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4-15 6:10pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

Apr 15, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Senior Writer at tigerbait.com Bryan Lazare about LSU Baseball's Wally Pontiff JR Classic and upcoming game against Ole Miss.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to the final. Two segments -- sports talk. LSU baseball taking on southern Mississippi in the lollipop to you yet. Classic 2014 addition to airline highway -- stadium. Different feel coming up at 630% of the -- is it to operate jaguar -- -- do you think we'll have a breakout year. For the Saints were -- to -- a Cairo -- Bergeron on stick Larry Robinson all of -- case -- vote online at WW dot com were taken on the poll results in just a moment. Coming up. Is tiger baseball a big week this week against Mississippi clubs southern miss this evening. And against Ole miss -- -- Winn-Dixie showdown in the superdome on this week brown is ours. The Tigers have lost some tough games in everybody's point what their big series against Ole miss because the Tigers and rebels this game off each other -- ACC play. Southern miss tonight take yesterday's game what does LSU look at to do from a pitching standpoint. Well I got a note split up that night the all the -- idol star at all and he'll probably go in the more than two innings you know would. Playing two team -- -- total net beginning on batters he gets weak you know obviously. All hands have to be ready. Come Thursday night so you won't see -- you know on -- many pitchers work more than an inning -- -- -- you know are right those -- and he brought the -- different got -- -- not after that. Now Brian and it uses of late and Jolie that address this. I'll look at the expansion in the stadium believe what a thousand more fans. Now in. When you trying to make the experience to be the Cardinals considering would you invested in going to the games. Do you think it truly can address. The parking problems and images that the traffic problems. We'll be going in and out on campus and will what did you take on that. Well Bobby I think in the pocket and people you know or roundly at these seed. In the last few weeks and -- it's just the problem right now and we can include football basketball baseball. Get people in -- and you know that number -- note should closer. Is increasing in you know and again well let's let's talk football and that you talk about an experience. You know it's a lot easier for people sit at home and watching. Watch the LSU game they're being HE. TV and in addition can watch a few other game that day where they can go to the stadium that you can tailgate everything happened night. Which at the NL. There's the possibility that she could be stuck in traffic after the game practical caught -- will be trapped deep try to repeat. And you know. Today aside it's so much social media that you know you have problems getting they'll serve it's been getting on you know. -- Cell phone Internet and it for the student against the -- all those things right now it could be a problem and out. It's not unique LA you not know. Wait -- LL even NFL. In the future being -- -- on the hand. Well and access and -- years decade. You have to me that and experience where it's worth your while to be in net numbers that -- watching it -- And indeed -- the -- it's. You know you need to. -- he'd go to tell you played. 66. Forty spot on football are the game and ended and fifty looked -- technical skiing. Mean I don't I'm not in the trap again after the game because I'm working the -- -- -- not rocket big trap again like that aren't normal. So you're talking about if you get equal heart and be -- you know even if you live in Akron area. Probably talk about an hour forty. So. I'm not been any that -- is certain that you currently there are located you -- limited number of road that. Lee out from the state. -- you know you're right -- watched. Major League Baseball games on TV and you see attendance figure yet in the albeit it is that. People are actually. In your -- that. You know the talent you you'd never unit attendant. Given -- in Hewitt and thirteenth. Because it all at thirteen thousand ticket so but that's why. There's no quote that they'll thirteenth out and be seminary. And an -- happening. It's happening more more college sports LLQ. Now beaten Tiger Stadium actually only and it. In stadium more than 90000. Like it the expansion of it every game. The the air and dependent in 92 something 99. Because the ticket Bristol but -- only into game. It speaks. -- just got up all night that it actually deny -- out people and now is going to be on out and out court than what their point. All most of these issues are sweet and don't take it -- soul but the regular role -- -- -- -- They're gonna be open -- you know it it it's a problem like that but not unique LEQ and -- Would more or game be on television and and a different time not think that affects all the bad. On the -- -- at L issue because the game at the end it started well I'm. Back. On the on the actual. People on Saturday are going to be it would get it to the box of argued first pitch. Now bright out yet it's stay on that top it would baseball. I coach Mary on and you know and he said he'll be surprised. If the team against the two when he went as far as on the top of the SEC and in. He had he even said in -- and it's so true when you look at the standings. There's not that much givers from top to bottom and really I could change from weekend to weekend as far as the. Right four games separate we're eighteenth -- you know the past week it was the arc proper routine that except that burst. Four weeks of the season. There were only. Six routine at one series now let's weak or routine once you are now that that happened -- that at. And the routine start winning here rate went. Up there may be. Separation from. A couple of these people like but you know you're up late mark. I Alabama lieutenant spot but Alabama got a real prospect of what they they only hit -- home theory they have to play South Carolina. That have to like Florida and typically LAQ. You know when you look at that -- -- final minute two -- 96. They have three home theory slept well those and really they play a lot now. You know the team right now in the bottom of the conference and they'll go to war or goal yet. -- lap important second net and get it wanna hit it about the Billy got hot they yeah. Probably not you know B I think any team right now nineteen wins and think you can't beat that when we. See you try to attack a big dot com had BO ball onto what do Bronislaw Brad thank you so much that it's time. Wherever I look a mex cuisine Joseph in him basis sports -- on WW.

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