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4-15-14 11:10am Garland: on the "heartbleed" computer hack

Apr 15, 2014|

Garland discusses the "heartbleed" computer hack and its effects with Robert Ellis Smith of the Privacy Journal and Yan Zhu of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- so and other Scholl on the loss of privacy and America that's numbers and could talk about something called. Hard ball. Some sort of encryption software meant to protect us on the line and giant holes that have been -- per couple years. This allowed. How actor's actors two cents -- emailed thank you can username. Words. I think -- in particular. Group -- -- -- and who. And wherever I've -- these type of progressive. Privacy problems. Even though he has sold this alone in mum to a competence from the drenched and you waited for -- Treats his poll numbers huge -- name and were. We find him in Robert Smith publisher of the after the procedure. Robert welcome back to show again. -- That he would do or or -- There are applying that definition of insanity. Well we built the system here it was only from the beginning formal. And the consequences -- I think. I think -- -- so eager to try there's been. -- -- shouldn't -- Internet and it provided so much information for us and the ability to communicate with people. We didn't put the development did at least up to -- was -- secure. Assistant it was in fact. Setup to be vulnerable I think too to make sure that if anybody to go on part of it. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think do this right court Anglican pork. There's a level of care in designing systems and sweating the details of their operations and that is -- -- and our cultural software development. Enhance that they will surely cause consumers and speed novel the inconvenience. In one statement they're very upon more -- just senator in the other there's saying we do anything about it. It's going to be costly and it's gonna be different than what we've seen now do you agree. -- -- -- -- -- the -- that called privacy by design. That is really about it too much of Europe it would the United States hasn't been that great to. Abrasive which is essentially if you design problems in the system the beginnings and automotive. Civil. In I can't think of a single system that's been developed. Single innovation by companies. A government agency that is built in privacy from the beginning -- port city. I think what we're witnessing it too is. Visit of both of vulnerability that they've opened the bird doesn't seem to be the first serve intentional. The week is going to be as great in the -- Clinton -- great. If could Tobler revenues wrecked in the blues. Serving their for a couple of years. My understanding is this from pretty Smart people at Google FaceBook and Yahoo! and in this. That there was some vehicles also discovered two I think it is anxiety to take advantage -- -- -- prospects. But a lot of Smart people applauded by the appeal of the Internet and don't wanna be slowed down Baggio and security precautions. Fifteen years ago -- -- that was realistic goal. That people who have been more peaceful bill by these security precautions that would cost us money that would. Slow things down a little bit that would scare consumers away. So we shouldn't be surprised is the didn't the technology consultant we have got this. That. Complete security. Dude I think you mentioned Canada and Jim we go back pin imitate them. I think so I think the top of the Cleveland there. The Canadian civil isn't isn't wanting to incorporate the best parts of your support of the United States and among other things. Provinces are as good as we countries in Europe so because of -- complaint W can yell and scream at the government wanted to come -- with eighty. Policies so. Somebody could Erica corporations that details with information. -- don't buy things that we visit to it is state technical privacy commissioner. -- each province as a music of the world they haven't turned out to these two -- -- -- always in these operations that some complaints and they shoot the government has to -- and -- somewhat pathetic. -- is a problem. If we may need the needed changes would we see anything heard screams were born. Noticing a difference in our pocketbooks. This flight delays in the split second. Given that I guess what lessons. Might protect appeal goes well. Overcome before it seemed. Could it be that civilian visitors talent. The technologist. I don't think the cost of the moment to talk among other things. About the justice securities company what are totally as well as a precaution. That result. In a lot of information. Being limited because it's duplicative work. It's ultimately. It's not useful little so it is in any privacy. Audit of the system is that. Streamline -- in the -- much more efficient and thereby save some money because you -- passive but you'll people without a lot of information in the tunnel underneath. Or -- -- -- -- -- for regular when we come back. Orbit as Cuba reports of partly. Initially. They said look everybody who when there in -- email accounts and they confuse things towards change all that. There's a chance of me and stolen by this. And then daily -- breathing and had not yet led led Yahoo! and FaceBook and Google make the changes before you do. Sebring get -- clarifications. That come back. Good question you got comments we've got the picture we're talking once again about bogey. That may have put on or pride that information. In -- and the people that we'd rather not have that information. Your thoughts to Sid 01 lead suddenly. 