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4-16 7:15am Tommy, gun safety requirement?

Apr 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Austin Badon about his bill that would require you to complete a training course before buying a gun

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Senator Austin representative Austin ban on joins us right now. To talk about a build its gonna be heard. In a committee today that. Would require you to do something before you could buying gone with that we welcome and representative at all good morning so. -- right -- to tell me about. What the bill says and what did Asia hope to accomplish. They dictate the date with the real. -- -- -- Well that will sport Google and you purchase it -- -- you can inflict lead or not included. Should be there in the in -- -- and there are trying to out people from our anger at the same. Think about it you know make sure that you wouldn't -- all law that you now are war. With that purchase and -- -- right there in the news in in my mark until weapon. It's that you got the lead character you shall competency. You and the YouTube and before you can get. Permit should be able to carry -- The same be -- -- and your responsibility. Nowhere. In that green gone. And -- -- to properly -- properly you figure -- what you make the purchase. Understand which were far it is right follow for you could not get our own is that right for everybody. Arm when you say your concealed carry book are you concealed. Done permit on RO holder. Yeah I mean our our carry concealed weapons in north in. In my daily activities director when connector and to protect our children need to -- -- into the capital. Never brought weapons into the capital and have a real. You know that big discussion about that don't need to bring it into that facility. You know I'm -- own accord would be I'll leave that night portable than. You know what you're in my award that you'd you'd get it -- -- -- occupations and you know and sent them there speaking in -- -- -- that. You know it has it's illegal for open government -- -- anywhere and anybody. Probably an average Burton -- yet. The type of -- legislative. Why don't -- Unita justification and -- my personal opinion I think if you qualify annually carry concealed weapon and the law uses that you needed to reason dated -- and now I think you hugest. Meet the criteria you get a concealed carry permit -- do you think there should be any kind of justification for Hillary you were just trying to explain. I just there to confront it I just find it interesting that that -- says. Why it is that you need to carry. You should explain a reason that we're gonna. -- our people go and I'm different do that. Don't work properly and do it safely because you know you have cases where like being up one run in and try and court somebody -- -- in their work. And it probably won't -- so you know you're unit would -- to -- there. You know a young the -- well if you know the truck await you are very -- art carry their weapons if you carry. Horrible horrible hair that the ball in the -- Welker. I had a friend -- semi automatic -- -- and you know when you get through to probably truck -- it even though all of the because you couldn't physically put the world into the leg at the you physically could not pull the partner. -- a -- weapon he couldn't display captaincy -- that weapon it was the wrong weapon for him to bar. And all of that it is reasonably sure that you understand. That if you would with our ability when you purchase RO and I understand probable that you the device works because. You might view the conflict lethal force on another human being here you know you don't want them you don't want -- responsibility. On you where you heard someone. Mom -- when he comes a political realities of this bloody thing it's a good idea bad idea is there any chance of this passing north. Somebody votes against it votes for it rather they then automatically targeted by. The gun lobby and and their risk in their political future by -- honest. Well it can't independently you. You know -- when you go to the capital is discussed in. Somebody spoke loved. It's not border Atlantic -- it's unbelievable. In those currently under currently live. Rule areas. Garbo. Almost like in the equity because some people use -- mean. You know out there by himself that he's street art of the eligible problem with. -- you know in the Cambodian territory. In the big lobbying organization. And based on a lot of different -- thing. -- make contributions. And a lot people you know we. -- waiver program at the I thank you sir I appreciate your time Robert.

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