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Apr 16, 2014|

Dave talks about if cheating is worth it, what your dream car is, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the sixteenth of April 2014. It and it's Tom very isn't need. -- Everybody figures the -- Half month -- I'm humbled us gotta have -- -- line you know reliability it's Friday. -- out Thursday and Friday in almost every area. Easter break is upon us up. For those of you don't have to work doesn't -- you go to school the rest of the week happy Friday. For those of you who will be here today and tomorrow like yourself and myself that's right. Happy pumped through this -- we'll take up so listen and do your talking about fans an account there. Canceling events after than -- Planning to go back to Washington and get work done after the Easter break. And a lot politics dot com telling us that. Victim's wife decide when he does. CU -- challenge that he go home and their money again you saw the video Sami. Making out with this other woman on media. As at all your dad yeah well what else happened so that had that them that -- -- we haven't seen any videos and anything else and one. By. We don't know for sure when I'll know we don't -- it could have been out onetime little you know she was should have done that. Type incident are of that video looked like -- practice yes I don't know understand I now is an affinity yeah I I would disagree with the on the mountain snow. My question for France accounts windy. Was it worth it. Now was impacted. -- -- -- this affair entailed whatever it included in whatever EA got out of it. As a married father of five United States congressman. Whatever you did with as other married woman. We sound you view turning off the lights. And then of course the night vision camera clicking right. And then passionately embracing and kissing over though. It had a -- little kiss on the cheek or something you know we put him in on where and who's not and you know he had as a -- -- -- feel about that. By. I just wonder was it worth because throughout history throughout society. People cheat on spouse. And cheat on women women cheat on men. Mean this is located -- a married woman kissing a married man and a married man kissing him while -- there was another merger went on the use of well. Or may have already been down that is exactly yeah but the question I'd have my guess for both of was it worth it. No we see the consequences of these things all the time in the form of two wars children caught in the middle congressman. Being told they have to resign. The list goes on -- on everybody knows some clutch and they caught it is there's probably many never. Ryan concert good word because I think a lot of times in these cases these people think Dirk and get -- -- whether it. And sometimes they do I don't know how to live with another go to bed at. Well and you know me go home and sleep next to one moment. But then you leave that house and you go in years. Doing whatever with another one or another man whenever. -- they live with themselves and in the end is it worth it. Is it. Worth it in the campaign that he ran on that was victorious worry him. Was all about them argue he poured it on this Sunday dinners in the breakfast with the apparently in the backyard with that firmly in the trips with the apparently. Andy. Thomas so. Does that resigning is gonna return to congress and get the work done. Guess we'll have to wait and see how the voters feel about that. And his reelection did so on Oz wife feels -- if he's at his side. I'm guessing if he would talk to us if you want he tells of how it was port -- do it it did it's well every. I don't care how great that. Physical. Relationship or even emotional relationship with a woman I'm guessing it wasn't worth but it never stops the next guy the next woman from. Happens over and over and over again since the beginning of time practically. Beginning of people that -- ha ha. Talking about fifteen as our first news here on WWL am FM and a count your thoughts text me at 878 cents. Called this morning. We'll see how crazy cold it is. Protect current conditions and -- your forecast. And -- Steve Geller in here with sports coming up after this on this web now as today now welcomed home. Me. 5:18 good morning I'm -- going thank you so much for starting today here in the early edition of Debbie WL first news every year search after is for ending your day here with -- says you had gone home. And I yet home to Roger homo or -- to to those are three places -- people of -- saying there's. Frost on the windshields this morning as a result of this and usual spring cold weather we're having. If -- clear and chilly start to this Wednesday temperatures north of the lake in the authorities. And south of the lake in the forties. Later this afternoon look for highs around 65 under mostly sunny skies. Tonight we'll be clear and chilly again. -- is north of the lake. Around 48. And south of the lake fifty force and not quite as cold as what we're seeing early this morning to -- little warmer to highs around 71 -- 10% chance. Under partly cloudy skies and Friday -- 40% chance for rain with a few more clouds and highs around 76. