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4-16 6:45am Tommy, bad streets

Apr 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Malay Hajra, an Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UNO, about why streets here get so bad

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tournament streets in new loans. Malloy hydrogen and has right now and assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering. Over -- my alma mater and UN how good morning professor or doctor -- -- -- could tell me about the streets of new loans because. You know they around you know they have some not so good there right as you go down Easley on c.'s Simon. Get in the university in season trouble if you drive around lake view the -- one part of it goes down than those manhole covers still -- and I don't know is terrible way to fix -- short memories are only one right way to do it in my it would be so expensive. Well yeah. To understand the commission on the street we have in the contribute to -- On the publicly it straight so built. I'll most outspoken lesbian and I -- the -- land built. Bar on the -- so oil rocking like in the Supreme Court. And beat -- all saw oral and law organic and he went on quite a bit. So whenever we are constructing the street on. You -- -- items. And -- settlement. Not -- That are used speed there's. All holes well. -- one way up and down but it. And the system is aging as well correct. So when it comes to. You know stretches of late Mueller streets and -- of him and asked him in on this but heard what seems like a ridiculous amount of money just a fixed. L 11 mile of street but it's not as easy as it is pouring concrete because. If you've been down magazine street you can see some of what needs to be done so -- ideas directly to fix the streets long term. If if you have -- as long on the entrap you. Follow pretty much repeal the -- kick out all the broken concrete and now. Okay good belly -- -- some grade. And banned all for it. Spain and -- that and built -- street section which can be pretty expensive. But if the pipes leaking in the soil is subsiding of the -- cracks. At some point you get to change all of that drainage drills it's gonna continue to leak is understand and and erode what it is you just built up to support the street. So -- first or continue every keep those new pipes from subsiding is there any such thing as a long term fixed. You. You can -- Age it is difficult so little that we need to have government going on in -- -- action. Or the -- bigger critic called true RO. How they're long. Why -- The idea would be cheating. On -- reached -- not in great condition. Treated all green field and test range and all so happy items line copper. So if you lived on one of those streets professor I guess diseases way I can casket. Com and yeah you do any incite there was no plan no money for the city to fix this and you had to deal with that every day where the you know -- disturb her coaches now called the moguls where you go down. And at street manhole covers hi -- says not only is a danger to hit it initially but then -- do you go down first before that happens. Would you want the city. To fix them temporarily. And at least it would be good for awhile and then they'd have to redo it. Or to find money for that or the only way to do it is to do it right and hold off until you find the money to somehow do that. In our problem you do not want any any trees I mean -- instrument. So under currently we creeks and right away. And along comes solution will be tree in and out to get money. Now and have it. Long problem and what do you rebuild and arms treaty. And if you do it temporarily in as an engineer you make these. Not cost benefit analysis is -- it would be a good way to spend it to the way to spend money today imprint how long it lasted you know takes it right. That really questioned it it it really. All down true money. A bit and -- not. Comments. And by a small on -- Is going to call. Eight. It may -- six months or years what you're talking about the temporary fix until an and then you write deck where he started. It encourages and Alan I'll Wear it. Well what could go on conditions on. And that's why we waited on in Iraq and content. The temporary if we elect. While professor appreciate your time I really do you know we get to talk to you again. Thank you doctor Malloy --

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