12386. Exceeded and steroids. The thing about the latest scare robo losing. Personal documents story human shields are passwords bank accounts. It's called the heart bleed drug gun and apparently. Hold and it's security. Or this this process. Have been opened for a couple years just discovered. FaceBook Google Yahoo! -- number of others affected by -- And consequently. We we have real fear of losing email accounts. Bank account username passwords. And as always we go to Robert Ellis Smith though publisher editor the privacy journal. To get a better handle on number one news can be viewed exaggerating the number two. Is that something something about Robert are believed we are on one side. Wait for the big use Yahoo! and Google and FaceBook to fix this bug. And we your Brothers say go whoa dude change username and were right now order what -- They can do it continues and there -- But if you do get a vote. Providers say that there are no longer involved that would change it again. Oh victory that there isn't one -- thinking right. Tinted. Pretty good football abilities today is going to Cuba. -- cup so -- not to vote. Block it in the US war. Good indication that accurate. Doesn't that signals the accurate. Security. Now after the securities and that's the problem with these threats come along. The makers of those products would cooperate protections. And so far that kind of work for most users but that is -- security of the world going to be these threats come along. It was always thought that Microsoft and all the products they. Incorporated and strong kind of attitude that we. So that's the continual process. This government of walked in the door after the horse is that. And then notifying people that the system is totally secure world it is put them together is pretty good. The provinces. You have a lot of makers with. Try to make itself a lot worse that is if you buy their product that's not particularly do it the whole office of insurance public. And secondly. Let them the so large companies move up the -- -- -- to a competitive that we wanted to accusations. Responsible and so companies that. Did it in fact been involved useful political talk about it -- Bob told -- where people. You want to exploited and used it to get more information. You know if that's kind of slaves drew even that is in truth that the expected is suing publicized people. What happens yeah. Do we ever get to the point where we'd lose. Trust -- sort of form and start backing up the Internet or is it pretty much a communal attitude now of there's not much privacy -- convenient and well liked. Yet while I think it was the institute of gratitude -- this generational I think the -- news is that -- it will probably within that. Memorial whole lot less available ability. And really awful -- -- to take care -- they seem to know what cautions today that I think people. It would just running on blind faith we are used to it is the vote paper mail that we always respective. The laws on the books to reassure us that nobody was connected on. That bale wasn't the laws that protected -- that between -- traditionally focused those countries that. Bill well that tradition not it -- was -- to lose. And so I think people were certainly it's. And it just kind of accepted. Secured medium they also think I believe that. With the communicate over the Internet it's not that important. It will compromise that's that there wasn't much. Except courses but -- corporation. -- Social Security numbers and system definitely sort -- commitment. Popular attention away and all of them. Along the lives help -- this lived the hackers come here and and and the daily buy and hold and those kind of encrypted software. Everything every dudes -- credit cards. Account numbers and all bar Amazon information UBETC. And then they go to things like hard planet in channel crew. Web sites that serve. The people that gathered this information. Even down to. Website call corder dot as you and or that or these web sites that gathered the -- at the of this stolen information and sell it -- Well not -- with -- -- I would think he has the hackers. Take these energy to gather the information that would either market for a way to use those credit cards for. Making charges. So it must be. The companies that serve them. We protect themselves by pretending that they're providing illnesses. Privately. That line between the white rappers and the people who claim to. Detect the wiretapping and protective. But isn't that that is the line between those who are selling products to protect us on the Internet isn't -- and -- the active. So we've got -- factory in Ukraine and the get told my Social Security number. Does does he sell it to one source of those three. Stood back at home in and pull up a thousand different sources and sell that same number over and over and does it ever reach a point where it's no longer valuable. Well I think. Both variety. Wholesalers and retailers. Those -- a couple of them home forward from the United States -- -- products. And -- appeal to Social Security it's usually somebody else's credit card number. And then individuals caught with the -- here they're not responsible for more than fifty dollars. You know losses of the credit card companies are absorbing. This laws as is kind of the cost of doing business but then it also. It's massive. Massive numbers of the Social Security numbers credit card numbers and then themselves. 