was when I was. Becoming among -- I was among the first in 1984. And men in 1980. 78667. And the Catholic church's. But real hostility. To the gay rights movement. Did you do it took awhile. So limited back in the -- in the seventies in the early eighties. You -- groups like dignity they were meeting in Catholic church's. You had capital Cuba actions saying. That they were trying to work out a way of understanding the gay rights movement. It did in 1987. Right when I went to become a monk. Cardinal Ratzinger who later became Pope. Benedict. I use the head of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith and he sent out a letter with Pope John Paul approval all the bishops. Saying you know homosexuality. Is an intrinsic inclination towards evil and we can't support it in anyway. And then that actually happened right when I was that the monastery in that that really kind of signal the boom boom boom of the greater level of hostility that we've seen in the last 25 years. In your head you royals the -- To prevent his British troops from fighting against the acceptance of failed due to an LG BT people. He -- as equal members of society. Have you received any response from other bishops or -- story anybody that. I've gotten a mountain of of email. And responsible letter. Some from from Catholics some from from people of other states. And I have to say. They've been like 99%. Of the vote the messages are perceived have been very very supportive. Thanking you for writing letters saying it was beautifully written letter. Saying you know that they hope that -- the Pope listened. But I haven't yet seen any kind of response from from the -- -- from the Catholic hierarchy. No no priest no bishops. Note that that two years ago I actually sent a letter bomb and published it took to my bishops who's cardinal Dolan. And he's been a particular rule the outspoken opponent of of of of bomb LG BT people having equal treatment from society. When when they were trying to pass gay marriage in the near stated he said it would be like Communist China if that. The state trees that are equally. They had. So you I wrote in the letter pointing out that when. When religious leaders say that -- -- keep people shouldn't be accepted business equal numbers of society that it creates a climate where. Parents are not able to except the kids. And you know I have to say that win win win marriage -- passed in New York State. The numbers of homeless kids coming to us from New York State went up by 50% in the next few months. So I think with what we see happening is is you know there's the. And liberals say this and then again I'm -- In the months following the passage of marriage equality and and you're near state back in 2011. The number of kids coming to us almost from your state increased by 50%. One parent skewed more virulent in their belief. I think that wind you have this big struggle to. 2222 -- that kind of so law. In a lot of churches the people get very upset with preach a terrible it is and it's like you know there's things Satan is running rampant in the world or something. And I think that it just -- parents up. So on the one hand there's this big victory in kids see that there's this big victory in all the people celebrating in the street and I think it emboldens them -- come out. And then a lot of parents are hyped up by kind of religious. Hysteria that that the world gonna come to an -- or something if if if it felt to be two people -- treated fairly. So. It's it's not a very good combination. And you pointed out. The numbers of these young people or epidemic. Numbers into Puerto parents would hide -- religious involvement. Or the most likely to through their children. Out of the house and to homelessness. Yeah. Your you certainly feel that every day -- the only and it's puncher but about two years ago there was a study. Done by -- Stanley acceptance project and with the dues they speculate how how little you know families accepting or rejecting the -- to be -- kids. Impacts their health and their safety. And we found that parents who had high religious involvement were far more likely to reject there there -- to keep kids. And then you're told to board about 200000. Sold for him. Yeah I mean that's yes some pessimism that there about 200000. It'll be two teenagers on almost on the streets of our country. They've been about. That that community of states. I that we can conduct from all over the world that. But there and there are a lot of homeless kids and on the streets of the United States. There's and then they make up to -- if you make up about 40% of the total almost -- population even though there they only make up about 5%. Of the total youth population. So what that means is that -- -- to be viewed as much more likely to become -- more than than heterosexual you. What are they going through and once they're thrown out before they get you. And how long -- an average of a homeless before the upon. Oh gosh. What they go through as a horror show -- There that are about 350. Dead in this