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WWL>Topics>>4-16 6:15am Tommy, bad streets

4-16 6:15am Tommy, bad streets

Apr 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Arthur Sterbcow, a local real estate analyst, about how street quality can affect property value

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talk about streets of new loans of people in the quarter having a problem with a pot -- it keeps reappearing and actually the the sub structure of the city if you will underneath it is is cause and some buildings to be in danger of collapsing. And if you've driven in lake view. Or may be the Aurora section of Algiers you know it's terrible -- Serb crowd joins us right now local real estate analyst -- morning Arthur. More fun to talk to you as always thanks for getting up early and we're just wondering when it comes to lake view and I mentioned go on from the a city park to Robert. They have some beautiful homes in that area but you'd be hard pressed to no more than one mile an hour and I just wondered how that affects real estate values and moving forward. With the X -- as expensive as it's going to be -- Nominated it doesn't really matter because they always say it's location location location. Yeah it matters a great deal it's usually a pretty good predictor of other problems. Like soil subside knows whether you'll have babies and cracks labs or some. Control. You know sloping. Properties so. Yeah I can be pretty pretty draining on people's property. -- is actually when you know. Or you really don't know when we'll fix it how long does -- street going to be commerce and do it. So it's such a real he has the votes on meg losing streak to you know an endorsement of the year construction since it's good to see if they at least. But during yet -- the can be pretty yeah pretty treading -- well. Any I didn't think about the commercial real estate part of this because if you look what deport people went through an oak street that seemed to take forever and and I if I remember -- head of fixed again some of the stuff that didn't go right. From -- in terms of long term value I don't know if you live in. -- deal on these streets or maybe. Algiers on exactly the name of the section with all of the ruse in there. Ha -- you can never tell people yet but they're gonna fix the streets because now the city's talking about you know tax increase for far consent decree for fire pension pay -- and it seems like he keeps getting pushed further and further back. Well you know -- -- England and street in your -- just the wall was just an you know every -- -- -- -- I did -- -- -- Orleans parish they like and over 16116. On the streets to Beijing. And you know we are you on that list of things to do that can be real real long process. Frustrate. Guatemala favorites or maybe not -- the -- it is probably portal Lee apparently acutely trot. You know that's. So Phillips an actual speed bombs in mobile. I guess in its apps lots beaters and drug appears as but there is certainly a pretty good predictor of negative property values in the region. Is it hard to convince prospective buyers that -- -- know that this house is fine is on pylons -- got the the proof from the do real estate not real estate the finance company whatever that it didn't need to be in the inspection shows and its claim. And I understand that it's just. I guess the drainage pipes underneath the street. Hope people in the world are pretty much conditioned to subside. Properties. But he. You know take a look at some murders of a large -- for example where. The so some science and keep bringing -- into their backyards. I'm about mergers and its problems years that you have to just deal because of some irons. But you know people in the world as a party -- -- court -- comes as the chart incentives. That is big -- to to -- -- probably area he couldn't produce state we used to really smooth you know. Goldman. In you know. To achieve excellence -- UT on some -- streets in the. I know everybody in sales always tries to guild the Lily as much as you cans that he ever used that as a I have ever and sellers ever use that is a point that's enough homeowners may resemble a good news is Thomas who's beaten -- -- to get kids. Well adjectives like and they like -- in Iraq. And Eric Rutgers out there -- these -- but you know it's it's. It it's. Just -- for me -- city city just doesn't have the money. Earnings it's it's very concerning. People would certainly. Just went on and you'll order anything else struck down maintain that just chosen today it is -- money. We gotta go go click -- answers and buyers sellers market generally speaking. Gorgeous Greg it's a pretty much the -- market in in most areas but -- -- red hot as -- law. Ultimate and used it. Alan we're out of time I don't have you back if you come back to talk about. Hottest areas in the you don't been raining a long time ago one thing he did say it was you better get a piece of land and new -- but that that the hottest areas to live most growth potential at Saturn and time where's he gonna buy you better do it soon. Well that goes -- it's always should've bought yesterday he went. There's some great areas in the city right now that are absolutely right for purchase and likely some leaders where density -- really still. -- -- in emergency needs a lot of work on the bottle -- They -- -- no need to go to the break but he got to ask you quickly just one quick answer I saw lot a sign on a lot on Robert. That said 280000. Dollars and it wasn't that huge of a lot could it really is that right. Well the fact that there has -- really does mean to navigate to the course. So. Like. All supply and demand and anybody -- somebody will buy it maybe -- that -- maybe close to it. Yeah there's some really real expense properties. Relative to what they were -- Portugal forget a lot of those prices like an even afford a little thank you -- I appreciate your time stricter.

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