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4-15 5:20pm Sports Talk: Saints Draft Needs

Apr 15, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to NFL Network Analyst Jamie Dukes about the Saints 2014 draft needs and the possible breakout player of the upcoming season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Following NFL player teammate of the Kasey -- -- been -- NFL analyst Jamie Dukes. John just always a pleasant -- who get ready for the draft all the program NFL network at the drag you guys breaking it down when you look at the New Orleans Saints Jamie. What are some things you feel like that stand -- that the Saints need to address that threat. We're prepared -- -- what the next question are or run on what we don't know what it. But but JB you know that saying is better. To get rid of a player a year too soon and then a year too late I think the hung on maybe a year -- -- along with Deuce. McAllister about this and -- I don't know why. There's Sproles is live was bitching because now legacy and at the Cleveland. To -- Chip Kelly Philadelphia I think the Saints not a head did him a favor as the all requests and I've had so far. But with the move though was maybe. You know Nike been Darren Sproles for the season. -- Okay -- sole -- put on the weight scale. You -- in the deal could you director first rounds the week we got which got she. This is the second most productive player -- that people are productive player on your team. Ball. That it be able. You know and a lot -- but it -- it -- -- And David -- I just think though. Is that the price tag and and to me wasn't you know four million vs -- is only make analysts say a million but I -- diamond in the rough. And he has a pass receiving running back there Travares cadet I'm not only are they -- remember that. -- your career. At all out there and terrible format like this guy ready to. We just keep that up you can write it that way UC. Oh yeah. -- -- He had been you know and as far as the draft radar. Kids states what's his name drawing card -- -- archer. And in the Anthony Thomas -- Morgan so they have a plan all know is that that scat back whatever you wanna call it. Running back by committee. Passes even running back the saints' initial opinion Drew -- have had the likes of Reggie Bush. And Darren Sproles so the that'll be tough villain whoever it takes that role whether it is cadet are a young rookie. I. You know. We go back capital -- and all. I'll look at it that's why it was example will get real -- as -- admitted to reach out and make people look like stock. But that -- make it over here we got. It all worked out at running back to work out at all -- -- so that we article. Figure out which one of these guys we could possibly act that's my whole thing you're the king -- walked in we -- were not. The Jamie when you look at New Orleans now what is what is number one area that you think the attack with their first trip. I'd like to give himself but they're desperate. Young -- -- Are -- honored ball kind of got -- -- here in 85 honorable at all separate you know with guys advocate for Morgan State. You know somebody like well we can't get Sammy likens. The right right which you could try to find that Barry -- right by the I mean the best wide receiver. Odd if you ask me I mean agreed to pay -- really network. Albeit that they're coming on and have vivid production. You've got a quarterback. Hectic for the ball around -- -- do what the ball and immediately sit here with a high. Respect it. -- -- -- put -- -- -- directors may well he can sit there. Why do you like JB almost like I guess why them why receiver Bert art at tied in version of a wide receiver like -- Jimmy Graham has done. That's one of the old. And can't. As we can't be -- off. Just like if I you know I don't drink a lot of point that might be a factor all of that equation do that what. So many places when it vaulted broke back certainly felt that you or that actors well. Now Jamie at the one thing the hood and nation in the fan base we talked to show what they've been impressed. If you look at the NFC playoff teams the Saints are playoff team but what is gonna take to overtake the -- -- -- structured the lights. Of the Seattle Seahawks obviously in the 49ers. And leaving Carolina. You know when in a dog fight in its. Seventeen to thirteen -- so optimistic. About around here. Is that we are being proactive and we making moves for the now. Especially defensively how -- we overtake the Seahawks while bring it in Jarrius Bernard. And and and and you look at the significance of that any of the Champ Bailey. And his expertise. And then the one thing with -- -- -- -- before defense. What didn't they do last year. Was take a way to football that is not by accident the year they won -- global. We had 39 takeaways guess somebody takeaways Seattle had a last year 39. So I'm I'm telling you if we can be more opportunistic. And bird make it plays in a ball and that's saying he's our Thomas. But he's kind of like in that conversation. That's why Saints fans are optimistic. Nick shared -- we can compete with the likes of Seattle and it's -- sisco because. They expect an office at the kind of be that always a top five offense but the defense as they went Arad and -- get more takeaways. Yeah were prepared prepared prepared for the trip that -- it's -- out. At -- -- -- an -- well the Saints won the Super Bowl they were six I believe -- to rush. Yet. Bit the cool off. And so. That's -- only difference between Sampras -- Seattle. Note -- seeing it okay all those numbers are great until we got now now it's app state. Now we gotta be at that apology and a mile in -- -- and withstand that so that's what Carolina Panthers have kind of at the war just because they're -- Well they've passed -- Carolinas Jamie that we play in the -- we kick their ass about three yards out. Well well well look at the best record when it was -- Right right I agree that it but I. What matters it right at the top of the physical. But -- thing about this Sean May not think his wisdom. If you look at it and I being babies learn from this is the year to be keeping your greatest show on turf. And indeed when they won the in 2011 and 2009. They Iran for 2100 yards and matter of those by committee. But during the season we had like 23 rushing attempts the last four games Sean Payton was -- 32 rushing attempts. And we ran the ball against Seattle as good as anybody curry a promising even Ingram even though we had fumbled to start its second quarter we averaged four point two yards a carry. So I think less of drew could be more and and that's why I think the saints' other trying to play more physical. In particular when you look at the -- and that dictated as to what you global change. Is the team that has been they're -- good support. Now it because the law and more physical -- You look at their. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of the and so every game and has won -- and what it. That's what it's all about being physical aggressive actually getting my guys -- for examples of that on your roster. That's where -- respectful -- about the primary need of the -- it yet we actually it back. You -- -- man -- Guy who could play that position could be could be fuel. You know for the next ten years made me. Columbia attitude for the QB to witness it but I'll get out much stretch not there yet the due to the real well. But for certain what -- northern. Jamie Dukes NFL analysts NFL network -- always a pleasure thank you so much at a time thanks Jamie. -- -- -- -- -- -- All right -- the only son is 534 time first news we'll go to Jim Hansen.

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