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4-15-14 2:10pm Angela: on the resurrection of Jesus

Apr 15, 2014|

Angela talks with Dr. Vern Palmisano about his research into the historical accuracy of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

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Well certainly wanna thank the people who came into the studio to talk about. The residency rule that has been changed and and continues to be controversial. And I'm sure that we're going to be hearing more about it in the coming months. But we -- we do have a crisis in this town we do not have enough policeman and we have to attack from many many different angles. And that is what was we learned today it is just residence in. If other factors and we'll get into that another talk but I want to thank our -- to it meant a lot that you -- call. We are doing one environmental shifts. Truly. One of -- my most favorite people back. Is there scientific evidence of the crucifixion of Christ. Is -- scientific evidence of the resurrection. Local doctor -- Palmisano says absolutely their ears -- he is our guest for the next hour. And if you listen to what he says we would love to hear from you about what you think I want to thank doctor Thomas on who has a family doctor on the North Shore to -- Who just told me that he has spoken forty times since March. This is a man who as I said to you the last time is on a mission and it's a fascinating mission and it has been. Fifteen years of your life correct studying these questions. Right. So show. Not kind of take us back out I wanna go back to the crucifixion. As Easter is here for thinking it. While so. I think the easiest thing to say it would be says it's nothing it's much worst and we can even imagine it's it's much different -- week. And we think could be the scene of three crosses now mine is nowhere in history. So the idea of what -- really look like and the scene of that day news. Was far different and we thought that then we would think so. We have the picture looks -- would scaffolding that would go a hundred yards 200 yards and one direction embodies. In different stages of decomposition on this Gatling. Think about that think about the fact that. By Roman rule. Crucifixion victims lost the right of burial so they stayed on the crosses into that we -- dogs tomorrow buzzards. People would be on the cross for one day one week one month two months. So it was called the place of the skull because of the number of bodies at the keys on the crosses so calvary was far different -- -- week -- whenever mansion. So and it's a good place to start. So. So again. I'm -- violence and just took my glasses off. It is the day of crucifixion. And you say you have evidence so if you would take this back to what proves to you that it was Jesus on that Christ. The Dow off in my talks are used to letters BEL. Yes TP WC in listeners can write those letters down the BEL ST PW SC. -- would be broken Romans seal you realize that the tomb of Christ was sealed historically. By a Roman seal that would be to police pieces of clay with -- Ace -- the -- insignia on that would end and a piece of string between that that's what sealed a two month Christ. The importance of that seal was that in history. That meant three things number one that the body was indeed in there of the Roman soldiers were never garden -- Wondering whether a body was in there on number two it would stay in -- by Roman rule and number three it meant something credible. The penalty for breaking a Roman ceiling Christ's time was crucifixion. Upside down. The Roman rule actually says if you -- if you found guilty of breaking a Roman seal. You would be crucified upside down into your intestines ran out of your mouth. So the idea that the scared little -- disciples would get past these Roman soldiers and break the Romans seal is ludicrous. But it. The fact that that aroma seal is broken by the angels as the stones being moved on Sunday morning as prices. As risen from the dead and that's -- is documented Roman history is being broken and somebody had to pay a price crumbles -- -- I don't go with being broken Romans feel. The empty -- If Abraham Lincoln rises from the dead tomorrow morning that said last time the first place everybody's in the goes Abraham Lincoln's -- that tube was only five minutes walk. From -- from downtown Jerusalem. If we decide eight. Jewish carpenter crucified on the Roman cross on Friday and and it and then claim that rise from the dead on Sunday. Where is everybody gonna go well history says harassment went to that -- Oust him at the team everybody went today to an effective it was indeed empty is evidence that something happened -- naturally that the tune was nobody denied. The -- They question how -- -- -- but the question the idea that it was empty is well documented history that's very very important for Ryan Evans says it was in the on -- Sunday -- so even his enemies said it was empty. Even the Ferris sees this Agassi's a Roman said it was empty nobody -- did that tomb was -- Five minutes walk from downtown Jerusalem that's incredibly this deal was for mountain by the angels by the angels. But you just you don't have proof that somebody did it and got