country dedicated to almost sold to be to use. And -- -- -- there but 200000 kids on the street -- assume -- agree many of them just have to struggle to survive on the streets. You know I think it's coming to us talking about living in -- of some star thing that had kids you know talked about sleeping under bridges. In New York City elections ride the subways -- mine you know there's not nearly enough shelter beds for the I think kids from. Atlanta from from. Houston Texas talking about writing this to be bought systems online. A lot of kids end up having to have sex in order to have a place to sleep so. From the middle number -- -- described is that somebody will put them up the banks had a pimp them out and force them to have sex with. With their friends who paid men and that's a really common situation. A lot of young women that come to us like -- -- there lesbians may end up in these kind of situations where they're being pumped out so it's so that amount. It's it's it's terrible and and mini the you'd spent months and months on the streets before they're able to find shelter with us. And so it's it's terrible suffering that they go through. You have -- but still -- priest whose friends are known. You know 100 front about this Friday Good Friday and going back my old monastery took to go to the cerberus. What -- my best friends as this treatment veterans -- -- not. Of but but yet still -- -- also quote. Let -- know what are willing to whales that. In one of the terrorist groups should limit rooted in -- Jesus Christ is never recorded as having said that word and judgment or condemnation of -- -- -- -- -- -- war. Of LG BT people. He spoke of loving compassionate god. Commanded his followers -- the love and compact. Uses spoke god is loving parent who would never abandoned his children. Do you say that two priests and it's. I think that -- to religious folks all the time as. Well you know here here's the thing it's like. I think that there's the real divide right now between what a lot of the actual religious people believe -- and then think about homosexuality. And what the hierarchy is promoting. I think that there are great number of of Kris Pippen and and monks and non. Who are. Hey who are gay and lesbian themselves. And believe in the woods were straight and a great many of them are very understanding that department and actually studies show that the but the majority of Catholics in this country thinks that. The -- to keep people should have to have equal treatment. Right now I think the poll most recent polling showing that 55%. Of the American Catholics. Are supportive of the culture -- -- rights and only 35%. Are opposed. But still 35% that millions of people so you know with security and an LG BT kitten and -- -- -- Burnett 35%. You know it's it's not necessarily very serious situation. How do people lose in the help. -- But I think that there there're couple things. One. -- -- these kids all over the country who are homeless and on the streets people -- go to our web site which is. I'll leave foreign country dot org that's ALY. Ethical bar and he why Skechers CE NT ER dot org. People could contribute to us we have a withstood both providers around the country who are there are also working with these kids so. They could look and he would you know closer to them. That they want to contribute to an organization closer to them but. I think in a lot of ways the most important thing is for people to speak up to speak to their own religious leaders to their pastors stood there. There that are. There and say this is wrong it's wrong it's like when when you teach that did that being gay is. There's such a terrible then it's -- you're creating an environment where kids are in danger you know were kids are being thrown away and that's not what god wants. -- -- don't want kids to be thrown out on the street god wants kids to be low you know it's like this is the that your religion of love. And it's what people like kick out of cherry picked these nasty little remote statements from from put from the Bible. But in the ignored the big overarching message the Bible which is that god loves us from the -- as our our parents who would never turn its back on -- And you know. It's simple we hustled to love one another have compassion to one another. And and and all with this judgment all of the hostility it's it's it's. It's the scandal. Carl it never changes homeless people accused stand up and try to do something about it. Congratulations. On her efforts loved to have beyond showed again when you have more time and so week. Thank you so much should we have a good day. Aren't coming right back where we character -- to representative. Of faith in America. What do you think RW a bureau president -- -- opinion poll asked. If you conduct your child was -- they would kick them -- on the house in 93%. Of the view Tuesday no. Would think it about a full page to New York Times Copeland is ago. And this is the title of depleted both branches on behalf of homeless lesbian day he buys -- -- -- try and -- tool used. The article. -- is taken above the I would forty's sooner by the executive director. And his former Benedict the -- Is a Catholic member of the Catholic and recruit movement. And the executives. Of this organization. That's giving. Food and lodging to the LG BTU. Here also considered the sin and talk about it -- mutual goal. Would play an American Mitchell welcomed the short appreciated time. Mitchell would what is faith in America. Say that America is a foundation that I started. Seven or eight years ago with the former reverend Jimmy preached. And our mission is to educate people about the harm from outdated misinformed ill guided. Religious teachings that that really are no longer relevant and that and that harm people and in particular that really caused enormous harm to young people. Did you see this full page. I paid for. So if you look at the bottom yeah Borg if you look at the bottom of the -- it's says. Mitchell called the -- as part company sponsors it's a company paid for the yet. And I have a home furnishings company that's what it's celebrating our 25 anniversary -- How did did you becoming. Become connected with the -- Aaliyah and -- -- in the early forties and. Was I had. Being and -- having started state in America and having been involved in advocacy work for. The simple equal civil rights for every one but in particular the lesbian gay bisexual and transgender community and that -- some years ago. And have known about his center because the one thing I have. Under learned is that. Religion based bigotry really causes enormous harm to young people and I just heard some holding you folks took that 93% that they wouldn't -- kids out. It's 7% would. And thank Carl takes care of the 7% dependent and and that that that's actually pretty big number when you think about it. Yeah Monday and businesses have been a bird bird Catholic community. 7%. Is a big number. I get him surprises higher because usually and in my code and which grew up -- It's pretty much -- -- homosexuality. Odds against it and and everything that goes along with that. Well do you have -- -- -- -- it's gonna say. Unit the -- percent. Came out openly and said well I would I would. -- -- -- get out of the house but there's also a percentage of that 93 that fed not to like keep to myself but those -- but some of those 93%. Are taking their child to the church for taking the child to a counselor and telling the child know you can prayed as a way. You can be strong you can discipline yourself you can be Fella that. All things that take the humanity. Of a teenage kid away -- pellets -- -- kids -- not affect the rest stipulate. It's crazy it's preposterous and it's you know it's incredibly harmful to young person's psyche. Do you Ord or did call oral dose oral. Ever heard talk to any of these parents -- their -- kids and I'd love to be able to talk to parents say I gotta give Detroit. You -- your child out to be sexually abuse. Hungary abandoned. Because of pure religious beliefs you'd think Jesus. Asked who do do that I mean do you ever talked to these people. Well like I talked to a lot of people think clergy in particular. Who preached that from the -- decision. And I mean I think frankly a lot of people are good people and don't. It's the unintended consequence of trying to be a good Christian as the way I would express it. That a lot of these that don't know that when they try to -- that they could end up the New York on the streets and become a prostitute or abuse drugs or whatever. The publicly that they think it's -- well. Hey -- going to have a big. If they feel the double cut them and that they're just needed that that they have to just push them out of their life. But part of what I try to do is talk to clergy and talked to parents and just get them to understand. That's I think Americans about educating about the harm. And by educating people what I have failed is more than not people go whoa I didn't realize this is what's happening. And you know which -- exciting and what I'm very optimistic about. Its its two day over 50%. Of Catholics do not believe that to -- it. 49%. Of southern baptists the poll that was taken a couple of years ago by the Southern Baptist Convention. 49% do not believe it's been more -- needs -- yes both more and more people are understanding. That their child their brother and sister they're good brother and sister their good -- It's not just sit there is not an abomination. And sexual orientation is and natural part of the humans the and more and more people are understanding as. Says that the Pope. And the cardinals and bishops that are. Did you know that they're kind of in an old place and we have to speak out and get them to understand. That the world is changing its. I you know I think the other important thing about the letter that Karl Rove was she wrote that. Biblical writings endorsing content that now recognize is wrong passages about reaping the enemies of lies and murder of their children. If it is endorsing slavery. And even