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra -- Are -- now -- clear skies at the airport in -- 48 degrees will probably drop another a couple of degrees before we get sunrise east wind at twelve miles an hour on the North Shore and slide out clear and 39 windchill making it feel about 37 right now north of the lake. Go to Baton Rouge feels like 35. Degrees but -- it is 37 feels like about 35 there as well and as I said people are texting -- from. Both sides of the lake. Thomas that they have some frost tonight here in the city. But I doubt in areas like a moment ago and up on the North Shore in my amazed to find some frost on your windshield this morning we've been talking about. -- account history canceling one event after another supposed to be doing all kinds of stuff during the break. Again. He constituents probably start campaigning for his reelection bid in the fall but -- canceled everything spending time with his family. And trying to reconcile the situation after getting caught on video. Kissing a staffer and making out with a staffer also by the -- him married staffer. The question is will his wife -- side when he returns to Washington after the break and I asked the question how wonderful it was worth it for. I wonder whatever he got out of that extra marital relationship. It was worth it if it was good enough to justify all the crap he's going through now that he brought anonymous. Now one person -- made it 78 degrees that you now the people worried more about themselves and stop minding other people's business. This world would be a lot better place let's. Directed at me directed -- whoever published a video or it's directed at pass. You don't care if you're congressman is cheating on his life. That's your prerogative and excellent people -- care that. Under the care about sports as well that's why we have Steve -- here on a happy home. 8 -- -- morning AM Friday for the little one on those school Thursday or Friday from my kids or yours yet Thursday Friday Monday and Tuesday so -- extended break for him and a we got to work. Yeah. It is and he sports that are opting out Wednesday and -- our Friday but opted not bad it's ours and that's right you mentioned temperatures earlier it was chilly nights -- fuel for the Wally -- part of junior classic but she's bats were nice and cozy old warm and ready to rip. Used to one. -- -- field this is it very well Klein going -- still going back that's over his head. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The tigers teed off on southern miss racking up fifteen -- thing going on to win thirteen to five. Third baseman Christian Barra led the way for LSU going two for three with four runs batted game. -- snapped a five game losing skid beating at least the three to two in ten innings freshman hunter hope and that -- with a walk off single with the bases loaded. There's Jeffers open their series in Iowa within eight to four victory over the cubs left fielder Brian -- -- went three for five with a double and three runs batted it. All the pelicans hit the court for the final time this season as their injury riddled year comes to an end. Coach Monty Williams has only had his full roster healthy for twelve of the 82 games and says the looked at some key pieces to this mix this off season. We're doing an evaluation of those twelve days ago. Just to see how potent lineup whose defense well the good news because -- do true sort of old school. That was tough it's some of those games did you -- away with -- us that something good. We have to try to record so. And the NCAA is legislative council has approved a proposal to expand the meal allowance for all athletes. The proposal would allow -- vigilance will provide a limited meals and snacks to all athletes including walk ons. The measure still must be approved by the board of directors which meet witch meets on April 24. Today apple on sports talk South Carolina defensive educating cloudy says no. To any more private workouts for teams ahead of the NFL draft is at the right or wrong move. -- at seven you have a choice continue listening to sports talk on the big 87 the AM or you can hear the pelicans vs Houston Rockets 1053 WW I'll let them. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at. Yeah and not the low scoring affair I was expecting a cold night at bats ended up you know coming alive and I was a little shaky at first for -- with the pitching -- give up five runs in the first three innings but the after that they were shut down the rest the -- southerners congratulations LSU tigers hopefully they found their groove and we'll continue on their winning ways as we head towards the baseball post season. In the NCAA like it to backing and 25 minutes more sports that -- -- you should tonight's game. For the pelicans be the last game. With Monty Williams. Should Monty Williams remain the coach of the pelicans next season and a lot of fans would before that statement that was a debate underway. And pretty heated debate and people are on both sides of the issue and will find -- which side Europe. You cover the team you go to their practices to talk to the guys you know what the feeling is in that locker room don't hear what you have this day. In about 25 minutes here on WW well line -- on we'll take care chilly start to today in the rest of your forecast see how much it's gonna warmup coming up after the as. And just a Margaret text messages a day seven. 527 let's find out what your forecast calls for us. Looking pretty quiet for the remainder of the week today no rain chance we stayed dry but we start out -- thirties north of the lake forty south of the lake and then highs this afternoon 65 under mostly sunny skies tonight I -- still cool but not as cool as this morning. Closed south of the lake will be around 54. And north of the lake around 48. Tomorrow the warming trend gets going highs around 71 look at 10% chance for a shower and partly cloudy skies. We're pretty good finishing out the week on Good Friday highs around 76. And and twenty per cent chance for rain. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra cramped. And eighties for the weekend clear and 48 the airport and -- an -- east went to twelve miles an hour those wins are up over twenty miles an hour along the lake -- where it's 49 degrees and our shores where we're having a cold there. Slidell clear and 39 north -- three making it feel about 37 degrees we have had reports of frost on parts of the North Shore. And out to the areas west of New Orleans I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first news. Is it worth it to cheat on person -- X -- 7870 says it never pays to -- lost a wonderful wife wonderful family two children a beautiful home and my job. That regret every single day of my life. More response to -- -- -- -- whether you're traffic sports are coming up right after this here on WWL mortgage tax messages today 7870. What was your dream car. As a kid the car you always want to have -- talk about that and why. All white people 37 minutes after 5 AM this is the early edition of WWL first news on the sixteenth of April 2014. Hump. Days. Everybody. You have not -- -- to monitor very the helicopters. You're driving just do it mildly and gently seeking continue to maintain control of the vehicle pay attention to what's going on around yes no swerving -- Jindal becomes. Humpty dance. As you said earlier. The start of the weekend. For a lot of people today is the last day of the work week. Schools are closed and almost every instance I've been -- to find everybody and other kids don't have school Thursday or Friday ice. Off for the long Easter break. Enjoy that. We'll beat him. We'll be -- speaking of driving. Did you see where they have unveiled. The limited edition. Fiftieth anniversary. Mustang GT to honor the ponies. Hapless -- -- on the road. 1964. Of the cars that would be the date on which it was first put into production so. By the doing that many very special this selling -- worldwide. Some -- have the steering -- on the rights -- -- summer. Manuel. Some are automatic I don't know why you'd buy a muscle car that doesn't have. A stick shift I don't either but some people's and I even seed -- the line. Muscle cars and sport cars via automatic as well there's -- don't know how to I don't wanna bother with shift. The thing is the automatics have become so darn good in the in recent times that a lot of peels like why would -- whether. As you can just forget all the little love -- shift area not swiped. This -- those paddle shift that's really caught on now they -- people like the characters if they wanna shift they did they don't wanna see if they don't. Of the panel if there's like in the middle mama can now. But and what was your dream car as a -- do you -- we -- east fiftieth anniversary mustang that just misery I don't price tag by the way no announced that. No I could easily go for one of those actually my dream car and it was only because I got two to write in one. On the autobahn. Loans and the editors -- ET 1960. Years Richard -- XKE. Jaguar in -- Kind of on -- Gents -- collar you know the big long modular. Home and the collar matters. And the wire reels you know that -- Agassi is as the day. Mine is the Porsche 9/11 career -- it's just it was had a poster of Obama ball. As I got older and realize what they Coston. Priorities at things accident rather housed in the car I have not. I wasn't paying more for my car than -- have that I don't think I'll ever own alignment that people texting yesterday I -- is -- a Delorean. Can't the that was their dream and other persons as my dream car was Peter -- That is -- drove one and he's now a truck drivers -- they -- people keep texting us with your dream car with the car you always wanted to have -- some announces 68 Camaro and others as a -- you fight there. And who wants this fiftieth anniversary mustang and they've they've recently at a new limited edition's special. Corvette they came out and Nolan people. Yeah it's or whenever we have the you know powerball. Mode and the lottery jackpot discussion. The car thing always coming -- into it so if you -- big jackpot that would be one of things you do as you would go ahead and get that -- -- while -- and I would be just this for starters I don't -- expand the stable from there is nobody else that says that -- car in 1969 Dodge -- general -- You're. As a big fan of the general nukes of hazard accessing however is a 69 Khmer. The couple that. It's -- the little boys had that one car that they always wish they can -- you know. And a lot of people had posters of him on the launch of a poster of a tag -- -- not only got a poster you know. The fact that I was able to sit in one and ride on how much as you go on the honors we were doing a 130. About a hundred -- you know something in that range from. A man on top down. Mostly what was that like on -- -- -- what does it bought what applaud your windshield that your forehead. At a heart and 130 miles an hour a lot of -- in Germany that -- okay -- okay. Thank you David but I did about twenty minutes more verses here on WW Chris Miller joins -- speaking about driving. Our group is trying to build support for reopening the lake shore drive in both directions. 