away with it right that's right we don't and I would be. Incredibly unlikely with sixteen Roman soldiers watching Gordon to of course and risked their life -- crucified upside down. And those sixteen were never. Questions. All pilots -- to seizure of course and actually let my men live there was enough evidence that men -- and goodness -- -- actually Colin actually let the the Roman soldiers live nothing that's incredible. Incredible Claudia. Pilot's wife who said leave him alone. Became a -- in the Greek orthodox church because she claimed to have seen the resurrected Christ afterwards in the and the soldiers were allowed to live one when major happens that there's something supernatural. -- -- While. The location of the stone you know. History and then in the biblical records and say that. That that's almost picked up and carried away when the angels moved to stone in the present two of Christ then move it a few few feet as if men had moved to stone. If the Romans got the steal the body at the Jews come to steal the by disciples from the -- the body of animals gonna take the body. That's stone which -- 2000 pounds by the way 2000 pounds would have been just moved a few feet. But history tells us that's almost hundreds of yards away from the opening of the -- And so is everybody comes and let him -- men palace men everybody said yes I mean we can't hold anybody responsible for this. It would not move that the stone hundreds of yards away the location of the stone -- -- about the women on the way to the -- and counted by pirates men. And how it's been incredibly important and there was no -- near the tune. That's the -- the location of the stone is one of the best evidence the government back to the soldiers guarding him. Based on nothing. They didn't see the stone moving. No they saw -- hit it he says what they saw was the angels'. You the miraculous move the stone absolutely in the felt the earthquake and became like dead man scripture says so who's. They go back to report exactly that they go back to the sad season parity report the supernatural events that acres. So amazing race when they when you say like dead men like maybe they were knocked unconscious yeah like they were so stunned that they you know parents out there will be one -- right if you can imagine seeing a supernatural being. For the first time in your life pick up 2000 pound stones and move them and an earthquake. You know we say that as we rent an entire life but think about the burst. They got me believe in here I want everyone to stay with -- were talking with doctor Vern Palmisano. About. As he calls scientific evidence of the resurrection stay with this I'm Angela under the that you. Once again we welcome back doctor Vern Palmisano who -- say local family doctor on the North Shore who. Has really made it his life's work that we're gonna say that studying. Looking for the proof. Of the birth of Christ which we had at Christmas time. The crucifixion of Christ and the resurrection. Looking for the scientific proof and took -- a long time he still learning I'm sure yet and and has. Has it easy for us to understand with these letters so were on G. Reaction -- -- I'm so sorry yes. The soldiers left in nova. Did the fact that the soldier Roman soldiers left the tomb of crisis on this anymore and we read that burst and we go on to the next first like it was. A small event and once in -- stand at the penalty. For Roman soldier who left his watch. Was the centurion who was in charge of a hundred soldiers would ask that one soldier who left his watch -- more than one. To strip themselves of their own clothes and armor and they were burned alive. In their own clothes and armor for the other soldiers to watch in -- -- entering couldn't figure out who left they'll watch first -- who is responsible for the misstate the group made this interim and reach on the side of the road and grab a handful of straw. And he would begin to draw straws until someone spoke up. In each soldier was burned alive in his own clothes and -- someone's Boca so the fact that. S stands for soldiers left is no little. Point to -- -- evidence the fact that Roman soldiers believe they'll watch means something supernatural and something bad happening credible that they had the lead watchful. And what you're saying is they admitted they left their lot right because they -- witness that's writes and says they go in the town to talk to the Jewish chief priest. The -- at tellem and the events that occurred what they had just seen with their rise to who else is gonna believe them. And it says a Jewish chief priest had to bribe on the tell alignment disciples came and so. Incredible credible stuff. So then they go back and the centurion. Doesn't burn them alive that's right that's -- if he senses that the debate at the soldiers will let the -- Because it was so much emphasis is since orient soft. At that could station crises of the earthquake ended in a bail ripped into an all the Mets essentially this is the son of god. The -- you something spectacular was going on here even that Sunday especially. All right now were with -- while. Which we at three hours this is a famous great clothes you realize -- to really was an empty there was something in