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4-15 4:35pm Sports Talk: Saints Workouts

Apr 15, 2014|

Deke Bellavia talks to WWL Saints Sideline Reporter Kristian Garic about five players that worked out with the Saints today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

These Saints -- Arab Mota and host on double coverage Christie Garrett can't Christie Garrett won on Twitter. Saint working out some players today Christian give us a late. Sure they pick you up five quarterbacks. At the camp. Today in the college ranks. Creek rapids are well underway now a deterrent. The date from really three is focusing on the trap which is a little more weeks -- -- Dmitri goods in the quarterback Taylor -- adjusting guilt or quarterback out of Oklahoma State. Bradley -- I don't state and it Erik Cole in Oklahoma. And appeared this year from -- universe we all feed into it ain't got killed or lightly on. As the best quarterback in this -- -- top fifteen selection -- a lot of mock draft you look at out. It would -- it early in this case. But they just do their homework and really look at the quarterback this -- Eddie green at all by prospects. Ranged from you know first round 23 round -- Though the latter stage of the draft depending on now where you talked about it and they -- they're doing homework didn't there and tell. Study on and try to much but these guys like any. It is just being Gilbert might. Looked to be out there arranged in terms of you know -- 47. Justin -- big on the top fifteen. But it slides there -- -- children about it. But he Katrina and not a candidate will but you know it certainly. Or doing your homework on so we've seen the Saints do at the forward. Particular players at navy did all wrapped them but been at 45 years when they're free agents they have a baseline testing. Speak. On the players they know all the more -- concrete. So it's out of Puerto Chris again host on double covered six say in the 9 AM weekday mornings on thirteen 15 AM three W yeah and Christie Garrett won on quarter. And Chris and that they give makes him since that goes let's think about okay you got a player in Gilbert who is projected to be a whole top fifteen pick. -- you've got you look at your situation. Now the Saints are working out these cornerbacks. What is on the back -- you know I think they know the potential of those players Michael White. Like Robinson however when you have a guy that's coming here. Like a Champ Bailey and you've got a player like that Keenan Lewis we've seen the commitment to defense -- be strong winds may be -- being in the paint air. And I think maybe you added to the mix so it's at least fair to have to strategically talk about it we're we're not only may be looking at a got a might be in the battery but. If he is that coverage if he means that much to us. How much more is he gonna get out of not only be -- a -- -- but beyond a guy like Champ Bailey for one. May be two years in the you can have that got cope with the long -- Yeah and it it's David that is not a guy like just think it would make it simple and it needs a little more development. And yet the luxury. With the depth you have almost a Belichick feeling like you mention Ian Lewis and of course Patrick Robinson Corey -- in the mix well with rod sweeting yet the luxury of me like they want these guys. And later a third round or some like what they're available. On today's MLB in you know this. It. You know year year in the nickel. So much that. -- need to draft a cornerback every year anyway damaged followed general managers scouts and executives say that defensive tackle. And quarterbacks you pretty much at the draft one every year. Chris and yet and you take via. -- urban purposes you look at also you never can have too many pass rush or cover guy. And you know so that approach now -- dog leg and -- this is Aniston as the gallery -- it is. That the chronicle that journey to the NFL draft. And in my understanding that he and he enrolled at his visit to New Orleans is cool now here's. A vertical speed threat -- receiver he had 72 catches. Nine to 37 yards a team high nine touchdowns. His senior year last year and I know Carolina is also -- -- according though when he reported. Of the Dolphins Eagles teased Patriots Cowboys but -- can you say about maybe their business Robert Aaron continual. Couple people understand them is just another example Saints. Trying to do as much homework on. Positions they feel like they're there to be targeting come made my intent. And you know they -- -- mark easily. Also from USC. Projected ago you know later in the first round the second round eventually. You know I think it is not mercenary aspect could shake out. Would say that her tropic are answered position whether it be at wide receiver appeared cornerback. But I mean I go back. Just last year and everybody had taken outside linebacker. What they do -- draft speaking came out so that I predict what they're good -- is it a bit difficult at times but. I think it's clear that you can look at -- -- -- a just by the way they conducted this offseason it. They clearly identified the cornerback position I have a secondary certainly is an area that they wanted to target. And -- and at wide receiver when you lose a guy like more. -- got to replace. You know at least in numbers he got to replace the top players there. With Joseph Morgan. It's not known so that they deep threat receiver it is what we all can't figure. To be an area of need for the team and I think -- they continue to work out. A -- receiver position. -- -- done that corners and in when I understand there's a number of cheap he's been that might be on the list to come in. And and conduct pre draft workouts and there's been -- -- article -- -- so. I don't think -- there China is much in talent they can on a few positions of need certainly on the front line as well. Chris you know what else could you talk about wide receiver and in getting younger but also. And -- -- -- -- in value the capitals -- mismatches. Darren Sproles a possible replacement you know we talk about Tavarez cadet. He's going to be a player days of fighting for that spot. Because you kind of take for granted when you look at the status of these two individuals. Sensual and -- been here. But he and Reggie Bush and then he had Darren Sproles if you look at that comedies -- I don't know it's even better anywhere in NFL. -- looking at possible I was reading also I can't stage try archer yeah are are against the Anthony Thomas. Might be also possibility -- looking at their draft pool. That's kinda against Cabrera -- size and speed. When you look at the likes of like that Darren Sproles. Yeah listen I noticed last year that could be questioned that left tackle right and chomping at the outset that magnate. It was pretty much -- Charles Brown what they do in the third round they went -- -- it Toronto. Arms so. I know Sean people recently said that cherished that might suit. More than Darren Sproles and able but I I expect him to outlook part and I like try archer. Three archer. -- -- I expect them to look pretty hard at a speed back. And it slash aren't impacted various roles played. That rule in the trap them a good thing about it is. The way the NFL do you emphasize the running back position you don't have to spend an early pick on those players judo guys. And that and -- productive ground to make a minute preceded these guys -- The league is chock full of guys that we're even on drafted me certainly you know a couple of on this roster currently proceed that. That come in and contributed so I think that you know will also look at pat. Element to their offensive -- the -- player that. You know maybe it's by security game and add another -- touches and -- it I'm not so sure that to merit and the Australians. The only guys that they're gonna. Yet. What did -- get ahead and the job and I got -- resilient and compete for. Yeah yeah I -- I expect them as much as they talk about competition. I think it's in the there. Area -- third down back if you will that don't have competition that. Saints out out of Puerto Christie Garrett host of double covered and -- about a day each and every weekday morning 6 AM to 9 AM on three WL follow him on Twitter at Christian. Gave one paid -- thank you so much heart so much -- all right Chris and Bob would take -- on sports talk tomorrow from four to 8 PM right here on WW.

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