24 hours a day seven days a week. Out in New Orleans do you think that that after thirty years they should -- lake shore drive in both directions Chris Miller tells about why this effort underway and where it's -- coming up here on WW. Kind of cold this morning and especially if you're up north of the way. See for break any records as we go live and direct to the Eyewitness News forecast and executed more and -- The -- meteorologist Alexander transferred so it gets real cold outside Norris says forget about it and Alexandra to work this morning. -- -- under the warm cozy covers I got -- that Easter break -- cat. The world that our rights -- winter returns and so do you are we breaking any records this morning. No not so far in fact I think only get close at spy catcher for breaking you know area -- -- one spot to tie it. OK we do have cross reported in the wrong measure asking people accidents and home loss of one texted well. There is a little bit of frost out there at least according to our techsters today 7870. While warming up though to a really nice afternoon aren't. Yeah it should be really nice today highs around 65. Equal and that direct sunlight of course. It'll feel little warmer to its few clouds overhead at -- fears and yet -- needs 65 that the great template seventy is just about perfect yet and yet there tomorrow right exactly tomorrow at seven he won a few more clouds but I think still a pretty nice day tomorrow morning will not be -- school either but still -- I'd say -- North of the -- upper forties south Italy -- forties for tomorrow and when -- warming trend continues straight into the Easter weekend it on Friday it will be in the middle seventies and Saturday 78 or so. And then Sunday for Easter Sunday. Eighty degrees on the. -- -- in the seventies and eighties depending what time you get out there and do that any rain in our forecast. We do have very slim chances starting tomorrow really the -- next week. But I kept to about ten and 20%. It looks like over the next few days Friday could be the -- at least if you kind of -- you're isolated showers out. OK but we want that went eggs on Sunday which doesn't -- didn't. -- meteorologist Alexander grant for we've been talking about. Guys in their dream cars do little girls dream about their. Perfect car when they get being get their driver's license you know little girls are obsessed with game. It's you know how can we get there. He had -- to say wait what a -- your house you're gonna live in front of them marry mechanic are you get a drive exactly yet what what was it you always hope to match that you would get as your car when you were a big girl it I want it went eight speed range where Hillary Clinton. And yeah he'll drive hundreds of off road. By now out. It includes it would usually end up with the match. You know that people put out -- -- -- at worse it's like. Or somebody rusty he's gone yeah it's it's end up with that -- boys would play its match with the girls just to -- an excuse to hang out with the girls. Oh yeah yeah -- like playing it never understood how to make the border what to do with right we are pretty pretty. Now. But of course little girls always Mary about getting growing up and having that dream wedding for one woman in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Those someone stole her wedding dress. Well here's the funny thing. She -- spots it forced sale on FaceBook her own wedding -- It was stored in February she then spotted it just recently called the cops the cops go to that house where the addresses for sale and buy it at a garage sale and then end up arresting. Someone at the house on suspicion of theft and other charges what. Problem with people -- you don't feel somebody's wedding dress although those things cost lots and lots of money. I mean you can easily shell -- 2000 or more for a wedding dress 2000. But then to put on FaceBook after we've stolen it. But dumb criminal I'm glad some many criminals are so -- he did you can't. -- Yeah that's. -- with us that we played match you played lately. I'm waiting to get a game a match count on as adults and see how things work now density of if it's any different if we play now that element. Alan and -- end up with the rain it's. Anthem paid you may be bad -- -- do you drive a Jeep Wrangler now the a I don't look at -- It to make Alexandra -- great -- Alexander transfer Ivan direct from the Eyewitness News forecast and match the kids still play that. That's my kids if they -- play an ever -- -- -- -- years ago there'll teenagers now holders and play much. We'll play with Steve Geller coming up next we'll get to sports for you here on WWL Margaret text messages -- 87870. Not be able to -- what their dream cars would be. One person Zack Mason is that he says is an app for that you can play mash on the -- neighborhood or so ago. Favorite cars as we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary release of the new. Ford Mustang one person does -- and train car was an el -- the president says 98 Toyota super herb. And -- as 1941 Willis Group. Another says M three BMW. 56 Chevy. Aston Martin. Definitely it jaguar 69 Ford GT forty. 1970 Seve no seventy -- Val assets 454. 78 trans am Lamborghini he had my first was always the Porsche. 