net doom and that was a great close of Christ. There are many many authorities out there and I believe the best evidence for the resurrection -- -- close of Christ who would lead to great closed at the Romans. Steal the body at the Jews move the body at the disciples move the body if anybody takes a body who's gonna unwrap those great -- -- -- Back to degrade close remained in the tomb was evident to everybody that's something supernatural happen here and oh by the way. In event had occurred not the nets that long before that the raising of Lazarus went Chrysler raised Lazarus from the dead. Even the last who's in the two in three days Christ said lose him and let him go. Another which he couldn't get out of his own great clothes who has AC degree close of crises that we just saw last retreat from that he couldn't get out -- those listening came through these clothes. And the second thing about the grave clothes of course as the folded napkin tradition. In Christ time every one would have known folded napkin to tradition whether the master we need at a table. And this survey would stand out of sight. If the master data from the table and neatly folded his napkin and liked his mouth and put the folded napkin down back down on the table. Than the servant who was standing out of -- Would not dare touch that plate because in that they'd have folded napkin assignment I'm coming back in Simi again in the few minutes incredible. It says is a see the -- close of Christ in the tomb. That they saw the folded -- and laid in place by itself the Christ tick on the full that NAFTA and tell everybody who came behind him. That I'm alive Agassi meet again incredible incredible stuff even harassment would have known the folded napkin. Sign Nick Price left in the -- -- the great clothes -- Maybe the best evidence for the resurrection of Christ some people would say in what happened to those close -- -- I don't know estimate in dollar questions. Anybody says they know what happened to the -- there there. I would say they're wrong based upon my parents and where did you read about these clothes lol oh yeah. Besides a biblical record this at least winning authors who mention the great close to -- history that. Early church delayed return to receive -- they're planning. Historians who talk about the great clothes. From witnesses who saw right from the biblical record and from others that's right exactly. So no doubt about that what happened to -- think anybody knows. OK we move on to -- Post resurrection appearances. You realize that. That is the gospels are being written. Description says that he appeared to as many as 500 people at a time. Of the thousands of people who may have seen him post resurrection. You realize that it's -- gospel writers are writing their -- police 101215. Years after the dance. You realize -- some of those people are still alive. Some of the people who saw him post resurrection. As a biblical record as being written are still alive to say I was there to collaborate the story I saw him. If we all saw Michael Jordan score a hundred points in a basketball game in the next state newspaper city scored 99 points. That story would that last three days as we also we were -- we saw him score -- hundred same way here. The story lasted and made it because people were still alive at the time of the writing -- say. I saw him. I'm one of those 500 I -- I collaborate historian meetings are still alive. What did they city. Where did they see him. All I saw him at of course at the -- the women would have seen him -- -- and disciples later and then an up and the upper room later. And on the road to remain as they saw him in and he went about and walked about. Eight with them sat down with them so -- think keep that in mind he he made MC showed himself to it is especially to his followers afterwards but it. He also showed himself to an enemy Saul Saul who killed Christians became Paul wrote most of the new tester amendment he was an enemy of Christ. This says he saw a crisis on the road to Damascus and became a follower of Christ and in salt chains to pol. Because of that credible. And so. They would see them they would then tell their family I saw Jesus Christ I spoke with Jesus Christ. Right so there should be -- any writings or -- these people didn't necessarily right. No no -- right in the biblical reckon is the main wreckage of that but the that that's a that's a substantial record by itself when you have over the thousands who -- him afterwards. Matches hundreds literally thousands and I wonder if anybody asks him. How did this happen a couple home plug that's so at two when you imagine additive. Absolutely how was the rock moved how was the seal broken -- -- angels come they recorded it that's right there's got the right recorded at the angels team and carried the -- away the word is apple Coolio in the original Greek apple -- means to be picked up. And carried a way to no longer be -- relationship. And all to be picked up and carried away so. The angels. Moved to 2000 -- like it was a pebble. Well having never been to Jerusalem is that stone. -- them in areas that saved the other similar stones from the from the time of Christ that are still there for a Ecstasy today anyway about 