genocide. These biblical instructions are no longer maintain the church's teachings. They change -- recognize that that those. Listings were cruel and immoral but this is changing and now that's what Karl wanted to do what we wanted to support his effort. That's because he's he's deeply religious. Person and he really wanted to bring to the forefront that -- that the church can change. We can't have people saying that the church to change. -- and I are we are saying the church can change. Road from collections of the ignorance of more prudent primitive -- and let's come back talks more about that. We're thinking about New York Times -- page message. To -- France's. To urge. Religious and Catholic parents to stop the ruin their children the way -- their lesbian and gay bisexual and trance -- Come right back a bit of repairing -- -- a full page message in the new Nortel and a pig was Sundays in the title is of plead to Pope France's. On behalf of homeless. Lesbian gay bisexual trends and cool you. We -- with the and that message. A former bitter victory in -- who's now head of the organization trying to help these kids hundreds of thousands of them. Is asking the Pope to. -- and that this and what Jesus taught is enough. Love being kind show god that that that spot on and all this. And they get a couple lived it's example one is named Justin. His mother and report throwing them a home. Some countries who held them to the ground and tried to drive didn't double and then there was terror. Who rope was soon to a Catholic religion class with the instructor set them aside. It's somebody possessed by demons. When his mother of the -- out she showed at century would rather see him die in this -- Then live in her own. If he was Gary. And and it goes on and on kids living groups kids living in cars that has been sexually abused. And we have metro gold with the -- gonna talk about this see you literally paid to this message Mitchell. Have you received any response from the bishop. -- priest crewman. Not -- And I think that they are really taken back by the probably in trying to figure out how they're going to it's been this. And continue to justify. Their outdated and misguided teachings. Which is a shame. But I do feel that there's some momentum going and at some point. You know I really have great hope that they will change. And taken into out of context -- too simple blah but the Pope who's quoted as saying. Who -- drugs weren't even talking about big controversies over homes and well. And that cause raucous within the church news -- you're -- or -- call -- any indication. The Pope might respond or has in the intentions of changing the church's stamps. Well we just don't know that he the Pope did say that which is far more open than his predecessor. But the reality on the ground is that. Churches in America right now. Have in fact continue. To judge. The -- bishops and cardinals and priests continue. To judge and to push legislators not to have legislation. That recognize marriage equality their recognize any kind of -- he. Equality rights so you -- -- saying one thing. But his soldiers and on the front line or doing something different. And hopefully that's a start a conversation and people talk you know I would -- view. That to have local to local clergy -- and have them and and and and have been justify why they continue these teachings. We tried to do just that -- the weren't available but that that certainly is coming Chicago and -- ago are the message to probe some of these or epidemic numbers have shown a few isolated incident. And and many of them. As the message says. Or products of parents with the highest religious involvement. So it's epidemic. And is primarily parents that are really religions. Well I do wanna clarify and they did it's it's with the with parents who were tightly in tight game. Because they're there are that there are plenty of good Christians out there that. Practice all the real positives part of the Bible and do not see homosexuality isn't that's the key thing that -- thank the Pope is. Stop teaching that homosexuality is that it. Because that that that is the beginning and end of this conversation. Went parents think it's a -- They have a terrible opinion of their kids when kids think to -- it. This is why some kids jump off the bridges are cut their -- -- hang himself in a closet because they feel they are sinners and broken. In a car listening in the simplest form. It's stopped teaching -- just that the church has changed teaching the -- the church used to teach appear to -- Used to persecute people would -- to Israel. Mean we look packet that -- -- -- -- is preposterous that's crazy but that is the way things work and I think twenty years now we're gonna look back consent. Gosh look at the churches ever talk. That good decent people happened to be born with same sex attraction. How can they be considered sinners. Neutral we will be doing -- assure you and hopefully we can get to Becton. Thank you portrait do. Mitchell gold that you in America welcomed.