22 others who. So we felt. The small time -- characters so. -- got both going on. I'd -- -- think people might be overly cautious about. The protection. Emails and other communications. There. Individual phone calls I don't think that's with -- greater vulnerability is to be useful ability is what -- kid passes the information can be resold. Used by that person so automated basis with some sort of anonymity. Built into whatever their scheme is going to be. -- a lot of people who. Worried about sending me an email. But it's a Packers could read it fertility got to consider how important sensitive information. Secondly wonder whether any. Factors that make the effort to finish. One assembly bill transmission. Not really knowing whether it's giving you anything. That's it is they do these active. Preaches that a large scale that expose. An open -- Some presumably with the can get large masses of information that's that's the and even we haven't had that many cases of identity theft I think based on these because. I believe that most of identity theft problems have come from people on the inside them. So modest about Social Security numbers and important that credit card information. Two of two other associates used to provide products so. Lou that's what -- mean we've seen in conflict target. Before Christmas last year we saw some indication that the density that but not a mass scale. You might expect that to have massively to this kind of information. 11 final question in a different direction. Probably absolutely nothing. To be concerned about but I I was curious erode this two years ago. Homeland Security officials in Ohio. They're asking Smartphone users if you see something to send something. And they've released an apt to -- reports in -- rooms of suspicious activity. Is that is that and and that the little incursions of privacy thing there is a problem Leo good law enforcement to. There's been -- -- debate about the inclusive government schools workplaces. What people are -- to vote. -- I've -- -- to tell the media illicit activity that is the digital versions. I think so long as people are encouraged to be active. Sure -- what -- doing it and that the recipient of the information. Does the same thing make sure that this information. Is valid and accurate before acting -- Then he had spoke with -- -- people being encouraged to. 190 illicit that it is too important -- Robert and I how to people of -- cure organization. Published monthly newsletter called privacy journal of the -- and a simple cup because it is pointless -- The web -- it is privacy journal. Dot net. And I email address. It is ordered that. Privacy journal. There. Robert remember you can fired from real ponder where -- had Preston will try to keep. It thank you so much of always great talk. And once again worth -- -- -- the possibility. Of moral laws privacy program or -- on the Internet. I'm where we're talking about an encryption software called hard but lead. It was meant to protect his own laws and and everything average citizen did had a giant hole and that hackers could group through. Over the last two years and if they did go through little island to access our emails and bank accounts and username and passwords. And the companies they're talking about that are susceptible this FaceBook. Google. Yahoo! and in the number of others and missile which -- experts to. Understand a couple of them warned the media. Ratings is this should be worried about. Number twos in anything and be done about it. -- gentleman by the name of Jones you with the with the electronic frontier. Around. I'm lady and forget the name of the -- wrong -- -- what what is electronic frontier and. -- civil liberty and online freedom act and as a group and San Francisco. So we do things to protect its digital privacy on the Internet. How worried should we. -- -- media per birdie or brilliant. Without I think in part when it came out but we. Security searchers were. Concerned. Because -- The almost to the Internet. That uses encryption. And that's a lot. -- People. What between how much they actually mattered. But some people that you couldn't. Exploit that to get anything. The super. -- And cap and -- -- And in the it was a debate initially change were right down no way. The group Goldman's. Apartment with all of them change for hours and change course. So is the idea change it now on when the big huge Rangers changes again. Well problem. What effect of people that like Google. It's is that they expect that -- put -- statement saying. That point definitely find it change up on the album that many people use that it the -- use. On the news out there in but what