2000 panels. Were on to W. Wow. Women first. Seeing today society we can never ever truly give. The right credit to what W stands for women's first. In Christ time a pilot went to trial and -- innocent of the crime SC rape. In my life followed me to trial. And she yelled out from the back of the courtroom my husband's -- allowed him he would never rate that -- In Christ time that would automatically. Automatically be found guilty. The testimony of a woman in Christ Thomas automatically conceded the -- -- -- so so the group college used to Jesus say one of the best evidence for the resurrection affected all four gospel writers were not scared to right. That the first person to seek price in the first person that testified to terrorism lord was a and incredible we can not put enough emphasis on the fact that the gospel writers -- that scared to say that women so -- person test of diapers because they 1000. And in a 1000% sure that it was true. Incredible as the gospels of being circulated to Jews and Jews and Jews. They would be left out of town that they want sure it was true laughed out of ten on the record would never make it. Unbelievable -- Members. All right our final SC. Change lives. The change slobs of the apostles all twelve apostles died mourn his death was -- -- is that why -- one of them change their -- say it was a hoax it was like why would alt well. Willingly die -- death you mean the odds of that and I dare you to number one number two. -- -- Of James in -- you realized a half Brothers of Christ. The Brothers who thought Christ grow up and live a perfect so analysts liked his half Brothers still we're not followers of Christ before the resurrection. It says it 1000 nowhere near him after the resurrection James becomes his half brother James. Becomes a leader of the church and wrote the book of Jameson in the new testament to that -- change change from one believers to believers. Only the resurrection of Christ detained flops. And of course Peter. Peters as well ally in my talked every every time my dues talk the chains like the piece of from college to hero. Being brave loud mouth Peter on Thursday night. It says -- crisis being taken to trial he's not willing to testify at a he's a follower of Christ -- serving girl around a fire on Thursday night. She asked him three times and he says no. On Thursday night. On Friday he's nowhere to be found on Saturday no way to beat down on Sunday after the resurrection Christ he became he becomes the leader of the church. And says in scripture and history about a -- tells us that he willingly. Willingly died. Upside now crucifixion. Upside down have you ever seen -- -- and down -- did he know how horrible crews stationed outside Dallas. -- he willingly choose to be crucified upside now will we change Peter from Howard tool serving girl on Thursday night the -- years later willingly. Being crucified upside down. -- addiction upside down and -- intestines ran out of your mouth think about that incredible he willingly does so the change a lot. After the resurrection the size of millions of change lives today of course but there was some immediately that very important to the gospel. -- and. Stay with us everyone we're gonna continue talking with doctor -- Palmisano. About the resurrection of Christ at the crucifixion of Christ. And what he believes very strongly is the scientific evidence love to hear from you. He would love to hear the -- well 2601 and seventy but now let's go to the newsroom and Christmas. Our friend doctor -- Amazon who has Sam. Just done an incredible study on the -- birth of Christ -- A crucifixion of Christ and the resurrection we've been talking a lot about the resurrection. And his very strong beliefs on scientific evidence that proves what happened. But that's the -- of like to go to them first let's go to breaking. Hello how're you doing. What jobs are about -- they get it out there but the -- -- -- As -- I am a Christian man. I firmly believe that about -- that went on air today. -- but things on -- despite. As a personal law that they. Like that that had been been following right now eight years out on here. It is like a big problem. That is want to have you ever heard. I want a system that is I don't think we really senate. When you hear Christmas but doctor comes on does have the CD. How can somebody get that net at the web site that the Christ question confirmed that. Christ question confirmed dot com okay. -- I really appreciate you listening today and taking the time to call. Eight. Thank you had. Are yet and then they'll -- that. I. I actually you know I've wanted to do you know what. Upgraded and each and that will. -- the right before you know because they'll -- that Arctic opening to what they -- And -- -- lot you know everybody not just you know so I think you're right people that you got away with you know. So. Saying after you know you didn't do that -- And built in part Beijing that applicable. -- Love you make. -- -- you know Russian. Right now. Well you think about it in one. Trapped on the table I hit the Bible is that -- Churchill. It of the great what. Are your thoughts on how well he he certainly was special because he was god in the flash and so. But he he divided people