9/11 bed that night you know if I really want to drain -- -- the yellow Lamborghini with the Alec indoors or whatever they call the doors that opened up sideways and now. That was a cool thought man one day when I'm crazy -- on one. You have to be it. They're playing matches gallons with the girls where they. Right now on the piece of paper and ask it -- number if you go round and round -- plan that we -- Marriott company if you can have actually analysts and I remember something worth. A paper that the kind of getting your hands it would flip that you would open Donna that's that's the fortune -- OK he had not that was -- -- collar. Right right and now this is where they were you know -- like five choices you can live in a -- -- Apartment. Now mansion and you know whatever and then they pick numbers it around and round and they cross things off to whatever your -- I do not remember that and implement. We plated just be around girls Smart move yeah. And it didn't. He gets spent time with the girls -- did you say they're not cool but then you spent time with them anyway what is cool EU -- when it's coolest sports. And you've got that your W. Yes sir good morning everyone temperatures in the low fifties along with a nasty wind didn't face LSU baseball. As the tigers pummeled southern miss pitching for 813 to five victory in the wallet part of junior classic at zephyr field here's a bit. She struggled a flat ball you gotta consider field client is not -- -- It drops that go store run and drug goes back into second base and RBI single regret for the tigers got single single single. The hit parade for LSU was led by -- Stephenson who went four for four on the night with two runs batted in. Christian Barra had two hits with four RBIs while Alex Bregman pleaded to Rollins. The green wave got out of a five game losing form beating the -- state three to two in ten innings freshman third baseman hunter hope. Came through with a walk off single with the bases loaded. This efforts opened a four game series in Iowa with an eight to four victory over the cubs just him boring Kyle Skipworth each belted home runs for disease. All the secondary continues to be a point of emphasis for the saints leading up to the 2014 NFL draft. The team has hosted or will host a number of defensive backs. The names include Oklahoma State's Justin Gilbert Ohio State Bradley Roby -- this fear of wind it would. And Calvin Pryor of global. Tonight marks the final game of the season for the pelicans it's been a brutal year for the ball club as the roster has been decimated due to injuries. Coach Monty Williams can't wait to get everyone back healthy but knows it was still take some time for things to -- Bryant learned how to play off provisions as opposed to this point with the true doing some of the things good things you can do consistent basis but didn't do women's forum. All of those things are going to be open positions for us progress to reconfigured the better we're gonna be mixture. And the California man submitted the winning bid of 111700. Dollars and eBay auction. To win the chance to coach Arkansas State's spring football game. We'll be allowed to determine whether to punt on fourth down -- drove the first down it will also be involved in play calling decisions. Today -- four on sports talk South Carolina defensive venture beating -- he says no to any more private work out ahead of the NFL draft is -- the right or the wrong move. -- seven you have a choice he can continue with -- to sports talk on the big 87 the or AM or catch the pelicans vs the Houston Rockets. A 1053. WW I'll let them I Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports to the talk and by their last game of the season tonight. And I ask you Tony five minutes ago when you came back to tell us what you thought about the debate that's underway. On whether or not -- should be Monty Williams last game one person Texas -- 7870 says Monty is our coach -- says it's time for change notices if you have to ask the coach should stay. And he probably should now. What does Steve Geller are. Pelicans beat reporter think about the future of Monty Williams with the pelicans first of -- do you think they will get rid of him. I'll say what 99.9. Percent certainty that Monty Williams will be back next year do you think he should be back. Absolutely because I mentioned earlier this team's full roster. Was only available for twelve of the 82 games -- years -- 12100 needs yet so you can't really judge him on this season games with players I know a lot was expected of this roster this year because of all the additions they made. And the trade agreement on draft night to -- -- holiday but it just didn't work out a lot of bad -- -- injuries gotta hope that. Injury bug has done for next season we have seen Anthony davis' growth. A lot of people are considering him for the most improved player of the year and if you hear the play you talk to the players a practice. Everyone talks about what it influence money Williams is for them so I I think he's the right guy for the job. He's staying -- you think he shoots day Ron Amadon thing you'll talk to you. If you had to banners on the -- 12 this morning bad crash at the frost Livingston -- -- twelfth last has it closed down 19 be getting congested as well allow extra time your forecast. Actor -- very chilly start earlier this Wednesday morning will look for a beautiful afternoon highs around 65. Lots of sunshine just about a perfect kind of spring day. Here's a little bit cool as for tonight lows will be quite this chilly. North of the -- we're looking at about 48. And south of the lake around 54. That is another chilly to cool start for Thursday highs tomorrow 71 with partly cloudy skies and a 10% chance for rain. And then for Good Friday highs around 76. With a 20% chance for rain. From the Eyewitness News forecast center meteorologist Alexandra cramped for -- and that frigid this morning 48 in tanner 39 in flight now.

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