changed. Well. -- we've we've done. In you and rumbled through so let's go yours there with -- argued. That war was Leo and treatment sooner -- give. -- that would mean you know it's in user accounts in the union. Zero Heartland Payment Systems -- thirty million stolen records. Goldman's body I've never had render acquaintance. Now. That thing with target. Lost muscles -- real crude cordon that'll come action on it. Are urged using these and voluminous. Numbers to were people actually notice. -- You know when. There's a that we should we pretty quickly it happened on it and so sound. -- like that out what you -- that the money and ditto com. We haven't been like that we want amount. I stole. Google's -- And -- Exploding is that you know like it was. You'd see right. -- -- credit. Art critic. And let it be accountable and so as. No we haven't seen on the white guilt. Witnesses. Cool. So called expert -- made public option. This is a stark reminders that the Internet use -- Auriemma tunes you'd hardly -- it's for the -- and we don't -- -- quarter. When -- currency Internet security. This level of care in designing citizens. Wouldn't it fails or operation. Is missing in our culture it's all where -- well. It is currently do of had an expert on lives and it says it. We built this thing and hurry because of school and his greatness of our lives. -- we can build security into the picture of him we go back in and make it better. Or is it too expensive and slow things down. Well yeah. -- simply what. One insecurity engineer. At like most. People who makes or are on pretty tight that mind. An -- insecurity and -- -- my. Arm out gopac and that these things that happened. It's much much more work in the sixth at -- And -- in the pits without it our lead. And people -- that should go back and it and action upon an apple and the public and the effort. Well and it should be -- All right Melissa -- break bird come right back. -- figure about the latest in great news to intrusion into our personal information. This time through some software encryption that we thought was pretty safe. It's called though hard lead ball. Questions comments Gibbs called troops and 0187. And we've got the occurred with the 03866. And nine and zero pizza. Well with figure about a hard believe it's the latest hacking that. Could possibly compromised of a lot of what you do when the computer and we have young -- where the truth with the electronic founder of the frontier foundation. And let's go abroad -- -- and and hold their own with no. Out. Aren't like part about -- dollar charge you to. Independent. In the landing -- up and urged. You know I totally -- -- -- -- you don't worry about the light being able. You're real Archibald that we can -- it -- that -- Sentencing. I think. You know there's a problem with that credit cards aren't -- well -- entered. You know like you're you're. At it and number secret and someone that -- -- to your bank account. But the increase in me. Besides -- -- -- and other data and what it that you. I think in the and the next. And then a couple years -- what things like that where people. Numbers that we use in -- arm and I think. I'll -- in well. -- -- -- -- brief reports. A lot of these acting in the Eastern Europe even some government. What was once 100 -- all the things in -- without sides. That that except these things in cell and cord and it. The uncle ship -- crew. -- -- when it's quarters the lord. 80000 members is that legal. I have no idea. Like my knowledge of that and that is very element as. -- it just always amazes me that that he. The east -- NC these. QB. Huge. Room. And there are able to -- -- and actually make room. -- Marie. Should should we get to point to some of the prince's statement and these. Concerns about. That boon thing wrong it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well and privacy. I don't think we can look at all I mean. I think we long out in many many people the way it is insecurity and it helped that by. Some people. Yeah. The without started putting a lot of trust and -- and it doesn't need to be. That means people need to be more careful what you need to take that -- on the web. You'd need to make sure like the web site HTTP. Like on the floor and it credit card number. I think you all obviously it's partly a the insurance. Group that other thing. That it's in the benefit of using the web shopping -- is now much greater. And I have not been. For keeping track ball afterwards username. I use it is abuse -- every note today god. And on and is it Hughes -- the word of word. A murder incorporated and while it if you lose just changes begin. Yeah. You know -- despite it's happening username. The great thing you. I'll let you be whether upload it again and GE now. Com you can look -- -- -- and so that's. -- -- real pleasure to have you on the show will do these shows again and hopefully we'll get some your time -- about -- You have Gerry rigged -- to auction. Variety and remind you at 1240. Giveaways and tickets to Jazz Fest. We're hearing your phone number Lou cool to have a chance at winning at twelve -- that. Once again talking about the lawsuit against 97 oil companies and that to this they would lose rob and all of distinctive and.