he divided people he he didn't please everyone and -- so many that they. That they kills him so don't don't forget that he came to divide the world. And to those who believe him and those who don't so even though he was certainly charismatic figure but being god in the flesh made him special. -- -- and this is we're going to talk about the crucifixion again but. Just last week they came out with the the theologian from Harvard who has said that they paper that was found that comment and it's been around long time that Jesus had a wife. Jesus' wife right do you believe one that he had a wife and two if you did what really the difference would that have made. No I don't believe you had a -- obviously the the gospel writers who lived with him and saw him and spent three and a half years with him on earth. Somebody would have mentioned that and and I think it's incredibly important because the gospel records were. Or were analyzed and criticized and and and decided appointment very early in the church so well. The eighteen comes after that had already been left doubt this is considered not. Being authoritative. Not being inspired so you really can't trust anything that shows up suddenly now. Because the early church are already analyze all the information as to what was considered -- what was uses scripture. Very early in church history. OK but what are we take another quick break we're gonna come back and we're gonna talk about the crucifixion and some actual. Incredible science behind stay with this I'm Angela under the W well. Just wanna mention that to if you wanna hear more from doctor -- Thomas on now. On station a channel twenty on AT&T that's WH -- Off for the next three Sundays at 730 at night he will be. 31 hour -- For the next three Sundays called beyond history. And again we are talking about with talk but the resurrection of the -- let's talk about the crucifixion. And and that setting as you said it was walking. To a horrific thing not that we would ever picture because it was far more graphic and more awful. -- you can imagine walking up by feel. Full of bodies in different stages of decomposition that the ground -- with skulls from people who prodded. Those who was called the place of the skull for many reasons but number one because of the -- that would be there. You can imagine it's crucifixion victims loss of bowel and bladder control. So they -- aided and defecated on the soldiers below you can imagine that scene. Imagine a scene of a buzz it's him while dogs pulling crucifixion victims off the crosses which they did and ate them. So it was infinitely worse than we can imagine calvary nothing like the three crosses receive now. So he is walked up to the hill he's been flawed. Right and all of a sudden take this to this to me is so fascinating. We just saw the blood moon. And it was a -- While so scripture says. Suddenly unexpectedly. Out of nowhere it got dark for three hours between twelve and three -- that happening new loans it would be recorded everywhere. The media would code and everybody would say why did -- give -- between twelve and three suddenly unexpectedly script as president was recorded by a Roman historians. The twelve to three darkness is well recorded history by at least eight other writers. Outside of scripture. If it suddenly got docked at three hours of course people recorded them out subscription. And that's incredibly important but what's more important as the fact that Peter. As he's talking to the minute Bangkok he says he's making a case for Christ he says. You remember something you saw in the light of Christ you -- others -- turn in the darkness. That's a twelve to three dogs and he said he says he saw the blood the moon turn into blood tests acts chapter two for those who read. Wanna read it accepted to Peta says that demand side blood moon -- the price and so using computers and science and and everything we know now we can simply go backwards and say. Wind was a blood moon when was a total lunar eclipse in the light of Christ. If he was born into BC indicted in 8033 win in that 35 year period of time. It was a total lunar eclipse and guess what on Friday we have one. April the third 8033. No doubt in my mind that the crucifixion of Christ occured first. On April the third 8033. The total lunar eclipse. Recorded by Peter that the blood moon. Listen you can only have a blood loan and a total lunar eclipse during a full moon -- guess what. Guess what move -- coming up to now a -- -- today's the First Day of Passover and it's going to be a full moon for racist when he missed the twentieth of this month. Easter is always dated on the on a full moon so keep that in mind. And now we have to do is go back it's the first east it would have been April the fifth. 8033 ago mama incredible stuff grow -- about could you talk about smell. Remembrance that's. You know if if I went to some little Italian restaurant in Italy and someone said you member of the smell that restaurant message yes it smelled like this I would know that they've been there. Well the smell of calvary was recorded in and Jewish and Roman history and by the biblical writers when she broke that alabaster jar over his head. Of -- -- that was six days before calvary. Everybody out there listening realize that she broke down entire bottle -- -- over his head at six days before Calgary scripture says. That is instilled that is still the house to smell here and a hard one drop on the money on a king's head would last a month. When McCain was anointed the -- shipping -- time they would put one drop appeared garner said in that drop at last the month. And it says she put the whole Bible on his head sixties before calvary of course that's -- and although with thing -- to his grave recorded in history amazing to me. Amazing. Sheets he predicted by the way he told that he told Judith -- alone apple which -- done as good or she has prepared my body for burial. She really did we thought he was talking in symbolic terms but he really wasn't she really did prepares body for stereo. Some people think that it wasn't a resurrection that in fact he was taken off the cross not -- While. The Roman soldiers were experts at death. The Roman soldiers were experts. Christ died of blood loss between the Roman flogging. Which was academy ninety -- which would rip you flash are between that -- -- crown of thorns in the wedding of drops of blood in the garden of -- him and he he he was. His tank was empty by the time he got the Calgary and so pilots at one he'd die so as soon as because. Of the three things that happened to him from a so we never let anybody -- the cross saliva says when they pierced his side with a spear. Water and blood came boy that's a sign. Cardiology and -- shock that the hearted going into shock -- that he was in. Partly because of the blood loss in the tremendous trauma and he he encounters to the Roman soldiers were expert. At killing. I'm just I keep looking into it I just have to ask again what sparked. -- want to spend this these years looking for that -- We mentioned last time that I twelve years ago but fell. Out of the tree 42 feet. And I was down six hours later and -- three times and during that time that I realized that the only thing that determine where I was gonna go next was not when anybody had told me or anything I had -- during thing I felt. Would determine what was going to happen to -- next was whether or not those historically been to a -- whether or not the biblical record. Or was actors from the Christian -- if they want. And I didn't know what was gonna happen next when I'd died and but it they were true I knew where it was one -- dogma -- surged twelve years ago. I -- -- surround me at 10:30 in the morning and nose -- six dollars -- -- by one miracle after. That is incredible we did not into that an in -- about that so fifth that's sort of an important point and not let. -- -- I'm curious what inspires one on this new -- and find out. That's right yeah want to know how well documented on the dance of the Christian date. You realize that if you're Christian out there are in this round -- faces determined -- the events of those 72 hours. If they didn't happen you're wasting your time wasted time we are so. That that's why it's that's why did did. Stay with us we'll be right. Doctor -- Thomas on our special guest we have a caller Steve from -- -- state. Doctor it sounds a lot like your studies are buried in. Would you agree. I'm mixed year beginnings. It's like your studies are a lot operate in Christian apologetic. Which you are very. Right it's true it's what do you which I'm I'm moderately stated I have been at a -- -- the Chrysler -- years truly. -- just hearing about -- day in truly appreciate. The -- -- the he would their positions and what I wanted to detention publicly is. -- is how our judicial system has been ordered an agent ball into current America as we now. Our judicial system away from the evidence is the preponderance and even there are potentially some that they try to art -- some of the history and other non biblical. Sextet that are out there the preponderance. Of truth there -- hundreds of the evidence that it's more. Does truly in my opinion also -- and telling reason to believe. In jeans and his resurrection. As -- write about this Simon Greenleaf right the president and founder of Harvard Law School. Let that sink in the president down of Harvard Law School Simon Greenleaf says. In a courtroom tomorrow I can bring more evidence that Christ rose from the dead -- I could for any Caesar -- Farrow a king that I believe. Any Cesar pharaoh -- king and have a -- back to bring more evidence tomorrow's timing green. Well who wasn't a believer who wasn't a -- says there's more evidence for Christ and -- -- procedures kings in. Well I would agree reader an amazing statement -- at all. If I'm correct I believe there are more manuscripts. Non biblical but including biblical available. To be accuracy in the trend of scripture. And the other is horrible person ever -- -- veterans. Leaving clothes I'm -- they're really appreciate that comment. Bet this year people have better ability to believe in the order of arts and the relationship they -- cry. Berkshire is just the generals storage right. Steve thank you very much for listening and the calls doctor Palmisano. Always a delight -- gonna have you back the very best to you thank you so much thank you so much coming up in the next hour Edwin Edwards and his bride.